What’s new in December—Apps to help master industry specific processes, team collaboration and productivity

In December 2017, AppSource welcomed more than 80 apps, including apps designed to help streamline HR processes, training and certification needs, improve team collaboration and manage survey projects.  

Many apps have been added to help master industry-specific processes for membership organizations, insurance organizations, asset-intensive industries, architecture and construction businesses, manufacturers, and others.

Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 help improve an organization's efficiency, productivity, and data accuracy.

Tools to manage IT assets and systems became available as well.

Finally, many Office 365 add-ins, Power BI visuals and solution templates that help personalize your workspace, improve productivity, and deepen business insights, were added.

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Streamline your HR processes, training and certification needs, improve team collaboration, and manage survey projects

Appogee HR. Appogee HR is an online HR management system for records and compliance management. The application stores employee data, records and company documents, while allowing for meaningful, instant reporting across all stored information. It also includes Appogee Leave.

Appogee Leave. Appogee Leave management software provides a simple way for staff to submit, and for managers to approve, absence requests. Management and HR can report on all forms of employee absences and plan for time-off.

NetExam. This app helps organizations that have made training and certification a major part of their Channel Partner Relationship. The app integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Azure AD.

SurveyMonkey OneDrive. Access the popular, web-based, survey solution right from Microsoft OneDrive. Conveniently create and manage survey projects alongside the rest of your files, and easily send survey previews to others.

Zoho Connect. This team collaboration software helps unify people and resources in a single platform. Teams can start discussions, share files, create a knowledge base, build their own app, and more.

Boost your association’s member engagement, master unique processes in the insurance industry and keep track of inventory

Dynamics for Membership. This solution addresses the specific business needs and requirements of membership and subscription-based organizations. It is built on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition, so you can keep your applications within a single integrated system.

Membership Dynamics. This app helps membership organizations nurture and track prospective members, view vital data at a glance, and engage members.

Traviata. Traviata CRM for Insurance is tailored to fit the unique processes in the Insurance industry. As an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Traviata supports direct and indirect distribution channels in a single environment.

Zoho Inventory. Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management software, that assists you in organizing and keeping track of the movement of stock. It works with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, giving you single sign-on, using your Microsoft credentials.

Improve business processes with these apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Cloud Nine EDO Accelerator. Cloud Nine Economic Development™ is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing core CRM functionality such as business process flows, activities, contacts, leads, campaigns, and mailing lists.

eBECS Site Assessment Survey for Dynamics 365. Enable your technicians or other field representatives to conduct interactive surveys and assessments, at the customer’s site.

e-Con Sales and Product configurator - CPQ. This solution helps organizations to streamline the quote-to-production process, improve quote response times, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and more.

ITRAK. Based on Dynamic 365 and Microsoft Azure, ITRAK brings a suite of EHS/QHSE workflows, processes and reporting controls to organizations and their field workers. It helps streamline processes and mitigates risks for incident management, audits & inspections, hazard identification, and more.

RapidStart Sales App. The RapidStart Sales App within Dynamics 365, is an SMB focused alternative to the Enterprise Sales App. It provides SMB focused dashboards, simplified navigation, SMB designed forms, SMB designed sales processes, video training for new users, and a unique self-service wizard.

Improve efficiency, productivity, data quality and accuracy with these tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Adoxio Auto-Numbering. This app allows Dynamics 365 administrators to create auto-numbering definitions across both system and custom entities. A single definition can be configured for multiple entities and can include random character sequences, date and time, and a custom prefix or suffix.

Azure Cosmos DB for DocumentDB API Data Provider. The Azure Cosmos DB for DocumentDB API Data Provider is used by system customizers to configure virtual entities to read data from a Cosmos DB, without having to write any code.

CMDSOFT: Russian Address Validator. This solution allows you to simplify and formalize the process of address entry. It automatically searches for postal codes, supports single line entry, address autocompletion, and integrates with Bing maps.

D&B Optimizer for Microsoft. D&B Optimizer is a foundational data service from Dun & Bradstreet that improves the quality of your business data by correctly identifying, cleansing, and injecting firmographic intelligence into records within your Microsoft application environment.

Dynamic Forms Community Edition. This app allows CRM Administrators to create complex rules that govern advanced behavior on forms through a custom interface.

Dynamic Pre-migration report generator. The solution generates reports about your Dynamics 365 solution such as users, customer fields and entities to help you understand what information is missing, to perform a full data migration from another CRM system.

