Power up your business productivity with PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps helps power users to easily build custom line of business apps for the web, phones, and tablets to help improve efficiency and collaboration across teams or entire organizations. With PowerApps, they can connect to systems, assemble forms, add business logic, and utilize device capabilities with full creative freedom—all without writing a single line of code.  

Many power users have already turned their business expertise into solutions or work with PowerApps certified partners, who have a wealth of experience across a wide number of industries and technologies to build apps.

Easily try an app without an upfront commitment

Many of our partners have onboarded their solutions to AppSource, making it easy for you to find business apps for your organization. You can try apps that interest you for free or contact the partner to help you build apps tailored to your organization.

Using the trial experience on AppSource, business users can utilize a demo environment to explore an app's key features and benefits. There's no need to do any setup, they can simply launch the trial experience, try the app, and decide whether it's a fit for them.

How does it work?

Trying an app is simple. On the app details page, click Free Trial to launch.

The app launches directly in the browser for the user to try.

How do I contact the PowerApps partner?

Partners provide their contact information in the "Learn more" link as shown below on the AppSource page. You can use that information to contact them.

Check out some of these PowerApps trial experiences that are available on AppSource:

Sitrion ONE by Sitrion

Next Best Action Prospect Capture by VeriPark

Exit Interview by obviEnce

eBECS Conference Scheduler App by eBECS

Go Onboarding - Mobile by Confluent

Production Resource Capacity by AXPulse

Harman QuickLead by Harman International

You can also find a full listing of certified PowerApps Partners at: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/partner-showcase/


Stay informed

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies. Be sure and check out the full library of apps to see how Microsoft's ecosystem of ISVs is working to support businesses across industries and regions.