What’s new, December 16–31: apps for education, healthcare, IT, and more

AppSource welcomed 128 apps between December 16 and 31, 2018, many of them designed for education, healthcare, or IT services.

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Industry-specific apps for education, healthcare, retail, financial services, manufacturing, marketing, and transportation

Ad.agio. ad.agio by Neodata gives you a powerful analysis engine, advanced forecasting capabilities, a personal customer support account, and customization flexibility. Set up targeting rules to deliver editorial or advertising content in real time.
AIMEE. AIMEE is an Azure enterprise e-commerce platform designed for consumer product brands looking to automate and amplify their business at scale. Leveraging Big Data and machine learning, AIMEE empowers brands with real-time data-driven decisions.
Anima. Anima, a virtual assistant from Mult-Connect, uses artificial intelligence tools to give doctors instant access to the information they need. By analyzing intelligence data, you can evolve Anima according to what your doctors desire.
CloudMoyo Rail Operational Testing System. This cloud solution simplifies rail operational testing by facilitating planning, execution, and reporting of tests. Automate key processes and meet Federal Railroad Administration guidelines.
CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management Solution. CloudMoyo's rail transportation management product suite empowers railroads to automate core operations, manage crews, optimize assets, and digitally transform their modern transportation needs.
Compass Asset Finance. Scalable and proven, Inovatec's loan origination system can handle virtually unlimited monthly application volumes and collect data from industry-standard data sources. It offers full electronic document management and processing.
Connected Field Service Solution. This solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM builds relationships between retailers and their customers during pre-sales, sales, and after-sales interactions through its service modules.
CRM Automotive Solution. Link Development's solution streamlines automotive sales, improves communication with customers, manages lead initiation processes, and provides statistics and dashboards collected from social media channels to capture feedback.
CRM Retail Solution. Optimize retail business processes for managing queries, complaints, and after-sale service requests, and give your team a user-friendly interface for capturing customer feedback.
cytosmartomni. CytoSMART Omni conducts a live‐cell analysis of cell cultures inside any incubator, aiming to address diseases at an accelerated pace. The product’s market can be divided into four segments: video recording, cell counting, screening, and inspection.
Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence (MInt). With MInt's rapid connectors, integrate your manufacturing operations data from multiple sources, and use IoT, Big Data analytics, and machine learning to turn large amounts of data into knowledge that can drive real results.
Díde Educación. Díde allows you to detect and rule out up to 35 learning and developmental difficulties in children from 2 years old to 18 years old. Díde gives parents and teachers an idea as to where a child’s difficulties come from.
EBMS-Unify. EBMS-Unify is designed to solve problems experienced by child welfare workers using outdated case management systems. Unify provides mobile access, intelligent searches, unified data between case entities, a simple user interface, and more.
Exergy. Exergy, SilverBridge's flagship product, enables insurers to create, deliver, administer, and manage a full range of financial solutions. Exergy extends to 37 implementations across 13 African countries.
Fero Labs. Fero Labs enables factories to drive profits by leveraging their production data through an easy-to-use and scalable machine learning software. Fero’s technology goes beyond predictions and explains the complex patterns of critical problems.
Healthcare AI platform Botkin.AI. The Botkin.AI platform addresses the shortage of radiologists and aims to improve the quality of analysis and recognition of diagnostic images using artificial intelligence.
IDIT - Policy Administration System. IDIT by Sapiens is a policy administration system for the insurance industry. The platform offers a full suite for property and casualty insurance.
Insource - Health Data Enterprise. Improve patient care while driving greater efficiency with Health Data Enterprise (HDE), a modular, flexible system that can be integrated with administration applications to reduce the need for manual data input.
Insource - Patient Pathway +. Patient Pathway + provides what spreadsheets and business intelligence can’t: a single version of the truth for your patient pathway activities. Extend the functionality of your electronic patient records and patient administration systems.
