What’s new in January: Rich tools for customer relations, operations, analytics, management and automation

Microsoft AppSource was busy after the holidays. Forty-six apps went live, representing a broad spectrum of features and functionality to help organizations look deeper into their operations and results, better manage customer relationships, and work more efficiently overall.

Several of the apps this month can help companies dial in their sales and CRM cycles, offering specific functionality to more easily manage larger communities such as marketing lists, subscriptions and membership-based services. Project management activities also benefitted from a tool for managing events and conferences.

AppSource also continues to build out its portfolio of analytics solutions, with several new apps that utilize Microsoft Power BI to deliver insights on patterns and trends that can help transform a business. There are also a host of tools to empower employees — whether it’s delivering information to their fingertips or simply saving them from unnecessary keystrokes.

Here’s this month’s full list. After you’re done perusing it, we invite you to head over to AppSource and search the complete library for apps to help your organization get more done. 

Know you customers, build deeper relationships and connect with communities


Add2List. Add2List provides an easy-to-use interface, built in Dynamics 365 for Sales, which allows marketing users to submit Add2List Requests. These requests search for existing accounts, contacts or leads by a given identifier (such as email or phone number) and create marketing lists automatically populated with all the matching customers.

Akvelon Global Search app image

Akvelon Global Search. Akvelon Global Search lets users search, view and navigate all of an organization’s CRM records at once from a single location. Users can also search across all CRM entities with a single query and receive results in a single view. 

AXTEND Credit Management image

AXTEND Credit Management. AXTEND Credit Management extends Dynamics 365 for Operations with a set of rules and gates that allow an organization to thoroughly manage customers' credit. The rules control a credit calculation to determine whether orders should be released or placed on credit hold.

Email to Case Automation image

Email to Case Automation. Email to Case Automation helps companies more efficiently manage the support process by automatically creating cases from emails and auto-populating case fields from the email body.

Intershop Commerce Suite image

Intershop Commerce Suite. The Intershop Commerce Suite e-commerce solution equips businesses to sell online, via mobile, in store, via call center or through other digital sales channels.

Lithium Community Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector image

Lithium Community Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector. Lithium Technologies worked with Microsoft Dynamics to provide a way to consolidate — in a single solution — transactional data in CRM along with behavioral and social data from online communities and social channels. The result is a true social CRM tool that helps customer care agents deliver better customer experiences with a streamlined case management process.

MembersLife image

MembersLife. MembersLife is a standardized CRM system that helps fulfil the specific needs and requirements of member organizations, such as trade associations, clubs and societies.
MERK.CZ Connector image MERK.CZ Connector. With the MERK.CZ Connector organizations can get data about companies from the Merk.cz service.
Promax Optimize image Promax Optimize. The Promax Optimize trade promotion management and optimization solution was developed in collaboration with global consumer goods manufacturers to help organizations’ promotions achieve the highest return on investment.
Upodi image Upodi. Upodi helps organizations rapidly scale their subscription business, monetize recurrent relationships and provide tailor-made customer experiences.