Dynamic SMS. This app sends individual, bulk and automated SMS messages to accounts, contacts and leads in Dynamics 365.

Email Monitoring. The Smart Email Monitoring solution provides the ability to check an email queue and send alerts if mails are pending or idle.

InsideView Refresh for Dynamics. InsideView Refresh for Dynamics, powered by the InsideView Targeting Intelligence Platform, is a data cleansing solution that automatically cleans, updates and standardizes Dynamics 365 records with current and continuously refreshed information.

Klarity Email Tracking. Klarity Labs’ email tracking app is a free solution to assist marketers with tracking opened emails, as well as statistics on recipients’ clicks within email messages.

Zipwhip Texting+Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration. Zipwhip text enables existing landline, VoIP, and toll-free phone numbers; allowing consumers to text businesses from their phones, and businesses to reply from desktop computers or mobile devices.

Predict outcomes by using artificial intelligence

Smart Healthcare Analytics. The Smart Healthcare Analytics model helps CINs and ACOs aggregate claims and transform them into actionable and effective results. CINs and ACOs can more quickly and accurately predict and positively influence patient, staff, financial and clinical outcomes.

Improve your industry-specific processes with these apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition

360° Asset Leasing & Rental Management. The solution drives full lease & rental lifecycle control (from creation, quote, and administration to end-of-lease) across all asset-intensive industries. It integrates with modules such as maintenance, stock management, fleet operations, warranty management and more.

Architecture Engineering and Construction. This industry solution supports the project and asset lifecycle management from project estimation and bidding through project execution, control and delivery to maintenance and service.

LINKFRESH 365. LINKFRESH 365 extends the reach of Microsoft Dynamics 365 into the Food and Fresh Produce marketplace, by adding critical functionality such as Grower Accounting, Third Party Services, Quality Control, Advanced Distribution features and Extended Traceability.

Logistics Execution. AXLE, a Global Logistics Execution Platform, streamlines the transportation planning, execution, rating, routing, settlement, freight reconciliation, and financials across the enterprise for transportation providers including Private Fleet Operators, Logistics Service Providers, Brokers and 4PL’s.

OPS Operation Scheduler. This planning tool enables the planner to optimize the planning sequence of all production orders, to reduce throughput times and minimalize production costs. It helps the planner to plan all bottleneck resources or rush orders.

Sunrise 365™ Retail Replenishment. Sunrise 365™ Retail Replenishment is a Dynamics 365 extension for consumer brands with retail stores. It can minimize costly integrations while still delivering powerful functionality. Please note that Sunrise 365™ Supply Chain is a prerequisite for this solution.

TrueCommerce EDI for Dynamics 365 for Operations. This embedded EDI solution was built exclusively for and within the native Dynamics 365 platform to make it easy to implement and reduce the impact on your IT resources. It is a complete, end-to-end managed service solution.

Manage your HR processes with these apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition

Benefits administration. Elevate HR® Benefits Administration provides automated open enrollment and life events processing (either through employee self-service or by HR administrators), configurable flex benefit plan management, eligibility setups, payroll deduction processing, and more.

Universal Payroll and Benefits Connector. Payroll and Benefits Connector provides information your payroll system needs to know about your employees—their status, their pay, their benefits, garnishments or liens, banking information to help eliminate duplicate data entry and costly data audits.

Improve efficiency and accuracy with these apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Edition

Clever Credit. This app helps to remove some of the manual tasks from your Credit Control team by automatically putting sales orders on hold if a customer has overdue balances or a particular sales order would put them over their credit limit.

LS Express GB. LS Express is a complete online POS system, natively integrated with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Edition. It is designed for small retail companies that need to maintain accurate financial accounts, manage large inventories and live up to their customers’ expectations.

Support your financial, project and service management needs with this app for Dynamics NAV

Scapta365. Scapta365 is a ready-to-use cloud solution to support your company with your financial, project and service management needs. This app is tailored for the local Belgian legislation and accounting standards.

Manage IT assets, systems, and network access to help improve productivity, and efficiency

AIS Service Catalog. AIS Service Catalog is a Software-as-a-Service provisioning portal for Azure cloud resources without requiring privileged access to the Azure subscription. Provisioning permissions are managed with the enterprise Azure Active Directory.

CATER for SOX. CATER stands for Cloud Application for Tracking usEr Request. CATER automates user provisioning for any organization and tracks history of every single request with a single click. CATER creates PDF documents and automatically provides access to the applications.

