Partner Spotlight: Apttus

AppSource turned one last month and we have seen a lot of momentum since we launched in July 2016. Many partners have joined us in our journey and we wanted to learn more about what has changed for them after they onboarded their apps to AppSource.

One of the partners we interviewed is Apttus. Apttus is a leading Quote-to-Cash software provider whose solutions help transform revenue operations by streamlining business processes, as well as aligning and driving revenue-winning behaviors.

As a business that primarily sells to large and complex organizations, Apttus needed a platform with the breadth and depth of products and services capable of achieving global scale, as well as one that could help fuel its innovation in business applications enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI).

In our video interview with Apttus CEO Kirk Krappe, we learn what the company loves about Microsoft Azure—and AppSource. From discovering the breadth of Azure's capabilities to what AppSource can offer ISV's, Microsoft's Satish Thomas gets the rundown.

Krappe notes that he was astounded by Azure's robust capabilities, which soon led him to discover AppSource. "Microsoft owns essentially every desktop globally," said Krappe. "Between all your product lines, you have access to an unbelievable amount of user types, and all of that coming through a curated system gives us the unprecedented opportunity to get in front of those sorts of people." 

He also shares his company's philosophy of "Tier one everything"—meaning that Apttus aims to accomplish everything they do with excellence. As part of this mission, Apttus explored different marketplaces and found AppSource met its "tier one" standard.

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