What’s new in August: Improve customer service, productivity, and insights across many industries.

More than 80 apps joined AppSource in August, with numerous apps that are designed to meet industry specific needs from creating personalized learning experiences, managing restaurants and foodservice chains, supporting a range of construction industries, improving processes for retailers, to managing clinical trials, and more.

Apps were added to help provide efficient and responsive project management, field and customer service, more effective case management, and support through data analytics.

Others help streamline management of payroll, time, expenses, accounting processes, and help find talent.

And a number of apps were added for Office 365 and Power BI, designed to personalize your workspace, improve productivity, and provide business insights.

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Get improved business productivity, customer service, and sales with these industry-specific apps

AgriLife. A standardized CRM system for organizations in the agricultural verticals of crop, equipment, or feed, AgriLife is the central place to store your farm or dealer information for individual contacts and other organizations, helping create insight into your network.
ChargeLogic Retail Express. ChargeLogic Retail Express provides an easy-to-use point of sale application with integrated payment processing and access to your data in Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations, Business edition. 
Clinical Trial Management System - CTMS. The Clinical Trial Management System supports multiple studies across various sites, enabling users to analyze large amounts of clinical trial data and help reduce time and costs associated with trials. 
Concep Send for Microsoft Dynamics. This app is a relationship marketing solution for legal, professional, and financial services firms. It includes features such as content automation, as well as management dashboards that show engagement scores, which initiatives have worked, and which haven't. 
Dynamics eShop. A complete e-commerce solution with real-time integration to Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations, Business edition.
Edsby. Edsby enables personalized K-12 learning experiences and is designed to give school districts and regional or national governments new ways to measure their educational effectiveness. 
Hitachi Solutions for Construction. This app supports a range of construction industries—from heavy highway to general and specialty contractors and engineering firms. It can be configured to help meet the unique needs of different businesses and is designed to help project managers gain visibility into each job and improve job delivery accuracy.
Infosys Digital Telecom CRM. A specialized solution for Telecom Service Providers based on Dynamics 365. It offers a holistic solution for customer relationship management that focuses on business productivity, customer experience, and actionable insights. 
LS First Hospitality. This solution provides the tools to manage your restaurant and foodservice chain, from back office to table service. With LS First Hospitality, you can manage menus, recipes, inventory, publish offers to loyal customers across the channels, and more. 
Property365. This solution helps real estate professionals to build a customer centric approach, streamline property sales, marketing, post sales, and service process, which improves brand image and efficiency, as well as help ensure effective collaboration between departments.
Renewal and Collection Management for Insurance. Specially designed for insurance companies, this solution helps renewals teams automate their customer engagement process, monitor progress, and manage collections on a real-time basis. 
Technosoft Yana Automotive CRM. This app is designed for the automotive industry to provide a complete 360-degree customer view and 360-degree vehicle view. It helps national sales companies (NSC), auto importers/distributors and dealer groups effectively manage marketing campaigns, streamline lead and pipeline management, and more.
Wealth Plus. Wealth+ has been designed and is suitable for wealth managers as well as life insurance experts and private bankers, giving them a clear overview of their clients’ potential and allowing them to categorize their profiles.

Provide efficient and responsive project management, field and customer service 

Advanced Field Service. Advanced Field Service runs on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service and helps organizations to deliver intelligent field service by providing extended case management integration, customer asset warranty, and agreement coverage functionality.
Customer Portal. Customer Portal helps businesses create a self-service customer portal with Dynamics 365 as the backend customer data management system and a PHP based frontend user interface. 
Dynamics 365 Field Service Analytics. This solution template contains everything needed for a scalable and extensible set of analytics on your Dynamics 365 for Field Service implementation. 
Email Alert. The Email Alert Solution is an add-on feature to Dynamics 365 that provides an overview of received unread CRM emails on a Case. It enables users to get the unread mails count which were received on a case.
eTransmittal. eTransmittal is an online document distribution and management system for engineering and project resources, designed to maximize the organization, exchange, and reporting of project information.
Progressus Software. A professional services automation solution that provides capabilities in resource management, project management, sales and marketing, human capital management, and financial management to help you gain insight and control of critical business functions.
Warranty Management and Product Repair. This app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps companies turn warranty management into a profit center by tracking renewals and upsells, and drives loyalty through better customer service experiences.  

Optimize business development by focusing on the right opportunities and delivering targeted offers

Editable Quote Grid™. The app is designed to help users get the right quote in front of customers, with efficient and flexible discounting, product grouping (packaging), and sorting. It enables flexible package creation with product quick-add from Dynamics 365, as well as drag + drop sort options.