Manage resources, projects, processes, your supply chain … and conferences

Infosys image Infosys Dynamics CTSM. This clinical trial supply-chain management solution helps biotechnology, pharmaceutical and contract research organizations manage their supply-chain activities in clinical trials. The Infosys CTSM solution on Dynamics 365 for Operations helps efficiently manage key industry challenges such as lack of visibility in supply chain, uncertainty in demand, meeting regulatory requirements, and site and integration management with contract research organizations (CROs).
WIPRO Applying Thought image Preventive Maintenance using DDP. Predictive Asset Maintenance is an analytics app built on top of Wipro's Data Discovery Platform (DDP) for manufacturing and utilities firms. The solution helps determine asset health status by geography, site or individual asset, predicting failures and recommending actions using a rule-based inference engine to monitor operational parameters.
ProcessFrame QEHS image ProcessFrame QEHS. ProcessFrame QEHS is a quality, environment and safety management system that supports compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Delivered as a SaaS app, the solution offers a process-driven approach — from nonconformances to corrective actions and internal audits to risk assessment.
Profifox image Profifox. Profifox is a solution designed to increase the efficiency of teams working on problems and improvements in a manufacturing production environment. The solution provides tools for LEAN manufacturing companies to help them achieve process efficiency, transparency and digitization of data.
Project Cost Management image Project Cost Management – Dynamics 365 for Operations. Project Cost Management is designed for architecture, engineering and construction companies. It specifically addresses the needs of those executing fixed-fee, percentage-of-completion-based projects, including functionality to better manage budget revisions, change orders, subcontracts and estimated cost at completion.
Provance ITSM image Provance ITSM. Provance IT Service Management extends Dynamics 365, turning it into a flexible and cost-effective IT service and IT asset-management solution. Provance ITSM’s built-in best practices help streamline service processes without compromising user experience for agents or customers.
Sessionize.com image Sessionize.com. Sessionize.com supports the difficult task of organizing conferences and events, offering a smart way to manage calls for papers, speakers and agendas. Users can invite speakers, manage submission evaluations, communicate with speakers and build the entire schedule for an event.
Brillio image Shelf Scanner for CPG. Shelf Scanner’s mobile application can be used by a field salesperson to capture images of the shelf. Brillio’s real-time automated analytics engine delivers insights and alerts for corrective actions while the salesperson is still in the store.
Brillio Smart Asset Management image Smart Asset Management. Smart Asset Management provides organizations with detailed insights into the health of their assets to help stakeholders in operations and maintenance make meaningful business decisions in relation to operations planning and asset investment planning.

Save time with a variety of productivity tools

Attachment Management icon Attachment Management. Attachment Management is an add-on feature for Dynamics 365 that helps manage notes and email attachments using Azure Blob storage. With it, business users can optimize the use of online storage and retrieve files on demand through Dynamics 365.
CRM Intelligent Query image CRM Intelligent Query. CRM Intelligent Query allows an organization to create "does not have" or "does not exist" queries using the standard Advanced Find interface. Whether users want to find customers with no cases or prospects with no activities, CRM IQ allows them to attain the data they need.
Donaubauer Workflowloop image Donaubauer Workflowloop. This tool allows users to create workflows to automate updates to related entities. For example, changing an address in an account will automatically update addresses for all related contacts.
Dotsquares image Events Calendar. Events Calendar lets users quickly view all the activities or tasks running daily in various teams in Dynamics 365. The Calendar notifies users of appointments, task lists and other activities and helps managers get an overview of what team members are working on.
Record Clone image Record Clone. Record cloning or record copying can reduce the time spent on data entry, particularly if the data being entered is similar. Record Clone allows you to create a duplicate record with the same values as the parent record, and even clone child records like notes.
triomis VAT Calculator for Dynamics 365 Sales image triomis VAT Calculator for Dynamics 365 Sales. The triomis VAT Calculator extends the product catalog with VAT keys for an automatic calculation of the value-added tax in quotes, orders and invoices. Different tax rates can be assigned to products.

Empower employees with better information

Dynamics 365 icon Coaching. With Coaching, organizations can make contextual knowledge articles easily accessible to users, improving the employee productivity and reducing the need for one-to-one coaching for new hires and trainees.
Confiz-CORE image Confiz-CORE. Confiz-CORE is a completely role-based, socially aware and secured framework that delivers a unified experience across an organization’s platforms. It’s designed to help optimize business processes, make more-informed decisions, identify new revenue streams, and understand and predict customer behaviors.
Crowe EditAble CRM Grid image Crowe EditAble CRM Grid. Crowe EditAble CRM Grid is an easy-to-use Dynamics 365 add-on that boosts user productivity by allowing for fast, easy updates. It also gives users greater data visibility by structuring information more efficiently.
OfficeDashboard image OfficeDashboards. Office Dashboards empowers everyone in the organization with accurately structured and descriptive data, giving them insight that can help moderate expenses, identify security risks, and maintain visibility of usage and changes in the Office 365 environment.
Report Scheduler image Report Scheduler. Using Report Scheduler add-on, any CRM user can schedule out-of-box system views and user-created personal views — and have them delivered regularly via email at any scheduled day and time.
Cloude Management Portal for Microsoft Azure image Cloud Management Portal for Microsoft Azure. The Cloud Management Portal for Azure provides a simple way to view and track an organization’s Azure usage and spend. This app supplements what is natively available from the Azure portal. Organizations can provide self-service and granular access to Azure spending reports and dashboards to anyone — including business users such as departmental or project managers.
CloudSupervisor image CloudSupervisor. CloudSupervisor is used to monitor applications after they are migrated to the cloud to provide application owners and cloud subscription owners with visibility into the underlying cloud services. It also helps determine whether settings and other risk management controls are in line with industry standards or an organization’s requirements.
Hyperfish image Hyperfish. Hyperfish monitors Active Directory or Azure Active Directory for information that is missing, incorrect or out of date. Hyperfish starts a conversation with each user, making it easy to update information and provide complete and up-to-date people profiles.

