What’s new in September—Apps to automate processes, and to improve efficiency and accuracy.

More than 60 apps joined AppSource in September, 2017 with numerous apps that are designed to meet industry specific needs.

Apps were added to help manage assets, facilities, and an organization’s mobile workforce. Apps to help predict outcomes and prevent failures by using artificial intelligence went live as well.

Others help book meeting rooms, support international organizations, and help automate safety management. Many apps were added to help improve business processes across the organization, and to improve efficiency and data accuracy. 

Tools to manage IT assets, systems, and network access to help improve security and efficiency became available as well.

A number of apps were also added for Office 365 and Power BI, designed to personalize your workspace, improve productivity, and deepen business insights.

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Manage assets, facilities, and your mobile workforce

Dynamics Oil Field Services Solution. This end-to-end solution for oil field service companies covers processes throughout the job life cycle for the hydraulic fracturing service line. It helps in resource utilization optimization, productivity improvement, and cost reduction by providing an integrated solution with visibility across the organization.

FieldConnect Online. This app is a mobile workforce management solution. It extends Dynamics 365 into the field and provides technicians, managers, and executives with real-time information anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

REX:Connect your Real Estate. REX is a business solution for commercial real estate companies. It provides brokers, property managers, or investors with the tools needed to help increase value from their real estate business.

Trackplan CAFM and Maintenance Management. Trackplan is a cloud-based computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and maintenance management (CMMS) solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers job management, scheduling, planned maintenance and compliance management, site and asset management, and more.

Automate processes to improve efficiency and reduce errors

PleoData Resource Management System. RMS is a meeting room and resource booking app for businesses who need to have an effective way to manage meeting rooms and resources (such as audio-video equipment) and share with Office 365 users.

Recodify FEx.CRM - Currency Exchange Rate Sync. Organizations that sell or buy in different currencies can use this app to help ensure that the latest exchange rate data is available in Dynamics 365.

WorkSafeOnline. This app replaces spreadsheets, manual forms, and disparate databases with a single safety management system, making it easier to keep track of hazards, incidents, injuries, scheduled audits and inspections, and much more.

Predict outcomes and prevent failures by using artificial intelligence

Smart Healthcare Analytics. SNP’s Smart Healthcare Analytics model, built on the Microsoft Cloud and Advanced Analytics Services, helps CINs and ACOs aggregate their claims and transform them into actionable and effective results.

Performance Improvement Analytics for Healthcare. This app delivers data science driven solutions on the Microsoft Cloud to offer hospitals, ACOs, and medical groups automated access to quality, clinical, and financial insights from patient data. That can lead to better care outcomes.

Model Automation Framework. LatentView Analytics Model Optimization Framework, built using Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning, helps businesses across segments to identify their brands’ key perception metrics and arrive at optimized spending patterns.

Improve business processes with these apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

crmpaketet. This app is a CRM solution tailored for small and medium-sized companies. It only includes the most important features to help reduce complexity, making it easier to implement and use.

CRM for M&A Corporate. CRM for M&A Corporate helps organizations better manage projects, project tasks, and documents by using Office 365 Groups integration. 

D&B Hoovers for Microsoft Dynamics. This app helps B2B sales and marketing professionals to accelerate sales, enhance go-to market activity, and increase business growth globally. Real-time business intelligence and seamless connectivity capabilities help shorten sales cycles, build pipelines faster, and generate higher return on marketing investment.

Design Win and Samples Management. This solution provides dashboards that offer a consolidated view of the Design Win process. Users can easily locate design registrations, projects, sample requests, and other key industry data. Enhanced analytic capabilities allow organizations to view trends and other critical Design Win metrics.

Pragma Case Management. This app is a configurable customer service workflow automation solution that transfers the control of setting up the support process flows from developers to business users. It provides comprehensive case management capabilities, including the ability to define multiple flows based on different criteria. 

