What’s new, June 1-15: industry apps for professional services, manufacturing, financial services, and education

AppSource welcomed 57 apps between June 1 and 15, 2018, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific challenges for professional services, manufacturing, financial services, and education.

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Industry-specific apps for professional services, manufacturing, financial services, and education

Account Plans - Profile For Key Sales Accounts. This planning app helps the account management team set goals for the coming period, review the health of the account against go-to-market criteria, and plan for actions to improve performance and advocacy.

Acterys Financial Planning & Analytics. Acterys is a cloud-based or on-premises service for data discovery and planning. It enables users to generate professional data models that integrate data sources with connectors to accounting systems and other sources.
AMOC- AT&T Asset Management Operations Center. Asset Management Operations Center is a customizable, client-ready solution that enables businesses to track, monitor, and manage assets from a centralized UI.
Autosync Microsoft Planner with Jira by Unito. Unito allows you to work with teams using Jira without leaving Microsoft Planner. Sync projects, assignees, due dates, attachments, and comments across both platforms so you're never out of the loop.
Autosync Microsoft Planner with Trello by Unito. Sync any task between Microsoft Planner and Trello in minutes, with no coding required. Try it for free. Connect projects, assignees, due dates, attachments, and comments across platforms.
BeyondLearning Sales Pipeline Predictor. Have you ever wanted to put your sales data through a machine learning algorithm to determine which opportunities have the highest probability of closing? Our free, web-based app in Azure predicts win-loss outcomes.
Campaign - Manage Marketing Campaigns. Use the Campaign app to plan, manage, and report on the success of marketing campaigns. This is part of the Go-To-Market suite, and campaigns can range from conferences to mail shots to LinkedIn initiatives.
Cloud Based Application Development Tool. Copilot’s tool allows you to create safe, fast-responding data applications that meet your needs using only your browser. Develop apps just by dragging and dropping – no coding hassles here.
Coach Plan - Plan, Manage, Track and Report. This app is used to plan, manage, track, and report on coaching activities. Coaches are often a key part of building capabilities within teams and individuals at work and are a resource that needs to be developed.
Conversica Automated Sales Assistant. Conversica's AI sales assistant engages in natural, two-way human conversation, reaching out to every single lead. It lets your salespeople focus on selling and closing deals instead of chasing down leads.
Eastwind CloudVu for Azure. This threat-detection service continuously patrols for malicious or unauthorized behavior against Microsoft Azure accounts and workloads, checking network and log data for suspicious activity.
Eastwind CloudVu, powered by CloudLens for Azure. Eastwind CloudVu provides visibility, threat analysis, and user and entity behavioral analytics to identify malicious activity, insider threats, and data leakage within your Azure infrastructure.
eperi Cloud Data Protection for Azure web apps. Address legal and regulatory compliance for sensitive data controls when using various apps on Azure. The solution allows the customer to maintain sole control of the encryption process on-premises.
FMCG365. FMCG365 optimizes every role in your organization to master your fast-moving consumer goods activities. Avento's FMCG365 is an international solution based on industry standards.
GainX Platform. GainX patent-pending software solutions leverage AI technology and advanced network design theory to provide boards, senior executives, and managers with intuitive tools, dashboards, and real-time metrics.
GMP Audit - Good Manufacturing Practice Audit. The Good Manufacturing Practice Audit app provides a structured approach to the routine assessment of key areas of your business, from logistics and warehousing to manufacturing and planning.
Innovation Health Check - Assessment of Innovation. This business app provides a quick assessment of the innovative health of an entrepreneurial business or team. Each red and amber indicator represents an opportunity for performance improvement.
nyris visual search engine. The nyris solution is an ultra-fast and flexible visual product and object search engine. You can quickly add its visual search to any website with just three lines of code.
On Demand Migration for Email. On Demand Migration for Email enables you to securely migrate users and data to Office 365, on-premises Exchange platforms, or hosted Exchange platforms without installing or maintaining migration software.
P-Plan - Performance Planning. Use the P-Plan app to align business objectives with goals, then review performance and capabilities as they evolve throughout the year. Use it in an employee performance management process or when pulling new teams together.
QR Inventory. Keep an accurate real-time inventory count and track your assets' locations regardless of how dispersed your inventory is. Use QR Inventory for inventory management, asset tracking, mobile data collection, process tracking, and traceability.
Risk Register - A list of Risks or Issues. The Risk Register app displays a list of risks or potential problems across a business unit or team, and it's used to capture, identify, and mitigate business, operational, and program risks.
Slope 30 Day Free Trial. Get 30 days of a fully loaded free trial of Slope's premium product tier, with unlimited projects, users, and assets. Slope is built on Microsoft Azure and bridges the gap between project management and creative review.
Starmind. Connect employee questions with instant answers. Starmind uses machine learning to capture and understand individual expertise, allowing teams to solve problems by receiving quality solutions that employees trust.
Strategy Health Check - Strategy health assessment. This business app provides a quick assessment of the strategic health of an entrepreneurial business or team. Each red and amber indicator represents an opportunity for performance improvement.
T-Card - Quick Process Improvements. Use T-Card for process improvements that do not require advanced problem-solving expertise. The T refers to the shape of the card when using manual systems: The card is slotted on a board and the T stays at the top.
Tech Audit -Assess Systems, Software and Tech. Use the Tech Audit app to conduct an assessment of your systems, software, and technology. Each line item is assessed for strategic fit and operational excellence.
Tech Scan - Technology Tracker. The Tech Scan app continuously scans for technology changes that occur outside (or inside) the business. Reviewing new technologies should be built into the routine (quarterly/monthly) review process.
ThingLink for Education. With ThingLink’s image interaction technology, teachers and students can easily create interactive infographics, maps, drawings, and engaging 360-degree documentaries in a classroom setting, at home, or on field trips.
ThingLink Interactive Media Editor for Business. Engage your audience through rich media graphs, maps, or timelines that readers love exploring, or introduce your company to new employees virtually. Perfect for editorial, product marketing, e-learning, and education.
VideoKen: Supercharge Your Videos. VideoKen is an AI-based platform that makes videos richer by providing an automatically generated table of contents and a phrase cloud. Users can see the video summary at a glance and jump directly to their topic of interest.

