What’s new, January 16–31: apps to raise productivity, build on Dynamics 365, and handle industry-specific tasks

AppSource welcomed 128 apps between January 16 and 31, 2019, many of them designed to increase productivity, expand the functionality of Dynamics 365, and solve industry-specific challenges.

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Industry-specific apps for financial services, healthcare, marketing, retail, education, government, manufacturing, travel, and telecommunications

Adverity Datatap. Created with advertisers and agencies in mind, Adverity's innovative platform enables you to easily connect and work with your media, marketing, and e-commerce ecosystems.
AnalytiXagility Workspace. AnalytiXagility facilitates secure, auditable, and reproducible research for precision medicine and healthcare, allowing data sharing with role-based access control for collaborators and research groups.
ARCO GRP. Get this government resource planner here on AppSource. This product is currently available only in Spanish.
Arius Enterprise. Today’s actuaries have too much data to analyze, and many insurance organizations have become too complex. Arius Enterprise is a complete solution to help actuaries analyze insurance losses and loss reserves.
Atura. This chat-based AI customer assistant is built for the asset management, insurance, and lending industries. Atura is designed to reduce the load on call centers via automated adaptive dialogues facilitated by Microsoft LUIS and the Microsoft Bot Framework.
Big Classroom. Big Classroom improves communication between teachers and students and helps schools make the digital transformation. The solution is available in Portuguese.
e-z Cert 7.3. Easily complete and manage your company’s certified documentation in the office and on the move using e-z Cert, an online platform for certified documents from the chambers of commerce in the United Kingdom.
Hotailors. At Hotailors, we help companies quickly plan and book corporate travel. Our end-to-end, AI-powered tools give companies greater visibility and control over expenses. Hotailors is a Software-as-a-Service platform accessible through your browser.
Imory. Imory offers digital editorial brand management for corporate communications, PR, and marketing. Imory's central platform maps all processes, tasks, and functions of modern brand management.
InMobi Pulse. With easy authoring, precise targeting, and speedy results, InMobi Pulse enables brands to reach their target audience on mobile devices and get answers to their critical business questions.
InMobi Telco Data Management Platform. TruFactor, InMobi's telecommunications data management platform, ingests and curates data, distills and sorts information, and elevates strategic knowledge.
Modernize EDI and Drop Ship Automation via API. Logicbroker’s native Azure app modernizes the electronic data interchange and drop-ship process for retailers. Bypass legacy frameworks by building one RESTful API integration to Logicbroker.
MTWO Cloud. MTWO accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises in the construction and real estate industries.
Ombori Apps. Ombori powers shopping experiences that delight consumers. To interact with our apps, users will interface with a voice assistant, a touchscreen, or by scanning a QR code to use their mobile phone as a remote control.
Prefixbox eCommerce Semantic Search. Prefixbox dramatically improves e-commerce search efficiency to boost product purchases and create a better search experience. Prefixbox is a Software-as-a-Service solution based on Microsoft Azure.
ProjectDox® on Azure. ProjectDox delivers proven efficiency to a jurisdiction’s electronic plan review process, enabling field access to critical site data for inspections and first response. ProjectDox is used by more than 150 cities, counties, and states.
Prove.Design. Prove.Design helps users quickly evaluate the structural performance of design alternatives, leveraging commercially proven and robust geometry import, automatic meshing, and analysis.
Quartic Platform. The Quartic Platform is an end-to-end industrial IoT and machine learning platform that lets you connect to your legacy automation infrastructure and edge devices.
sarafan_standart_widget_for_publisher_and_media. Sarafan is an artificial intelligence engine that recognizes fashion and beauty products in photos and videos. The engine analyzes product feeds of advertisers and searches for identical or similar items.
Smart City Tourism Solution. Meylah Corporation's smart city tourism solution allows towns and cities to attract and grow tourism commerce, provide public safety, empower merchants to participate in the digital economy, and expand broadband and Wi-Fi access.
Squigl. Create whiteboard animated videos right in Office 365 with a click of a button, and engage students in a way that encourages thinking beyond the written word. Transform the more passive elements of learning with Squigl videos.
The Digitalization of Cadastral, property and land. Netopia's integrated and modular solution helps manage the use and development of land resources. It features cadastral services and a reliable record of ownership of land and property.
Thynk Digi-Branch. Thynk Software’s digiBRANCH platform is a suite of more than 20 solutions developed on Microsoft technologies to enable financial service branches to offer interactive experiences, generate leads, analyze performance, and more.
Ticketing Platform and Backstage Solutions. Ticketing Platform and Backstage Solutions is a social discovery and sharing platform that redefines the ticketing experience and offers a user-friendly back-office application to manage event operations.
Tonic Onboarding. Tonic Onboarding features include a clean and modern user interface, a help chatbot, intelligent document scanning, integration with credit bureaus, a CRM engine, and customer verification by live facial recognition and HD video recording.
Tonic Wealth Management. Tonic Wealth Management consolidates, streamlines, and automates all aspects of wealth management for financial advisors, fund managers, back-office staff, investors, and compliance officers.
VendorPanel Procurement Platform on Azure. Simplify source-to-contract procurement for transparency, governance, value creation, and data insights with VendorPanel, a Software-as-a-Service platform built on Microsoft Azure.
Video Engagement Commerce. Indi.com enables video engagement with customers and employees through brand ambassador programs embedded into your website and app. Content creators are incentivized to share their content via social media.
Wecheck. Wecheck is a multi-bank and multi-account service to accelerate deposits. It features a check scanner, software with an optical character recognition engine, and 12 months of document archiving. This app is currently only for customers in France.

