What’s new, January 1–15: apps leveraging AI, assisting HR teams, and building on Dynamics 365

AppSource welcomed 104 apps between January 1 and 15, 2019, many of them utilizing artificial intelligence, targeting human resources departments, or extending the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Industry-specific apps for financial services, professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, government, marketing, and education

Aiforia. Aiforia is a cloud-based deep learning AI solution for digital pathology. Aiforia provides immediate access to intelligent image analysis support and high-performance computing for whole slide images.
Andea eWorkin Cloud. eWorkin is a comprehensive manufacturing solution to streamline shop-floor operations, automate data collection, deliver work instructions, and provide comprehensive performance monitoring.
Autobooks. Bundling essential tools like invoicing, payments, bill pay, and accounting into a simple back office, Autobooks provides an integrated suite for financial institutions to better serve small-business customers.
Automotive Customer Platform. ACP is a fully integrated customer platform designed to support automotive importers and national sales companies and their networks. Get lead management, sales funnel visibility, CRM, and more.
Axe Credit Portal. axefinance's ACP (Axe Credit Portal) helps financial institutions manage the credit lifecycle, optimize firm-wide credit and risk processes, and enable more informed credit origination and risk management decisions.
Catálogo Producteca. With Catálogo Producteca, brands can share their catalog through retailers for them to list on e-commerce site MercadoLibre. This product is available only in Spanish.
Civilia Next. Civilia Next is a cloud-based software platform designed for the Italian Public Administration. It manages all the functional areas of a public institution and offers scalability and an integrated information system.
commercetools. commercetools revolutionizes the enterprise e-commerce platform market with an API-first, cloud-based solution that reduces complexity and increases flexibility and speed for omnichannel brands and retailers.
GoTo Car Sharing Platform. GoTo Mobility is a white-label platform for designing any type of car-sharing service. We support all trip types (A2A, A2B, A2Z), car types (gasoline and electric), fleet sources (own or P2P), and business cases (corporate and public car sharing).
HiStruct Building Configurator. This 3-D steel building designer automates the engineering and sales process in the manufacturing industry. HiStruct targets professionals striving to decrease quote lead times and eliminate rework.
Hoopoe. The HOOPOE chatbot caters to banks with a lot of customers and large sets of frequently asked questions. HOOPOE aims to reduce the number of customer service agents needed while enhancing the customer experience.
InMobi Publisher Solution. Whether you are looking to maximize app revenue with an ad mediation platform or through in-app advertising, InMobi can help. Its comprehensive suite of ad formats includes video, customizable native ad units, and interstitials.
MEGAsurvey. MEGAsurvey is sleek, intuitive, and easy to use. Simply create your survey, add your questions, and share the ID with your participants. The results can be exported to PDF or XLSX.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Real-Estate Solution. Streamline the sales process, highlight potential leads in the market, and initiate two-way communication between salespeople and potential customers.
Motion. The Motion app is a key component in our complete connected car solution. By giving your customers a customized version of the Motion app, they’ll get a comfortable connected car experience for the car they already drive.
OE FLEX®. OE Flex is a virtual battlefield training software designed to adapt to various technological environments and produce real-time results for military trainers.
PayiQ Tickets mobile ticketing. Growing cities require efficient route planning and optimal use of resources. PayiQ's service assists transportation operators and event organizers, ensuring a smooth mobile ticketing, validation, and payment experience.
PRISON MANAGEMENT SOLUTION (PMS). Safely and securely manage prisoner identities, visits, and healthcare while receiving advanced analytics about prisoners' behavior.
StoreLynk. Enable smart stores through sensor integration, intelligent equipment, and mobile activities. Plug-and-play sensors simplify HACCP logging, monitor temperature, digitize activity management, and monitor equipment functionality.
Student Information System. With more than 65 million users, PowerSchool is a robust platform designed to streamline school operations, provide valuable insights into operations and classroom performance, empower teachers, and drive student growth.
ThoughtWire Smart Hospital Suite. The suite encompasses EarlyWarning, which reduces code-blue calls by predicting and orchestrating workflows; SynchronizedOps, which cuts patient wait times; and RapidResponse, which helps staff quickly respond to issues.
Vicenna - HealthCloud. Vicenna HealthCloud is a patient-centric hospital management and electronic health record solution that improves the provisioning of healthcare and the business efficiency of hospitals.
Vinci360. Vinci360° is a social media and online content aggregation platform that helps companies, individuals, and brands conduct social listening and analysis to improve shopping experiences and customer satisfaction. This offer is by MSRCOSMOS LLP.
Vinci360. Vinci360° is a social media and online content aggregation platform that helps companies, individuals, and brands conduct social listening and analysis to improve shopping experiences and customer satisfaction. This offer is by MSR IT Services LLP.
VolPay Suite. Volante’s VolPay Suite is hugely scalable, and its inherent atomic business services powered by microservices technology means financial institutions can quickly implement and configure the functionality they need.