Qualify Without Opportunity. This app enables users to qualify leads without creating an opportunity, improving the accuracy of data and helping businesses focus on real opportunities.

Sycor.Text. This solution, for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition, helps simplify the integration of additional text into sales quotations, order confirmations, and invoices. 

Streamline management of payroll, time, and expenses, and find the right talent

Applicant Tracking System. An online tool that helps you to choose the right talent for your jobs with capabilities such as jobs management, applicant tracking and management, and calendar and interview scheduling.

Approval Manager: Project Service Automation. Check, edit, approve, or deny time and expense entries submitted by your employees for the invoicing process.

D365 Payroll. D365 Payroll for Dynamics 365 for Financials is a complete payroll solution that is easy to set up and use. D365 Payroll helps you pay and manage hourly and salary-based employees.

ExpandIT 365 Time. The app is designed for consultants, team members, service technicians and project workers who work away from their offices and register the time and material spent on projects and customer visits.

HCPM Payroll. Manage payroll processes for single or multiple legal entities, multi currencies, timesheet/non-timesheet payroll base, GCC requirements like pension/gratuity, air ticket, leave accruals and settlement, retro calculation and prorate calculation, and end of service settlements.

Xactly SimplyComp™. This solution is designed to help you purchase, create, and administer compensation plans in minutes, use out-of-the-box plan templates to maximize your incentive compensation plans, and benchmark your sales compensation plans against industry peers. 

Xalari Global Payroll for Payroll Outsourcing. This solution provides business process outsourcing service providers, customers and implementation partners worldwide with payroll technology that helps streamline implementation, enhance their product demand, and provides configurable, reliable and robust payroll processing.

Provide a financial and legal foundation for your business, and streamline accounting processes

Accountant Portal. This app provides a dedicated experience for external accountants. From the portal, accountants can access each client’s tenant in Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations, Business edition, and work on their behalf.

AMC Banking 365 Financials. This app is designed to automate import of bank account statements directly into Dynamics 365 for Financials, Business edition, to help you reconcile incoming and outgoing payments, make payments to your vendors, and more. 

Crowe Leased Asset Calculator. Built on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition, this app helps companies comply with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) ASC 842 and the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) IFRS 16 regulations on accounting standards for leases, and to automate the financial transactions associated with their leases. 

G/L Source Names. This simple extension helps Dynamics 365 Financials (Business edition) users to navigate to source cards that are connected to particular ledger entries. 

MazikPay for Sage. MazikPay for Sage is a payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics and is integrated with Sage. The application is designed to provide a seamless way to process transactions at the point of sale, by phone, and through e-commerce.

Multi-Entity Financial Advantage. This solution is designed to help financial services firms automate and streamline the setup and management of multiple legal entities.

Tax Processing. The Tax Processing application provides users across all industries with an automated approach to tax calculation directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.  

Automate processes and improve the user experience and accuracy

ApSales for Dynamics CRM. This tool is designed to help you easily access and enrich Dynamics 365 for Sales from your tablet or smartphone and give you access to your customer data, your planning, and your commercial actions.

ChargeLogic Shipping. ChargeLogic Shipping incorporates key functionality needed for packing and shipping. Direct integrations with carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and TNT help increase the speed and accuracy of your operations. 

Mawens Auto Number Workflow Tool. With this Dynamics CRM tool, you can create workflows that help to model and automate real world business processes. 

Mawens Workflow Helper Tool. This app extends out-of-the-box functionality of Dynamics 365 in six categories: Child items, Date functions, Number functions, Strings, Tools, and Users.

nHanced 365 Core. This app helps Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Business edition, users get more out of their system by enabling them to customize their user interface, data, and reports.

Pragmasys Workflow Scheduler. This solution provides the flexibility to schedule workflows as per any of the following schedules: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Particular Day of the Week, Once a Week/ Month, or After Specific Time Interval.

Protomator for Activities Automation. An add-on service for Dynamics 365 that helps users gain more productivity by defining repetitive activities into templates within primary entities like Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity. 

Gain more productivity with these tools

1 Click Pdf. A productivity solution that converts reports to PDF, Word, or Excel documents

ITLec Dynamics 365 Google Map. With this tool, you can integrate Dynamics 365 with Google Map and track your activities with three dashboards: Google Map Dashboard, Account Google Map Dashboard, and Contact Google Map Dashboard.

MISSION: Auto Number. This solution is designed to help you generate unique and meaningful identifiers for Dynamics 365.

Phonetic Search. The Phonetic Search is an extension for Dynamics 365 for Financials that lets you find contacts within the application despite any major or minor typing errors.

Get help faster, predict outcomes, and prevent failures by using artificial intelligence

Government and City Bot. This solution is an intelligent bot that is designed to help you find the emergency services you need in a city.

