What’s new, April 16–30: industry apps for banking, manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences & retail

AppSource welcomed 29 apps between April 16 and 30, 2018, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific challenges for banking, manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, and retail. Follow AppSource on Twitter to learn about apps as they become available.

Industry-specific apps for banking, manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, and retail

AMC Banking 365 Operations. Simplify complex banking and cash management concerns on a global scale. Increase efficiency and productivity by utilizing our payment services, customizable customer payment matching, and automated bank reconciliation.

CognitiveScale Banking Compliance Insights. Cortex radically simplifies enterprise-grade AI solutions, helping to reduce compliance risk incidents associated with key banking processes such as AML, KYC, fraud, complaints, and information governance.

GoLab - Hospital Lab Management. GoLab is an advanced app for managing and streamlining the workflows involved in hospitals/medical laboratories by enabling them to track patients' tests along with notifications and alerts, which helps provide better care.

Omnipresence. Omnipresence is a modern customer engagement and management solution for life sciences manufacturers to replace CRM/SFA solutions built for the sales force era. Built on Dynamics 365 CRM and the larger Microsoft business applications suite.

SO1 - Segment of One. SO1 provides an AI targeting engine for grocery retail that dramatically increases promotion efficiency, helps fighting price wars, and creates meaningful 1:1 relationships to offline customers by analyzing basket and metadata.

Spyglass Connected Factory. Spyglass listens to machines and speaks to you, unlocking productivity gains that improve profitability, beat the competition and earn that bonus you know you deserve. Spyglass monitors your manufacturing equipment in real time.

Evolve payment capabilities with this app for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

OmniPay for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. OmniFund® offers PCI-compliant payment processing solutions and Payments as a Platform®. It is fully integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales platform for seamless payment processing.

Manage data and field service with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Avanade Universal Class Characteristics. The Avanade Class Characteristics List module helps users with the summary of characteristics associated with the different Master Table Data Objects throughout Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Business Edition.

Dynamics 365, Field Service Integration. Provide support for scenarios where field service activities are done outside of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Enable invoicing of Dynamics 365 for Field Service work orders and agreements in Finance and Operations.

Total Quality Control Management. A flexible solution that establishes quality control standards for your products and processes. Control and manage corrective actions and non-conforming materials, select items or operations for incoming inspections, and more.

Improve technical, HR, financial, and data management capabilities within your organization

Beekast. Beekast is an online platform that allows you to create interactive presentations to engage your audience through digital and interactive activities. Simply upload your PowerPoint (or .pdf /.key) presentation and add as many activities as you need.

BenefitNet. BenefitNet is an online solution that enables insurers, insurance brokers, and employers to simplify the administration of their employee benefits schemes for medical, life, and additional policies. It provides a modern and accessible customer experience.

CRM for Evolve 365. CRM for Evolve 365 provides hundreds of on-demand training videos that will help you learn critical skills within Microsoft Dynamics. Each video is approximately 60 seconds and can be accessed individually or in a subject-based course.

Gatekeeper Contract Management. Gatekeeper contract and vendor management software offers complete visibility and control over your contract universe. Plans come with unlimited users, so you can collaborate with as many parties as required.

incontrl.io. By adding incontrl's platform features such as e-invoicing, payment, and reconciliation services to the services you provide, you make things easier for your customer and create a factor that makes your company stand out from the others.

JobScore. JobScore streamlines your recruiting with tools like candidate profiles, smart scoring, automated email responses, interview scheduling, and feedback reminders. Tailor JobScore to match your brand’s look and feel, creating an amazing candidate experience.

TexLang RecoNGen. The RecoNGen platform can detect and extract text from documents of varying quality across a wide set of languages. Once uploaded the platform not only extracts the text, it coverts it into a digital format with 98 percent accuracy.

WeatherCloud Ground Truth Forecast. GroundTruth Forecast offers hyper-local, highly accurate ground weather conditions and routes. The WeatherCloud Ground Truth Forecast offers a data set companies can use for actionable, real-time weather conditions.

Manage your IT assets and systems, as well as compliance

AirMap. AirMap is an airspace management platform for drones. Millions of drones, hundreds of industry developers, and hundreds of airspace managers and stakeholders rely on AirMap’s airspace intelligence and services to fly safely and communicate.

Big Data as a Service. Cazena is Automated Big Data as a Service. Get a production-grade big data stack on Azure, ready for data loading and analytics, with no admin time or special skills required. Focus on analytic innovation instead of your own big data platform.

data8 provenance™. data8 provenance™ provides granular consent management and right to erasure implementation to help comply with GDPR. Record GDPR documentation such as Legitimate Interest Assessments alongside marketing lists for traceability.

Dynamics 365 Data Tagging & Obfuscation. Dynamics 365 provides tools for managing data. This tool is used for data tagging and obfuscation, looking for entities in CRM and Obfuscate entity fields based on tagging in Azure Data Catalog and configured in CRM.

eBECS Smartworker for Azure IoT Suite. eBECS SmartWorker for Azure IOT Suite lets employers maximize their project and worker visibility, productivity and safety. This cloud solution gives site/production/service/logistics managers visibility of a worker’s status.

Energisme Platform. Energisme allows companies and local authorities to take control of their energy expenses. It collects and aggregates energy data from heterogeneous sources and renders it via multi-level and multi-role dashboards.

EvOps for Azure Stack. Get control of your resources in Microsoft Azure platforms. When organizations transition to a cloud platform, keeping business standards, cost control and release processes is essential for IT to innovate without compromising reliability.

Figure Eight Human-in-the-Loop AI Platform. The Figure Eight software platform trains, tests, and tunes machine learning models to make AI work in the real world. Figure Eight makes machine learning work by combining the best of human and machine intelligence.

Safely Open. With a Safely Open subscription you can open digital content you don’t trust. Easily upload emails, files, and links you don’t trust onto our quarantine computers running in the cloud and take a look without any risk of compromising your system.

Trakopolis IoT Platform. Trakopolis is a proven IoT platform that visualizes the location and performance of vehicles, equipment, and people in real time, enhancing safety, reducing overhead, and achieving operational excellence for industrial organizations.

worXsmart IoT Process Enforcement Service. worXsmart is the IoT integration of devices and people for a more optimized workflow. worXsmart aligns workforce behavior with performance, accountability and compliance goals under a one-stack SaaS solution.

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