Localize and customize with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

365 For Transportation. Start enjoying the benefits of 365 for Transportation, an online system designed and optimized for small, emerging companies that need to improve their transportation and finance administration.
Continia Payment Management 365 (DK). Using the Payment Management 365 app, you will get a more stable payment flow, as generation and validation of payment information is offered throughout the entire payment process.
Easy Custom Field Extender. This app from WebSan Solutions allows you to add up to three custom fields to different entities in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Customize your system as you see fit. No coding required!
ELSTER VAT Localization for Germany. With this app, you can create an XML file to use for reporting VAT via ELSTER in Germany, making it easy to comply with German VAT requirements.
H-Pack - Localization for Hong Kong. This Hong Kong localization for Dynamics 365 Business Central supports both the Essential and Premium editions.
iDynamics Incident Management. Use iDynamics Incident Management to optimize your purchase and sales processes, increase customer satisfaction, and configure processes that help you handle warehouse-related or vendor-related incidents.
Making Tax Digital Localization for United Kingdom. Being on top of VAT returns and getting an overview of your company’s VAT is a critical part of running a business. This app gives you an overview of your VAT payments and liabilities.
NC365 PCM. Project contracts are everyday life in service companies. NAS Conception supports you in creating, administering, and billing these contracts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Amicis Payments. This solution gives you the ability to accept credit, debit, and alternative payments within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations at the POS, with point-to-point encryption via CardConnect’s BOLT payment devices and CardPointe Gateway.
Enhanced & Flexible Management of Misc. Charges. GO-ERP's solution will allow you to allocate any miscellaneous charge across lines from multiple invoices in a single transaction. Avoid errors, save time, and ensure the integrity of financial data.
Grievance Process Management. CEM's employee grievance management system helps you to track and resolve grievances quickly and effectively. Handle complex and unpredictable grievances with the support of contextual content and smart analytics.
k-eCommerce. k-eCommerce offers an e-commerce solution with built-in integration to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Our turnkey solution is optimized for B2B and B2C and simplifies operations as your business grows.
Pangea Latam Localization Package Ecuador. Use Pangea Group’s Ecuador Localization Package to simplify tax operations and reporting while complying with local government regulations.

