What’s new in November—Apps to help improve productivity, data accuracy, and business insights

In November 2017, AppSource welcomed more than 100 apps to our library, including apps designed to streamline business processes and help teams stay on top of critical issues.

Many of these new apps help to recruit customers, retain them, and optimize their experiences. Apps were added to help students, while others focus on helping organizations manage policies and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Organizations can find hidden insights in their data and predict outcomes with apps that use artificial intelligence.

Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition, help improve organizational efficiency, productivity, and data accuracy.

Tools to manage IT assets and systems became available as well.

Finally, many Office 365 add-ins and Power BI visuals that help personalize your workspace, improve productivity, and deepen business insights were added.

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Streamline business processes and help teams stay on top of critical issues

Accelo. Accelo helps service businesses and teams manage increasingly complex and fast-moving business operations, streamline operations, and boost profitability.

SIGNL4—Mobile Alerting. SIGNL4 is a mobile alert notification solution that informs teams about alerts and incidents. It complements any business operations system, and automatically routes and delivers critical information to the right people at the right time. 

Optimize customer experiences, retain and recruit customers

Last Mile Digital Platform. A SaaS platform that helps meet customer fulfillment expectations and increase team productivity with real-time information.

PowerAddon Marketing Cloud allows organizations to quickly and easily manage digital communications. It helps recruit and retain customers, determine their interests, and reach them with personalized offers.

snapADDY Grabber. snapADDY Grabber is an intuitive solution for your CRM system. It researches and automatically transfers contact data, creating new leads and contacts in your CRM system.

Reach students at their level

Drawp for School. Drawp for School helps teachers reach students at their level. It can be used with all subjects and saves time for teachers by automatically distributing, collecting, organizing, and storing assignments.

Help manage policies and meet regulatory compliance requirements

ClickCompliance. ClickCompliance helps manage and control integrity policies involving employees, partners, and suppliers, simply and intelligently.

Xeelo GDPR—All in One GDPR Solution. An all-in-one Solution for EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), built on the Xeelo Platform.

Find hidden insights in your data

Affinio. Affinio is an interest analytics platform that helps reveal hidden audience insights at scale. It helps turn large amounts of complex consumer data into actionable insights.

Folksonomy Text Analysis is a tagging system that allows organizations to mine datasets. With massive archives of structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data, the folksonomy system applies intelligent tags to data to help provide immediate answers to any query.

PRO(a)ACT helps transform an organization’s spend data into actionable insights using advanced analytics together with credit and market information.

Predict outcomes by using artificial intelligence

Account Receivables Dispute Analytics on DDP. This app helps analyze various key parameters associated with a dispute to provide in-depth cause analysis, turnaround time, and aging trends.

Call Volume Forecasting on DDP. This app helps identify the major reasons for customer calls and predicts call volumes.

Conductor Failure Analysis in Power Transmission. This app helps analyze the overall health of transmission lines. It points out leading indicators that cause conductors to fail, and helps prevent unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Consent Compliance Analytics on DDP. This app forecasts the ammonia concentrations in a waste water treatment plant in the upcoming few hours and days based on the data available from the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) sensor.

Consumption Behavior Segmentation for Utilities. This solution divides customers into measurable segments to help identify potential targets for demand-side management, so that incentives can be offered to influence consumption behavior.

Customer Engagement for Power Utilities. This app helps organizations better understand their customer behavior, to help better plan and utilize resources, prevent churn, onboard new customers, and increase profitability.

Demand Forecasting for Spares on DDP. This app is designed to help a manufacturer accurately forecast the demand for spare parts for oil and gas wells in various regions.


Digital Key Opinion Leader Analytics on DDP. This app helps identify the most eminent researchers and physicians in a specific therapeutic area from open data. It then analyzes their online activity, field of advocacy, and endorsements.

Energy Consumption Analysis on DDP provides actual and projected revenue for individual customers for the current month. It uses electricity consumption data to help forecast and monitor consumption patterns for revenue estimation.

Fraud Analytics in Healthcare on DDP. This app was developed to derive triggers and characteristics of fraudulent claims in healthcare on a real-time basis, and to help segment customers for better detection of fraud.

Leakage Analysis for Water Utilities on DDP. This app helps proactively monitor and assess the severity of water leakages across geographies. It helps decrease water losses, improve waste supply planning, and provides a consumption analysis.

mnubo. mnubo delivers IoT analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to connected product manufacturers. It provides out-of-the-box insights, automated reports, and advanced IoT data science.

Odour Compliance Analytics on DDP. This app pulls odor data from real-time supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) sources for the monitoring of various threshold limits, wind speed, wind direction, and odor spikes from the odor monitors at sewage treatment works.

Quality Assurance Analytics on DDP. This app helps assess various aspects of several ongoing projects (testing lifecycle) to help identify areas that have a high risk of failure. It provides comprehensive views of open and closed tickets and their severity, along with additional details.

Residential Power Consumption Forecasting on DDP. This app helps users to understand the consumption patterns of new customers to track their performance and profitability.

Sequence Model for Asset Failure on DDP. This app accumulates sensor data on different machine characteristics to build equipment failure prediction models.

