What’s new, August 16–31: apps to manage IT systems, extend Dynamics functionality, increase collaboration, and more

AppSource welcomed more than 60 apps between August 16 and 31, 2018, many of them designed to facilitate a more productive work environment, add features to Microsoft Dynamics 365, or manage IT assets.

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Industry-specific apps for education, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, professional services, and financial services

Buzzebees. Buzzebees is a mobile platform that incorporates e-commerce and rewards-based social media integration. Buzzebees provides special privileges to its customers, creates brand loyalty, and increases customer engagement and brand awareness.
Educational Social Intranet & Digital Workplace. Students expect modern social and mobile tools. Synigo Pulse for Microsoft Office 365 is the digital place where employees, lecturers, and students come together and find all they need.
effie>. effie> is a sales management service for manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods. Manufacturers will be able to affect assortment monitoring, shelf life, price and shelf shares monitoring, trade marketing activities within retail chains, and more.
Icertis Contract Management for Manufacturing. This AI-powered platform allows customers to increase contract velocity and agility, proactively manage entitlements and obligations, and surface commercial insights and intelligence.
Insight Legal Practice Management System. This system has been designed to meet the needs of solicitor practices across England, Wales, Scotland, and both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It is flexible, customizable, and easy to use and understand.
Insurance Product as a Service. This public portal for insurance products offers easy integration with REST APIs for La Parisienne Assurance partners. The public API website is https://developer.la-parisienne.fr.
Kivuto Cloud. Simplify cloud management of Adobe Creative Cloud ETLA and Microsoft Office 365 Student Use Benefit programs with Kivuto Cloud. Kivuto Cloud bridges multiple cloud services to make user and license management a breeze.
Novari eVisit. Novari eVisit™ provides patients access to healthcare professionals through virtual appointments that may use video conferencing, audio, and encrypted messaging. Lab and imaging requisitions can be made accessible for download and printing.
Texidium. Enable digital transformation through this end-to-end solution for adoption, deployment, and use of e-texts, e-books, and courseware. Provide a centralized place for students to access learning materials on their devices, anywhere and at any time.

Automate and simplify business processes with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

bcEDI. Automate your business processes with electronic data interchange. With bcEDI, your Dynamics 365 Business Central environment will seamlessly communicate with your customers and vendors.
BI360 Corporate Performance Management. BI360 for Dynamics 365 Business Central will give your organization a corporate performance management platform to enable better and faster decision-making by automating forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and more.
Commercial Invoice. The commercial invoice report displays the necessary information on cross-border freight transport. This is the basic document used by the vast majority of foreign customs offices for import control, valuation, and duty calculation.
Commissions. Our app automatically calculates commissions when sales are posted, and commissions can be paid out when cash has been received from the customer. The solution is fully integrated with the general ledger, including accounts payable.
Customer Status Management. This solution allows you to block the shipping, invoicing, and/or creation of new orders to save you time and avoid duplicates. This makes it easier for you to manage cash flow and inventory and provide better customer service.
Estimations. The Estimations extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to quickly and easily create estimates for customer-requested customizations.
Jet Reports. Jet Reports delivers a fast, accurate business reporting solution built for Dynamics 365 Business Central that gives you the flexibility to create any report you need from directly inside Excel.
Product Catalogue. In a business system, every item has a unique code to prevent a conflict between items. In companies with many products, it is difficult to remember all the codes. With the Product Catalogue app, you gain an alternative organizational system.
Quick Sales Entry. Quick Sales Entry will allow you to enter sales quotes and sales orders faster than using the default method. New fact boxes will help you gather information about an item's availability and status.
Vendor Quote Management. This extension allows the creation of Master Purchase Quotes that can be used for multiple vendors. With a single click, Purchase Quotes will be created automatically from the Master Purchase Quote.