Collect, manage, secure, and share data with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Chinese Walls Solution for Dynamics 365. Wipro's solution ensures secure collaboration in complex commercial banking deals, limiting access to sensitive information and documents to specific stakeholders, and only for the required time period.
Crowe Wealth Management. Crowe Wealth Management provides a platform for client communication, process automation, and client insights that's integrated with the productivity tools advisors already use, like Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and LinkedIn.
Dynamics 365: Import Customers into T-Dox. T-Dox software enhances data collection on the go. Import Microsoft Dynamics 365 accounts into T-Dox in order to handle your customer relationship management accounts on a mobile app.
InRule® for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Gone are the days of managing an array of plug-ins and JavaScript to support your Dynamics 365 decision automation. InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a consolidated experience for the integration of business rules.
Location Insights. C Centric's Location Insights helps you identify the most qualified and available resource for the job and ensures immediate assignment. The solution integrates with your customer management processes and streamlines location-based assignments.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Sample Data. The Microsoft Nonprofit Accelerator enables partners and customers to create new integrated use cases and workflows across the funding-to-outcomes cycle.
RentalLife for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The RentalLife business configuration consists of prefilled base tables that can be complemented as you wish. Store all your customer and rental unit information in one place and achieve better resource planning.
Seismic Sales Enablement for Dynamics 365. Seismic equips sales teams with the right content for every interaction, dramatically improving win rates and time spent selling. Seismic can be embedded into Dynamics 365 as a menu item or added to an entity form.
Student Relationship Management. Wipro's student relationship management solution offers more than 12 modules to manage relations with students, faculty members, and alumni.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Azure Labs. Azure Labs is a cloud-based web app that manages virtual Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS). Its main components are a self-service GUI, lifecycle management, role-based configuration, and environments automation and orchestration.
Domino Data Lab for Azure. Domino Data Lab is an open, unified, enterprise-ready data science platform that allows organizations to build, validate, deliver, and monitor models at scale. This accelerates research, sparks collaboration, and increases iteration speed.
Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365. Set up professional email signatures that are automatically added to all Office 365 emails, all controlled centrally in the cloud. Users’ contact details are taken from the Azure or Office 365 directory.
OsBs. With OsBS, customers can protect their heterogeneous environments, respond proactively to changing business needs, and simplify IT management, delivering actionable insights into data logs.
PARS Azure Connector by Interica. PARS is an advanced archiving solution enabling easy management of large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Users can archive data to, and retrieve data from, Azure Blob storage with the PARS Azure connector.
Syntaro - Application Management. Extend the capabilities of Intune managed applications with Syntaro Application Management. Go beyond 8 GB deployment limits and make use of caching mechanisms during deployment of your applications.
Syntaro - WimAsAService. WimAsAService, developed by baseVISION AG, allows you to configure WIM (Windows Imaging Format) files according to your personal requirements in a simple web interface. The WIM files are generated in Azure.