Intranet. Built for education, from elementary schools to higher education institutions, Big Brain Consulting’s Intranet brings together all the information that administrators and teachers need.
iUniversity. With the purpose of empowering educational institutes, iUniversity provides a complete platform for an exceptional learning experience, and it delivers certifications, courses, and learning tracks approved by Microsoft.
K12NET Student Information System. K12NET aims to provide individual schools and school networks with a one-stop shop for their operational needs. It features Azure hosting services, support, online training sessions, backup services, updates, and more.
MDClone Healthcare Data Sandbox. MDClone is a groundbreaking environment for data-driven healthcare exploration, discovery, and delivery. It leverages Big Data technologies to enable operational insights, hypothesis testing, and zero-risk data sharing.
OneTimeSAT. OneTimeSAT helps students achieve higher SAT scores. Our SAT experts have devoted their time preparing more than 8,500 questions with comprehensive diversity to let students practice a specific skill or category.
OpusCapita Cash Management. Manage your finance and treasury operations with OpusCapita's open banking interfaces. Connect with hundreds of banks worldwide, and easily integrate all of your banks to any financial back-office system.
Otonomo. The Otonomo platform paves the way for the development of new apps and services for drivers, passengers, municipalities, and transportation companies by ingesting automotive data from multiple sources, including OEMs and other data providers.
Perseus Cloud - ERP de Gestão Educacional. Perseus Cloud is an educational enterprise resource planning solution to optimize academic, administrative, and financial processes. It includes mobile tools and relationship portals but comes only in Brazilian Portuguese.
Plantyst Monitoring Portal. Production doesn't just create value: It's also where investment goes to waste due to inefficiencies. Plantyst's portal monitors manufacturing production and gives you accurate information so you can guard against inefficiency.
Posipricing. Retail consumers are price-sensitive. Use Posipricing to monitor your competitors and analyze their price positioning, then adapt yours. Grow your margins and gain market share.
Proximity Platform. Poi Labs' proximity awareness solution gives you customer behavior analytics and more. Improve your customers' shopping experience through navigation assistance and tailored information when they are near a purchase point or shelf.
QAAS Quality Assessment and Accreditation System. QAAS' highly customizable assessment and accreditation system enables post-secondary institutions and organizations to evaluate their performance against their industry’s benchmarks.
Reveal. Few health plans have the capacity to review all their pharmacy claims. The result is often sampling from spreadsheets or relying on summary reports. Reveal solves this by analyzing all your claims and showing you only those that put you at risk.
SAMEBullying. SAMEBullying is an artificial intelligence application that detects, prevents, and treats cyberbullying in instant messaging among children and adolescents.
Schack. Schack is a cloud-based insurance telematics system that optimizes loss ratio and improves driver safety. Schack predicts drivers likely to have an accident, predicts the potential cost of an accident, manages device installation, and offers APIs for integration.
Smart Commerce Platform. 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce Platform powers digital transformation through data-driven personalization. It unifies omnichannel customer, sales, and shopping behavioral data into customer profiles and actionable insights.
TruRating. TruRating ties customer feedback to transaction and basket data by gathering ratings at the point of payment. TruRating is ideal for retail, restaurant, and hospitality businesses.
VeriBranch Branch Automation. VeriBranch enables banks to streamline business processes by connecting front-office systems to back-office systems. Easily look up customer account information to execute loan origination, transfers, and more.
VeriChannel Omni-Channel Delivery. VeriChannel offers a secure, unified platform for delivering digital banking capabilities across multiple channels. It empowers organizations to manage seamless, consistent, and engaging customer journeys.
Vintom Personalized Video platform. Vintom's video personalization platform allows you to deliver messages to your customers in an individualized and engaging way, improving brand engagement, customer onboarding, and upsell or cross-sell opportunities.
WealthArc Next-Gen Wealth Management Platform. WealthArc is an all-in-one portfolio management platform providing automatic custodian consolidation, real-time analytics, regulatory compliance features, and seamless customer relationship management.

