What’s new, July 16–31: apps to solve industry-specific problems, manage IT assets, and leverage AI

AppSource welcomed more than 70 apps between July 16 and 31, 2018, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific challenges, add features to Microsoft Dynamics 365, leverage AI or machine learning, and control IT assets and systems.

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Industry-specific apps for education, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, nonprofits, retail, and marketing 

Agility CMS - Digital Experience Manager. Agility's hybrid CMS solution performs in a multi-tenant cloud and helps organizations turn digital storytelling into sales growth and better customer experiences.
Alertme. If you have a customer portal where your customers or partners can log in and interact with your business, then AlertMe will enable those customers to sign up for business alerts that you define.
Aprimo Campaign. Aprimo Campaign helps marketers segment data and send personalized campaigns to customers. Access your deep, rich marketing data wherever it is located.
Aprimo Marketing Productivity. Aprimo Marketing Productivity simplifies and automates marketing collaboration. Get content, campaigns, and experiences to market faster. Manage your brand activities, automate resource planning, and measure performance.
Bizom. Bizom by Mobisy Technologies Private Limited is your tool for improving the efficiency of sales, distribution, strategy, HR, and branding. Bizom's powerful real-time analytics are based on order behavior from more than 5 million retail outlets.
Campus@Cloud. Campus@Cloud is a powerful, flexible, and comprehensive solution for schools, colleges, and universities that is aimed at speeding up administrative functions and increasing accountability.
Digital Clipboard. Client onboarding is a mission-critical issue for wealth advisors looking to protect and grow market share. Digital Clipboard streamlines workflows and automates onboarding, reducing costs while improving client conversion.
Donorfy. Donorfy is customer relationship management software built for the needs of U.K. and Scandinavian charities and nonprofits. It handles constituent management, income processing, trusts, foundations, campaign management, reporting, and more.
GDPR Edge™. GDPR Edge, powered by Intel, is a fast and easy way to operationalize your GDPR compliance and scale your processing of data subject access requests (DSARs) in a way that stands up to third-party scrutiny.
InsideView Marketing Suite. Grow your addressable market and target prospects more effectively with InsideView Marketing Suite. InsideView data is aggregated and validated from more than 40,000 media, financial, editorial, and social sources.
JourneyLabs Journey Management Platform. JourneyLabs extends telehealth platforms to include personalized and automated patient engagement. This platform operationalizes long-term interactions and improves participant outcomes in high-stakes relationships.
Lead Scoring. Analytikus' intelligent recruitment solution helps higher education institutions optimize the contact process and identify prospects, integrating information from CRM systems and marketing automation.
Marketing Content Hub. Stylelabs NV's Marketing Content Hub provides an integrated solution for managing digital assets, marketing resources, digital rights, and product information, with an engaging, responsive marketing and brand portal.
MDM Enterprise. MDM Enterprise in the cloud is the workflow solution for enterprise-level master data management and other compliance processes. Automate processes, generate documentation, fulfill regulations, leverage index-based phonetic search, and more.
Online Commitment. Analytikus' solution processes such variables as participation, tasks, and access to forums in order to monitor and gauge student commitment. This assists teachers, tutors, and others in recognizing struggling or vulnerable students.
Prodsmart. Prodsmart helps manufacturers and fabricators track shop floor activity and achieve paperless production, turning any production plant into a digital smart factory through the use of mobile and industrial IoT technology.
RSK Notary Solution. RSK Notary Solution by RSK Labs is an e-signature platform with blockchain technology integrated that provides digitization advantages combined with the security of blockchain.
ShookIOT Essentials for IIOT. Rely on a single version of the truth about each of your assets with a vendor-neutral solution that consolidates your industrial application data. Achieve operational intelligence with easy access to all your required information.
Success Score. Analytikus' analytical solution developed through mathematical models uses essays, assignments, exams, social network posts, and other material to predict the success of students and help provide teachers a fuller view of their students' personality.
Tokywoky. TokyWoky is a Software-as-a-Service solution that allows online shoppers to advise one another via peer-to-peer live chat. TokyWoky can boost online conversion, reduce customer service contacts, and give brands more insights about their customers.

