The force behind Microsoft AppSource

Happy Star Wars Day!

A scruffy-looking smuggler in a galaxy far, far away once said, “never tell me the odds.” It’s a saying I’ve been leaning into over the past few months as our teams and partners continue to push through the challenges we’re all facing. That’s why I was thrilled to see the results of this hard work featured today in a blog published by Steve Guggenheimer, our CVP of AI & ISV Engagement. Below are a few of the highlights that made my day: 

  • The number of apps published in Microsoft AppSource continues to grow by 28% per quarter, and we’re continuing to streamline certification to reduce passes and testing time.
  • New improvements to Microsoft AppSource are going live now and will continue to roll out in the coming days. These improvements include better search relevance, exact phrase search, inclusion of your keywords in search queries, and better performance while typing in the search box on the homepage. 
  • Mazik Global recently published their MazikCare Covid-19 Screening app, using a combination of Power Apps, Dynamics 365, and Azure to create the solution in only four working days. 
  • In its first program year, ISV Connect has seen over 1,000 apps certified or recertified and published into Microsoft AppSource. We look forward to announcing more program improvements at Inspire in July. 

You can read Gugg’s blog here, and if you haven’t already be sure to register for the Microsoft Business Applications Summit on May 6th. 

As always, you can let me know how we can improve the buying and selling experience in Microsoft AppSource by sending your thoughts on Twitter to @MSFTAppSource. 

May the 4th be with you...