What’s new, July 1-15: apps to enhance Dynamics 365, harness AI, and more

AppSource welcomed more than 60 apps between July 1 and 15, 2018, many of them designed to add functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or to utilize artificial intelligence.

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Industry-specific apps for financial services, professional services, marketing, manufacturing, retail, government, nonprofits, and education

Adobe Engagement Strategy for Retail. Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager use all customer data to create and distribute personalized content for every experience.

Aprimo Distributed Marketing. Aprimo Distributed Marketing provides local and channel capabilities, uniting content, campaigns, funds, and data to create a seamless process for brands and marketers.

Finviews Listed Company Fundamentals. Finviews by Managility provides financial fundamentals data directly from SEC reports, and it provides pricing and ownership details in a standardized format.

Gestor Social. Gestor Social is a tool that facilitates and guides government services in the fulfillment of objectives in a simple and friendly way, using the basic principles of management, indicators, metrics, and technology.

Guildkraft. guildKraft by digiBlitz reduces the complexities in dealing with membership management, events management, and various internal operational processes when you implement consortium-based blockchain.

InPlace. InPlace connects students with the workplace through easy-to-use and flexible management software, and it enhances the operational efficiency of higher education institutes that offer work experience and cooperative learning.

Joud. Joud by eSense Software is a platform integrated with Dynamics 365 and targeting the nonprofit, NGO branches of healthcare, education, and aid. Joud automates operations and helps organizations manage the donations cycle.

Lifeliqe. Lifeliqe makes it exciting to learn K-12 science with a lifelike and interactive 3-D curriculum. The Lifeliqe web app is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards as well as Common Core.

MarketingBot. MarketingBot by LiveTiles connects to Dynamics 365 CRM, Office 365, and Instagram to provide marketing teams with streamlined access to customer relationship management data and the latest company social media content.

MoData -Sales Analytics For Microsoft Dynamics. Combine all of your data across Dynamics CRM, marketing, sales prospecting, and customer success systems to get accurate, up-to-the-minute, shared, and centralized insights for sales professionals.

Mojix Retail Solutions Suite. The Mojix Retail Solutions Suite is an out-of-the-box solution using Microsoft Azure and is designed to enable automation and digitization of retail operations and supply chains.

Nextail. Nextail's dynamic algorithms learn from retail stores' performance by combining machine learning and image recognition to deliver an advanced forecasting model that detects demand and stock patterns.

Paymentology. The Paymentology platform offers next-generation issuer-side payment processing for all card providers, from challenger banks to Tier 1 banks.

SMART Marketing Automation. Create, manage, and deliver brand experiences from a single platform across all channels. With SMART Marketing, you get a comprehensive view of the customer.

synfoxx®/p - Product Master Data Management. Software-as-a-Service solution synfoxx®/p, built by Systrion AG from Germany, puts all product master data in one central location and integrates with ERP systems.

Change languages, control expenses, and update prices with these tools for Dynamics 365 Business Central

360 Smart Pricing. Calculate and update item prices based on your purchase cost and shifts in exchange rates. This app requires the Essentials edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Budgetary Control. Overshooting budgets can cause severe impacts in business workflows. Control your expenses with predefined budgets to help management make well-informed decisions.
ExFlow AP automation. ExFlow is an add-on module that streamlines and rationalizes the accounts payable process, providing better control and higher efficiency with a complete log of all accounting transactions.
Korea VAT & E-Invoicing. This app provides data management functions for VAT reporting to Korea National Tax Service.
Korean Language. The Korean Language app by DEEX Korea Co. Ltd. enables Dynamics 365 Business Central users to operate the system in a Korean-language environment.
View Order to Cash. View all of your posted documents for a sales order in a single place instead of needing to go to different locations in Business Central. See assembly orders, purchase orders, sales shipments, invoice numbers, and payment numbers.

Track serialized inventory with this app for Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Field Service Inventory Serialization. Track serialized inventory from receipt to RMA (return material authorization). Get a 30-day trial of the solution and see how serialized inventory coupled with Dynamics 365 for Field Service can improve your operations!

