What’s new in May: Apps to help transform industries, streamline tasks and processes, and improve your customer experiences

May brought a flood of business apps with a focus on delivering vertical-based global industry solutions that help transform industries, optimizing the lead and opportunity pipeline, and helping sales reps be more effective in the field.

Some apps aim to helping companies drive sales through targeted pricing and data-driven product promotions or by equipping sales team to manage their time more effectively.

Also in the mix were apps to help companies manage facilities, operations, and assets, with specific solutions designed for organizations in education, manufacturing, and others.

And AppSource added tools for companies to help gain business insights using Power BI solution templates for sales, campaign and brand management, and more.

Read on to learn more about the tools and solutions that joined our library in May. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @MSFTAppSource to hear about apps as they become available on AppSource.

Transform industries with these vertical-based global industry solutions

Flintfox Pricing & Promotion Execution. Pricing & Promotion Execution is a hyper-performance pricing engine capable of handling the most complex price calculations with sub-millisecond response times. Businesses can deliver accurate prices to customers while executing sales discounts and promotional tactics across any sales channel, helping drive increases in margins and sales.

GrantVantage Grants Management. The app helps streamline, automate, and standardize the process of managing objectives, performance measures, activities, contracts, project budgets, and compliance reporting. Users can manage grant projects, communicate with other users, meet funder reporting requirements, and more.

Numerix FRTB. Numerix FRTB helps banks deal with the complex regulatory demands of the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB). Financial services professionals can use Numerix FRTB to help manage ongoing FRTB compliance and conduct impact assessments to inform early-stage strategic decisions.

Manage facilities, operations, merger and acquisitions, and even assets for education

Dynamics Facility. This specialized solution for facility management companies covers the business process related to administrative management of buildings, floors, locations, and adjacent areas, as well as their corresponding building costs, expenses, and receivables. It is designed to track all incoming and outgoing communication with customers through different channels.

CRM for M&A. CRM for M&A is a Dynamics 365 solution for merger and acquisitions. It helps find interested companies, forecast potential new business, manage deals interactions and processes, connect with key decision-makers, and more.

Mazik Shop Floor. Mazik Shop Floor is a companion app for Dynamics 365 for Operations. Organizations get an in-depth view of the production jobs that need attention, right on the floor. The user-friendly design allows organizations to take fast, efficient action on production tasks like starting or stopping a job, reporting feedback when finished, and recording breaks in production.

OasisCom. OasisCom enables companies to optimize the management of their business processes, including financial resources, supply chain, human resources, manufacturing, customer relationships, and decision-making systems.

Production Resource Capacity. With the Production Resource Capacity app, production managers and planners can easily access capacity load information on their mobile or tablet devices without logging into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. They can view a list of resources, search and filter to select a specific resource, and view its total, reserved, and remaining capacity information.

Senso.cloud. Senso.cloud is a modular, cloud-based solution that lets schools and other organizations manage their computers or students from a centralized web portal in real time. Built for local authorities, school districts, multi-academy trusts, and small schools, Senso is an affordable network and classroom management software solution that can scale to millions of devices.

Increase productivity by streamlining frequently performed tasks and automating business processes

AutoMerge. AutoMerge helps detect and tag duplicate leads, accounts, and contacts in Dynamics 365. Business users can review results and use automatic merging to quickly merge relevant records in bulk.

AXtension Content Gate. AXtension Content Gate helps manage unstructured content related to business processes. Users can find all relevant content through one single access point, eliminate duplicate content storage, and save time searching through and storing content.

CB Exchange Server Sync. CB Exchange Server Sync is an application for live synchronization of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook calendars. Users can sync in-cloud Microsoft Exchange and Outlook users’ folders, contacts, tasks, and calendar. All of that within multiple Exchange servers, accounts, and domains, and also within different Exchange and Outlook versions.

Click2Export. Click2Export helps users export Dynamics 365 reports, attach them to an email, or note or download them for later use. It reduces the multiple clicks required to send a report as an email attachment and helps improve the productivity of Dynamics 365 CRM users.

Copy Released Product. The Copy Released Product app helps save time and money in the creation of newly released products and related data. Using Copy Released Product, catalogue managers can determine which of the additional data should be copied from another released product.

Custom Auto Numbering. Custom Auto Numbering is a plug-in that lets organizations set automatically generated, unique, and incrementing ID numbers to their CRM records.

Dooap – Accounts Payable Automation. Dooap is an accounts payable automation solution designed for Dynamics 365 for Operations. Dooap automatically matches PO invoices and codes non-PO invoices, and uses optical character recognition to reduce errors and help accounts payable professionals get more done. Dooap is available on the desktop and as a mobile app.

Digizuite DAM. Digizuite DAM is a digital asset management software that provides users with a single repository for digital files for simple use and access across all channels, departments, subsidiaries, and with external vendors and partners. With Digizuite DAM, users can speed up time to market by making it easier to share, upload, repurpose, and use digital files from a single source.