Expand the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central

360 Quick Sign. With 360 Quick Sign for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can store the signatures of one or two authorized people and have them automatically sign checks under a certain user-defined dollar value.
Advanced Inventory Count. Simplify inventory counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools within Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Bulk Email to customers and vendors. Do you often have to send multiple emails with the same content? The Bulk Email to Customers and Vendors app allows you to send a single email to multiple recipients from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Document Short Close. Track outstanding orders while reducing unprocessed orders. The Document Short Close app ensures your entries of pending purchase orders or sales orders are closed in the stipulated time.
eShop for Dynamics 365 (World Wide). Dynamics eShop Inc.'s end-to-end e-commerce implementation will get your online store up and running with real-time integration to Dynamics 365 Business Central.
iDynamics Commissions. Set up commission rates for your salespeople within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, regardless of whether they are employees or external agents.
iDynamics IRPF. This app adds support for the Spanish IRPF (personal income tax) for sales and purchase documents.
iDynamics Purchase Rebates. iDynamics Purchase Rebates allows you to set up rebate targets for each vendor by multiple criteria and check the status of each target.
iDynamics Removal of Sales Order Remains. iDynamics Removal of Sales Order Remains helps you automate the removal of leftover quantities in your sales orders.
LogTrade Connect. LogTrade Connect integrates with LogTrade, a cloud solution with more than 3,000 customers and connections to many different carriers, such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS. It gives you a single integration point regardless of the carrier.
Mobile WMS. Are you considering going from a paper-based setup to a mobile solution to minimize the risk of inventory errors? Optimize your warehouse processes today with Tasklet Factory's Mobile WMS for Dynamics 365 Business Central.
StoryPoint. Manage your resources and create revenue predictability with StoryPoint from SmartApps. StoryPoint is a complete solution for knowledge-based service companies.
Time and Billing. It's critical to a business's cash flow and customer satisfaction that all billable time is entered expediently. SimCrest's Time and Billing app makes time entry and billing customers effortless.
Traditional Chinese Language for Hong Kong. K-Solve's Traditional Chinese Language for Hong Kong provides user interfaces in Traditional Chinese for Dynamics 365 Business Central. This also applies to the navigation bar, dashboard, function bar, and more.
TrueCommerce EDI and eCommerce (NA). TrueCommerce connects your business across the supply chain, integrating electronic data interchange, inventory management, fulfillment, and e-commerce and marketplaces.
USL G/L Report Writer. Build professional financial reports in seconds. Quickly generate cascading reports by account, account type, and dimension, in any order, for a variety of financial columns.

