Partner Spotlight: DocuSign

Selecting Microsoft as a technology platform and onboarding your app to AppSource is an important decision for your business. 

More than 1,350 ISVs have listed their apps on AppSource and we reached out to six of them to share their stories about how partnering with Microsoft has helped them grow their business. 

The second installment in our series is an interview with Angie L. Halderman, Sr. director global strategic alliances for DocuSign, a leader in digital transaction management. DocuSign helps individuals and organizations digitally manage approvals, contracts, and workflows.

Microsoft's Satish Thomas sat down with Halderman to learn about DocuSign's more than four-year partnership with Microsoft, as well as how they utilize Microsoft technology, started building Office 365 add-ins, and created connectors for Dynamics 365. According to Halderman, onboarding the company's apps to AppSource was just a natural fit.

Among many observations shared in the video, Halderman noted the app marketplace's ability to reach a large number of diverse business users across industries.

"Prospects can come to AppSource, download DocuSign, and get a free trial," said Halderman. "And we've got exposure to that because it's automatically integrated into our CRM system. So, we're actually nurturing those leads and watching the conversion rate into leads to opportunities and closed deals."

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