Manage online sales with this app for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

OXID eShop for Dynamics 365. OXID eShop by ESYON speeds up your online store management by leveraging the existing business logic of your enterprise resource planning system, saving you time and money.

Wield purpose-built workflows and data models with this app for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Customer Service for Financial Services. This solution is built for the banking, insurance, mutual fund, and non-banking financial company sphere, with specific templates, screens, workflows, processes, data models, and integration framework.

Customize and automate with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Auto Number Solution. Auto Number by Intone Networks is a simple add-in component for Microsoft Dynamics CRM developed to address the functional gap of record- or document-unique identifying control numbers.

Configurable Workflow&SLAs engine (Light). Model complex workflows in Dynamics 365 in an open, flexible, and configurable way. The light version contains some limitations but is free. 

D365 Icons and Tooltips. With D365 Icons and Tooltips by PhuocLe, sales professionals can create, define, and customize icons and tooltips for each view without having to know JavaScript.

Simple. Simple helps chief marketing officers and teams gain more agility, insights, and control to manage and create profitable customer experiences through an intelligent marketing platform.

So Franchise. Automate the recruitment of your franchisees and easily manage them with So Franchise, which allows you to monitor their development and profitability with daily reporting features.

WinPlan – FedCapture. Take a one-hour Test Drive of WinPlan - FedCapture by TechnoMile, which is designed for government contractors.

Apps using artificial intelligence, machine learning, or augmented reality

ARRA for Field Service. ARRA is augmented reality remote assistance built for field service. Technicians can utilize smart glasses to receive hands-free support or leverage mobile functionality to receive real-time feedback via a tablet or smartphone.

Aurora. Aurora by eSense Software is a mixed-reality engine built using Xamarin and supports transforming real-world objects into augmented reality and virtual reality 3-D content.

Eagle Genomics - e[automateddatascientist]. This Eagle Genomics knowledge discovery platform utilizes machine learning to transform data into actionable insights that drive scientific decision-making.

Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics. Qymatix employs artificial intelligence and is designed for business-to-business commerce. It enables medium-sized enterprises to discover cross-selling, churn risk, and pricing opportunities from their ERP and CRM sales data.
Rimilia Alloc8 solutions. Rimilia automates the accounts receivable process, enabling organizations to match and reconcile payments using machine learning. Rimilia delivers visibility, improves control of cash flow and collection, and cuts manual processing costs.
SalesBot. SalesBot by LiveTiles connects to Dynamics 365 CRM and Office 365, providing sales teams with streamlined access to CRM data. SalesBot can be deployed as an AI bot service delivering instant support to your employees.
Stratifyd. Stratifyd is an end-to-end customer analytics platform powered by AI that captures all customer interactions and turns them into actionable business insights via more than 80 data connectors, real-time processing, and intuitive data visualizations.
tExAct. Any sales discussion involves many tasks that need to be manually executed using Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, etc. The intelligent assistant tool tExAct helps automate these tasks.

Provide training, staff development, and human resources services

beqom Total Compensation Management. Using beqom, all forms of compensation and rewards distributed by large enterprises can be managed on a single, flexible, transparent, and compliant platform, fully automated and auditable.

Online Language Training. Speexx Smart Learning comprises cloud-based assessment, continuous learning, and embedded performance support. It's based on data science and artificial intelligence to provide an anticipatory, customized adaptive learning experience.

Sopro Online Azure. Develop staff skills using existing Microsoft infrastructure and make use of H5P reusable content. Quickly add a learning environment to your department and import Microsoft Azure users, then create the courses, content, and tasks.

Manage your IT assets

Flood.io. Flood is a load-testing platform by Tricentis that lets you run globally distributed performance tests with open-source tools, including JMeter, Gatling, Selenium, and Chrome. Scale out load tests for maximum concurrency and throughput at any given time.

Green Circle. Green Circle by eSense Software is an intelligent, flexible, customizable, and cost-effective cybersecurity solution that provides advanced insights on network security health. 