Spinifex Go. This app helps organizations to get their standard operating procedures (SOP) off the shelf and into operation. Spinifex Go helps people to find out what they should be doing, and how and when they should be doing it.

Improve efficiency and accuracy with these tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Actionable Audit. A tool to track, create, update, and delete actions on the entities with complete access to audit data.

All In One Calendar. This plugin helps manage activities better with a bird’s-eye view of tasks, appointments, phone calls, letters, faxes, and emails in a calendar that can be viewed in multiple formats.

Auto Assignment. This solution helps CRM admins to manage CRM record assignments in an easier way. Records are assigned to appropriate users and teams based on rules that are easy to configure.

Change Tracking Solution. This app helps in tracking down the details of changes on an entity, including JavaScript, assemblies, and processes, along with the time of update.

D365 Checklists. This app help organizations enhance their business processes with multi-function checklists.

D365 Tiles. This app helps create useful and tailored dashboards and forms for individuals, teams, or departments to help increase user adoption.

Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. This app helps organizations to automatically sync leads captured on LinkedIn with their Dynamics 365 (online) organization so that the sales and marketing teams can develop and nurture them.

Dynamics 365—Kaizala Connector. This app pushes tasks from Dynamics CRM 365 to the Kaizala mobile app and provides notifications about task assignments. The simple user interface of Kaizala helps improve the user response, provides ease of monitoring, and rescheduling of tasks.

Dynamics 365—System Job Insights. This app provides important usage metrics on all asynchronous jobs for Dynamics 365, and tools to help you stay ahead of performance and maintenance issues.

eBECS AutoSave to SharePoint with Metadata. This app extends the standard Dynamics 365 connectivity with SharePoint Online.

inclusIVA. Automatized VAT (Spanish IVA) to manage offers, orders, and invoices by products or operations type.

MailUp + Dynamics 365 Connector (Light). This app helps organizations use Dynamics 365 features to send emails or sms messages through a MailUp subscription and save statistics inside the CRM database.

Opportunity Timeline. Opportunity Timeline is a pipeline analysis tool specifically designed to audit opportunity records and recreate an organization’s pipeline as of a specific point in time.

Pragma AutoNumber. This app helps generate unique number sequences regardless of load, and across multiple CRM servers, by leveraging the transactional locking behavior of SQL Server.

Primosguardo 365. Know your customers and partners with this profiler of Italian companies.

ProAlert365. ProAlert365 offers an effective way to visualize alerts linked to accounts, cases, and opportunities.

Sequence Generator. This app helps you address the need for a flexible record numbering process.

User Default. This app helps avoid repetitive data entry. Users can save personalized data per entity in their configuration and load it in the next record.

Improve efficiency and accuracy with these tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition

Dynamics ERS. Evaluated receipt settlement (ERS) is a process of paying for goods and services from a packing slip rather than manually generating an invoice document. Users can enable the functionality based on vendors, purchase order lines, and/or purchasing trade agreement lines.

Environmental. Environmental is an integrated solution for waste management, recycling, reverse logistics, and environmental service organizations. It enables core processes found in the industry—from managing agreements and tracking containers, to monitoring transport and execution.

Global Order Promising. This app helps take control of an organization’s order orchestration process.  It will help optimize enterprise fulfillment strategies across multiple companies, multiple channels, and multiple warehouses.

MazikCare Materials Management. A tool to track and manage a healthcare organization’s materials for improved operational efficiency and increased patient satisfaction. The app helps streamline and automate inventory processes, and provides analytics and reporting for continuous process improvements

MediusFlow—Accounts Payable Automation. By automating every step of the invoice management process, MediusFlow helps users reduce manual work, accelerate invoice processing, and gain greater financial control and visibility.

CCH® SureTax®. CCH SureTax is a cloud-based indirect tax calculation engine addressing the needs of single channel- and multichannel businesses across diverse industry verticals, including general sales and use taxes such as food and restaurant, retail and merchandising, construction, manufacturing and distribution, communications, and energy and utilities.