Cognitive Integrity Management. The app helps streamline, predict and analyze, gain visibility into anomaly threats on the pipeline, and focus on what’s important to help prevent pipeline failures.

PredSys V2X Platform. The PredSys Telemetry Dashboard module of the V2X Platform is used by Service Managers in the Automobile Service Centre for performing advanced diagnostics of vehicles. It offers a centralized web console for viewing the telemetry data of vehicles that are tagged to a Service Centre. 

Manage IT assets, systems, and network access to help improve efficiency

Azure Activity Log Analytics. The Azure Activity Log solution template stands up an event streaming pipeline to provide near real-time analytics on top of your Activity Log. The pipeline combines Event Hub, Stream Analytics, and SQL to provide a flexible streaming-with-storage experience. 

CRM Data Migration and Import. This online tool is designed to migrate data from various CRM platforms to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Entitlement Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This solution extends the standard Dynamics 365 authorization and role-based access control with policy-driven, granular access control in order to help safeguard data and business transactions.

INFINIT Corelytics Analytics Suite. This app makes it possible to extract data from Dynamics 365 for Financial and Operations, Business edition, for analyzing and migration of the data sets into INFINIT Corelytics Analytics Suite.

Scribe Works. Scribe Works for Dynamics 365 is a monitoring tool for users of the Scribe Online data and application integration platform. You can enable Scribe Works for Dynamics 365 within your Scribe Online interface, allowing you to easily monitor your Scribe Online solutions. 

Sharegate Online. This app helps you manage and monitor your Office 365's external sharing activities. It helps employees better understand what company assets are shared and enable them to take part in monitoring site collections. 

VMPower Iaas Automation & Detection. A hybrid IaaS automation and detection platform is designed to help you automate VM startup, shutdown, resizing, and backup with a simple calendar. 

Create stunning reports using custom visuals for Power BI 

Enlighten Aquarium. With our fish aquarium, tell a story through making your data simple, fun, and engaging. 

Impact Bubble Chart. Advanced bubble chart, used to compare two entities against each other.

Timeline Storyteller. Present different aspects of timeline data using a palette of representations, scales, and layouts.

Personalize your workspace and improve your productivity with these apps for Office 365 

Add-ins for Excel

OnGrid - Load Shading Data. Work with shading data in Excel.                                                                                                

Add-ins for Outlook

Bananatag. Email tracking and analytics for individuals, sales teams, and internal communications.

Fuze - Unified Communication. Schedule Fuze meetings directly from your Outlook Calendar.

KnowledgeTree - Share Sales Content. Share relevant, winning sales content with sales prospects—right from your email.

Mail Integration for simPRO. Save time by creating new leads and customers and saving email correspondence to quotes and jobs.

Raiser's Edge NXT. View constituent information and create email actions in Raiser's Edge NXT via Outlook.

TINYpulse – Employee Engagement Survey Tool. This app is designed to help Increase employee happiness, one pulse survey at a time.

Add-ins for PowerPoint

Haiku Deck. 40 million+ beautiful royalty-free photos and editable presentation templates.                           

MobLab Surveys for Presentations. Create and run MobLab surveys from within your presentation. 

Add-ins for SharePoint

Build Better SharePoint Sites Fast. SkyGraph is a context modeler used to simplify SharePoint configuration and deployment.

Cloudlas Help Desk Portal. Manage your help desk tickets in the organization.

HBP Resource Management. Room reservation, meeting planning, equipment reservation, scheduling.

News Ticker & Marquee. A vertical marquee with a lot of customizable properties like speed, theme, pause on hover, etc.

PropertyBag. View all property bag settings through a user interface instead of code.

QuickApps qListForm. Build advanced list forms with multiple tabs, cross-site lookup columns, dynamic display. 

QuickApps qMenu. Build a collapsible and hierarchical cascading and panel menu for improved navigation.

SharePoint Analytics by Piwik. Measure your SharePoint sites and users with our powerful and simple to use analytics solution.

Workflow for Office 365. Authorize anyone in your organization to convert any business process, and no matter how complex the process is, you do not need to write code.

Add-ins for Word

Document generation 4 Mendix. Helps you create beautiful documents with data from your Mendix app.

Language Corrector. Time savings on marking activities and feedback! Use predefined comments and save hours.

Smart Speller. Build personalized spelling lists and use proven spelling games to achieve faster results.

Apps that work with Office 365

Spanning Backup for Office 365. Protects your organization's data with enterprise backup and powerful restore capabilities.

Zoho Projects. Plan work, track progress, manage timesheets, and easily collaborate with your team.

Stay up to date

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