Comply with trade agreements, centralize management, and localize with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Advanced-Forms® Document Creation and Distribution. Advanced-Forms® is a user-friendly and flexible output management solution enabling the automated creation, distribution, and archiving of your documents.
Avanade Loading Carrier and Empties Management. This solution integrates with the warehouse management, procurement, and sales capabilities of the ERP system to enable transparency and accounting of loading items and empties.
Avanade Purchase Surcharges and Deductions. This solution enables purchasing managers to eliminate the labor of manually calculating purchase costs. Algorithms based on previously defined batch attributes for products run fast, automatic calculations.
Avanade Text Management. Avanade Text Management eliminates inefficient, error-prone processes by enabling simple, centralized management of text in the ERP system. The solution also fosters compliance with business rules, contracts, and regulations.
Avanade Trade Organisation Structure. Avanade Trade Organisation Structure helps you comply with trade agreements and serve customer organizations with transparency and accuracy through hierarchical structures for pricing, discounts, and product listings.
AXtension® Visual Planning for Production. AXtension® Visual Planning for Production ensures effective and real-time production planning, reducing shop floor interference by proactively managing challenges.
BusinessLink. Visionet's BusinessLink add-on provides access to the preconfigured wholesale e-commerce platforms NuOrder and JOOR, along with preconfigured API/file-based interfaces for both.
Dynamics 365 Localization for Chile. The Chilean localization module ensures increased business productivity, reduced training time, and correct system operation in each LATAM country without affecting Dynamics AX performance.
Government Contracting. With To-Increase's solution and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, government contractors get a system rich in functionality and flexibility that can grow to meet additional business needs.
HumanAX Turkish Payroll. HumanAX Payroll is your best assistant in calculating wages and meets regulatory requirements for employees of the Social Security Agency of the Republic of Turkey (4-a).
Production Job Tracking Solution. This add-on for Dynamics 365 offers intelligent linking between sales orders, production orders, bills of materials, and routes (including resources and resource groups) required in the manufacturing process.
ShipGuru. ShipGuru integrates Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with the major shipping services, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL.

Customize and configure your workflow with apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Customer Service for BFSI. Pragmasys offers a customer service workflow automation solution that provides comprehensive case management, including defining multiple flows based on different criteria and multistep sequential processes with defined SLAs.
Customer Service for Investment. Pragmasys offers a configurable customer service workflow automation solution that transfers the control of setting up the support process flows from developers to business users.
data8 duplicare™. data8 duplicare™ is an automated de-duplication tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that offers real-time advanced duplicate prevention and the ability to merge multiple records.
LoginRadius CIAM. Centralize customer data with a single identity across all of your digital assets. More than 150,000 websites around the world depend on the LoginRadius Customer Identity Management Platform to manage customer signup and login activity.
Multi Carrier Shipping by Zenkraft. Zenkraft's solution enables Dynamics 365 users to create and track shipments without ever leaving Dynamics. Zenkraft supports all major shipping carriers, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Royal Mail, and DPD.
SOS for D365. SOS for D365 helps salespeople analyze and manage deals, increasing win rate and value. SOS visually depicts aspects of a sales opportunity based on nine key qualification criteria and is accompanied by an interactive virtual workshop.
TeamViewer Remote Support for Dynamics 365. This integration enables support agents and sales reps to connect with customers to solve an issue, guide them through a task, or showcase how a product would work on their environment.

Improve productivity, collaboration, and project management

Activity Notes. Activity Notes by Hitachi Solutions is an advanced notes solution with rich text formatting that allows for tagging of multiple regardings (entities of any type within Dynamics 365) to an Activity Note.
Asavie Moda. Asavie Moda extends Microsoft Intune security policies to the network, providing visibility, control, and security to the data transit for any mobile device. Asavie Moda secures the network layer on which the mobile device is communicating.
Backup-as-a-Service to backup files & folders. The Cloud Factory's Backup-as-a-Service, built on Azure Backup, is a solution to make cloud backups of files and folders simple, reliable, secure, and cost-effective.
BOARD. BOARD provides a complete toolkit for transforming raw data into actionable information. With BOARD, business intelligence and corporate performance management are unified within the same decision-making platform.
Effective Grid. Effective Grid by Hitachi Solutions is a tool for Dynamics 365 that enables quick and flexible data entry. Users can easily edit rows of data directly from within a form or view, making data access, editing, and organization much more efficient.
eGECKO. eGECKO integrates processes for small and medium-sized enterprises. Use the app to view, approve, reject, and comment on invoice receipts; filter a name or an area search and add it to your favorites; and contact business partners by phone, mail, or SMS.
Enovatio Budgets. Enovatio Budgets is designed for forecasting, planning, coordinating, and controlling budgets, resulting in more accurate decision-making processes in your company.
Enovatio Projects. Enovatio Projects, our project management module, creates a complete platform for planning, monitoring, coordinating, and assessing projects. English, German, and Polish languages are supported.
QR Mobile Data. With QR Mobile Data, you can track the production process, collect information, and record completed work on-site using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets).

