Welcome to the Microsoft AppSource blog

We launched Microsoft AppSource in July to provide business users with one destination to discover and try line-of-business SaaS apps critical to their organization — from those supporting role-based categories like marketing, finance and HR to industry-specific solutions for distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, government, retail and more.

Then in October we added systems integrators (SIs) to AppSource, rounding out a thriving ecosystem of ISVs building apps and business users consuming them with deep expertise from the SI community to support implementation and help accelerate time to value for customers.

Since launch, we’ve exceeded 300 apps from more than 130 ISVs, with over 100 SI partners. ISVs continue to respond, filling our pipeline with a steady flow of new apps. Business users all over the world are participating, representing a growing community of potential customers who want to do more with the software they use every day. The momentum has been amazing to see.

That’s why we’re launching this blog. We’ll keep you up to date on new apps as they go live and new features of AppSource as it continues to evolve. This is the place to find resources that will help you go deeper with AppSource and get the most out of it. Whether you’re looking to find apps to help your business succeed, list an app or provide integration services, we’ll show you how to get that done.

Along the way, we’ll showcase the great work our partners are doing, delving into the ways ISVs around the globe are making countless interactions, transactions, tasks and processes better and more efficient through SaaS business apps — and how customers are benefitting.

Today AppSource has a strong pipeline of apps undergoing validation on the way to being published. Each one represents a team effort by people working together to provide something that customers need. In that spirit, we’ve got a lot of content in the works that we’ll be bringing to you as well. We hope you’ll follow along.