New transactable offers from HealthPer, Klynke, OAYAW, and Universal IT

Microsoft partners like HealthPer, Klynke, OAYAW, and Universal IT deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Microsoft AppSource. Learn about these offers below:

Healthy Living: Healthy Living from HealthPer is a SaaS-based well-being program dedicated to motivating members to manage weight, reduce stress, exercise more frequently, eat healthier, and live a complete, balanced life. The solution includes mobile and web interfaces.

Klynke Time Management: The SaaS version of Klynke Time Management includes full-capability add-ins for tracking time and managing timesheets within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Time Management incorporates data from Microsoft Outlook Events and Planner Tasks and easily exports data to Excel.

1Page for Every Successful Meeting: OAYAW 1Page is a SaaS package that helps you search less and connect better with people on every Microsoft Teams meeting. Designed for medium and enterprise businesses, 1Page provides insights and conversation starters specific to each attendee.

uWebChat for Teams: uWebChat from Universal IT is an omnichannel chatbot designed to integrate via Microsoft Teams with your website or intranet, offering customers the option to interact with your agents via live chat sessions that can be converted to a voice or video call.