Partner Spotlight: Neal Analytics

In the third video from our Partner Spotlight series, we chatted with David Brown, solution sales director for Neal Analytics. Founded in 2011, Neal Analytics' primary goal is helping companies get the most out of their data. Armed with a team of experts and Microsoft technology, Neal Analytics enables its customers to bring together data from disparate sources, create ML models to generate recommendations, and help users make intelligent, revenue-impacting business decisions.

After partnering closely with the Microsoft retail team in 2011 to take Azure's Machine Learning product to market, Neal Analytics sought a more effective way to package and present their solutions to business users. They wanted business users to be able to try their apps—and learn their value firsthand—before committing. AppSource emerged as a natural fit, given its ability to offer a test drive experience that allows users to easily try and evaluate complex solutions.

"What's different about AppSource is the business value focus," Brown explains. "It's the way we can build a (customer) test drive to target a business decision maker, based on the use case they have and the process they would go through. It walks a merchandising manager through the process of how a predictive algorithm can help his business make 4-8% more sales, or 4-8% more margin."

Click here to see the full interview with Brown and get the scoop on what's changed for Neal Analytics since onboarding their solutions to AppSource. You'll learn about interactions with the Microsoft sellers, receiving leads, and advice for other partners interested in joining AppSource. And be sure to visit AppSource to find out more about their solutions.