Streamline human resources and training

AskHR Employee Support Chatbot. AskHR is an AI-based human resources support platform to provide employees with 24/7 support to get their workplace questions answered quickly.
B!HR - Business Intelligence for Human Resources. To assist HR management, B!HR consolidates techniques, methodologies, and tools that support data collection and organization processes, as well as data analysis, monitoring, and sharing.
Beehive HRMS. Beehive is human capital management software for small, medium, and large enterprises, handling functions from recruitment to retirement. It's available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and as an on-premises deployment model.
CodersRank - Hire the best developers. CodersRank is disrupting the global IT headhunting industry by ranking coders using their digital footprint. CodersRank has a database of 16 million coders and an algorithm to score each coder’s work history.
HireHive Recruiting Software. With our in-depth reporting, you can make informed hiring decisions based on real data. Interview and assess the best candidates for your jobs and create a database of candidates for future requirements.
Maraam.io. This online learning platform with high-quality Arabic content is tailored for busy professionals and offers a wide variety of on-demand classes and educational resources.
MenaLite®. MenaLite is a payroll and employee self-service platform designed for small to medium-size operations. Our cloud-based platform gives you the ability to log in, view, and manage your HR functions from anywhere and on any device, safely and securely.
NAVHR Portuguese Payroll for Business Central/NAV. This reliable tool for HR professionals displays alerts about necessary changes to staff data, as well as matches data, extracts official reporting, and can automatically email pay slips to employees.
NOS - New Organization System. NOS is an innovative suite of web solutions for HR, including organization, regulation management, corporate compliance governance, communications, and ISO management systems.
People@Time. In addition to multi-company and multi-contract management, the software allows you to manage complex and specialized time and calculation rules with minimum effort. Process work shifts, overtime, compensation, and more.
Workbeat. Take your HR and payroll services with you anywhere you need them. Use our face authentication and geolocation apps to track employee attendance, and utilize smart tools to identify, evaluate, recruit, develop, and retain talent.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Aladdin - Asset Lifecycle Management Software. Aladdin empowers business leaders to automate several labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone processes through feature-rich, intuitive web and mobile apps that connect the office to the field.
Boardview Digital Boardpack Solution. Eliminate outdated and costly paper-based processes and accelerate your digital transformation with a secure digital board pack solution. Increase efficiency, effectiveness, and collaboration.
Business Rules Engine. Business Rules Engine from Hitachi Solutions helps you to quickly build out business logic. Rapidly deploy automation solutions that streamline productivity without complex custom coding.
Cloud Interchange Platform (CIP). DiCentral's EDI solution enables suppliers to become instantly compliant with trading partners. The solution features ready-made forms that allow transactions to be effortlessly completed, validated, and transmitted.
Conductor. Enhance your digital workplace with Sensei Labs' Conductor, which creates a seamless ecosystem for teams to collaborate and orchestrate their work.
contracts plus. This multi-language system solves contract management issues for a wide range of industries, organizations, and functional requirements. Organize all your contracts in one central place.
ESAS Service Cruiser for field and remote services. ESAS Service Cruiser makes your workforce management easy via full automatic task scheduling and a complete portfolio of field and remote service management tools.
Fenestrae SDX. Fenestrae SDX is a proven alternative to fax or courier services for the secure exchange of sensitive and/or legally binding information. Guarantee timely document delivery and achieve compliance objectives.
Group Explorer, the O365 team collab dashboard. Get a demo and then set up a 90-day free trial of this powerful Office 365 navigation and dashboard tool. A real time-saver, Group Explorer is your launchpad to the collaboration groups across Office 365.
Mavenlink. Mavenlink offers a powerful combination of project management and professional services automation software for advanced project management, resource planning, collaboration, and financial management all in one place.
ParaDoc. ParaDoc is a scalable, web-based document management system. All documents are intelligently indexed, organized, and archived for offline storage for fast searching and easy retrieval to boost productivity.
Pobuca Sales. Pobuca Sales enables field sales representatives to automate their processes, increasing sales and productivity. Pobuca Sales integrates with your ERP or accounting system, receiving and pushing the necessary data automatically.
SharpCloud. SharpCloud is visual storytelling and collaboration software that's built to scale to deliver enterprise-strength solutions across project portfolio reporting, risk reporting, IT strategy, and roadmapping.
Syracuse Portal. Syracuse encompasses an intranet/extranet, a multimedia content management system, a powerful search engine, and a communication solution that integrates an event calendar, a newsletter, survey tools, and more.
Unily. Unily is an Intranet-as-a-Service built on Microsoft Azure that unites Office 365, SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, and Skype for Business for greater productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement.
Zoho Sprints. Zoho Sprints is an online agile project management tool that works with Office 365 to help scrum teams plan and track tasks. It also helps people collaborate on products and iterate them to perfection.