Consolidate, configure, and scale with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Advanced Default Dimensions. Create a hierarchy between dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for more powerful reporting and filtering without having to use Dimension Value Totaling or Item Category hierarchies.
Dialog PayFocus Payroll. Want to consolidate your payroll and financial functions into a single business solution? Dialog's PayFocus delivers a fully integrated enterprise resource planning solution for your payroll processing and financial reporting needs.
faveo unit calculator. A customer might ask for "enough tiles to cover 12 square feet of bathroom floor," whereas the order will measure the number of tiles in packages. With faveo unit calculator, you can enter the quantity of an item by any configured item unit.
Golden EDI. Get started in minutes using the free version of Golden EDI, an electronic data interchange extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Scale using our small, medium, or large subscription.
Traditional Chinese Pack for Hong Kong. This is the Traditional Chinese translation for Dynamics 365 Business Central to display interfaces, including the standard functions for menu bars and toolbars, for users in Hong Kong.

Manage localization and electronic data interchange with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

AlfaPeople - Filing Invoices Pack. AlfaPeople's invoice-filing module allows you to automate and control the invoice process for manual forms and electronic ones.
AlfaPeople - Payroll Colombia. Manage all your payroll needs with this module from AlfaPeople. Streamline your processes even when faced with the complex exceptions and challenges of the Colombian labor system.
Dynamics 365 Localization for Colombia. This LATAM localization fits the legal standards of Colombia, including accounting and tax legislation.
IFR Dynamics 365 Lawyers. IFR's Dynamics 365 Lawyers solution encompasses case management, entry management, billing, budgets, and analysis.
Infor Configure Price Quote for Dynamics 365. Infor CPQ is a configure, price, and quote solution that helps you sell complex products by eliminating costly errors and speeding up the sales cycle.
Integration Cockpit. Integration Cockpit by Visionet Systems gives you centralized management and monitoring for third-party integrations, along with a detailed error-logging framework and streamlined file handling.
Pangea Latam Localization Package Colombia. Fulfill tax and local government regulations with Pangea Group's Colombia localization package. Built to work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, it helps you minimize resources and cut costs.
TrueCommerce EDI for Dynamics 365 for Operations. This electronic data interchange solution scales with your business and accommodates your Dynamics 365 environment, making it easy to implement and reducing the impact on your IT resources.

Optimize and expand services with apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

2B-Events 365. 2B-Events 365 is a solution built for Dynamics 365 for Sales to give you event and ticket management. 2B-Events 365 is web-based and mobile-optimized to enable event staff, event management, and exhibitors to work from any device, anywhere.
Crowe BenefitsBridge for Insurance Brokers. Crowe's BenefitsBridge for Dynamics 365 offers an agency management system integrated with productivity tools that insurance brokers already use, like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.
Curo365. The vision for Curo365 is to provide a single robust solution to optimally handle all of the technology needs within a law firm, enabling it to obtain better transparency and increase profitability through efficiency and strategy.
Customer Portal. The PortalNest customer portal by AppJetty accelerates the customer resolution processing cycle, working as a bridge between customers and employees. A trackable and transparent ticketing system replaces emails and calls.
Field Service Integration, Project and Inventory. This version includes support for project and inventory scenarios, on top of the Dynamics 365 for Field Service integration that provides support for activities done outside of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Fleet Hero. With Fleet Hero, your organization gets a modern, comprehensive fleet management software destined for nationwide and international deployment. It improves efficiency, reduces costs, and optimizes service.
FMCG365. With its seamless interaction between office staff and field force representatives, Avento's FMCG365 offers an integrated solution that maximizes customer engagement for the fast-moving consumer goods sector.
IntelliSpace 365 - Property and Facility Mng. IntelliSpace 365 from Domain 6 Inc. is a facility management solution designed for real estate and property management firms looking to better manage their tenant experience.
OA FFM. OA FFM by Onactuate Consulting Inc. enables organizations to improve field force management, attendance tracking, and field force efficiency.
Telephony Integration for PowerApps. C Centric’s CTI solution built on the Microsoft PowerApps platform helps bridge the gap between telephony and data environments so you can more efficiently manage your service and sales calls.