Duplicate Quote & Order. Duplicate Quote & Order allows Dynamics CRM users to duplicate quotes and orders in a single click to help reduce time to generate new orders or quotes that are based on the same data.

Easy Associate. Easy Associate transforms the Related Subgrid on Dynamics CRM forms into an easy-to-use checkbox interface to help improve data entry efficiency. Easy Associate also provides additional functionalities like custom filtering, grouping, and sorting.

eBECS Conference Scheduler App. eBECS Conference Scheduler is a mobile app that simplifies the creation and management of multiple events. It works in concert with the attendee app, which enables conference attendees to search and display current conferences built within the Conference Scheduler app, review the sessions they visit, and provide crucial feedback on the fly.

Event Reminder Package. The Event Reminder tool enables the creation of any event (birthdays, holidays) and will send a reminder email to the user.

Extended Search. Extended Search is a Dynamics 365 plug-in that helps streamline search and extract relevant and exact information from targeted fields. Employees can create and manage templates for search and target the fields and views of entities where text needs to be searched.

HCL Dynamics - Settings Configurator. HCL Dynamics - Settings Configurator allows companies to capture configuration settings in an Excel sheet template during requirement workshops and then apply them in one click.

How2 - New User Training for Dynamics 365 Sales. How2 Button RapidStart is a one-click, integrated video training solution designed for new users of Dynamics 365 for Sales. The solution helps users get up to speed quickly by guiding them step-by-step through common tasks.

Search. The Search plug-in for Dynamics 365 for Financials enables users to easily search for a specific piece of information, such as a contact’s cell phone number, across all the tables and fields. They can also easily customize the data they want to search in, field by field, table by table.

Ship-To Address Management. The Ship-To Address Management extension lets users manage multiple preferred ship-to addresses for customers, and select and apply them as needed within sales and service and other processes.

XperiDo Document Generation. This app streamlines the creation of consistent documents. In a single click, users can generate one or more documents from any list view or record form, automatically produce documents in the correct language, store them in SharePoint or CRM, print them, deliver them as an email attachment or in the body, and start an e-signing procedure.

Improve communications with employees, streamline important HR processes and manage staffing needs for hospitals

Exit Interview. The HR-Employee Exit Interview app offers quick, friendly exit interview forms for human resource departments to collect employee feedback.

Go Onboarding - Mobile. The Go Onboarding app helps organizations to free up HR resources and deliver consistent, memorable onboarding experiences for new employees.

Predicting Length of Hospital Stays. The Predicting Length of Hospital Stays solution helps hospital administration staff to manage their staffing needs more efficiently. Hospital admin staff can quickly determine which hospitals or units need resources and take a more data-driven approach to manage staffing.

Sitrion ONE. Sitrion ONE delivers targeted internal communications, allowing organizations to engage in two-way dialogues with employees and unify important HR processes and workflows like leave approvals, POs, and personal data updates.

Equip your sales team with tools to provide custom offers and better customer service and support

Agency Relationship Management Solution. The solution provides insurance companies with a unified view of the distribution channel, helps manage the opportunity and lead pipeline, enables operational efficiencies, assists in predictive analysis, provides brokers and agents with standard and automated processes, and offers an engaging user experience.

CRM Call Planner Desktop. The app helps users set appointments, follow up on leads, build daily call and travel plans, and share activities and status updates with the entire organization. Customer and prospect data is incorporated into street and satellite maps with scalable icons to identify a sales rep’s most critical customers. Dynamic roll‐over capabilities help prioritize prospecting activities.

CRM Call Planner Mobile. The app integrates select CRM data into the industry-standard tools in Bing Maps, enabling field reps to more effectively navigate territories and pursue lucrative opportunities. Field reps can create visual representations of all accounts within a designated radius. Maps are based on criteria such as opportunities and other demographics stored in CRM.

Five9 Plus Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Five9 Plus Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a more meaningful experience every time with powerful telephony and blended agent capabilities.

Harman QuickLead. QuickLead connects with Salesforce to streamline the opportunity creation flow. The app allows users to quickly enter leads by entering only the mandatory fields and keeps track of open opportunities.

Nimble Contacts for Dynamics and Office 365. Nimble is a simple social sales and marketing CRM designed for Office 365 teams. Users can spend more time engaging customers and less time logging CRM data, easily access their entire team’s history of engagement, send personalized group emails with tracking, analytics, and reporting from their personal business email identity, and more.

Opportunity Reminder. The Opportunity Reminder plug-in allows users to set reminders for the estimated close date of opportunities, helping them to close on these opportunities before their due date.

Red Flag. Red Flag helps businesses gain a better understanding of their customers and maintain good customer relationships by flagging sensitivities such as price, technology preferences, salesperson preferences, or even that certain information is covered under NDA. Users can record such information against both accounts and contacts in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Voice of Customer for Social Media Intelligence. The app converts voices into meaningful narratives, recognizing consumers’ personal needs and wants, and delivering insights to gain a business edge with product and service innovation. It mines and analyzes unstructured consumer data from various sources, using Azure Machine Learning text analytics algorithms.