Automate, integrate, transfer, and archive with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

AXtension® Shipping Connect. Integrate all your logistics service providers in one operational and uniform process within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
bossDMS for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation. bossDMS enables document management and electronic archiving from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as well as from external sources, such as emails and drawings.
Crowe Advanced Supply Chain for Automotive. Crowe Advanced Supply Chain for Automotive extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to meet the specialized requirements of the automotive supply chain.
E-Bank statement & MT940. MT940/MT942 is an international electronic account statement format. With E-Bank, you can transfer your account transactions to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations without any bank restriction.
MetaViewer Paperless AP Automation. MetaViewer's Paperless AP Automation, integrated with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, provides automated document capture, end-to-end visibility, and an intelligent workflow based on your defined rules.
Payroll Management, Dynamics365 for Operation. Gems Consulting Company delivers a comprehensive solution to manage employee compensation with a localized and configurable tax structure to maintain compliance.
Pricing and Costing for Wholesale Distribution. Enavate’s Pricing and Costing app helps wholesaler distributors that need to maintain complex customer pricing strategies in an easy-to-use and flexible format.
Recognition Management. Employee recognition is an important feature of CEM's human resources software for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Easily enable senior managers to send appraisal requests to HR and reward the efforts of your employees.
xG Billing. The complexity of multi-product advertising is increasing. xG Billing by Imagine Communications streamlines multi-platform advertising into a single financial system and onto a single invoice.

Increase time entries for Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

PSA Bulk Time Entries. This solution by 355 Architechs lets you register time entries for a full week.

Import, empower, and seal the deal with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

BrokerSpace 365 Agent Engagement. BrokerSpace 365 Agent Engagement breaks down data silos created by traditional solutions, empowering brokerage firms to better manage their sales, operations, and agent relationships.
clodura. Use Clodura to find companies, sales triggers, contacts, contact details, and campaigns on a single platform.
Cross Talk for Dynamics 365. Add live web features to your Dynamics 365 for Sales experience. With Cross Talk for Dynamics 365, your users can collaborate as they work on overlapping data within forms in the standard web client.
Dynamics 365: Import Events into T-Dox. T-Dox is software that enhances data collection on the go. Thanks to this plug-in, you will be able to import Dynamics 365 tasks and appointments into T-Dox to populate your daybook and schedule operators' activities.
Dynamics 365: Import Products into T-Dox. With this plug-in, you will be able to import Dynamics 365 products into T-Dox in order to choose them as products while filling out forms or collecting data from your mobile devices.
Leasepath. Leasepath brings accessibility and ease of use to critical business functions. Develop multiple quotes attached to a single deal in process, track submissions to multiple funders, and use system rules to handle multi-tiered decision-making.
Occupational Safety and Health for Manufacturing. Occupational Safety and Health for Manufacturing is a business solution designed for fast and optimal registration of findings and events.
Salesgenie for Dynamics. Salesgenie for Dynamics 365 for Sales makes it easy for sales and marketing professionals to search for targeted leads, get contacts and phone numbers, and view detailed profiles.
Sales Management for Manufacturing Industries. Intech Systems’ manufacturing solution gives you accurate demand forecasting, visibility into inventory, efficient customer service, and other features that can add value by anticipating and meeting customer demands.
SpurGo Dynamics Add-In. SpurGo makes a game out of completing tasks and goals. And when you are using Dynamics 365, you can have your CRM-related tasks automatically report progress to SpurGo.