Explore and analyze data with Power BI solution templates

Brand Management and Targeting on Reddit. This Power BI solution template combines AI with interactive visual analytics to reveal how brands are performing across the Reddit platform. Pull data based on search, calculate sentiment, extract keywords, and presents the results in Power BI reports.

Create stunning reports using custom visuals for Power BI 

Agility Planning Matrix Light. Flexible matrix reporting with selective drill down and filtering.

Box and Whisker chart by MAQ Software. Show data distribution with mean, standard deviation, quartile deviation, and other data points.

Bubble Chart by Akvelon. Visualize your quantitative data easily.

D3.js Visual - create your own custom visual. Bring your data to life by using HTML, SVG, CSS via the D3.js framework and create your own visual.

Funnel with Source by MAQ Software. Display stage-wise metric with the source (entry point) of any data point.

Gantt Chart by MAQ Software. Gantt Chart with added grid to provide additional details of task or schedule along with KPIs.

Globe Data Bars. An interactive and customizable 3D globe with data bars & tooltips.

Hierarchy Chart by Akvelon. Show any type of hierarchical data in a tree format such as organization and family trees.

Image Grid. Visualize images in Power BI.

Personalize your workspace and improve your productivity with these apps for Office 365 

Handy Map Places & Routes. Build highly customized place and route maps for your Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents.

Infoveave. Infoveave Office Add-in allows access to Infoveave widgets & data reports in Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

Pixabay Images. Search free images on Pixabay and insert them into your documents and presentations with one click.

Add-ins for Excel

Banana Accounting Excel Reports. Create Excel reports and keep them up to date using Banana Accounting data.

Fast Scenario. Fast Scenario is a utility that allows easy scenario sharing among users by generating a code.

Add-ins for Outlook

8x8 Virtual Office Meetings for Outlook. Enable 8x8 users to create an 8x8 Virtual Meeting from within Outlook clients.

Digiposte + sécurise vos pièces jointes. Gérez vos pièces jointes en toute sécurité en les associant à votre coffre numérique.

Dropbox for Outlook. Share files of any size, access them from any device and keep everyone in sync.

Instant Agenda. Easily schedule and attend Instant Agenda meetings from your Outlook Calendar.

Kutamo. Kutamo is a meeting management platform designed to streamline business meetings.

Mr. Post. Stop threat, save time—one click to unveil all threats.

myTask2do- Your Complete Task Management. Simple task management tool for creating and managing tasks.

Reiseplanung mit der Deutschen Bahn. Planen und buchen Sie Ihre Anreise mit dem Outlook Add-In der Deutschen Bahn.

RiteTone Emotional Intelligence. Every email matters. Boost your effectiveness by managing how you come across to other people.

SalesDirector.ai for Outlook. Send effective sales emails in under 2 seconds using email templates from SalesDirector.ai.

StarLeaf add-in for Outlook. Schedule StarLeaf online meetings within your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

TitleX Mail Manager. Assign your email and attachments to your matters in TitleX.

Add-ins for PowerPoint

网络画板. 该应用允许您使用关键字搜索,将网络画板生成的动态数学素材插入演示文稿。插入的素材能够自动保存至文稿,以便演示时直接使用。相关动态数学内容,将有效辅助数学或物理学科的教学过程.

Add-ins for SharePoint

AvisDocs – Совещания. Модуль СЭД - предназначен для управления повестками и протоколами совещаний в компании.

Combine and Export Lists. Combine two lists into a searchable and sortable grid. Export the combined results as .csv.

Google Maps for SharePoint. Display maps from Google Maps in SharePoint.

Governator. Visual site usage and trend management with a simple expandable and configurable set of rules.

HBP Resource Management Pro. Room reservation, meeting planning, equipment reservation, scheduling.

Lew - Learning Experience Widget. Track learning experiences directly from any page. Turn your site into a learning site!

QuickApps qMultiSelector. Filter master-detail list data in qListView and qChartView using multiple drop-down selectors.

Screen9 Professional Video. Professional publishing and management of live and on-demand videos.

WorkFit Process/Capability Modeling. Build and assess your organization's process/capability models.

Workflow Monitor. To see the status of your workflows on one page, you can end or restart the suspended instances too.

知识图谱 for Office365. 知识图谱是知识文档导航系统,并显示不同的知识存储之间重要的动态联系。

Add-ins for Word

OffShare. Speed up the distribution of your documents with your clients and friends using QR codes.

PushButton - Address Helper. Address Helper validates addresses and ZIP codes using US Postal Service data.

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