Zendesk Support. Zendesk Support is a simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving support tickets. Organizations can store a customer’s information in one place, ensuring efficient, relevant, and personalized communication and resolution. The Support web widget allows customers to access the Help Center and FAQs on an organization’s website.

Drive sales growth through targeted pricing, data-driven product promotions, campaign optimization, and management of sales commissions

AXAD System. The AXAD system offers a comprehensive management solution for the media and advertising industry covering all functions of the agency workflow, from sales and CRM to billing and campaign delivery.

Campaign Optimization for Marketing. The solution helps business users increase conversions by optimizing marketing campaigns using predictive analytics. It provides organizations with intelligent insights, allowing them to make the right decisions; and helps them determine the most optimal engagement channel per lead, whether SMS, cold call, or email.

Personalized Offers. The Cortana Intelligence solution template for Personalized Offers provides companies with the ability to leverage data at massive scale so they can customize which offers and promotions are shown to customers based on what they are most likely to be interested in.

Sikich Commissions Management for Financials. The solution works with Dynamics 365 to help companies automate their commission program while providing the flexibility to work within business rules. Whether commission is based on sales revenue or gross profit, the app can calculate, track, report, and process payment to one or multiple salespeople.

Meet or exceed customer expectations by delivering the right quality products when needed

Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization. The Cortana Intelligence solution template for Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization helps to forecast demand for individual products and determines optimal pricing for different products based on historical transactional data.

EndeavorCPQ. EndeavorCPQ offers software solutions for configuring complex products, quoting, and generating proposals. It helps bridge the gap between quote-to-order processes, business intelligence, and manufacturing initiatives. The trial version focuses on key features such as guided selling, catalogs, and the basket.

IoT Predictive Service Hub. The app enables organizations to transform their maintenance model from repair and replace to predict and prevent. Companies can create a data-driven service business that improves operational efficiencies by reducing equipment downtime, increasing productive uptime, cutting routine maintenance, increasing asset lifespan, improving worker safety, and more.

Predict Product Quality. The app helps companies to consistently produce products that meet their specified quality standards. During production, sensors store data from a factory's machines to produce a time-stamped log of each machine’s settings, sensor readings, and product measurements. Workers are alerted when current machine settings predict a failing quality score.

Quality Assurance. The Cortana Intelligence solution template for Quality Assurance provides an end-to-end pipeline that allows companies to predict failures and avoid costly rework. Companies can gain insights from data about past failures and utilize test systems that are already in place to predict future errors.

SO99+ Demand Collaboration Hub. The SO99+ Demand Collaboration Hub is a collaboration platform that enables all the members of a sales organization to submit, consolidate, and validate their periodic commercial forecasts.

Stock Assistant. The Stock Assistant add-on for Dynamics 365 help business users to manage and keep track of stocked goods. This plug-in allows users to set the inward and outward stock quantity of particular products along with its reason and other important details, thus making stock management more efficient.

Accelerate business insights with Power BI solution templates

Accounts Receivable for SAP. The SAP Accounts Receivable solution template provides an end-to-end solution that contains AR data and reports from an organization’s SAP system. It includes reports designed for a financial comptroller or other financial manager who needs to constantly be aware of the AR situation. It provides powerful insights into AR by customer, document, and age.

Advanced Search with Bing News. Find relevant articles from hundreds of news providers using the machine learning techniques in Advanced Search with Bing News. This Power BI solution template uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to match an individual’s interests with relevant articles from hundreds of different news providers.

Campaign/Brand Management for Twitter. With this solution template for Power BI, businesses can analyze their Twitter data to gain an immediate measure of their success and dive into the details of what people are tweeting and the impact of those tweets. The end-to-end solution pulls tweets based on a key word search, scores those tweets, and presents the results in Power BI reports.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Analytics. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation solution template helps you get started quickly with a pre-built data model for Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation. It contains scalable and extensible dashboards for practice management, resource management, and account management.

Dynamics 365 Sales Analytics. The Dynamics 365 Sales Analytics solution template helps you get started quickly with pre-built data models. It provides business users with scalable and extensible sales management dashboard analytics.

Sales Management for Salesforce. The Sales Management for Salesforce Power BI solution template contains a scalable and extensible Sales Management dashboard with actionable analytics. It helps users get started quickly with compelling pre-built reports that are directly linked to Salesforce leads, opportunities, and accounts.

System Center Configuration Manager Analytics. The System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Power BI dashboard can provide companies with detailed information of their SCCM instance, including client and server health, malware protection, software updates, and software inventory across the organization.

Remove complexity of application packaging

Apptimized. Apptimized is a cloud-based packaging solution that provides a platform for anyone who needs to package applications, sell application packaging services, or create application packages. It includes functionality needed to test, remediate, package, and manage desktop software for desktop and virtual environments in the cloud.

Stay informed

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