What’s new in July: Apps to help improve patient care, customer relationships, predict outcomes, monitor performance with Internet of Things, and more.

Fifty-seven apps went live on AppSource in July, with solutions addressing a range of needs found within most businesses, as well as some tailored to specific industries, such as manufacturing, construction companies, and professional services organizations.

There were apps to help improve patient care, help students learn at their own pace, and provide financial services more efficiently.

Many Power BI content packs were added to help you analyze your data and apps for Office 365 to help personalize your workspace.

Apps were added to help improve customer service and empower your sales and marketing teams to do more.

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Monitor assets, manage products and projects for manufacturing, construction companies, and professional services organizations

Connected Food Company - Product Specifications. Built for Dynamics 365 for Operations, this app simplifies the creation of product specifications based on an item tree structure that is aligned with manufacturing processes. Product specifications including recipe, nutritional values, allergens and logistic information.

CONSPRO Construction project management. CONSPRO is a solution built on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for contractors who construct infrastructure projects, roads, damns, highways, airports and industrial buildings, builders who build residential and commercial properties as well as engineering companies for their projects.

Icertis Contract Management for Manufacturing. Built on the Azure platform, the Icertis Contract Management Platform helps manufacturers manage contract types including buy-side, sell-side, or corporate to help solve their contract management challenges.

MazikThings. This IoT solution is designed to help manage, monitor, and track operations. Identify the data-point series that indicate which machine is about to break down. Remotely monitor machines to minimize machine downtime, and empower your organization to deliver predictive and proactive service.

Project Management Add-ons for PSA. This application package for Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation includes three apps for time and expense tracking, approval management, and project management. 

proRM Tracking for Project Service Automation. proRM Tracking enables employees to create time and expense entries for project tasks they have been assigned to and subsequently submit them to the relevant project manager for approval. 

Seeq Process Data Analytics. The Process Data Analytics solution is dedicated to visualizing industrial process data and industrial IoT analytics. You can search your data, add context, cleanse, model, find patterns, establish boundaries, monitor assets, collaborate in real time, and interact with time series data.

Smartbee. Using IoT, big data and analytics, SmartBee can support company assets at different sites, and organize corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance actions. The system integrates with leading ERP systems and its mobile interface brings connectivity closer to the assets, allowing real-time monitoring and interaction from anywhere.

 Improve collaboration and communication between patients and healthcare teams

CareScriptions. CareScriptions provides integrated, mobile collaborative care management to help connect patients with their care teams. It provides patients with guidance and resources to help reduce unplanned readmissions and prevent complications through increased visibility and communication.

ehCOS EHR. This Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution contains major functionalities needed to help improve healthcare processes and outcomes, and increase satisfaction for patients and healthcare professionals.

MazikCare Appointment Scheduling. The Appointment Scheduling module helps improve efficiency and productivity by more quickly aligning the right resources with the right patients, equipment, and timeslots. It also assists call center and in-clinic receptionists in coordinating room availabilities, resource schedules, and other upcoming appointments for patients and families.

Enable banks and insurance companies to place customer relationship management at the core

Veritouch. VeriTouch is a vertical solution built on top of Dynamics 365, optimized with industry best practices that help banks and insurance companies to place customer relationship management at the core of their digital transformation journey.

Enable students to learn at their own pace

beGalileo Personalized Math Learning. beGalileo is an adaptive and intelligent personalized learning platform for students to practice and master concepts in mathematics. The platform provides a personalized learning plan for children where they can study at their own pace.  

Personalize your workspace and improve productivity with these apps for Office 365 and Power BI

Cloudlas Organization Chart. Create organization hierarchy charts that are collapsible/expandable with support for customer styles according to the Office 365 tenant branding. 

Dot Plot by MAQ Software. This statistical chart consists of data points (bubbles) plotted on XY axis distributed over desired set of values. Size of the bubble represents magnitude while color represents the type of category. It enables viewing data through multiple categories like parent category and child subcategory.

