What’s new, August 1–15: apps to boost productivity, expand Dynamics functionality, and more

AppSource welcomed more than 40 apps between August 1 and 15, 2018, many of them designed to increase productivity, add features to Microsoft Dynamics 365, or address financial services challenges.

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Industry-specific apps for financial services, manufacturing, government, healthcare, retail, and agriculture

Account Reconciliations for Dynamics. BlackLine's solution automates and standardizes the account reconciliation process. Import transactions and balances from Microsoft Dynamics (and any other ERPs) and compare them to source data to ensure accuracy.
Accounting Process Automation for Dynamics. BlackLine automates your routine and high-volume transactional processes. With configurable, rules-based certification and more, organizations can free up teams to apply their skills to larger issues.
Close Process Management for Dynamics. Make BlackLine your central command center for executing and tracking all accounting and finance tasks to deliver transparent, reliable information across your organization.
Criztel. This enterprise resource planning platform by Intelizest integrates sales, finance, and other business functions to provide you with real-time data to optimize your business.
DataMotion Secure Message Center. The DataMotion SDX (secure data exchange) services platform enables the rapid deployment of secure message center functionality in virtually any financial services or insurance client/member portal or app.
Engage for Health Plans - Member Portal. This Hitachi Solutions offering will give you access to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 portal configured to work with our health solution. It will show member demographic data, current healthcare plans, claims history, and more.
Fortude Accellar Apparel Manufacturing Solution. Accellar is an ERP system designed for apparel manufacturing. It automates tedious manual processes and links core processes in merchandising, cost accounting, inventory, manufacturing, and shipping.
iBWMS. iBWMS is a powerful, affordable solution designed to increase warehouse inventory accuracy, maximize resource allocations, and reduce costs. This solution can integrate with native apps using RFID and barcode technologies for complete automation.
PROPLANTI. This horticultural solution helps rural producers carry out production management, planning, and the monitoring of production costs in real time. PROPLANTI is available in English, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish.
RekoChain. RekoChain is a blockchain-enabled supplier collaboration portal to help you streamline the procurement process and make better buying decisions. It integrates AI and machine learning, making procurement a fully automated process.
Search365. Search365 is a search and AI company with expertise in machine learning and natural language processing. The Australian government and large enterprises trust Search365 to build mission-critical search, classification, and intelligence solutions.
Shopeneur. Shopeneur is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service application for building storefronts and e-commerce applications. It's built on a microservices architecture that runs in a highly scalable Kubernetes cluster.
Track Platform. Track Platform by Management Controls Inc. manages the contractual aspects of large industrial facilities' utilization of contract labor and services.
Viridis Energy & Utilities Management. The Viridis platform of applications is a complete solution for energy and utilities management aimed at industrial consumers. Viridis comprises engineering tools and AI technology to allow greater control over processes.
ZenCity. With ZenCity, cities can incorporate data into decision-making. ZenCity supercharges city management by collecting and analyzing millions of data points from communication channels used by residents to convey their insights and needs.

Track time, streamline inventory management, and add localization features with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

24/7 TimeTracker. Professional Business Software Inc.'s 24/7 TimeTracker is a time sheet extension that optimizes time tracking for Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app can also be used to track machine usage time.
Auto Email. Do you spend a lot of time sending collection emails to customers? Is it time-consuming to send out statements and documents? SimCrest's app allows you to send documents via email with one click.
dynamic commerce Coupon Codes. Vouchers are an optimal reward tool that can increase your marketing success. With dynamic commerce GmbH, you can create and administrate all kinds of discount codes directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Item Code Generator. Item Code Generator streamlines inventory and supply chain management by assigning custom codes to each inventory item. It generates a uniform item master automatically, and you can add dependency of attributes.
UAE VAT Localization. The UAE VAT localization helps bring Dynamics 365 Business Central into compliance with tax regulations and reporting procedures in the United Arab Emirates.

Manage data, payroll, and security with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

AlfaPeople - Public Budget Pack. The public budget is an instrument of planning expressed in financial terms. The public budget tool designed by Alfapeople Andino allows for planning activities incorporating quantitative aspects in each budgetary item.