Silent Attrition Analysis for Retail Banking—DDP. This app helps identify customers who are most likely to churn silently within the next few months, and to retain them with suitable value propositions.

Solar Power Generation Forecasting on DDP. This app helps predict how much AC power will be generated in the next 24 hours based on data such as the sun’s path and the weather conditions.

Transaction Volume Forecasting in Retail Banking. This app helps project expected sales volume for a specific time horizon and provides forecasts to help support major corporate, brand, and financial planning processes.

Work Order Analytics for Water Utilities on DDP. This app provides insights into work order capacity for regions and districts to help understand performance, cost distributions, and to determine actions required.

Improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy with these tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Attachment Manager. Attachment Manager facilitates automatic relocation of email attachments as soon as they're sent or received in Dynamics 365. The attachment or note will then be replaced in Dynamics 365 with a .url extension.

c!onnect for d.velop cloud. With c!onnect for d.velop cloud, organizations can connect their business solutions—Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) with their cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system of d.velop.

Celedon Partners AutoNumber Solution for CRM. This app is an AutoNumber solution that includes functionality such as fully-configurable numbers, custom prefix/suffix, guaranteed unique numbers, and more. 

Code Generator. This app dynamically creates and customizes QR codes and bar codes on any CRM entity per organizational needs.

CRM Address Locator. This app lets you capture through the mobile app the current locations of customers and companies being visited by your sales team.

CRM Rules Online. CRM Rules is designed to empower the CRM administrator and give developers a quicker, easier way to configure CRM forms. 

CRMF1 Help for CRM. A solution that lets CRM administrators or advanced users customize help pages for all Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM entities (existing and custom ones). Users can click the Help icon (?) to view information customized to the organization.

Customer Today! The “Customer Today!” solution helps users find top news articles with the Bing News Search API. 


Dialers,Power Dialer,Click Dialer - ConnectLeader. The ConnectLeader Sales Dialing Platform is a set of cloud-based sales productivity solutions. These solutions fit into individual sales processes to help sales teams have more conversations.

Document Attacher. Document Attacher enables users to upload documents through a drag-and-drop interface.

Dynamica Bulk Phone Calls Creation allows users to enter phone call information in a fast and easy way from the application dialogue box, without the need to open additional windows. 

Dynamics 365 for BPO. This solution extends the out-of-the-box service workload of Dynamics 365 with additional capabilities for agents, team managers, and administrators such as queue management, hold, SLA management, and more.

Email 2 Case using AI. This add-on feature for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement uses AI experiments to automate the conversion of an incoming email into a case.

Fleet365—Geotab Telematics. This open-platform fleet management solution helps businesses of all sizes to improve driver and vehicle productivity, safety, fuel consumption, and regulatory compliance.

Marketing Calendar. Marketing calendar displays a summary of campaigns and campaign activities in a tree or timeline view.

Prescriber360 SalesOps. A solution for pharma companies to manage sales operations and data management activities. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure, Prescriber360 sales ops management (SOM) suite is built to enhance productivity and enable pharma reps to achieve more in the field.

Smart Alerts. Smart Alerts enables CRM users to add and manage alerts for different entities. They can add critical data and information to individual records, connected users accessing these records will receive relevant pop-up alerts.

Improve efficiency and accuracy with these apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition

Adacta Compensations Management. This app helps organizations carry out settlements between receivable and payable amounts for companies that are registered as both a customer and a vendor in their system.

AlfaPeople—Colombia Localization Pack. This app adds functionality to the financial series, including Fixed Assets, Inventory Management, Bank Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Project Management, and Accounting.

AlfaPeople—Panama Localization Pack. This app adds functionality to the financial series, including Purchase Ledger, Invoice Listing, Income Ledger, Customers, and Vendors.

AXeptance 365 Automated Testing. AXeptance 365 Automated Testing is a software solution to create and execute automated tests in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

AXtension® Project Cost Control. This app helps organizations get real-time and accurate insights into the status of their budgets. Users can instantly see deviations, drill down into details, initiate necessary actions, and more.

Korean Localization for VAT. This app offers an integrated VAT management platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition. It helps manufacturing, distribution, and retail organizations efficiently manage their VAT transactions, e-Tax invoicing, and government declaration.

Prodware—Item Life Cycle. This add-on is beneficial for companies that have a significant number of SKUs (products) and need to manage, control, trace, and structure data inputs and updates.

Standard Audit File for Poland (JPK). This app gives organizations the ability to analyze data before sending it to the government, and provides a wide spectrum of data configuration and presentation options.

Manage IT assets, systems, and network access to help improve productivity, and efficiency

Azure Costs identifies unnecessary spendings and underutilized resources to help save on monthly Azure costs, without losing service quality and availability.

Midfin Systems Hybrid Cloud Solution. A software-defined hybrid cloud solution that works with Microsoft Azure, allowing hybrid enablement in minutes. It helps move workloads around on-premises and Azure without requiring any configuration changes.

Xalentis Fusion. Xalentis Fusion delivers the link between Ethereum-based blockchains and organizational backend systems. It provides a scalable and low-cost bridge between Ethereum private and public networks to enable monitoring, filtering, and post-processing.

