Plan better with o9 Solutions

Do you remember when manufacturers relied on large PowerPoint decks to run the planning and business performance review meetings? Unfortunately, those decks were largely ineffective in answering questions regarding the root causes of gaps, actions being taken to close the gaps, and financial trade-offs. Which led to delayed decisions. What executives really needed was real-time information to make critical business decisions. 


Today, things are different. o9 Integrated Business Planning for Manufacturing solution, offers supply chain executives access to an integrated business planning (IBP) platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to give them the agility and business insight, to make better business decisions, which can lead to millions of dollars in incremental sales & margin.

By using the o9 solution, manufacturers gain:

  1. Digital Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) System of Record

    • Instant visibility to gaps between plans, actuals, and forecasts by product, channel, and region

    • Instant visibility to the story and assumptions behind the numbers

    • Instant visibility to sales and marketing, and product actions and initiatives to close the gap 

  2. Instant visibility to supply chain commits, constraints, and actions to close the gap

    • Live S&OP Meetings with Natural Language Querying

    • All S&OP meetings run live on the system

    • Reports easily generated on the fly using natural language querying to answer ad-hoc questions

    • What-if scenario planning capabilities to tee up and evaluate scenarios on the fly

    • Action items and tasks recorded on the system, ensuring better execution

  3. Productivity Boost for Planning Organization & Management

    • Planning organizations focus on insights and scenarios for management, not spending time on pulling together spreadsheets and powerpoint decks

    • Management gets updates in real time and can collaborate with the organization in real time - no more waiting until the next S&OP meeting

Next Steps

Are you tired of working in a business with slow, siloed and inefficient planning processes? The o9 Integrated Business Planning solution, built on Microsoft Cloud technology, helps manufacturers to achieve operational excellence by providing the agile, intelligent, and collaborative approach required by today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape. 

Visit AppSource to learn more and access a free trial of the o9 Integrated Business Planning Solution App.   

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