Avanade Master Data Synchronization. Organizations comprising any number of business entities and using hundreds of master data tables can use Avanade Master Data Synchronization to propagate updates automatically and within seconds instead of weeks.
CGI Consistent Data Distribution. CDD is an IP developed by CGI Denmark. CDD maintains consistent data between a master data company and other entities. Global and default values are pushed/copied from the master data company to selected legal entities.
Mass Compensation Upload. Maintaining payroll for a large company can be a daunting task, but CEM Business Solutions Inc.'s software accelerates the time-consuming task of updating salaries.
Security and Compliance Studio. Security and Compliance Studio by To-Increase lets you customize your setup of security roles in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations while saving time and money.
SMART Copy Tool for Operations. This tool copies data from one structure (such as tables) to another using preconfigured data entities. Using data entities allows you to ensure the integrity of information when extracting and inserting data.
Solvait HCM. Solvait provides first-class human capital management (HCM) solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.
Taxation for Pakistan, Localization. Systems Limited offers a pre-built Pakistan Localization Pack for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allows businesses to achieve compliance with government regulations without investing in weeks of custom development.

Provide context and customization with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Amazon Connect Adapter. Perficient, an Amazon Connect partner, brings Amazon Connect CTI integration to Dynamics 365. The adapter increases agent productivity by embedding Amazon Connect call control, and it provides context with screen pops.

MazikCare Patient Connect 365. This patient engagement and access solution is HIPAA-compliant and complete with HL7 and FHIR standard electronic medical record integrations that make clinical data actionable in Dynamics CRM.
Metabox for Dynamics 365 - Customisation Made Easy. Metabox by Twaraa Solutions Limited offers a slick and modern user interface with an editable grid to create and copy attributes for Dynamics 365 CRM entities.
Secured Signing for Dynamics 365. Sign your documents and invite others to sign directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365. Secured Signing uses secure cryptographic technology and can merge data from Dynamics into your documents before sending.

Obtain actionable insights with these analytics apps

CloudBlaze. CloudBlaze is an automated, configuration-driven data ingestion solution that acts as a data feeder for Azure Data Factory and seamlessly ingests structured, unstructured, internal, and external data.

RAID.Cloud for Bypass Fraud. This app monitors for bypass fraud MSISDN cases. Also known as landing fraud or grey routing, bypass fraud is carried out through manipulating call records so that international calls are disguised as local calls.
RAID.Cloud for High Usage Fraud. High-usage scenarios can’t be considered fraud for telecom operators, but analysis can be useful in anticipating future fraud. This app identifies potentially fraudulent behaviors by subscribers or inbound roamers.
RAID.Cloud for International Revenue Share Fraud. This fraud-detection app allows you to audit and control all traffic CDRs generated at the network switches through the nearly real-time exchange of records on voice and data.

Improve productivity, collaboration, training, and media access

CAP Workflow. CAP Workflow enables organizations to create and automate processes for sales, customer service, post-sales, accounting, IT and service desk, human resources, and other departments.

Cognito Forms. Cognito Forms is an online form-building tool that enables small to medium-sized businesses to take control of their data and use it to power their custom business solutions.
Cuppla. Cuppla is easy-to-use software for centrally managing mobile devices and sharing digital content. Cuppla helps organizations save time and money by bringing everything into one location.
Journyx for Dynamics. Track time for projects, billing, and payroll with Journyx time and expense tracking for Microsoft Dynamics. Journyx helps you quickly and accurately collect employee time and expense data.
MEKmedia Video Cloud. This smart solution for video distribution, enabled by Microsoft Azure Media Services, offers complete workflow solutions for your video content, with easy ingestion, asset management, and transcoding into all relevant target formats.
PressReader MS. PressReader offers more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines under a single subscription. Introduce your readers to a global community of information and inspiration.
TexLang Intrans API. This API is built to translate text from one language to another. TexLang supports a wide range of files in the form of a Base64 string and returns a translated file URL. The service can be used across any platform.
WintellectNOW Online Dev Training. WintellectNOW is an online and on-demand developer training solution built on the Microsoft cloud. WintellectNOW offers sessions for novices up to advanced technical experts.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Blu Genius. Blu Genius automates a full modernization project, allowing you to analyze your code, plan and budget a migration, transform your code, and test the generated code, all on Microsoft Azure.

GSX 365 Usage, Security & Audit. GSX 365 Usage Reports is a solution for Office 365 consumption and security auditing. With its granular role-based access control, you can provide self-service reporting to any department without granting any Office 365 rights.
Office 365 Backup. CloudAlly’s cloud-to-cloud backup solution provides a simple, automated, and secure backup of all your critical Microsoft business data. CloudAlly performs automated daily backups and on-demand backups.

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