Apps utilizing AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, or IoT

Applitools Eyes for Azure. Applitools' AI engine mimics the human eye and brain to avoid undetected visual bugs, minimizing false-positive bug alerts. Applitools Eyes can instantly validate application pages and detect layout issues on even the most complex pages.
Blue Prism Info. Our digital workforce of software robots delivers rapid automation of manual, rules-based, back-office, and repetitive administrative processes to give enterprises new operational capacity and improved accuracy at lower costs.
CognitivX. CognitivX uses AI algorithms and integrates with CRM, ERP, and other systems. It will recognize clients, provide demographic information, and allow you to design a customer experience taking into account customers’ current emotions.
Displar. DISPLAR's augmented reality platform can depict any item as a 3-D object, allowing you to effectively carry around in your pocket a product of any size. It's like having a virtual showcase anywhere it's needed.
Experience Amplifier. Dive identifies the details in each scene for movies, TV shows, and videos, and it curates a layer of contextual information that is linked to a call-to-action. More than 20 categories of information are included.
FLEX AI Connected Intelligence. Flex AI Connected Intelligence solutions can create unified self-service insight and search experiences for business decision-makers and for customers. Accelerate your enterprise AI deployment with our deep learning capabilities.
HCube. HCube helps streamline your data processes so your analytics get the right data at the right place and time. Ingest any type of data from hundreds of disparate sources. HCube ensures your data is ready for machine learning.
InstaVR Authoring and Collaborator. Workers can navigate 360-degree images or videos and add comments or media to any place in VR space. Through single sign-on, Microsoft Azure Active Directory customers can sign in to InstaVR without signing up individually.
Jenny. We help customer service representatives focus on tasks that require life experience by enabling companies to quickly and easily teach and deploy human-directed AI to instant messaging on live chat platforms.
JIGSAW. Jigsaw is a deep learning and AI system to help you process social media’s massive raw data and extract sentiments, locations, names, organizations, dialects, and a customer’s intent. Jigsaw is designed for the Middle East and for Arabic dialects.
Process 360 AI. Process 360 AI is a solution extension to Asset 360 AI. As Asset 360 AI facilitates the prediction of equipment health, Process 360 AI does the same for manufacturing processes, units, or trains, giving manufacturers foresight.
ShookIOT Fusion Cloud Historian for IIOT. ShookIOT Fusion Cloud Historian is a massively scalable solution that allows customers to accelerate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data analytics.

Track your business’s sales, fleet, compliance, and supply chain

Adents Prodigi. Generate or import serial numbers according to regulatory requirements. Create unique serial numbers at all levels of your packaging line. Securely manage the information exchange between sites and with suppliers via the connection interface.
Newgen Payments. Newgen Payments is a multi-channel e-commerce and international payment gateway company that helps industry partners optimize their e-commerce stores and take their payment technology to the next level.
OneView. OneView is a premier enterprise technology expense management system. OneView lets you automate the management of your mobile, fixed-line, WAN, and cloud usage, as well as your spending and performance.
ROAMWORKS Fleet Management (AVL). Our solution is a secure, cloud-based, fleet management application that monitors real-time location and trip progress, utilization, mechanical conditions, driver performance, idle time, and more.
ShookIOT Digital Transformation Consulting Service. In this two-day seminar, ShookIOT will work with your team to create a strategic plan for your Industrial Internet of Things digital cloud transformation.
SMACC. SMACC accounting software makes reporting, invoices, and inventory easy. Create your own branded invoices or use predefined templates. Easily add items and track your inventory. Manage payments, receipts, debit notes, and more.
Smart Package Room. Smart Package Room improves delivery efficiency for couriers and puts control of pickup in your residents' hands. It can be added to new or existing rooms, scaling to accommodate increasing package deliveries.
Soft1 Cloud ERP for Distribution & Retail. Soft1 Cloud ERP takes complexity out of business and can be configured with minimal IT investment. Ease your financials, reduce your operating costs, and simplify supply chain, production, and operations.
Supply Chain Management QMOBILE. Qmobile, a mobile warehouse management solution, provides the means and information needed to streamline operations. Enable your employees to become more efficient and reduce errors.

Security and safety

botdoc-api. Botdoc transports data and documents in and out of a system without a person needing a login or direct access. Reduced logins reduce infrastructure costs and reduce the attack surface area, making systems more secure.
Visitree. Automated visitor management systems lend a more professional appearance to check-in systems, enhance security, and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data. Click to learn more about Visitree and its benefits.

Stay up to date

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