Add specialized functionality with these tools for Dynamics 365 Business Central

AppXite Subscription Commerce and Billing. AppXite's white-label solution to enable and manage automated and scalable billing can be used as both a managed and hosted solution with value-add services, such as dunning and credit validation.
B-BBEE Scorecard. Easily track, analyze, and report on your suppliers’ B-BBEE scorecard ratings. Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is designed to ensure economic transformation and redistribution within the South African corporate sector.
Compliance Check. Companies with international business contacts must ensure there are no relationships whatsoever with sanctioned persons, associations, or organizations. Kumavision AG's app turns this complex task into a fully automated process.
OneCore Loans Express. Speed up your loan processing and support a broad range of financial products with AXIOM PROVIS Int.'s OneCore Loans Express, a highly configurable and industry-agnostic platform.
Sana Commerce (RoW). Sana Commerce integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central to make your enterprise resource planning system the heart of your online business. This trial is available in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
South African Invoice. This app shows customers’ VAT numbers. In South Africa, the Value-Added Tax (VAT) Act 89 of 1991 requires vendors to reflect VAT registration numbers and individual serial numbers on all sales invoices issued and received.
User ID Tracking. With TrinSoft's User ID Tracking app, whenever a purchase or sales order is created, the ID of the user who created the document is captured, recorded, and made readily available on each document.
VAT Automation. Designed with South African businesses in mind, Braintree by Vox's VAT Automation allows you to easily set up and automate VAT for all sales and purchase documents, as well as fixed assets.

Apply case management with this app for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Neudesic Healthcare case management solutions. Quickly configure case management tools for payers and providers with Neudesic's intelligent system, which features robust tracking and reporting capabilities while protecting member, provider, and patient rights.

Improve planning and add localization features with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Advanced Demand Forecasting. This integrated Dynamics 365 module from Farsight Solutions calculates forecasts of future demand (demand planning) for items based on sales order or invoice demand and, optionally, production and projects demand.

AlfaPeople - Projects and Contracts Pack. AlfaPeople Andino S.A. has developed a module for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations that allows you to take control of projects and contracts developed by public sector entities.

Turkish Localization. Turkish Localization by Kaya Systems is an add-on for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to extend the standard functionality and make it suitable for use under Turkish regulatory requirements.

Communicate, collaborate, and customize with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

2B-LAW 365. Simplify client management with 2B-LAW 365 and replace time-consuming, manual processes with point-and-click automation, enabling legal professionals and administrators to work securely and collaborate from any device at any time.

Aspect - Patient Engagement Solution. Aspect Software Inc.'s solution provides automated and omnichannel self-service two-way communication with patients. Healthcare providers can reduce no-shows, produce better outcomes, and raise revenue.

AXtension® Data Anonymizer. Ensure your customers' privacy and comply with GDPR rules by deleting or anonymizing customer data in a straightforward and user-friendly process.
Document Management for Dynamics. This document management solution for Dynamics 365 and SharePoint online features metadata and security synchronization, migration of activity notes attachments, and migration of email attachments.
Document Template Updater. No more modifying workflows because of changing document IDs: Document Template Updater by Thrives lets you download and update document templates with the click of a button.
Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise Edition App. Automate sales processes and monitor performance with this customizable relationship management app.
MazikCare FHIR EMR Accelerator. This integration accelerator by Mazik Global Inc. is a HIPAA-compliant solution that lets healthcare customers synchronize clinical and financial data with Dynamics and exchange healthcare data with electronic medical record apps.
proCONTRACTS. Imagine all your contracts organized, under control, and accessible in your CRM system: CRMFIRST GmbH's proCONTRACTS for Dynamics 365 supports your business with a 360-degree view of contract management.
Smartstatz Notification Popup. Smartstatz Solutions LLP's free app provides pop-ups for users upon case creation or update. The app has been created for the case entity, but the solution is generic enough to be configured for records of any other entity.
Work 365. Work 365 is a customer experience platform built on Dynamics 365 for Microsoft CSP partners. It enables cloud and recurring billing scenarios for IT services and software companies to scale their business profitably.

Apps utilizing artificial intelligence, Big Data, or machine learning

AcuitySpark. Powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data, and the cloud, AcuitySpark by Visionet Systems Inc. processes data from a variety of retail sources with very low latency to rapidly generate actionable, predictive intelligence.

Elna. Elna by eSense Software is a customizable AI personal assistant integrated with Cortana, Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint. Elna can identify and prioritize critical emails, read data related to the employee, and provide a voice command interface.
Onfido Identity Checking Solution. Onfido’s service validates physical identity documents (document validation), verifies biometric inputs (biometric identity verification) and analyzes the information end users provide about themselves (ID validation).
Perzonalization - AI Powered Personalization. Perzonalization’s real-time, AI-powered personalization engine gives product recommendations and automated reminder emails, providing an omnichannel predictive personalization experience.
Real-time Security for IoT Solutions. SecuriThings provides a fully managed service for securing IoT solutions. The system utilizes Big Data and advanced machine learning, alongside IoT cyber intelligence feeds, to detect and mitigate threats in real time.

Analyze, import, and audit with these analytics tools

Azure IoT Central Analytics. Monitor and analyze the data your devices send to Azure IoT Central in this Microsoft Power BI solution template.

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to Alation. Information Asset has developed a solution that imports representations of objects from Azure Blob storage into Alation. All file types are supported, but some conditions apply for CSV, JSON, XML, Avro, ORC, or Parquet files.
RAID.Cloud for Roaming Fraud. The RAID.Cloud roaming fraud app is a preconfigured fraud management application that allows you to audit and control inbound and outbound network traffic through the analysis of NRTRDE files using four distinct criteria.