Create stunning reports using custom visuals for Power BI 

Card Browser. Browse documents using double-sided cards, and click to view in place.

ChartAccent – BarChart. A bar chart with rich annotation features for your presentation.

ChartAccent – LineChart. A line chart with rich annotation features for your presentation.

Data Image by CloudScope. Data Image is a data-bound image control. It allows you to display images from a data record.

Forecasting TBATS. Time-series forecasting for series that exhibit multiple seasonalities using the TBATS model.

Power KPI Matrix. Monitor balanced scorecards and an unlimited number of metrics and KPIs in a compact, easy to read list.

Text Filter. Search across your dataset right from the dashboard.

TreeViz. Tree structure data visualization.

Personalize your workspace and improve your productivity with these apps for Office 365 

Add-ins for Excel

Budget Creator for Financial Edge NXT. Create new budgets in Financial Edge NXT via Excel.

extracts.io—Trello Integration allows you to synchronize your Trello account with Excel so you can display Trello cards, boards, and teams in Excel.

Global VAT, GST & Tax rates by Taxrates.io. Delivers VAT, GST, and tax rate directly into your working Excel file.

New Constructs Data Add-in. The New Constructs Data Add-in provides direct, easy access to our ratings and model data in Excel.

Add-ins for Outlook

Beenote—meeting and wellness management tool. Quickly create a meeting agenda directly from your calendar.

Bravo for Outlook. Bravo for Outlook enables users to send recognition cards to anyone at work or outside their company.

Clio. Clio legal practice management streamlines the practice of law for 150,000 lawyers—worldwide.

FranConnect Sky for Outlook. Access your leads, franchisees, and contacts without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

Mailsphere Sender Trust. This add-in for Mailsphere Email Security users provides a quick trust score and blacklist request.

PipelineDeals for Outlook. File email and sync your Outlook calendar and contact records to your PipelineDeals CRM account.

SnelStart voor e-mail. Altijd in contact met uw administratie? Stuur uw facturen met één klik door naar SnelStart.

Trustifi for Outlook—Think outside the inbox. Get true email power with encryption, tracking, certified email, and eSign in one easy-to-use add-in.

Add-ins for PowerPoint

Vizzlo—Charts & Business Graphics. Create individual diagrams, charts, and business graphics in seconds.

Add-ins for Project

91鉴证. 将作品快速存证确权,从而使创作数据质变为证据,进而明确作品与创作者之间的关系属性;通过91鉴证平台颁发的存证证书证明作品的原创属性,便于用户对作品实现安全无忧的商业运作

SOLVIN Planner Bridge. Manage Agile Teams with Office 365 Groups and Planner.

Add-ins for SharePoint

Forms for Office365—China. Visualize the SharePoint Online List Form Designer.

Group Tiles offers a touch-friendly display of all sites created by Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups that you can add to pages.

Item Comparer. Compare the properties of two items in a list or library.

Kanban Board by Sysdoc. Manage your tasks via a new easy-to-use drag-and-drop Kanban board.

Kianda—Business Process Automation. A unique business process automation platform that helps you build forms and workflows instantly.

Live Stock Quotes displays stock quotes from the NASDAQ exchange with price ranges.

Messenger—ChatPoint. This add-in offers chat functionality with an interactive design and all modern chat features where users can communicate.

My Active Tasks. Displays all of my active tasks from the entire site collection.

Portal for Office365—China. 方便易用的信息发布与共享平台,可以帮助您快速构建门户及信息发布。

QuickApps qDynamicLayout. Display multiple web parts on a page efficiently by using tabs.

QuickApps qManagement. Manage all QuickApps add-ins centrally from a single SharePoint page.

QuickApps qSelector. Filter qListView and qChartView data on a page using a dropdown list of values.

Room Booking Add-in. This add-in will help users to manage meeting rooms and schedule meetings.

SignHero Express e-signatures. Using this e-signing add-in, you can choose a PDF and sign it, or send it for others to sign directly.

Workflow for Office365—China. Authorize anyone in your organization to convert any business process, without the need to write any code, using a simple drag-and-drop design.

Add-ins for Word

ChemWizard is a Microsoft Word plug-in that simplifies the task of writing chemistry reports.

Identifi Letter Admin tool. This is a Word add-in to simplify the Identifi Letter template authoring and configuration process.

Kianda is a document generation add-in for the Kianda business process automation platform.

LegalOffice律师助手. 提供海量优质合同、法律文书、条款,用户可随时搜索、查阅、插入全文或段落,极大提升了撰写合同与法律文书的效率。

Marvios. The Marvios add-in will help you find text on your indexed documents and insert it where you need it.

Mozard. Koppelt je Office-toepassingen aan het Mozard zaaksysteem.

OneTeam. Streamline the writing and reviewing of government proposals.

Rezi Post. Allows Rezi users to list, manage, preview, process, and edit all generated document types.

TitleX Document Manager. Create documents with information from TitleX and assign them to your matters.

Xporter. This add-in helps Xporter users to create their templates in a fast, easy, and robust way.

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