What’s new in October—Apps to streamline operations, supply chain processes, and predict outcomes

October 2017 was a busy month. More than 80 apps were added to AppSource, including numerous apps that help streamline operations and supply chain processes.

Some of the newly added apps help automate processes to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Others use artificial intelligence to help predict outcomes or to prevent failures.

Tools to manage IT assets, systems, and network access to help improve security and efficiency became available as well.

Many Office 365 and Power BI apps and visuals that help personalize your workspace, improve productivity, and deepen business insights were added.

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Streamline operations and supply chain processes

CAD/ERP LINK for SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge. CAD/ERP LINK helps reduce manual data entry by providing a real-time link between users of CAD systems and Microsoft Dynamics 365. CAD users can share product data, BOMs, items, and drawings with downstream ERP users. In return, CAD users can access valuable data from the ERP system.

Daxeam: Enterprise Asset Management. Daxeam is a powerful EAM/CMMS solution embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Built for asset-intensive industries, Daxeam ensures your equipment is properly maintained to help maximize uptime and utilization.

DocuSign for Dynamics 365 - Operations. This app connects DocuSign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to enable users to send, sign, and approve documents, such as sales quotations, purchase order, and sales or purchase agreements via electronic signature approvals.

Planned Purchase Order Summary. This app provides purchasing clerks and managers with a summary of and insights from key information on planned purchase orders after running master planning.

RF-SMART. This app provides mobile data collection for warehousing, manufacturing, and retail inventory control. By leveraging barcodes and Dynamics 365–specific workflows, it replaces inefficient, paper-driven processes with electronic data capture.

Manage your real estate business

CGI FlexProperty for Real Estate. This app is a single, integrated, all-in-one system that covers all aspects of property management. It helps automate manual processes and eliminate duplicate information.

Automate processes to improve efficiency and reduce errors

Open as App. Open as App helps organizations turn their data into interactive apps. Apps are created automatically and without coding based on data from Excel, other spreadsheet tools, or any SaaS/database and are instantly available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Web, Windows 10).

Pobuca. This cloud app helps turn your business contact lists into one unified company address book that’s easy to access from everywhere and ready to share with co-workers or business associates.

Predict outcomes and prevent failures by using artificial intelligence

Assortment Assist using DDP. The app on DDP (Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform) uses retail merchandising strategies to help retailers improve merchandise planning and make smarter assortment and retail merchandise decisions. It helps retailers design and plan new products by identifying key attributes of customer-preferred products.

Customer Attrition of Superannuation Fund on DDP. This app on DDP (Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform) is a holistic churn prediction solution that uses sophisticated predictive algorithms to measure the likelihood of customer churn. A descriptive analysis helps you identify the key causes of churn.

GaliEye Retail Intelligence. GaliEye uses the power of Microsoft AI and cloud computing to provide retailers with up-to-date insights based on sentiment harvested from product, customer, and social media feeds.

Customer Segmentation for Power Utilities on DDP. This app on DDP (Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform) helps identify homogeneous segments of customers and factors that influence customer satisfaction. It enables actions such as customer archetype identification, improvised C-SAT levels, and tailor-made offerings.

Market Basket Analysis on DDP. This app on DDP (Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform) enables you to customize offers for the customers most likely to make a resulting purchase. Specifically, it analyzes past purchases to predict which customers have the highest probability of responding to an offer about a group of products they’re likely to purchase together.

Market Mix Model on DDP. This app on DDP (Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform) provides a quick mechanism to quantify the sales impact of various marketing activities, and to understand the effectiveness of each.

Product Life Cycle Management Analytics on DDP. This app on DDP (Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform) helps to compare time consumed across workflow processes between parts. It assesses various change requests created for different parts in a project and incorporates the prediction of change request count in the future.

Saviant Student Analytics Platform (SSAP). This app helps predict the risk of student dropout and improve graduation rates for educational institutions. It provides a range of analytical and predictive capabilities that enables universities to identify students who have a high risk of withdrawing.

Survival Model for Failure Prediction on DDP. This app on DDP (Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform) uses a machine learning technique to understand the pattern of failures for a homogenous group of machines so that suitable and cost-effective preventive maintenance can be scheduled.

Warranty Analytics on DDP. This app on DDP (Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform) helps you analyze warranty claims and understand the hidden patterns and trends in the claims to highlight the areas that require business focus.

Improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy with these tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Cirrus Call Manager. This Dynamics 365 add-on application is integrated with the Cirrus Contact-Centre-as-a-Service (CCasS) platform.

Collection Management Solution. This app helps organizations streamline the collection process, manage customer communication, collaborate internally and with customers on collection issues, and monitor every aspect of the collection process.

Contactous for Dynamics 365. This app helps organizations get accurate data from business cards, channel partners, and events into their CRM solution without manual data entry.

data8 duplicare. This automated de-duplication tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers real-time advanced duplicate prevention and the ability to merge multiple records.

DNL Tag for Dynamics 365. This simple tagging solution enables users to tag any record in Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 - Attachment Mover. Dynamic 365 - Attachment Mover enables you to move/store attachments in Azure Blob from Dynamics 365.

K2IT LLC Dynamics 365 Depersonalization. This solution allows organizations to store a primary copy of PII data from Dynamics 365 in local storage.

Pragma Email Designer. Use Pragma Email Designer to create rich HTML emails in Dynamics 365. It uses Azure Blob storage for storing images, and the editor makes them available in the template.

Speech To Text. This app converts speech into text in any given entity in Dynamics 365. It supports end-of-speech detection, and users can make formatting specifications such as capitalization, punctuation, and profanity masking.

Software Management. This app offers flexible billing schedules, payment reminders, and penalty calculations to help automate tedious manual tasks. The app is designed for software publishers and value-added resellers.

The Portal Connector for Dynamics 365/CRM. This app provides a seamless integration between Dynamics 365/CRM and a customizable online self-service portal to help provide effective, accurate, and profitable customer service experiences.

Improve efficiency and accuracy with these apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition

Adacta Public Holidays Management. This app enhances standard calendar functionalities in Dynamics 365 with the ability to create public holiday calendars.

Anywhere Mobility Studio. This app is a powerful framework for creating and customizing mobile capabilities that matter to your business, and making them available on devices such as smartphones, rugged mobile terminals, tablets, and laptops.

elevateAD for Active Directory Integration. Organizations use this app as an automatic extension of their business processes. Bidirectional synchronization between Dynamics 365 and AD provides employees, customers, and vendors the access they need, when they need it, without delay or manual intervention.

Fastpath Assure - Security, Audit Trail, SoD, GRC. This app is a comprehensive audit solution to automate risk management and SOX compliance for Dynamics 365.

Recharge in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. Use this app to automatically share costs across multiple companies with predefined values and an upfront configuration for an unlimited number of scenarios.

Red Maple Advanced Credit Cards. This app provides comprehensive credit card functionality to companies around the world. It includes PA-DSS 3.2 validation, which conforms to Visa’s Processor Application Best Practices (PABP).

Save time with these apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations, Business Edition

Avalara AvaTax. This app bypasses native tax rate table functionality in Dynamics 365, eliminates manual updates, and helps increase calculation accuracy.

CanadaPost AddressComplete Integration. This app provides direct communication with the CanadaPost AddressComplete service where users can search for and validate global addresses.

Customer Item Invoice History. This app provides a convenient listing of past posted invoice lines for a given Sell-to Customer/Item combination.

Dynamic Reports. Use this app to customize and lay out documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics SL Data Migrations. Analyze and migrate your Dynamics SL financial data to Dynamics 365 for Financials. The System Analysis Tool provides insight into your SL data and recommends fixes to address master data records.

Manage IT assets, systems, and network access to help improve security, productivity, and efficiency

CloudOrigin. Cloud service providers are constantly upgrading and enhancing their services. This app serves as your authoritative source of revision control to help ensure your environments and apps meet compliance standards.

Commercient Epicor9 Sync To Dynamics 365 CRM.  SYNC simplifies the complexity of data integration and closes the gap between your Epicor9 and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. 

Commercient QuickBooks Sync To Dynamics 365 CRM. SYNC simplifies the complexity of data integration and closes the gap between your QuickBooks and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.
Commercient Sage100 Sync To Dynamics 365 CRM.  SYNC simplifies the complexity of data integration and closes the gap between your Sage100 and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.
Commercient Sage500 Sync To Dynamics 365 CRM. SYNC simplifies the complexity of data integration and closes the gap between your Sage500 and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.
Commercient Sage50US Sync To Dynamics 365 CRM. SYNC simplifies the complexity of data integration and closes the gap between your Sage50US and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.
Commercient Syspro Sync To Dynamics 365 CRM. SYNC simplifies the complexity of data integration and closes the gap between your Syspro and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. 

