What’s new, February 1–15: apps for government, healthcare, IT services, and more

AppSource welcomed 152 apps between February 1 and February 15, 2019, many of them targeting government agencies, hospitals, and IT departments.

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Industry-specific apps for government, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial services, marketing, education, agriculture, and telecommunications

Affinio Container. With this container solution by Affinio, global enterprise customers can seamlessly deploy Affinio's marketing AI-segmentation and visualization technology to any sensitive consumer data within the security of their own private cloud instance.
Bloomz: One App for All Your Parent Communication. Bloomz, a mobile and web app, connects schools with today’s tech-savvy parents. Bloomz saves teachers time by integrating communication, coordination, and community-building tools.
Broadband Financial Modeling. Tilson's model can analyze the performance of an FTTP network. This model examines the predicted capital cost, operating cost, cash flow, and financial return given a set of key capital, operating, and revenue assumptions.
Broadband Reverse Auction. Tilson's reverse auction processor for grant award administration provides a framework to design and conduct a customized reverse auction, wherein the lowest bid wins.
Canvass AI Platform. Built on Azure, Canvass AI delivers the control, transparency, and reliability that industrial operations need to accelerate and optimize data-driven decision-making for intelligent plant operations.
CaseLines Digital Evidence Management for Justice. CaseLines allows courts to move to paperless hearings for any type of case.
Casper - CMS Platform. Use the Casper content management system to build secure high-quality media websites with enhanced usability. With Microsoft Azure, Casper gains a quicker go-live time and hassle-free maintenance supporting all major languages.
contactone clienteling app. Contactone enables sales associates to establish relationships with their customers through email and instant messaging. Conversations are secured so that associates can't transfer the information to a personal phone or tablet.
Credit Track. Credit Track is a browser-based loan origination, workflow, approval, monitoring, and reporting software suite that helps bankers manage their loan portfolio and mitigate commercial lending risks.
Decisyon Digital Cockpit. Decisyon's Digital Cockpit provides you with full digitalization of the lean manufacturing process. Collect information from people and data sources and identify unsolved issues via smart multi-touch boards.
Decisyon Digital WCM. Decisyon's Digital WCM enables bidirectional exchange between line KPIs, and it provides information about your line productivity and your plan and schedule attainment status. Gain a holistic view of your manufacturing operations.
DEX Manager. DEX Manager is a digital signage solution that allows you to manage a network of screens for interactive kiosks or corporate buildings. This solution is available only in Spanish.
Digital Factory Digital Logbook. At pharmaceutical sites, all activities should be recorded to logbooks to comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations. Digital Factory Digital Logbook can save you time by digitizing paper-based logs.
Digital Factory OEE Tracker. With Digital Factory OEE Tracker by Supply Chain Wizard, you can improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs via real-time visibility and IoT monitoring.
Digital Factory Scheduler. Digital Factory Scheduler enables you to optimize your production line and staff schedules to reduce costs and increase capacity. Benefit from Supply Chain Wizard's pharmaceutical industry focus and expertise.
DIM - Digital Incentive Machine. DIM, a digital incentive program by Marco Marketing, provides a management service for your sales force. This solution is available only in Spanish.
Effera Insight. Effera Insight, an IoT platform for the construction industry, gives you a complete overview of your resources and lets you collect, analyze, and visualize data to simplify decision-making processes.
Election Night Reporting Software. Voters, candidates, and media outlets all want fast, accurate results on election night. BPro Inc. helps states and counties deliver results that are easy for the public to understand and available to anyone, anywhere, on most devices.
eSCRIBE Meetings Professional. With eSCRIBE Meetings, users can securely sync with all authorized meeting portals, access detailed information, vote, and annotate attachments and group chat based on their attendee role and security access level.
EzyPro Healthcare QMS. Manage incident reporting, patient complaint management, action tracking, clinical and management system audits, and more. EzyPro Healthcare QMS is designed for hospitals and medical device manufacturers.
