Private plans in Microsoft AppSource

By Molly Kihanya, Sr. Business Program Manager, Commercial Marketplace Business

At Microsoft, we’re focused on building the best customer experience across our digital storefronts. We know customers want to negotiate pricing and terms with publishers/ISVs when they buy software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps on Microsoft AppSource. We are launching private plans in AppSource to align to how our customers want to buy SaaS apps.

1. Getting a private plan set up with an ISV

  • If you want to get custom pricing or tailored technical specification for a private plan, contact the ISV directly.

  • Once the terms of the private plan are agreed to, the ISV will create the plan for you and assign it to your organization’s tenant ID. You will need to provide your tenant ID to the ISV.

  • To find your tenant ID, log in to AppSource and go to the upper-right corner. Select your account profile icon. You will see “My account,” then select “View tenant.” You can copy the tenant ID and provide it to the ISV.

2. Finding private plan(s) in AppSource

Once the ISV publishes the new private plan in Partner Center, it can take up to 48 hours for you to see it in AppSource. To find the private plan(s) associated with your tenant ID, sign in to AppSource and then select the “private plans” (Lock icon) at the upper-right corner of AppSource.

If private plans are not available for your tenant, a message will state that you don’t have any private plans.

3. Purchasing private plan(s) in AppSource

Select the app you want to purchase and view available options under the Plans + pricing tab. To purchase, select Get it now and follow the steps provided (same as public purchase experience).

An ISV can include one or more private plans within an offer. Each offer can have both public and private plans. Private plans have a distinctive blue badge.

With this new feature, you can easily find your private plans for SaaS apps and purchase seamlessly in AppSource.

Cloud marketplaces are transforming the way businesses find, try, and deploy applications to help their digital transformation. We hope these improvements make your experience purchasing through Microsoft AppSource easier and more aligned with your business needs.