SurveyMonkey Add-in for OneDrive now available!

With the new SurveyMonkey Add-in for OneDrive, you can easily create and store survey projects right alongside the rest of your files, making it easier than ever to stay organized and collaborate on surveys. Create a new survey, or prepare a view of your results right from OneDrive. Then share with others just like any other file. It’s the easiest way to work with your survey projects, using the familiar power of OneDrive.

In today’s collaborative workplace, it’s important to be organized and able to access and share your important files from anywhere—why should your surveys be any different? Now you can easily create and store your SurveyMonkey surveys on OneDrive right alongside the rest of your work, and make sure the right people have access to provide feedback or take action on your latest results.

The SurveyMonkey Add-in for OneDrive is the easiest way for Office users to create and share surveys, right where you’re already organizing your project files. Just choose “SurveyMonkey” from the New menu option to create a new survey or share the results of a one you’ve already completed. The Add-in automatically creates a new file on your OneDrive, giving you instant access to your project from anywhere. Not to mention the easiest way to share your work with others.

Check out SurveyMonkey OneDrive today!