FintechOS. FintechOS, a platform for enterprise insurance companies, allows nontechnical staff to create, test, and operate powerful omnichannel applications, including customer-facing services.
Fundanet. Fundanet's suite encompasses research project management, scientific output, clinical trial management, investigational drug accountability, ethics, and more. The suite is available only in Spanish.
G2G on Azure. G2G by EBLA Computer Consultancy Company simplifies and secures government-to-government workflows, allowing agencies to communicate with each other even if they don't have a content and correspondence management system.
Groupcall Analytics. Improve student outcomes and enhance operational efficiency by turning your core data into a valuable resource with Groupcall Analytics.
Ida for Partners. Ida for Partners combines real-time sensor data and farm data to create insights for enterprises to manage, monitor, and predict farm output and sustainability metrics. With Ida for Partners, farms can increase productivity and efficiency.
inRiver Product Marketing Cloud. inRiver Product Marketing Cloud facilitates the creation, handling, and distribution of product information for a world-class customer experience across all touchpoints, in multiple languages.
intelligent_avatar_millie. Powered by deep learning, Millie is a life-size helper who interacts with people. Millie is the ultimate assistant for consumer brands and brick-and-mortar stores, offering customers a personalized experience to buy into.
INTEMPORA VALIDATION SUITE. IVS is a solution for the benchmarking and validation of your driver assistance software functions in a virtual driving context, including vision algorithms, data fusion, deep learning, and positioning.
IOL - Smart Waste Management. This platform helps waste management companies manage fleets and waste bins, and it integrates with client management and billing. Sensors and gateways provide real-time monitoring, an analytical engine, and more.
Jakamo. Jakamo, a universal collaboration platform, supports manufacturing companies on their digital transformation journey. Digitalize your supply chain and achieve shorter lead times and other benefits.
J-Gate. J-Gate is a database and access gateway for e-journal literature. J-Gate indexes millions of scholarly articles from more than 50,000 technical journals. Full-text access to nearly 10 million articles is available when a library subscribes to this platform.
Landscape. Designed for the insurance industry, Landscape provides full coverage for the end-to-end policy administration lifecycle and claims administration lifecycle.
MedVox. MedVox is an intellectual speech platform for healthcare institutions that provides patients with automated, round-the-clock telephone services.
PowerServer™ PACS. Optimize radiology workflow and improve patient care with PowerServer PACS, a powerful and cost-effective picture archiving and communication system equipped with the Essence business intelligence reporting and analytics app.
PowerServer™ RIS/PACS. Reduce manual data entry, increase consistency, and optimize your radiology workflow with PowerServer RIS/PACS, which features nearly real-time database backups and a set of tools to increase patient referrals.
Questionmark OnDemand for Government. Questionmark OnDemand for Government gives federal, state, and local agencies a cloud-based assessment management system designed and tested to be compliant with FedRAMP moderate-security requirements.
Saxo Bank Banking-as-a-Service Solution. The Saxo Banking-as-a-Service solution allows white-label clients to reduce their operating expenses by decommissioning technology platforms and outsourcing trading and post-trade services.
SenseR Video Analytics Solution. SenseR analyzes in-store CCTV systems to extract shopper activity data, giving companies insightful retail analytics. SenseR helps you identify engagement durations, interest levels, customer demographics, and more.
SiiMA Rastreios. SiiMA Rastreios is a multi-screening management platform for healthcare. Portuguese is the supported language for this solution.
Timely Salon & Spa Software. Timely is a cloud-based appointment system for spas, salons, and any business that takes appointments. Easily manage your calendar, clients, sales, staff, stock, reporting, and more.
Trapeze Transit Operations and Planning System. The Trapeze Transit Operations and Planning System (TOPS) is a suite of tools and modules that helps public transit agencies manage their systems and operations.
Voter Registration Software. BPro’s TotalVote voter registration system streamlines the voter registration process for state and local election officials. Each state’s system has been configured to meet local laws, regulations, and standards.

Expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Bredet Auto Charges. Bredet Services Inc.'s Auto Charges for Dynamics 365 Business Central aids in automatically adding charges to a purchase order or sales order. Charges can be assigned on an item as a flat rate, as a percentage, or on a per-piece basis.
CETAS VMP365. CETAS VMP365 is designed to help Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central customers automate vendor onboarding, boost supplier engagement, and cut costs.
Copy Master Data. Copy Master Data is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on built to duplicate any master data across companies.
Default Ship-To Address. Use this app to ensure you never forget where your customers want their goods delivered. Let Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central remember and select the appropriate address.
iDynamics Credit Insurance. Manage credit insurance policies and check the status of your customers' credit with iDynamics Credit Insurance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
iDynamics Printing Documents. This extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you professional-looking designs that can be tailored to your company. Easily add fixed texts, such as legal notes or commercial registration data, to all documents.
LAZADA Connector For Dynamics 365 Business Central. The LAZADA Connector offers a complete solution to manage LAZADA e-commerce, and it combines the business process flows of Dynamics 365 Business Central with the LAZADA marketplace.
Navertica Business Case. Extend Dynamics 365 Business Central features with Navertica Business Case, which can group logically related documents, centralize document creation, and facilitate business case evaluation.
Polish Functionality  Starter Pack. This app allows you to run your account books and calculate taxes in compliance with Polish legal rules. In the Polish Functionality – Starter Pack, you can find all the necessary features to start your operations in Poland.
QuoPlus-More Bank Accounts. Use this solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to assign a bank account to customers and vendors and copy the data into their related documents.
Singapore GST Reg No./UEN/NRIC Verifier. Are you manually verifying your vendor/customer GST registration number? This app directly connects to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore API for verification purposes.
SMART Basic Financials. SMART Basic Financials is a simplified user experience by Inventio.IT. It customizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central's menus and pages so that only certain fields are displayed.
Soft4RealEstate. Simplify your property management business, from tenant management to invoicing and reporting, with Soft4RealEstate for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Empower your support agents with this app for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

SearchUnify. SearchUnify is an AI-powered enterprise search solution that seamlessly integrates into Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and enables you to instantly index content sources to present the most relevant results to your support agents.