Expand functionality with these tools for Dynamics 365 Business Central

ADP Workforce Now Outbound Integration. Make updating financial data easy by seamlessly passing payroll journal entries and employee data from ADP Workforce Now to your business management system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

eShop For Dynamics 365. Obtain a complete eCommerce solution featuring real-time integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution is responsive and readily available to access on all devices.

Invoice Connector for Dynamics 365. The Dynamics 365 for Sales, Project Service, and Field Service Integration feature enables you to create invoices in the system and have them appear in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Moniroo Time Management. This app links your Dynamics 365 Business Central environment with Moniroo. Manage your employees' time in Dynamics while your employees use Moniroo to input their timesheets.

NAVtilus Mandatory Fields. The mandatory fields setup enables you to declare that certain fields of records in a table must be specified, and it also gives you the possibility to set up an action based on a condition.

Personal Data Encryption. Limit and audit who can access data. Use Personal Data Encryption to enable GDPR compliance.

The Asset Guardian (TAG) - CMMS. Prevent breakdowns and increase equipment availability with this fast and easy-to-use computerized maintenance management software solution.

Improve service issues with this app for Dynamics 365 for Field Service

ThingWorx with Dynamics 365 Field Service. ThingWorx combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows customers to reduce downtime and resolve service issues faster by scheduling the right resource with the right part and information to complete the job.

Add localization capabilities, maintenance forecasting, or parcel carrier integration with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

360° Enterprise Asset Management. The 360° EAM for factories, vehicles, or mobile equipment supports corrective, planned, predictive, and condition-based maintenance programs through its extensive maintenance forecasting engine.

Advanced shipping solution. Visionet's Advanced Shipping add-on provides a solution for parcel carrier integration and advanced shipping and distribution management.

Artware Argentinian Localization. This LATAM localization fits the legal standards of Argentina, including accounting and tax legislation. The localization is divided into two main functionalities: legal-tax and treasury.

Ogre - Digital transformation for Vehicle Hire. Ogre is an end-to-end solution focused on the vehicle-hiring industry and providing a digital platform for sales, operations, and finance management.

Increase revenue, enhance customer loyalty, and classify records with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

aXon upSell Medical Engineering & Pharmaceutics. As a producer of pharmaceuticals and medical engineering equipment, you need a strong field sales force. Raise your revenue by combining multi-channel sales with e-commerce, social marketing, and more.

CB Nativy Translations. Nativy is a Vienna-based online translation agency offering professional translation services for more than 500 language combinations. Nativy’s services are provided by more than 2,800 professional translators.

Dynamics 365 for Wealth Management. Connect intelligence throughout your firm with this comprehensive solution for wealth and asset management firms, investment managers, trust and fiduciary services, private banks, and family offices.

Heedbook. Heedbook, AI-based software for evaluating and boosting customer loyalty, analyzes results of facial emotion recognition, verbal expressions, the content of a conversation with an employee, and other parameters.

Houdini Security - Record Classification. Houdini allows you to classify or categorize records and grant users access to only the categories you want them to see. Child records can be secured against the classification of a parent record.

MCTITSPL Multiselectoptionset. Does your CRM 2016 option-set selection allow multiple values? If not, use MCTITSPL Multiselectoptionset. It's compatible with Dynamics CRM 2016 or an upgraded Dynamics 365 system.

Org Chart by DemandFarm. Building strategic relationships is integral for account growth and sustained revenue. Org Chart by DemandFarm lets these relationships and their nuances be captured in detail to allow for review, analysis, and further actions.

Pragma Health Care. Pragma Health Care helps manage in-patient leads for hospitals and follow up with patients via phone calls. It includes a rules engine, user-level dashboards to track closure, and more.

RFPIO | Dynamics CRM Add-On. This RFP software aids the response process with centralized content, collaboration, and reporting. RFPIO’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to work on proposals within the CRM application.

View Creator. View Creator lets the CRM user select an entity, create a view, and choose the type of view. Based on the selected entity, a user can select single or multiple forms of that entity, and the view created will have all the fields in the selected form.

XRM Loyalty. This solution for retail, banking, insurance companies, stadiums, entertainment businesses, and others provides integrated management of interactions with retail customers.

Achieve seamless connectivity and explore cloud migration with these web apps

Mediant Session Border Control for Microsoft Azure. With AudioCodes’ Mediant session border controllers, deliver seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and quality assurance for enterprise and service provider VoIP networks.

SurPaaS®. This platform enables the end-to-end cloud journey with a subscription-based model that makes it accessible to enterprises, managed service providers, independent software vendors, and others. Gain insights and weigh options for cloud migration.

Web apps for Office 365

Synigo Pulse. Facilitate workplace collaboration and communication with Synigo Pulse, a turnkey application for Office 365 that offers employees a central portal where they can find tasks, agendas, notifications, applications, company news, and groups.

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