Dynamics 365 Data Archival. Using Azure table and block storage, this solution allows Dynamics 365 users to effectively manage and archive their data. Information that is not current or not likely to be frequently used can be configured to be stored externally, but easily viewed when required.

skybow Solution Studio. This web-based online platform for building business apps for SharePoint Online enables users to create client-side business applications that can be packaged and deployed to any SharePoint site.

Virtru Data Protection. Virtru is a SaaS platform for access control, policy enforcement, and key management. Organizatiosn can enforce data protection policies through seamless integrations with Office 365 and other SaaS business applications.

YeeOffice for Microsoft Office 365. This enterprise collaboration and workflow management platform helps organizations quickly build contents and workflows in a single, centralized place.

Explore and analyze data with Power BI apps

AT Internet. Extract immediate value from your data in Power BI with this app’s unified digital analytics platform.

Azure Search. Visualize the last 30 days’ search service performance and what your users are looking for.

Circuit ID. Measure and understand the trends of your business communication with Circuit ID and Power BI.

comScore Digital Analytix. Monitor and explore your web analytics data, including visits and views by country and browser.

Datawiz Analytics. This app allows operational and top managers in retail and restaurant businesses to monitor the pulse of their business by following main KPIs.

GitHub. Visualize different types of repository activity in Power BI such as how many commits and active users.

HealthMethods Operating Area Metric Report. This app gives an overall view of key population health indicators so hospitals can spend less time in data collection and more time in gaining insight.

InLoox now! Connect to InLoox now! from Power BI to combine business insights with real-time project data.

Insightcentr Analytics. Use Insightcentr to understand how your organization is spending its time using technology.

IntelliBoard. This app offers analytic and reporting services for educational institutions who use Moodle.

Lithium. Use this app to gain insight into key measures of your community performance, such as your most active users.

Mandrill. Analyze trends and important information about your Mandrill campaigns.

MYOB Advanced. Enrich your reporting with valuable insights courtesy of this content pack for MYOB Advanced.

WebTuna Real User Monitoring. This app provides usage and performance analytics for websites and SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

Create stunning reports using custom visuals for Power BI 

Calendar by Tallan. A standard calendar layout that filters and aggregates data across a range of dates.

Image Timeline. Display events along a horizontal timeline as either a series of points or images

Personalize your workspace and improve your productivity with these apps for Office 365 

Add-ins for Excel

Apps4.Pro Gantt-Generate Gantt from Tasks List. Generate Gantt charts from an Excel sheet of task details. Edit task details from Gantt, export, and share.

data.world — Turn Excel files into datasets. Turn Excel files into data.world datasets, and sync changes with a single click. data.world helps you host and share your data, collaborate with your team, and capture context and conclusions as you work.

STACK - Construction Estimating Report Sync. Sync your STACK Plus and Pro quantity reports with your Excel worksheets.

Add-ins for Outlook

Barracuda Essentials for Outlook. Easily send encrypted emails with the touch of a button.

Crossware Mail Signature. This app helps organizations design attractive and professional email signatures. It also ensures that signatures are included in every email leaving your company, including from mobile devices.

Illumineto Sparklet. Sparklet helps you easily find, present, and track content to your email recipients. It lets you search content libraries and add any piece of content directly to your email client. Sparklet notifies you, in real time, when that content is opened and viewed.

Add-ins for SharePoint

AvisDocs - Корреспонденция. Модуль системы СЭД, предназначенный для управления жизненным циклом корреспонденции в организации.

AvisDocs - Служебные записки. Модуль системы СЭД, предназначенный для управления жизненным циклом служебных записок в организации.

Corporate Discounts. Corporate Discounts add-in makes your discount program an integral part of a SharePoint solution.

Event Planner and Scheduling. This add-in helps you to schedule the best date to plan an event.

SiteSprout Polls. Create and manage corporate-wide polls with this tabbed and highly-customizable polling add-in.

TIG Level. Balance Resource Engagements for your Project Portfolios.

Add-ins for Word

I should be writing. Set writing goals based on time or word count. Write live against others.

Simplified Documents. Design great document templates to reuse for generating legal business documents.

WireframePro. Draw and attach user interface wireframes.

Stay up to date

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies. Be sure to check out the full library of apps to see how Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is working to support businesses across industries and regions.