What's new in June: Apps to manage properties and contracts, optimize cash flow, and streamline customer engagement

In June we saw an influx of industry-specific apps designed to help manage assets and contracts for manufacturers, real estate developers, government contractors, and transportation organizations. 

A handful of apps were added that provide tools intended to optimize cash flow through automated billing and payment, as well as better management of expenses.

Others focus on equipping sales and support agents to respond to customers more efficiently with self-service portals and customized alerts. Marketing teams can benefit from several apps and many apps help increase productivity by streamlining the creation of records and documents.

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Manage properties, contracts, projects, and operations with these industry-specific apps

360° Real Estate Leasing. A fully-integrated solution for property operators, tenants, and owners to manage leases, cost recoveries, inspections, maintenance, safety, accounting, and purchasing. Best practice templates are available to simplify, standardize, and fast track the creation of lease agreements, SLA agreements, and maintenance tasks.

Armanino’s High Tech Solution. Armanino’s High Tech Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is a comprehensive ERP app built to address the unique compliance, supply chain, and operational challenges facing high-tech manufacturers.

Certify. This app helps medical device manufacturers integrate applicable standards and guides them through the process. It identifies the standards requirement applicable to the medical device and creates the corresponding risks and technical requirements.

Government contracting extension. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations for Government Contractors helps address the unique challenges facing companies that service the federal government. The project accounting engine helps government contractors understand contract status, profitability, and growth opportunities.

Hitachi Solutions for Transportation. With Hitachi Solutions for Transportation, organizations have real-time insight into opportunities, forecasts, contracts, issues, and communications across the multiple teams that support customers.

ODT Rentals 365. ODT Rentals 365 tracks rental units, produces quotes, and manages rental contracts and invoices. This solution offers organizations a cloud-based solution for equipment and tool rental that, combined with Dynamics 365 for Financials, provides an integrated real-time rental and financial system.

proRM Project Gantt for Project Service Automation. With proRM Project Gantt for Project Service Automation companies can monitor multiple projects simultaneously and in one view. Once loaded into the app, project details will be both displayed in a table and visualized with Gantt charts.

Optimize cash flow through automated billing and payment, streamline expenses, expense processing, employee loans, and calculation of commission

Advance Loan Management. The app provides a 360-degree view of all types of loans provided to employees. It uses Microsoft PowerApps and Dynamics AX 2012 to allow company employees to request cash and non-cash loans and view loan history using visual graphs.

Commissions. With Commissions, companies can calculate commissions for salespeople and pay directly through Dynamics 365 for Financials.

Credit Card. This app for Dynamics 365 for Financials enables companies to accept credit cards during order entry and allows customers to pay invoices online via credit card. Functionality includes split payments across multiple credit cards, credit card validation, authorization at the time of releasing an order, and more.

CubeAnywhere. This cloud-based time and expense management solution helps users track their time and expenses across tasks, projects, and clients. Cube also keeps track of costs and revenues, as well as net results. Business users can also export data to Excel, CSV, or PDF.

Expensify for Dynamics 365. Expensify for Dynamics 365 integrates the capability of Expensify.com’s functionality with Dynamics 365 for Financials. It directly maps expenses and employees to the appropriate accounts for faster routine processing. Companies can see a receipt just as it was scanned and submitted through Expensify.com

Mazik Cashier. This app enables organizations to use one solution for various billing needs, helping simplify the payer experience and streamline actions such as transaction and cashier batch management. It is ideal for state and local governments, higher education, and companies that need to simplify billing and payments.

Positive Pay. This app extension for Dynamics 365 for Financials automates creation of Positive Pay file data for uploading to JP Morgan Chase bank accounts. It automates configuration and file generation of Positive Pay files with accounts, sends remittance amounts in a readily accepted format, and more.

Recurring Billing. This app helps streamline the management of recurring invoices. Organizations can configure billing schedules based on attributes such as overall length of the billing schedule and frequency of billing occurrence. It also supports scheduling of automatic reminders to customers regarding their payments.

Improve sales productivity, brand awareness, customer service, and measure performance on social media

AMC Contact Canvas Omni-Channel. This solution gives agents multiple options to assist their customers and provide exceptional, efficient customer service. It provides access to phone, Skype for Business, and social collaboration.

CRM Alerts. CRM Alerts extends Dynamics 365 with the power of instant push notifications and one tap responses and approvals. Businesses can customize their own alerts, take notes and respond, or include a comment that will be sent back to CRM.

Dynamics CRM Customer Portal for Drupal. The app helps businesses create a self-service customer portal with Dynamics CRM as the backend data repository and Drupal as the front-end user interface. It combines the flexibility of Drupal as a popular CMS system with Dynamics CRM to create a portal that can be set up fast and easy.

Dynamics CRM Customer Portal for Joomla. This app helps businesses create a self-service customer portal with Dynamics CRM as the backend data repository and Joomla as the front-end user interface. It combines the popularity of Joomla as a CMS system with Dynamics CRM to create a portal that can be set up fast, with minimal effort.

Dynamics CRM Customer Portal for DotNetNuke. The app helps businesses create a self-service customer portal with Dynamics CRM as the backend data repository and DotNetNuke as the front-end framework. It combines the popularity of DotNetNuke as an ASP.NET-based CMS system with Dynamics CRM to create a portal that can be set up fast.