Manage your IT assets and systems

ATOM - Advanced Threat & Organization Monitoring. ATOM combines operational and security data in a single dashboard, and it offers instant monitoring and fast and easy deployment.
CADD - Cloud Accelerated Development & Delivery. CADD delivers the framework, tools, methodology, and architecture building blocks to attain continuous integration/continuous delivery within days.
DocAve Migrators for Office 365. Accelerate Office 365 deployment and adoption with fast migration from legacy data stores. Migrate business-critical content into SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, and Office 365 – SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business.
ITaaS365. ITaaS365 replaces IT help desk functions with managed desktops, Azure administration and monitoring, contextual training and deployment, cloud service optimization and cost reduction, and 24/7 support for severity 1 incidents.
Prognosis for Unified Communications. Optimize IT operations, maximize end user satisfaction, and enable the productivity users expect from Skype for Business with IR's Prognosis for Unified Communications.
UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker. The UDS Enterprise connection broker dramatically simplifies virtual desktop management in Azure, helping IT administrators optimize their work and achieve greater agility.

Streamline human resources and training

Expenses for Dynamics 365 for Talent - HR. Expedite the reimbursement process. Built-in workflows allow employees to digitally submit expense requests with attachments for approval or rejection. The solution supports both mobile and PC-based environments.
HR Document Management - Dynamics 365 for Talent. This web-based application securely stores all your important HR documents, complying with privacy regulations, tracking the expiration dates of each document, and eliminating them per regulations.
Oak Intranet. Oak Intranet is your ticket to employee engagement. Ready-to-go and cloud-based, it includes content management, collaboration tools, social networking, intelligent search, personnel and holiday management, service desk features, and more.
Payroll Interface for Dynamics 365 for Talent - HR. Is the lack of integration between human capital management and payroll causing you difficulties? This web app lets you exchange relevant payroll information from your Dynamics 365 environment.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Advancya Complaints Management Portal. Consolidate your support team with a ready-made complaint management process. The reporting module gives real-time insights on received complaints, feedback, and response times, all from one consolidated dashboard.
Application Modernization with SYMPRA. Sympra is a mobile phone application that enables you to send push notifications to your employees. You can set your alerts from Azure Application Insights and Azure Operational Insights.
Appranet, Powering mobile teams. Appranet can digitize documentation, forms, and paperwork for mobile access. This helps streamline processes, reduce administration, and increase data accuracy.
Azure Content Services Platform for SAP. Directly connect your SAP to Azure, SharePoint, and Office 365 so users anywhere can view, save, update, distribute, and collaborate using business documents within the context of SAP processes.
Blue Panda Communications CoreInteract. Blue Panda Communications has created an intelligent contact center platform to address a growing need for unified customer communications. Based on Azure, the solution is easily scalable and maximizes efficiency.
BrandOn365. BrandOn365 integrates with Azure Active Directory to provide organization-wide shared art boards so you can share assets. Improve brand consistency and save time.
CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE for Office365 SharePoint. This scalable and extensible server software automatically ingests emails and attachments from Office 365, mail servers, fax servers, XML/JSON-generated content, and mobile phone and tablet content.
ClicData. ClicData is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that improves efficiency through better reporting. It features more than 50 native data connectors, a data management and cleansing tool, a dashboard editor, and more.
Conference@Net - Event Management Platform. Conference@Net, an online platform integrated with social networks and available on gesture-controlled devices, helps organizers manage events and conferences.