NMLStream Quadrant. NMLStream’s artificial intelligence solution, Quadrant, maximizes uptime, improves system performance, and enhances site reliability engineering and DevOps efficiency.

Office Protect for Office 365. Office Protect by Sherweb affordably helps everyone get the most out of Office 365 security by suggesting best-practice security settings, monitoring events in your tenant, and reporting in easy-to-understand terms.

User Management Pack 365. This app simplifies user lifecycle and identity management across Skype for Business Server (on-premises), Skype for Business Phone System (cloud), and Microsoft Teams deployments.

Zadara® VPSA® Storage Array. The Zadara VPSA is a cloud-based enterprise NAS virtual appliance with an NFS/CIFS server, dual HA controllers, dedicated high-performance drives, and enterprise-class storage features with Active Directory integration.

Migrate or integrate your systems

Cloud Fastpath. Cloud Fastpath by Tervela Inc. powers demanding content migrations to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, with pre-migration analytics, project management tools, and robust reporting.

CloudMigrator Download. Use CloudMigrator to securely migrate email, contacts, files, and calendars from enterprise sources to Microsoft Office 365. Once downloaded, install CloudMigrator in your own Azure environment and benefit from increased throughput.

CloudMigrator Go. CloudMigrator Go is the Software-as-a-Service version of CloudMigrator, ideal for smaller and less complex migrations. CloudMigrator Go enables you to take charge of your Office 365 migration in just five simple steps.

Integrate ERP, CRM, e-Comms, Marketplace etc. LinkApi is a business-to-business Integration Platform-as-a-Service that enables you to integrate Dynamics with ERP or CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and more.

Reekoh IoT Integration Platform-as-a-Service. Reekoh's integration platform helps enterprises rapidly take control of their fragmented IoT solutions, unlock the full value of their data, and build capability for the future.
SPINR. The SPINR platform creates a bridge into the cloud and mobile-first world, placing users at the heart of the service and breaking down barriers so systems can integrate and share data. Eliminate process inefficiency and silos of information.

Tools for secure or sensitive documents

GDPR Compliant Secure File Transfer. MBM Secure File Transfer is designed to replace email for transferring private files. It provides a fast, reliable, and easy way to send and receive files using secure web technology and GDPR-compliant datacenters.

SMART GDPR - Professional Edition. Smart GDPR Professional Edition is software infrastructure that facilitates and accelerates GDPR compliance and manages it on a daily basis.

Text IQ Deep Concept Analysis (DCA). Customers reviewing documents can use Deep Concept Analysis to search for embarrassing language, code words, and possible privacy concerns, such as personally identifiable information or protected health information.

Improve collaboration and productivity

Apono. Apono is a centralized application hub built on top of Microsoft Project Server 2016 that provides a comprehensive view for tasks, activities, milestones, and other important project aspects.

Aware Data Management. Built to reduce legal and compliance barriers to collaboration, Aware Data Management by Wiretap enables you to set data retention policies and comply with GDPR.

Aware Monitoring. Aware by Wiretap delivers AI-infused monitoring, compliance, and culture protection that enables Office 365 collaboration. Aware integrates with Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Groups.

Berry - Enterprise Correspondence. Berry by eSense Software is a web-based correspondence management system that helps institutions organize incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondence.

Eventa. Eventa by eSense Software is a niche product for royalty, heads of states, and prime ministers to help them manage their schedule and day-to-day activities. There is also a version for business executives and CEOs.

Feedfall. Feedfall by Wiretap is a no-cost digital signage solution for Yammer. Showcase your organization's ideas for important meetings, and make your next event your best event.

Ordertake. Ordertake by PTL Ltd. is an ERP-agnostic mobile order management application hosted on Azure and created for sales representatives to quickly and easily process requisitions on the move.

PhraseApp. PhraseApp is an agile translation management solution for web and mobile applications. Collaborate with your whole team, get fast translations, and scale your localization process through better workflow integrations.

Stay up to date

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