Dynamics CRM Customer Portal for WordPress. The app assists businesses in creating a self-service customer portal that uses Dynamics CRM as the backend data repository and WordPress as the front-end user interface. It combines the user friendliness of WordPress with Dynamics CRM to create a portal that can be set up quickly.

Glance for Dynamics. This app helps companies see what customers see and guide them through processes in real time. It enables organizations to cut through confusion by instantly sharing a browser view with customers, partners, and prospects. They can also demo products, upsell, onboard, and more.

MobileForce. This app helps sales organizations to work smarter via a "Single Pane of Glass" productivity dashboard that delivers just the right information and actions, at the right time, on any device. It integrates cloud and on-premises enterprise applications into a contextually-relevant real-time experience.

MyFavorito – the B2C CRM platform. This apps helps brands and retailers to mobilize products, stores, marketing campaigns, dealer networks and ecosystems. It helps engage customers, generate relationships, store visits, loyalty, referrals, sales, and growth.

Prostie Zvonki for Dynamics (CRM). CRM 2016/Dynamics 365 online integration with telephony using the service Prostie Zvonki.

Sprinklr Business Index. Sprinklr Business Index (SBI) tracks and benchmarks how large global brands are performing on social media against their competitors. SBI measures how quickly brands respond to customer inquiries and displays an overall response rate that adjusts for how many followers a company has.

Streamline creation and management of records and documents

Digital Profiler for CRM. Digital Profiler for CRM helps capture the right data based on where the customer is in the customer lifecycle (lead, opportunity, customer profiling, servicing, etc.). Businesses can use scores to define the importance of data and the sequence in which it needs to be captured, as well as the appropriate paths for different entity profiles.

DaDaDocs for Dynamics. DaDaDocs for Dynamics is a form builder, PDF editor, and eSignature Solution. Companies can collect and import customer data into Dynamics 365 or merge existing data with interactive fillable forms to create completed documents. The app also helps users sign documents directly in Dynamics 365.

Data8 PredictiveAddress Autocomplete & Verify. This app provides auto completion for addresses, with coverage for 251 countries to enable fast and accurate address entry. Users just start typing an address into form fields and get instant autocomplete suggestions.

eBECS AutoNumber for Dynamics 365. This app automatically generates unique ID's against any entity in Dynamics 365 (CRM) based on one of many components. Component types include fixed string, date, time, number, random string, and entity attribute.

Genetec Clearance™. Genetec Clearance™ is a collaborative case management system that can help speed up investigations by allowing organizations to collect, manage, and share evidence from different sources such as surveillance systems, body-worn cameras, and other digital sources.

HCL Dynamics - Generate PDF Configurator. This solution allows users to view PDF documents for the configured Word templates and provides an option to download or save to notes. CRM provides an out-of-the-box Word template feature, and this tool is an add-on to allow the existing Word templates to be generated as a PDF template.

iERA Address Auto Complete. iERA Address Auto Complete gives applications type-ahead-search behavior. When a user starts typing a company name and/or address, it autocompletes details like street, locality, city, state, country, and ZIP code.

TRAMA. TRAMA provides the necessary interfaces to communicate and track changes in Dynamics 365. All changes are logged and made available for external systems to fetch, making systems work together in sync. With TRAMA installed, companies can avoid building advanced business logic on the backend.

Web Image Capture. Web Image Capture enables businesses to capture images live from their web cam and update contacts or products in Dynamics 365.

Yolva Suggestions – DaData in Dynamics CRM. Tips when you enter data into CRM. Yolva Suggestions is the result of the integration of the service dadata.ru in Dynamics 365.

Improve collaboration and productivity

Easy Projects. This app is an easy-to-use project management and collaboration software designed for Marketing, IT, Operations, and Professional Services teams to help ensure that projects are completed on budget and on time.

faveo full text search. faveo full text search helps businesses find inventory items in seconds, even without the item number or the name. It enables them to locate items right away from the sales order line. There is no need to remember a specific column or field in the item.

RF-SMART Print Suite Bridge. This app is a standalone printing and labeling solution that provides an easy way to get data onto labels. It collects data from multiple sources, adds fields to labels, and places symbols, barcodes, and images accurately. Print Suite Bridge also sends labels to the appropriate printer and provides status updates in real time.

Apps that help address country specific requirements

AlfaPeople - Chilean Localization Pack. The Chilean Localization Pack localizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 to address Chile’s tax requirements and apply the SII’s regulations (Internal Revenue Service).

Depersonalization Solution. This app provides functionality for Dynamics CRM Online customers and enables storing of the primary copy of personally identifiable information in local storage.

Create mobile apps and migrate to the cloud

AppSheet. Use existing data in Excel or SQL databases to create mobile apps without writing any code. Any member of an organization can create mobile apps as easily as creating documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or web pages.

Migration Dynamics. Migration Dynamics helps organizations migrate their on-premises CRM data to Dynamics 365.

Stay informed

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies.  Be sure and check out the full library of apps to see how Microsoft’s ecosystem of ISVs is working to support businesses across industries and regions.