Integrate and configure processes with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Attach2Dynamics. Attach2Dynamics is a productivity add-on that allows Dynamics 365 for Sales users to store files and folders on cloud storage repositories like SharePoint and Dropbox.
Customer Service Essentials on PowerApps. C Centric Solutions Pvt. Ltd.'s solution allows you to define service categories and configure processes; assign SLAs to categories; and define your service teams, their roles, access rights, and more.
greymatter CRM for Higher Education. greymatter is a full student lifecycle CRM solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. greymatter measures, manages, and streamlines interactions with constituents, from first contact to post-graduation activities.
IPM Project Management - Construction & Specialty. IPM's enterprise-wide platform includes budget control, change order management, subcontractor and procurement management, equipment maintenance, materials handling, and more.
iusUp. This vertical solution by Awerty is designed for the daily work of law firms and consultancies and integrates with Microsoft Office 365 applications.
i-Warranty. The i-Warranty extension for Dynamics 365 gives you better insight into your customers, their assets, their cases, and their warranties so you can address them more efficiently.
ZakCalendar Scheduler. Schedule and manage your events on the go with ZakCalendar Scheduler. You can create events, define rooms for them, and send meeting requests, as well as view, edit, or cancel those requests with just a few clicks.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Aryaka Azure Connect. With this software-defined global private network, you can connect directly to your virtual networks on Microsoft Azure or to any other cloud-hosted application, with or without Azure ExpressRoute.
AvePoint Governance Automation Server. Empower your end users with self-service IT for SharePoint or hybrid Office 365 provisioning, management, and lifecycle operations.
Betty Blocks Platform. Build enterprise-grade business apps faster with the power of Betty Blocks and Microsoft Azure. Use Betty Blocks' drag-and-drop interface and combine it with any JS framework – like Angular or Vue.js – for full freedom and flexibility.
BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams. Connect existing room systems to Microsoft Teams meetings with cloud-native video interoperability. BlueJeans lets you provide a consistent experience for your end users regardless of room system hardware.
CDN for Microservices. With Rafay’s Container Delivery Network, developers can distribute, manage, and run containerized microservices closer to users and devices, delivering highly improved, low-latency experiences.
Cloud Workspace for Azure Setup App. Cloud Workspace for Azure (CWA) and Cloud Workspace Management Suite are tools for simplifying the deployment and ongoing administration for environments in Microsoft Azure.
Comtrade RLO. With Rapid License Optimization, Comtrade creates models as repeatable methodologies for a predictable approach. Reduce the cost and complexity of your IT management and adapt quickly to changing business needs.
CoreToEdge – DR as a Service for SAP on Azure. This service leverages cloud flexibility to provide disaster recovery and business continuity for your mission-critical systems.
Data Unfolder. Data Unfolder allows both self-serve and scheduled data extraction of different SAP data sources directly to a host of business intelligence tools and target database systems.
Escrow as a Service. A software escrow solution is an agreement that ensures the availability of business-critical software for the end user while protecting the ownership and IP rights of the supplier. NCC Group’s service offers protection and reassurance.
Okera Active Data Platform. Okera’s platform enables governance and agility with fine-grained access control for Azure Data Lake and other Azure data. Benefit from hyperscale performance and 100 percent auditability and data anonymization.
SecureFactors. Securely access any remote system or virtual machine with just a browser – no software download or VPN installation needed. Advanced encryption offers a highly secure solution for auditing and compliance purposes.
Skype for Business/Teams - Service Providers. As a service provider, it’s your job to make sure your customers have a great experience every time. IR's performance analytics for unified communications and contact centers keep you a step ahead of problems.
StackState. Get everything you need in one view to monitor infrastructure health. Predict failures and react to problems quickly for efficient IT operations. DevOps gain real-time visibility to improve speed, quality, and the business impact of software releases.

Streamline human resources and training

CoreAchieve LMS. Use CoreAchieve to train internal employees, external customers, or both. Easily develop content within the solution or import content that has already been developed. Engage with large audiences for one affordable, predictable price.
eWhistle. eWhistle is a protected and, if requested, an anonymous communication channel with the whistle-blower, and it's a case management platform within a secure IT environment. Manage whistle-blowing and improve your compliance program.
Inn 4 HR. Inn 4 HR can be integrated with different enterprise resource planning modules, be used as a vertical for Microsoft Dynamics 365, or serve as an independent human resources information system.
JobUFO / Whitelabeled Video Application. JobUFO allows users to record a short video in order to give prospective employers a first impression of themselves. Companies can integrate JobUFO into their HR software. JobUFO is available in German or English.
Questionmark OnDemand. Learning, HR, and talent management professionals worldwide use Questionmark for regulatory compliance testing, certification of skills, sales and technical skills testing, and employee attitude surveys.
Together. Together helps HR departments optimize costs, operate efficiently, and improve performance. From the beginning and through the whole period of use, SkyLab Italia’s support team assists clients.
WorkPoint. WorkPoint tracks working time using timesheets and time-off requests, and it allows for the management of key performance indicators by collecting analytical information.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