Funnel plot. Funnel plot helps you compare samples, and find true outliers among the measurements with varying precision. It’s widely used for comparing institutional performance and medical data analysis.

JIRA. This add-in enables you to combine the advantages of JIRA with your Outlook inbox. Create and update issues without leaving Outlook, view related issues for the same conversation or sender in a separate sidebar, create tickets on behalf of existing Service Desk users, or create a new user for the sender of the email.

JT 4 Office. The JT 4 Office add-in allows users to grab snapshots of 3D geometry or CAD-authored Model Views, with PMI (Product Manufacturing Information), and add them to Word documents. Snapshots added to Word docs come to life in the 3D JT 4 Office Viewer when selected.

Microsoft Translator live. This free translation and transcription service enables you to have translated conversations (both 1:1 or in larger groups) in more than 60 languages across multiple devices. 

Nearpod. With Nearpod, teachers can use their tablets to manage content on students' devices. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution. Nearpod is intended for both teachers and students. 

Nezko - Interactive and Trackable Sales Brochures. With Nezko, you can send interactive brochures and track each prospect's level of engagement to follow up more effectively. Create personalized brochures that feature your buyer's logo, include your proposal and additional files, and track each buyer's level of engagement.

SysCloud cloud security and compliance. A security, backup, and compliance platform for Office 365 designed to help detect and stop your financial, customer, sales, and IP data from insider theft, breaches, and phishing attacks.

While You Were Out Phone Messages. Use email to send phone messages easily and quickly with the While You Were Out eForm. The WYWO function provides a template based on the paper form that includes check-off boxes for quick messages and an edit box for entering text.

Woleet - prove and sign your emails. With this Outlook add-in you can create timestamps and signatures, as well as verify timestamps and signatures created by others. 

xLaw - knowledge management system. Share and organize contract clauses and general legal arguments, and save clauses by tagging them with keywords to find them more easily the next time you need them. 

Predict your sales forecast, and empower your sales, marketing, and customer service teams to do more

Address Optimizer. Add and store multiple addresses on Accounts and Contacts in Dynamics 365.

Akvelon Global Preview. Preview entity in CRM list without opening them individually. With Global Preview, you can also search emails directly in CRM, sort and filter emails in Email Preview, and preview emails associated with accounts, contacts, and other entities.

Cognism Refresh- Data Clean and Enrichment. This app is a sales data cleaning tool used within Dynamics 365. Data is cross referenced against Cognism’s own unique data asset of B2B data profiles. The result is a detailed report showing numbers of matched records, cleanliness of your data, identification of new opportunities, and more. 

Data8 Email & Telephone Validation. Validate email addresses and telephone numbers on entry. 

Document Template Downloader. This tool adds a ribbon button to the document template area, giving you the ability to download the selected template with the click of a button. 

ForecastEra Navigator. The Navigator app provides sales reps and managers with analytics and predictive insights, helping them to create more accurate forecasts and make better business decisions. 

LiiD for Dynamics CRM. With this solution’s mobile apps you can automatically identify and log calls or emails made to contacts in Dynamics 365. The trial available on AppSource opens up the LiiD Dashboard, a web app that lets sales management and individual users monitor their opportunities' health and sales operations. 

Octiv: Proposals, Quotes, Presentations, Contracts. This document workflow platform helps companies solve complex document generation challenges. Create and deliver sales proposals, presentations, quotes, RFPs, and contracts from Microsoft Dynamics 365 objects and leverage data to help drive the most relevant content. 

PowerChat. Conduct live chats and track conversations with visitors on your website within CRM for Dynamics 365. Lead and contact records will open automatically when a chat begins, and you can create a new record directly from the PowerChat window.

Stay In Touch 365. Stay In Touch searches for any active records with an email address that are not on an active marketing list, helping ensure that you engage all of your Dynamics 365 Accounts, Contacts and Leads.