effie> operational control. Automate regulatory processes, track performance on daily tasks, and monitor the implementation of standards by your employees.
Eightwire Data Exchange. Eightwire is a Software-as-a-Service tool that automatically moves data between systems. With Eightwire, businesses can ingest data from almost any external system within a matter of minutes for analytics and collaboration.
Enterprise Data Marketplace. The Enterprise Data Marketplace platform enables the connection of various sources of data, both online and offline, and makes the data accessible to every employee in an organization.
Epsillion: Document Automation in Word and Excel. Convert Word and Excel files into PDFs, webpages, presentations, e-books, and emails with the click of a button. Epsillion's easy-to-learn document automation software integrates with your existing workflows.
esFields. The esFields mobile application enables each team member in the field to send operational data back to the office by following clear form structures and process flows.
EzyPro Incident Management. Hidden in every incident or complaint is an opportunity for improvement. Use EzyPro to report incidents and complaints, then track and analyze improvement actions. Reduce risk and build a proactive safety culture.
EzyPro QHSE QMS. EzyPro QHSE enhances operational efficiency, delivering improved outcomes and collaboration. The quality management system (QMS) helps organizations integrate requirements of ISO systems in multiple QHSE domains.
Flexbby Archive Workflow Management RU Edition. Flexbby Archive Workflow Management is workflow automation software for archiving and storing documents. Barcodes and QR codes are printed on the documents and recognized by scanners.
Flexbby Contract Workflow Management RU Edition. Manage contractor and supplier approval processes, contracts, payments, and other documents. The solution automates workflows based on predefined conditions, events, and triggers.
Flexbby CRM RU Edition. Flexbby CRM helps you manage sales and relationships with customers and prospects. Implement efficient marketing strategies, minimize advertising campaign costs, and attract the most valuable customers.
Horion IMS. Horion IMS is a web-based platform for invoice management automation. Save time and eliminate hassles with this fast and intuitive platform.
ImageVault. Let ImageVault be the hub for all your digital media. Connect the media library with SharePoint, Office 365, InDesign, SiteVision, InRiver, WordPress, and Episerver, and securely and efficiently manage and use your digital media.
myViewBoard. myViewBoard is your digital whiteboard in the cloud. It includes subject templates, multimedia support, screen recording, and more. Merge the physical and the virtual with on-site touch and online interactive technologies for content creation.
oncast. LiteScape's OnCast simplifies and automates collaboration. OnCast extends your enterprise infrastructure directories, web conferencing, customer relationship management, office applications, email, and more to your phones and computers.
Quicktext. Quicktext centralizes all channels of instant communication (SMS, live chat, Facebook Messenger, etc.), helping brands to increase direct sales through scalable customer engagement and to cut costs through automation.
Secure file transfer for FTP, FTPS and SFTP. Get a fully managed hosting service (Software-as-a-Service) for FTP, FTPS, and SFTP right from your Azure account. The service caters to the large enterprise customer looking to move in-house FTP servers to the cloud.
Sigma Catalog. Sigma Catalog is a structured data management platform that maintains and exposes the relationships between products, services, and their component parts.
SimplySo for Office 365. With a user experience best described as "Facebook meets file explorer," SimplySo is a simplified layer user interface for Office 365 that maximizes user adoption, minimizes shadow IT, and enhances collaboration.
Spencer. Spencer proactively assists your workforce through carefully crafted employee journeys, helping them be more empowered, connected, and productive by making the tools you trust work together.
Wide Ideas - Innovation Software. Wide Ideas uses the collective intelligence of your employees to bring diversity to the innovation process, engaging different perspectives to key business challenges.