Manage your IT assets and systems

AI.DATALIFT by Automated Intelligence. AI.DATALIFT by Automated Intelligence enables strategic digital transformation initiatives, encompassing migration, governance, data insights, GDPR compliance, and more.
Automated Migration to Azure by RiverMeadow. RiverMeadow enables organizations to migrate even the most complex workloads to Microsoft Azure without downtime, without the installation of agents, and without hypervisor access.
Carbon. Delegate repetitive tasks to your non-IT users through a multi-language self-service portal that handles the automation of day-to-day operational requests in addition to giving your IT personnel deep monitoring abilities.
Cloudhouse Compatibility Container. Cloudhouse offers cloud migration services combined with packaging expertise to deliver a successful application migration project even when source media is unavailable.
eReadiness. Without the bells and whistles of complicated, all-encompassing, and expensive product suites, eReadiness helps you work miracles for your mandatory Windows 10 migrations and upgrades.
FilesCare Solution. IT-Blocks' FilesCare solution manages and protects your sensitive files. IT admins can set policies to automatically apply classification and protection to data.
GB DC Monitoring. GB DC Monitoring helps you with your transformation process, from planning and design to deployment and training.
HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise. Embracing cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures requires organizations to rethink their approach to provisioning. HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise enables organizations to address the complexities.
KoçSistem Managed Cloud Services for Azure. KoçSistem Managed Cloud Services for Azure monitors daily cost and usage reports, and it provides a self-service portal to simplify monthly budget estimations for companies of all sizes.
Microsoft UC Conference Bridge Testing. Once you’re confident you’ve deployed a unified communications system, Prognosis HeartBeat for Voice regularly interacts with that system’s components (e.g., IVR or conference bridge) to ensure it continues to deliver.
Microsoft UC Network Assessment. Getting ready to deploy or migrate to Skype for Business Online or Microsoft Teams? Prognosis UC Assessor will predict performance and user experience across the internal and external network.
Multi-Cloud Managed Services. Leverage existing IT infrastructure, optimize cost, and perform scalable strategies customized by OneAsia with the right solution. Accelerate innovation by combining multi-cloud technology and automation.
Sam4Up. SAM4UP by Makronet Bilgi Teknolojileri provides best practices, tools, and resources to manage your SAM program. Makronet can help you maintain long-term license optimization and compliance.
Sentim Cloud Watch. Sentim Cloud Watch is a powerful cloud and on-premises monitoring solution for business-critical resources. It tracks CPU, RAM, and disk usage using OMS API.
SUSE Cloud Application Platform. SUSE Cloud Application Platform eliminates manual IT configuration and helps accelerate innovation by getting applications to market faster. It also brings an advanced, cloud-native developer experience to Kubernetes.
Teradici Cloud Access Software (Linux). Creative professionals depend on Teradici Cloud Access Software, powered by PCoIP technology, to deliver access to graphics-intensive 3-D apps and virtual workstations while media assets remain protected.
Teradici Cloud Access Software (Windows). Creative professionals depend on Teradici Cloud Access Software, powered by PCoIP technology, to deliver access to graphics-intensive 3-D apps and virtual workstations while media assets remain protected.
Visium Load and Performance Test. Visium is a Software-as-a-Service application that lets you test all your apps in a secure and manageable environment.
xstormlive. xstormlive is a highly secure, centrally managed vulnerability scanning service hosted on a global network of NCC Group datacenter locations. Customers can schedule scans on the xstormlive platform via a browser.