Manage your IT systems

AvePoint Cloud Backup for Office 365. AvePoint offers automated backups up to four times a day with its Software-as-a-Service platform hosted on Azure. Back up Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and more to meet your SLAs for protection.
AvePoint Cloud Governance for Office 365. Implement an extensible governance strategy that empowers users, is easy to maintain, and scales as your organization adopts the cloud. Automate provisioning, management, and lifecycle operations.
AvePoint Cloud Management for Office 365. Simplify Office 365 administration and security with auditing, permissions management, and content migration and synchronization within or across tenants.
CloudLens for Azure Virtual Network TAP. Obtain complete cloud visibility in your Azure networks with CloudLens. Access packet data from instances, filter it in the cloud, and send it to security and monitoring tools, all through a drag-and-drop user interface.
MCenter: THE ENTERPRISE MLOps SOLUTION. MCenter is a central hub for managing all machine learning activity in production, and it helps data scientists, IT operations, and business analysts collaborate.
MongoDB Hosting on Azure: Bring Your Own Cloud. Easily deploy, monitor, back up, and scale your MongoDB clusters in your Azure cloud account with no vendor lock-in and the ability to leverage Reserved Instances to lower your long-term hosting costs.
Panopta Monitoring. Panopta empowers IT teams to monitor server, application, and network performance on both sides of your firewall using comprehensive monitoring, flexible alerting, and powerful reporting.
PhraseApp. PhraseApp is an agile translation management solution for software development teams. Collaborate with your whole team, get fast translations, and scale your localization process through better workflow integrations.
Thriftly.io demo. Thriftly allows programmers to easily refactor legacy applications into web services by transforming those apps’ functional interfaces into APIs.
Trusona Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication. Trusona’s multi-factor authentication and identity proofing provide a robust alternative to usernames and passwords, making authentication more convenient and more secure at scale.
Upski Website Uptime and Performance Monitor. At Upski, we make it easy for you to monitor your site’s uptime and performance from 15 Azure regions around the world, and we send alerts via your preferred method (email, SMS, Facebook, Slack, Skype, etc.).
Virtru Data Protection. Virtru Data Protection protects and controls sensitive information, such as regulated content and intellectual property, regardless of where it’s been created, stored or shared. Virtru offers access control, policy enforcement, and key management.

Improve human resources, safety, and security in your organization

Evincible Human Capital Management System (eHCM). eHCM is a robust HR and payroll solution for the Middle East that supports integration with Dynamics ERP. eHCM befits organizations of all sizes and allows you to architect a global foundation for HR.
Inrisys. Fortude’s Inrisys is an incident reporting system designed to help you ensure full compliance and safety at your organization. The platform assists you in managing and analyzing incidents that occur on-site.
Microimage HCM Cloud. Microimage HCM Cloud offers a unified digital experience for today’s HR challenges. It offers seamless scaling with Azure Platform-as-a-Service and is integrated with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Bot Framework, Office 365, and more.
SMART HCM & LMS. SMART HCM+LMS is a complete solution to hire, manage, and develop employees. It combines Dynamics 365 technologies to measure employee value, enhance value through investment, and realize lifelong learning.
SMX Accelerate - Email Security & Archive for O365. SMX Accelerate is an enterprise-grade, value-add email security and archive solution for Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online.

Apps utilizing artificial intelligence or IoT

Aloe.ai> Note Taking Ai Assistant for Office 365. Aloe is an AI assistant that can convert handwriting to text, transcribe dictation, automatically sync notes, and connects notes to your CRM system. Aloe is accessible on all devices and communication platforms.
Asavie IoT Connect. Asavie IoT Connect enables configurable end-to-end private connectivity over multiple cellular networks without exposing devices or data transit to the dangers of internet.
QBox - Measure your LUIS model - Free. Your chatbot or conversational AI platform will be only as good as its data model. QBox helps you measure, visualize, and identify the strong areas of your training data and where the model is confused.
Robobai. This is an AI analytics procurement platform with machine learning algorithms that have been trained across multiple industry sectors. We train the AI to understand preferred suppliers, so we report category compliance at supplier and price level.

Migrate legacy applications to the cloud

CAST Cloud App Readiness Assessment. We analyze legacy application source code to rapidly segment, prioritize, and identify apps that are ready to move to Platform-as-a-Service and drive intelligent cloud consumption sooner.

Go farther with consulting services from Microsoft partners

CRM Onboarding: 1-Wk Implementation. SherWeb offers a CRM deployment package to help business owners get started with Dynamics 365 for Sales. For a low fixed cost, small and medium-sized businesses will be able to customize Dynamics’ basic capabilities.

Stay up to date

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies. Be sure to check out the full app library to see how Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is working to support businesses across industries and regions.