TKDialogs: Customer Services Made Easy. TKDialogs provides role-specific, logic-driven user interfaces that lead customers step-by-step through a pre-defined process, helping employees to deliver efficient customer service.

Manage payroll for global workforces

Payroll 365. This solution helps streamline payroll activities and integrates payroll processes with associated business processes. Payroll 365 also addresses administrative requirements such as visa quota management, camp management, and other features, so you can more easily manage large workforces. 

Explore and analyze data with Power BI content packs

Applixure. This content pack gives you a real-time, visual overview of the health of your PC environment within Power BI, and enables the building of custom reports for different audiences or views that support specific phases of your IT development or support processes. 

Helpshift Analytics. This content pack provides customer support managers with the data necessary to optimize the support experience. Easy-to-understand dashboard overviews and in-depth reports help to efficiently analyze metrics, such as CSAT, response and resolve times, and advanced volume and backlog analytics. 

Microsoft Azure Consumption Insights. Get insights into your Azure consumption (up to the previous 36 months) across multiple dimensions such as department, account, and resources. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials - Customers List. Analyze all your customer information in summary or in context of a specific customer. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials - Jobs List Report. Get a flexible and in-depth view of your jobs. Analyze monthly costs and view the most recent status of your jobs. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials - Purchase Invoice List. Gain insights into the purchase lines that make up a purchase invoice without additional navigation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials - Sales Order List. Gain insights into the sales lines that make up a sales order without additional navigation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials - Vendor List. Analyze purchasing activity, balance due, and available discounts for your vendors. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV - CRM Report. Get insights into the value, estimated value, and status of your sales opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Financials Report. This content pack helps SMB owners, accountants, and executives track profit margins, income and expenditures, and cash flows.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Sales Report. Designed specifically to assist SMB owners, managers and executives, this content pack helps keep tabs on customers, sales, finance, and inventory.

Office 365 Adoption Preview. This content pack combines Office 365 service usage data with the user metadata available in your organization’s Azure Active Directory, giving you the ability to measure adoption trends, identify where users need help getting started, and determine the communication and collaboration products your users prefer. 

PowerGP Financial. Get immediate access and insights to your PowerGP Online business financial information, including balances for the General Ledger, Bank Accounts, and Accounts Payable/Receivable.

SentryOne. With the visualizations in this content pack you can analyze and share performance and operational data, and get insights into the health of your SQL Server and Windows environment. 

SideKick365 xRM Ultimate - PowerPack Essential. Bring your SideKick365 xRM Ultimate Data to live with this content template, add reports as needed, and refresh data on a daily basis.

tyGraph for Yammer 3.0. tyGraph for Yammer provides social analytics for your Yammer network. Built with community managers, group admins, and business stakeholders in mind, it brings key measures and metrics to the surface, helping you understand the health of your network and the impact of your collaboration efforts. 

Visual Studio Marketplace Extension Statistics. This content pack helps you draw insights on your extension, including page views, installs, uninstalls, uninstall reasons, and more.

Streamline and manage your IT, intranet and EDI and e-commerce platform

Elastic Intranet. Elastic Intranet provides a different approach to building your company’s intranet. More than 100 pre-prepared and ready-to-use content blocks help increase your creativity and productivity and create pages with consistent design. All without the need of technical skills.

HCX Server Dashboard. An application and data storage management solution designed for organizations needing to adopt a Hybrid IT approach. The HCX Server Dashboard provides visibility into services and resources being delivered, helping partners to manage more efficiently and provide clients with real-time data of services delivered via the HCXServer.

Vantage Point EDI for Dynamics 365 for Operations. Vantage Point EDI is an EDI and e-commerce Integration Platform for Dynamics 365. It helps connect Dynamics 365 to your customers, suppliers, logistics organizations, banks, transportation companies, and e-commerce platforms.

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