4DATA MDM. 4DATA MDM gives you full control over the most important data in your company: customer, supplier, product, and personal data. Eliminate discrepancies and introduce full integration from different business areas.
Camilyo Online in One. Camilyo Online in One is a fully integrated marketing, sales, and business productivity platform for small businesses. Increase effectiveness and personalize the service experience.
ClickUp | Productivity Platform. Built for teams of all sizes and industries, ClickUp’s fully customizable and proprietary features make it a must-have for agile teams that want to keep everything from design to development in one organized place.
DIMS on Azure. DIMS enables organizations to be more productive. It manages records, finds documents, prevents lost records, and allows leaders to deliver content to the right person at the right time in a secure environment.
DocAve for Office 365, SharePoint, File Shares. Boost collaboration and productivity and simplify hybrid cloud management with DocAve for Office 365, SharePoint, and File Shares, hosted on your Azure virtual machine.
e-Share External Collaboration Bot for Teams. With the e-Share External Collaboration Bot for Teams, you can share selected conversations and files with external parties from within Microsoft Teams without a guest account.
Federated Directory. Federated Directory will give your employees the ability to search through the corporate address books of the companies you trust, encouraging and enabling collaboration.
FileNet on Azure. FileNet provides advanced document metadata and classification, secure access to content and data encryption, and enhanced document versioning. It enables organizations to be more productive and reduce content-processing costs.
Gluu. Gluu's integrated platform is built to remove business process friction. Assign owners and editors to workflows and add instructions, tasks, and forms.
Infiniti Trial. Utilizing adaptive interviews, Intelledox’s Infiniti collects data and information, creating engaging communications. Infiniti’s workflow engine enables teams to collaborate, review, and approve data and content.
InstantInsights. Access operational data faster and make better business decisions with context-sensitive analytics from InstantInsights. Business users can visualize non-SAP data in SAP without having to integrate the external systems.
intelli-CTi for Microsoft Unified Service Desk. Integrate your phone system with Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365 to increase your team's productivity and accuracy. intelli-CTi is a computer telephony integration solution optimized for Unified Service Desk.
Inventogo. Inventogo's cloud ERP for small to medium-sized businesses allows for seamless collaboration, so your team members can spend more time doing what they do best.
iPaaS Crosscut Platform. The Crosscut Platform by Moskitos accelerates companies' digital transformation by simplifying interapplication exchanges (connect, transform, and manage).
OpusCapita Source-to-Pay Business Network. OpusCapita Business Network services drive organizations toward 100 percent digital purchase-to-pay. We integrate buyers, suppliers, and other business partners to automate the sending and receiving of documents.
ORMS. Hatch's ORMS enhances operational readiness, the process by which organizations transform new development projects into functioning operational entities. It enables transparency, traceability, and accountability with active project management practices.
Pexip Cloud Video Interop for Microsoft Teams. Pexip Cloud Video Interop allows third-party video teleconferencing systems to join Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business meetings, increasing the capabilities for content sharing and collaboration.
Qunifi Call2Teams: PBX integration for MS Teams. Connect Microsoft Teams users to your PBX phone system. Bring all users under one collaboration platform, and retain any call center software, devices, and integrations with your current PBX system.
SpinPanel WorkSpace. SpinPanel WorkSpace integrates with Microsoft 365 to transform any Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise device into a modern workspace without the need for a supporting infrastructure or configuration on the user device.
Tasken Project Management. Tasken Project Management makes it easier to keep track of responsibilities. Easily prioritize tasks, work together, join team conversations, and move things forward.
Trillium Quality for Dynamics CRM. Embed advanced data quality processing into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 environment. Validate, cleanse, and standardize data during data entry.
Tryane Analytics For Office 365. Understand your Office 365 usage and pilot your digital transformation. Empower your change management team with actionable insights on your collaboration practices.
Tryane Analytics For SharePoint. Measure and boost the adoption of SharePoint across your organization with advanced analytics. Empower your site managers by giving them access to KPIs in one click. Tryane has been focused on collaboration analytics since 2008.