Streamline human resources and training

Ajiel. Ajiel helps Moroccan companies manage their workforce, payroll, and declarations. Open an account online and start hiring people, then track and report leave and absences. Ajiel is available on any mobile device with an internet connection.
Corsat. Corsat manages education and training projects operated in different locations through a web-based interface to ensure all stakeholders have access to the system. It's equipped with an automated tool that covers the applicant selection process.
etudes. etudes is a learning management system that also solves human resource development issues. The UI/UX can be operated intuitively, and management functions can handle large-scale operations with hundreds of thousands of IDs.
Learning Platform - DISPRZ. Disprz is a professional development platform that bridges the gap between learning and working. Disprz keeps employees engaged and provides integrated analytics across traditional and modern training environments.
Leave and Absence for Dynamics 365 for Talent. FourVision's web app, Leave and Absence for Dynamics 365 for Talent, supports all types of leave (maternity/paternity, holiday, etc.) and adjusts the type of leave per country and per business unit.
Performance management for Dynamics 365 for Talent. This web app manages employee performance and creates reviews that set and maintain objectives for performance development.
Tikit Carpe Diem. Increase revenue with Tikit's desktop and mobile time-recording applications, which will integrate directly with your firm's billing software. Watch your margins grow with our sophisticated reporting and analytics.
timeout. timeout simplifies administrative processes by notifying supervisors of all new employee requests. Employees can quickly and easily apply for overtime, unpaid leave, a business trip, or parental leave.
Timesheet for Dynamics 365 for Talent. Maximize employee efficiency and simplify time registration with this web app from FourVision. Upon time registration, the timesheet can be submitted for approval via built-in configurable workflows.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Bank-Media Print-on-Demand Portal. With the innovative print-on-demand portal from Bank-Media, you have the opportunity to personalize envelopes, stamps, business cards, or other products with your own corporate design.
Basware e-Invoice Sending and Receiving. Basware lets you send and receive orders, invoices, credit notes, and catalogs quickly, simply, and with fewer errors. Save time and money by digitalizing AP invoice receiving.
CMS Correspondence Management System. IT-Blocks' system allows organizations to track correspondence, including scanned letters, emails, faxes, and electronic documents, and manage them through automated processes to ensure proper handling of requests.
IntoMeetings System. IntoMeetings provides a flexible platform for calendar management, agenda preparation, invitations, voting processes, meeting minutes, archiving, and more.
Kollaborate365. For any business’s digital transformation, data management, document sharing, versioning, and collaboration are of utmost importance. This is where KalSoft's unified, cloud-based intranet platform, Kollaborate365, comes in.
Metadata Management Automation and Data Lineage. Octopai's cross-platform solution provides multidimensional data lineage, impact analysis, and metadata discovery for business intelligence teams so they can more quickly find and understand their data.
Next. Rooted in design thinking and lean methods, the Next platform lets organizations engage, empower, and cross-functionally align their workforce in transforming their existing business and innovating new offerings.
OnePlaceMail for Outlook. Productivity is enhanced through the connection of Microsoft Outlook with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Save content from Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Teams channels from any device.
Philips SpeechLive. Philips SpeechLive is your personal assistant in the cloud. Increase your productivity by taking full control of your dictation workflow, whether in the office or on the road.
PortalTalk 365 | Office 365 Governance Solution. PortalTalk 365 allows your employees to collaborate in Office 365 and invite colleagues, external partners, and customers to access the workspace while your IT department stays in control of access rights and security.
Solgari. Solgari provides compliant, omnichannel cloud communications within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Get immediate access to integrated voice, video, chat, and SMS channels.
Stratsys Meetings. Stratsys Meetings allows you to prepare, run, and follow up on your meetings with ease. Meeting minutes and actions are kept neat and tidy, and you can make sure that everything you have decided is communicated and implemented.