Explore and analyze data with Power BI content packs

Insightcentr Analytics image Insightcentr Analytics. The Power BI content pack from Insightcentr Analytics helps a company understand how the organization is spending its time. Users can compare different divisions, categorize activities as productive or distracting, and monitor business transformation through trends and changes in behavior over time.
JIRA image JIRA. The JIRA content pack helps you quickly import JIRA data into Power BI. Users can get an instant dashboard to analyze workloads, see how quickly issues are being resolved, visualize velocity over time, and more. Power BI helps quickly filter by project or component to generate new insights.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials icon Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials – Sales. The Power BI content pack offers a dashboard and reports to help users explore and analyze sales, finance and inventory data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials icon Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials – CRM. The Power BI content pack offers a dashboard and reports to help users explore and analyze sales-related opportunities such as win-loss information, completed sales and value of sales opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials.
Microsoft Dynamics 265 for Financials image Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials. The Power BI content pack offers a dashboard and reports to help users explore and analyze an organization’s financial data such as profit margins, income and expenditures, and cash flows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials.
MYOB Advanced image MYOB Advanced. The MYOB Advanced content pack turns on insightful reporting. With limited expertise needed, managers and stakeholders can access a set of dashboards and reports that helps monitor KPIs, such as opportunity pipelines and sales effectiveness. MYOB Advanced helps users better understand the volume of won and lost opportunities and determine performance over time.
Quosal image Quosal. Quosal uses the Power BI platform to enable off-the-shelf business intelligence using the sales performance metrics within the Quosal database. The solution provides insights into one of the most important parts of the sales process: delivering and winning quotes and proposals.
Scoop image Scoop. The Scoop MAE business automation platform empowers companies to turn manual, paper or spreadsheet-driven processes into user-friendly mobile work apps. With this Power BI content pack, Scoop data can be visualized and analyzed in Power BI to detect patterns, trends and correlations to help businesses improve their operations and prioritize their resources.
ServiceNow Incidents image ServiceNow Incidents. This Power BI content pack features intuitive data visualizations and powerful cross-filtering functionality that enable new insights into the distribution of open, recently closed and recently resolved incidents.
WebTuna image WebTuna Real User Monitoring. With this Power BI content pack, WebTuna provides usage and performance analytics for intranets or websites, including SharePoint on-premises or SharePoint Online.

Get a clearer view of your business with rich organizational analytics and artificial intelligence

Neal Analytics image Bots for Business. With this offering, Neal Analytics has created an operational, artificially intelligent bot system based on the Microsoft Bot Framework to facilitate and augment existing business processes, creating and adding to an organization’s core competencies across a host of industries.
Neal Analytics image Market Driver Analysis. Understanding the internal and external drivers behind sales can help organizations manage the “levers” behind the operations of their business. This solution analyzes sales variation, identifying internal factors such as promotion, advertising and distribution, as well as external factors such as weather, holidays, events, economics and competitors’ actions.
Brillio image Optimix. Brillio Optimix allows for faster marketing mix modeling. Users can build what-if scenarios to assist stakeholders in optimizing budget allocation, evaluate promotion effectiveness at multiple levels, and synchronize promotion execution and monitoring.

Browse the full line of SaaS apps in Microsoft AppSource

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies, such as Cortana Intelligence, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Office 365 and more. Whether you’re looking for something unique to your industry or just a more efficient process, AppSource is the place to find new apps that can help you do more.