Apps utilizing AI, machine learning, IoT, or mixed reality

Bubbles. The Bubbles framework encompasses live chat and automated chatbots and is your channel to listen, respond, and deliver a 360-degree cycle of customer care. Bubbles is fully customizable to fit the different needs of each business.
Diffeo Enterprise. The Diffeo AI-powered research assistant uses collaborative search and discovery algorithms to augment the intelligence of human users. Diffeo can benefit any organization with knowledge workers who must search through their enterprise data.
Digilytics Platform. Digilytics is an AI-enabled SaaS platform that ingests data of any variety, at any velocity, and of any volume to generate real-time visual and conversational insights that are embedded into transactional and decision support systems.
Helpshift. Deliver a better customer service experience at a lower cost with Helpshift’s AI-powered messaging. Helpshift bridges the gap between conventional customer service channels, such as email and phone support, and mobile messaging.
Internet of Power. Internet of Power provides control and management of all electronic devices. Its artificial intelligence and machine learning components give you an in-depth knowledge of device power consumption and more.
Oto IoT automation. With Oto, you can combine real-time sensor data ingested on Azure IoT Hub with data at rest from your IT back ends and data from external cloud apps via REST APIs.
Predica Intelligent Chatbots: 1 week. Predica's chatbots enable conversation automation, answering people's common questions and saving your company time. These chatbots can assist your customer service, marketing, sales, or HR department.
Prism by Object Theory. Prism by Object Theory is a mixed reality application that allows participants anywhere in the world to have a shared experience enabled by life-size 3-D avatars and spatial audio chat.
Power BI Solution for Azure IoT Central. Create a Microsoft Power BI dashboard to monitor the performance of your IoT devices in your Azure IoT Central application.
Quantexa. By harnessing the latest advancements in Big Data and AI, Quantexa uncovers hidden customer connections to solve major challenges in financial crime, customer insight, and data analytics.
SparkBeyond Ideation AI. SparkBeyond’s Ideation AI empowers business leaders with technology and methodology to discover deep insights and actionable intelligence in complex data, with use cases in churn, risk, HR, underwriting, and more.
UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform. The UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform delivers rapid automation of manual, repetitive, rules-based processes. UiPath robots are learning AI skills that enable applied cognitive capabilities and improve automation efficiency.
Zoom.ai for Teams. Instead of juggling time-consuming administrative tasks and your priority work, let your automated assistant help. Chat with your Zoom.ai assistant in natural language to manage your calendar, locate files, and answer questions.