Apps utilizing AI, machine learning, GIS, or IoT

Automated Help Desk Chat Agent. Get business-first solutions using Microsoft Bot Framework to help automate, streamline, and enhance your customer and employee help desk. Reduce your call center costs and achieve faster ticket resolution times.
Azure IoT Central. Azure IoT Central is a fully managed global IoT Software-as-a-Service solution that makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT assets at scale. Bring your connected products to market faster while staying focused on your customers.
Cloud Imagery & GIS solution. Cyclomedia Technology's cloud-based solution for street-level imagery with GIS accuracy employs a five-camera panoramic image-capture system. Work more efficiently and save money by conducting inspections remotely.
IT Helpdesk Bot. At Acuvate, we have created an AI-powered chatbot that uses machine learning and natural language processing to attend to simple IT queries. Chatbots extract information from a knowledge base, FAQs, and user guides.
Pointr. Pointr's business intelligence and analytics platform combines smartphones, the cloud, and augmented reality options in a topological hierarchy that can be overlaid on any indoor location-sensing technology, including beacons.
Predictive Objects for Asset Intelligence. Predictive Objects leverages machine learning, AI, and Big Data to automate the creation and deployment of predictive models, enabling business experts to make faster and more accurate predictions.
SEMINE - AI Accounting Automation Suite. The SEMINE robot has been developed with self-learning algorithms for processes related to invoice handling. SEMINE is integrated in the client’s existing ERP system and is available in English and Norwegian.

Track your business’s performance, logistics, sales, and customer satisfaction

9 Spokes Small Business Dashboard. 9 Spokes is a tracking tool designed to enhance the performance of your small business. It collates and sorts your data, and you can get a comprehensive picture of your performance through a single smart dashboard.
CargoValue. This intelligent logistics platform allows teams to efficiently plan and manage their shipping schedule and inventory in one unified solution.
datapine - AI Driven Business Intelligence. datapine is a web-based business intelligence platform that helps people turn data into actionable insights and make data-driven decisions in real time.
exTables. The exTables analytical information governance platform focuses on three main areas: analytical master data management, transaction data loading, and key performance indicators.
Freight Desk. FreightDesk automates logistics for global companies with complex supply chains. The cloud-based software integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to consolidate consignments, manage freight rates, track goods, exchange documents, and more.
Linistry - Digital Queueing. With Linistry, customers can reserve their spot in line on-site and off-site from any location, turning waiting time into active time. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
QicsMilestones. QicsMilestones is a Software-as-a-Service solution for project planning, time registration and billing, and reporting/analytics.
Sigma CPQ. Integrated with the Sigma Catalog that defines the product, service, and resource portfolio, Sigma CPQ ensures consistency across the sales function and across all sales channels.
Sigma Order Management. Deployed in the cloud or on-premises, Sigma Order Management eliminates points of order failure, minimizes fulfilment costs, and maximizes customer satisfaction.
VANTAGE Lite. Axienta's VANTAGE Lite sales force automation solution automates redistribution activities and enables actionable business insights to manage sales and distribution operations.

Go farther with these consulting services

Cloud Contact Center: 1 Day Briefing. This briefing by Perficient will share insights on how you can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to drive new opportunities in your contact center.
Dynamics 365: 5-Day Proof of Concept. This proof of concept by Chorus IT will show how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can work for your organization. The POC can be used as a project business case, to gain buy-in, or to minimize project risk.
Dynamics 365 Health Check: 2-Day Workshop. This Dynamics 365 health check by Chorus IT is designed to quickly help your organization identify risks, and it will provide recommendations in order to improve your Dynamics 365 system.
SherWeb BI and Analytics -4 Wk Implementation. SherWeb’s team of business intelligence experts will help you pick the right KPIs and deliver secure, high-quality reports in weeks, not months.

Ensure safety and security

Sophos Intercept X for Server. Sophos Intercept X for Server protects against malicious attacks and leverages deep learning to detect never-before-seen malware. Stop ransomware, roll back affected files, and block hacking attempts.
StagedPay Credit Card/ACH/Recurring Payment Portal. Protect your business and customers from theft, fraud, and data breaches. StagedPay safeguards your customers’ credit card information whether you take orders over the phone, online, or in person.

Manage your video assets

Peer5 serverless CDN. Peer5's peer-to-peer technology reduces enterprise video bandwidth consumption and solves the peak-demand problem. Save time and money without the need to maintain and install clients or hardware in your network.

Stay up to date

AppSource is continually expanding the library of line-of-business apps that work with Microsoft products and technologies. Be sure to check out the full app library to see how Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is working to support businesses across industries and regions.