Apps utilizing AI or IoT

Audioburst: Audio, On-Demand. Audioburst's AI-powered voice search platform connects listeners to audio content. It listens to, understands, segments, and indexes millions of minutes of audio content from top radio stations and podcasts.
DARA Lighting. DARA uses a mobile app that enables easy introduction or removal of devices or luminaires from a DALI network. Light settings can be controlled locally via Bluetooth or remotely via internet.
Digital Teammates. Robotic process automation is perfect for conducting repetitive, mundane, and error-prone office tasks. Digital Teammates rents robots with no upfront investment needed. We don't charge for them until they start doing the job.
DOKO Productivity Safety & Security Solutions. DOKO, an IoT and wearable technology-based performance management platform, enables you to collect real-time data from the field, analyze it, and take action.
Elna. Elna, an AI personal assistant, reads all data related to the employee and provides an intuitive dashboard and control panel. Elna integrates with almost any product and offers full out-of-the-box integration with Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint.
FLEX AI Chatbots Range. FLEX AI chatbots from ICS.AI are sophisticated and prebuilt. ICS.AI uses a best-practice Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services deployment, putting bots into your organization quickly and efficiently.
Fracttal. Maintenance and asset management software for IoT, Fracttal bridges the gap between physical and digital assets, capturing information in real time to predict and respond to possible failures.
Hark Platform for Energy Management. Hark is a technology company building a cloud-based platform that allows users to monitor and gain insight into their environmental data in real time. We allow any industry-standard sensor to connect to our platform.
Instascan- Remote Touchless Biometric Verification. The Instascan biometric software utilizes a mobile device’s camera as a sensor. The embedded algorithms detect a finger in the camera field of view, automatically capture it, then process it into a fingerprint image.
IoTWorX by ICONICS. IoTWorX combines new IoT software technology with affordable IoT devices to create secure, cloud-ready solutions for energy, building automation, manufacturing, and industrial applications.
Microshare Smart Facilities Management. Facilities managers are increasingly asked to do more with less. Microshare connects, manages, and analyzes IoT sensor data, providing insight into occupancy, washroom use, and environmental factors to cut real estate costs.
Personalized Artificial Intelligence Platform. Knowmail is an artificial intelligence platform for email for CRM systems, unified communication solutions, and digital assistants. This AI layer provides enhanced communication benefits that are personalized per user.
Power IoT Platform. This cloud-native IoT platform from AzurePower Inc. enables you to visualize and analyze sensor information. Use Microsoft Power BI and the API linkage function to develop business systems.
Sensee IoT: Smart Food & Health Safety. Sensee leverages IoT technology to automatically monitor temperatures of refrigerators and freezers in industries such as food, agriculture, hospitality, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and logistics.

Track your business’s sales, fleet, data, and customer service

Basware Accounts Payable Automation. Basware's automation solution simplifies your accounts payable invoice processing, while its analytics component lets you drill into process bottlenecks, pending payments, and more.
Basware Procurement. Basware Procurement helps customers manage their purchases, gain insights into cash flows and expenditures, realize cost savings, and increase supplier value.
BIAdvantage. BIAdvantage by QuantumPM is a Software-as-a-Service business integration and intelligence solution that connects cloud systems with on-premises systems, giving you access to real-time data to drive success in your business.
Fleet Management. Fleet is a web-based enterprise fleet management system to maintain a high level of monitoring and security over the working team and their tasks. Fleet was built using Microsoft .NET, with SQL Server as its database engine.
Metrix software solutions. IsoMetrix specializes in providing hyper-agile and fully integrated solutions for environmental, social, and corporate governance; sustainability; environment, health, and safety; compliance; internal audits; and more.
Whichit. Whichit's interactive commercial content platform enables marketers, brands, and enterprises to increase user engagement, open new revenue streams, and gain actionable insights.
Zoho Desk. Zoho Desk is a platform designed to help your company build meaningful relationships with your customers. Agents become more productive, managers become more impactful, and customers become more empowered.

Improve safety and security

Crypteron Data Security. Crypteron's patented technology enables sophisticated data encryption and key management in your applications in minutes. Avoid risky custom code and achieve GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliance.
eFACiLiTY® – Visitor / Lobby Management System. The security requirements of large organizations are ever-growing. SIERRA ODC’s eFACiLiTY can help. eFACiLiTY manages visitor appointments, host approvals, badge issues, blacklisting, and more.
Health & Safety for Dynamics 365 for Talent. Report and track dangerous workplace incidents, injuries, and sickness with FourVision's Health & Safety for Dynamics 365 for Talent.

Ensure GDPR compliance

Cookiebot. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, Cookiebot enables website owners in the European Union and beyond to comply with the GDPR data protection legislation concerning the use of cookies for user tracking and profiling.

Stay up to date

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies. Be sure to check out the full app library to see how Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is working to support businesses across industries and regions.