Take an app built on Dynamics 365 for a test drive

Microsoft AppSource launched last year as a destination for organizations to find and try apps tailored to help transform their business—apps that work with the Microsoft products and technologies many of these businesses already use, such as Cortana Intelligence, Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Power BI.

Earlier this year, we introduced the public preview of the AppSource test drive framework, which enables ISVs to create app trial experiences for users to easily try and evaluate apps with no upfront commitment.

We're excited to share that the test drive experience is now available for apps built on Dynamics 365, enhancing ISVs' ability to deliver low-friction trial experiences for customers who'd like to give them a try.

With the additional enhancements we've made to the public preview of the test drive framework, which was announced at Build 2017, ISVs can now create and deliver compelling trial experiences for apps built on Dynamics 365.

Business users can discover an app on AppSource and take a preconfigured environment for a test drive to explore the app's key features and benefits. There is no need to set up or use an organization's Dynamics 365 subscription. Rather, business users can simply launch the preconfigured environment, try the app, and decide whether it's right for them.

How to take a test drive?

It's straightforward— once a user discovers an app on AppSource they'd like to try, they click on the test drive button.

Access the test drive experience on the app details page on AppSource.

After the user agrees to the terms and conditions, AppSource will start provisioning a test drive environment for the user (preconfigured with the ISV application and trial data) that was registered with AppSource by the ISV. This can take anywhere from few seconds to minutes depending on the application.

Test drive provisioning screen

Users can navigate away from this screen as AppSource will send an email notification once provisioning is complete and the environment is ready for them. When they want to begin their test drive, users can log in to the environment either directly from the email or from AppSource.com. The test drive user manual below is included in the email and provides more information about the app and the test drive experience.

Confirmation screen that appears when the test drive is ready

This environment is available for a predefined number of hours as determined by the app publisher. The duration of the test drive environment is available either in the email notification, on the confirmation screen, or within the app details page on AppSource.com.Test drive duration shown on the app details page on AppSource

Once the test drive is complete, an email from AppSource with possible next steps will be sent to the business user, including information on how the IT administrator can install the app or how to contact the app provider for a customized trial.

Test drive completed email with additional pointers

Ready to take a test drive?

Consider starting with these four apps:

CPQ for Dynamics 365 Sales

Are you interested in delivering a test drive experience for your app?

To learn more visit https://aka.ms/AppSourceTestDriveOr reach out to us by completing the survey at https://aka.ms/listmyapp.

To explore more apps, browse the entire AppSource library of business solutions.