Computer-aided design and 3-D apps

CADLearning Subscription Service. Learn Autodesk products with complete integration into AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and Navisworks with complete tracking of your progress. CADLearning is a platform based on Azure that uses AI and Azure Machine Learning.

Polystream 3D Application Streaming Platform. The Polystream platform supports intensive 3-D software, like games, simulations, CAD, or BIM. Polystream can run your 3-D software from any cloud at scale – because we don’t need a graphics GPU in the cloud.

Increase collaboration and productivity in your organization

GIEOM Digital BluePrint. This blueprints your organization by digitizing your standard operating procedures in a graphical, easy-to-understand format. GIEOM Digital BluePrint also serves as a full training repository and communication platform.

GIEOM Policy Builder. GIEOM Policy Builder helps you extract the relevant clauses from central bank circulars and policy documents and then simplify them, enabling employees to easily understand them. The tool maintains its link to the original documents and source text, so the organization will always be audit-ready.

GIEOM Validator. GIEOM validator is an AI-powered document verification system that uses intelligent character recognition, optical character recognition, and computer vision combined with machine learning to speed processing and reduce inefficiency.

KURO365. KURO365 is a fully managed package based on Office 365 and several other cloud products and services dedicated to providing users with the tools to ensure productivity and security.

KURO PORTAL. KURO Document Portal and KURO Business Portal are two fully managed packages based on Office 365 and services dedicated to providing users with the tools they need to ensure collaboration while accessing and using working documents.
Master Data Online. Prospecta’s Master Data Online (MDO) delivers trustworthy and reliable data to business users by mediating, managing, and governing core master data shared by multiple master data domains.
Persona365. Persona365 lets you deliver a modern workspace, managing hosted and on-premises apps, integrating Microsoft 365, providing Single Sign On based on Azure Active Directory, and providing access to legacy Windows apps in a browser-based workspace.

Manage your IT assets and systems

CoreView - Office 365 Management Solution. CoreView provides a fully integrated toolset that incorporates monitoring, reporting, management, customizable administration, and training/adoption to help customers stay in control of their Office 365 deployment.

Digital transformation platform. Looking for a platform to help you navigate digital transformation while retaining familiar Microsoft technologies? Mavim offers infinitely scalable software that facilitates the creation of a dynamic, virtual representation of your organization.
Intranet Kit 2.0. Intranet Kit by Covenant Technology Partners provides a platform for configuring a best practices intranet. Intranet Kit integrates with SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 and features a native drag-and-drop interface.
Magic xpc Integration Platform. Magic xpc is a modern, cloud-native, microservices-based platform to speed up integration projects, slash IT maintenance costs, and improve productivity and business process performance.
Magic xpi Integration Platform. This platform maps data, automates business processes, and connects apps, databases, APIs, and more – all from a single platform with built-in Microsoft connectors and the ability to integrate with any Microsoft ecosystem.
Managed SIEM (DAILY ANALYST). Bulletproof’s managed security information and event management (SIEM) is a 24/7 cyber threat protection service, monitoring your infrastructure, systems, network, and applications for security events.
MongoDB Hosting on Azure: Dedicated Clusters. Automate your MongoDB hosting on Microsoft Azure with a fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) from ScaleGrid. Easily deploy, monitor, back up, and scale your MongoDB clusters in the cloud.
MyCloudIT. Conexlink's MyCloudIT is a turnkey automation and management solution to deliver desktops and applications in Azure. Move to the cloud quickly and simply with remote desktop services (RDS) technology on Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service.
REPLiCA - Cloud Governance & Stacks Self-Provision. Boost your cloud governance with REPLiCA from CAPSiDE. REPLiCA’s point-and-click interface simplifies the launch of new infrastructure. Just select the blueprints to use and launch replicas in seconds.
Reveal(x) for Azure. ExtraHop Networks Inc.'s Reveal(x) for Azure brings network traffic analytics to enterprise cloud deployments. It’s a new way of analyzing digital interactions on the network while providing increased visibility, rapid insights, and simple workflows.
Silverfort Authentication Platform. From a unified platform, without any modifications to endpoints or servers, Silverfort enables adaptive multifactor authentication across corporate networks and industrial and cloud environments. Silverfort is built for the scale, complexity, and dynamic nature of today's networks.
UNIFYAdvantage. UNIFYAdvantage incorporates Azure Active Directory and Azure Active Directory B2C to deliver an agile, secure, and cost-effective cloud identity service.
UNIFYAssure. UNIFYAssure helps you better manage access to corporate systems in your organization, with bidirectional connectivity and synchronization between HRIS data and Active Directory and Azure Active Directory.

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