Save time with these apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations, Business Edition

CanadaPost for Small Business. This app provides direct access to CanadaPost services. It allows the user to obtain shipping quotes and generate non-contract shipments for their orders.

Image Analyzer. This extension uses powerful image analytics provided by the Computer Vision API for Microsoft Cognitive Services to detect attributes in the images that you add to items and contact persons.

UserTypes. This app allows users to quickly copy and update their posting dates. Users are grouped into 'user types', and once you have set one of the user's posting dates, you can copy those posting dates to other users within that user type.

WorldPay Payments Standard. This app adds a link to your sales documents so customers can easily pay using WorldPay. Send the documents by email to provide higher customer service and help shorten the time it takes for payments to arrive in your bank account.

Manage IT assets, systems, and network access to help improve security and efficiency

4ward365 - Office 365 management & delegation tool. Organizations can utilize the integrated administration interface to make informed decisions over their Office 365 deployment, improve license management, and delegate Office 365 management by V-Tenants.

Halosys (Enterprise Mobility Platform). Halosys is a unified enterprise platform to build and deploy mobile apps on all platforms. The mobile-first API platform includes an enterprise Mobile Backend as a Service (mBAAS), an app lifecycle management solution, and an internal app store.

Logistrics Services. This service offers libraries and tools that can be used to integrate location data. Obtain insights and analytics in real-time that can help drive decisions within your apps.

Rulerr Consolidated Systems Access. Rulerr provides consolidated system access information for everyone and every product in your organization. It shows "who has access to what" data via a simple dashboard interface that anyone in the organization can use (if they have permission).

WhiteSource on Azure - Open Source Management.  WhiteSource helps engineering, security, and compliance officers to manage the use of open source components. It works automatically, continuously, and silently in the background. It will check the security, licensing, and quality of your open source components against WhiteSource's constantly-updated, definitive database of open source repositories.

XMPro IoT. XMPro is a rapid IoT Application Builder that enables lean prototyping and enterprise scaling. This enables engineers and subject matter experts to experiment with lean IoT application prototypes in days, helping them quickly validate the value of specific use cases before broader deployment.

Explore and analyze data with Power BI solution templates

Azure API Management Analytics. This solution template for Power BI stands up an event streaming pipeline to provide near real-time analytics on top of API Management. The pipeline combines Event Hub, Stream Analytics, and SQL to provide a flexible streaming-with-storage experience.

Create stunning reports using custom visuals for Power BI 

Custom Calendar by Akvelon. Customize how you visualize day-to-day data with this easy to use custom calendar.

VitaraCharts - MicroChart. This app provides a compact visual representation of key metrics in various formats.

Personalize your workspace and improve your productivity with these apps for Office 365 

Add-ins for Excel

Price f(x) Formula-Connector. Connect the online calculation capabilities of your Price f(x) account with Excel.

CDXGeodata Zip Code Report. Free add-in for zip code reports including city, state, county, latitude, longitude, and more.

Add-ins for Outlook

Ant Text. Write attractive and compelling e-mails with your own design, layout, graphics, and attached files.

Mailsphere DNS Check. This add-in helps email administrators check the Mailsphere DNS configuration.

Report Message. Submit missed phish, spam, and false positive e-mails to Microsoft.  

Add-ins for SharePoint

Elastic Magazine—Employee News Portal. Keep your organization engaged and informed with beautiful, personalized, and engaging news stories.

Instant Invoice—Free Version. Create invoices, purchase orders, and more. Send and receive one-time and subscription payments for your invoices.

Weather Forecast. ArtfulBits Weather Forecast add-in displays weather forecasts for virtually any city around the globe.

Add-ins for Word

Evolent-LetterAdmin. Create Merge and Ask fields.

Writer’s Help Now, Hacker—Reference for Writers. Get writing help fast, when and where you need it, while working in Microsoft Word.

Stay up to date

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