Track your business’s sales, fleet, compliance, and supply chain

Alphalyr Agile Management System. Accelerate your company’s digital transformation and rally every business manager around a unified, real-time sales-performance agile management system. A 360-degree view will help you make faster and smarter decisions.
Big Data Analytics for Business. Neoway's Big Data analytics and business intelligence help companies make strategic decisions for sales and marketing as well as risk and compliance.
CoreIMS. CoreIMS is a feature-rich inventory warehouse management system that provides real-time inventory visibility and accountability across all locations and warehouses in your organization.
Digital Projects. Digital Projects by Supply Chain Wizard gives you standardized templates, tools, and resources to meet regulatory requirements; structured project management phases with defined goals; and workstream engagement and management.
Digital Supply Chain. Achieve end-to-end visibility of your global supply chain and trade partners with Digital Supply Chain. Collect, deploy, and manage master data in a centralized platform.
DLTLedgers Blockchain Supplychain Trade Safe Food. DLTLedgers resolves supply chain challenges like lack of visibility, accountability, and traceability; aids global trade through smart contracts and digital integration; and improves food safety through tracking.
Focus SiteCall. Gain more leads, more calls, and more sales from your website visitors with Focus SiteCall. Call back your potential customers in 26 seconds or less, and convert leads even after working hours.
Governance Manager. Assess your organization's maturity against a governance framework such as organizational culture, risk management, NFP governance, corporate governance, or a range of other industry standards.
IFS Applications. IFS Applications on Azure is designed to provide flexibility, improved security, and reliability at a level that would be expensive to achieve in an on-premises installation. This future-proof cloud solution reduces complexity, risk, and cost.
Internet of Logistics - Smart Fleet Management. Internet of Logistics gives you complete insight into your logistics operations via sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms.
OpusCapita Source-to-Pay. The OpusCapita platform offers a unified source-to-pay solution suitable for large and medium-sized organizations. Our customers can connect to more than 900,000 suppliers through the OpusCapita Business Network.
OpusCapita Source-to-Pay AP Process Automation. This OpusCapita solution centralizes and standardizes local and global accounts payable processes for maximum efficiency and control. By increasing transparency, invoice automation also reduces the risk of fraud.
OpusCapita Source-to-Pay eProcurement. OpusCapita automates the sourcing process, decreases associated costs, and provides buyers more opportunities to collaborate with suppliers throughout the early stages of sourcing through to contracting.
Panviva Knowledge Cloud. Customers want information when they choose, from wherever they are, and in a manner they like to communicate. Panviva gives you curated responses where, when, and how your customers need it from a single source of knowledge.
payever Business. payever provides anything that is needed to run a successful small or medium-sized business: online shops and point-of-sale systems, payment, marketing, shipping, or communication solutions.
PersonalIT Vocamate Interactive. This is an advanced voice-controlled service for warehouse operations that enables hands-free, eyes-free action and reduces picking time.
Pick-by-Voice PIT VI for warehouse. Pick-by-Voice is an element of PersonalIT Vocamate Interactive, an advanced voice-controlled service for warehouse operations that enables hands-free, eyes-free action and reduces picking time.
Polar.is. The Polar.is fleet management solution utilizes Microsoft Azure services and the Internet of Things to provide real-time monitoring of vehicle movement, driving behavior, fuel consumption, temperature levels, and other parameters for safety and maintenance.
Synerise AI Growth Cloud. Synerise's proprietary algorithms based on customer data and artificial intelligence help brands better respond to customer needs. Many of the world’s biggest brands use Synerise to drive digital transformation.
Testify - Smart Quality Control. Testify offers an easy-to-implement solution for integrity, automation, and real-time reporting of your quality and resilience factors.
Vocamate Interactive Chat-bot. This chat service is an element of PersonalIT Vocamate Interactive for warehouse operations, which enables hands-free, eyes-free action and reduces picking time.
ZIWO Contact Center. Connect real or virtual agents to this API-based system, which features customer relationship management plug-ins, call masking, call tracking, a live dashboard, and virtual phone numbers in any country.

Ensure safety and security

AIWAF-VE. AIWAF-VE, a web application firewall optimized for cloud environments, protects web services from external hacking and supports a profile-based automated security policy and a signature-based security policy.
NeoCheck Identity Verification API. NeoCheck is an advanced online identity verification solution using documents, biometry, and control lists. This product contains the identity verification API.
NeoCheck Onboarding API. NeoCheck is an advanced online identity verification solution using documents, biometry, and control lists. This product contains the onboarding API.
RedLock by Palo Alto Networks (SaaS). The RedLock public cloud security and compliance service detects risky configurations and identifies network threats, suspicious user behavior, malware, data leakage, and host vulnerabilities.
Sublime Email Phishing Protection. Protect your assets and data from attackers with Sublime for Office 365 and Exchange. Sublime uses machine learning to detect and flag advanced phishing emails right in your inbox.

Manage your photo and video content

creace. This video framework allows your organization to leverage user videos for fan campaigns, product reviews, training and recruiting, and other use cases. Each video is automatically augmented with preproduced content, sound, and branding.
Deep North Video Analytics Platform. Public customers use video feeds from their CCTV infrastructure. This video is processed by the Deep North AI platform to provide reports on building utilization, pedestrian flow, safety, parking utilization, and more.
tiny.pictures. Relieve the pressure on your servers with real-time image processing in the cloud. Apply resizing, cropping, and many other effects on the fly. No preprocessing needed. Save disk space, bandwidth, and CPU power.
TouchCast Pitch. Turn boring presentations into immersive experiences with Pitch by TouchCast. AI-powered background removal helps you deliver a professional presentation no matter where you are, and you can embed everything your audience needs.
Video365: 90 Days Trial. Video365 is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution for hosting, streaming, and monetizing video assets on any device, any network, and any screen size.

Stay up to date

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