What’s new, June 16-30: apps to expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365, and more

AppSource welcomed 35 apps between June 16 and 30, 2018, many of them designed to increase the capabilities of Dynamics 365.

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Customize performance analytics with this industry-specific app for education

Report Bee. Generate customized student report cards and view a live dashboard of student performance analytics with Report Bee's cloud-based product. See academic performance from macro (school level) to micro (individual student level).

Add localization, automation, and more with these tools for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

AlfaPeople - Costa Rica Localization Pack. AlfaPeople’s localization includes all of the legal requirements for Costa Rica and adds functionality to the financial series, which includes Purchase Ledger, Invoice Listing, Income Ledger, Customers, and Vendors.

Avanade Vendor Management. Avanade Vendor Management allows you to set, combine, and weight evaluation criteria for vendors, including timeliness of deliveries, partial deliveries, consistency of items within your specifications, or invoicing accuracy.
Bank Automation Suite. With this Inway module, automatically find and reconcile payments from bank account statements and open transactions. Statements (MT940 and further) will be imported into Dynamics, and customer payments will be settled.
HauteLogic- Fashion Delivered Right. This end-to-end solution for fashion and apparel companies is designed to seamlessly extend the Microsoft cloud and Dynamics 365 to help companies respond quicker to changing consumer signals.
PayDAX 365. Use PayDAX 365 to ensure secure online credit card processing for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Process transactions securely using tokenization.
Positive Pay - Check Checker. Check Checker ensures that only authorized checks are cashed by your bank. ITK’s app will create an electronic file that can be sent to your bank, or your customer's bank, outlining which checks have been approved for payment.
SRF Colombia Localization Pack. This localization pack enables you to comply with the fiscal and legal regulations of Colombia, and it uses the correct transaction execution on the ERP system to ensure compliance with local and IFRS regulations.
Turkish Payroll (BorAx) - Encrypted. Payroll and personnel management can be applied effectively and easily with BorAx, an encrypted payroll solution for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations that complies with government legislation in Turkey.
Vertex Indirect Tax for Dynamics 365 Operations. Reduce your audit risk. Vertex offers a proven and accurate sales and use tax solution for businesses of all sizes. Tax is calculated during the invoice and purchasing process based on the latest product taxability rules.

Add functionality with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

D365 CRM MailChimp. D365 CRM Mailchimp is a Dynamics 365 solution for common contact management between MailChimp and Dynamics. The solution brings potential contact information verified by sales reps from the CRM to MailChimp.

Drag and Drop Listbox. Use this add-on to insert data into the N:N relationship in Dynamics CRM. Users can drag and drop the values from one list to another and insert the values into the Many-to-Many relationship. This tool is accessible on all device types.
Dynamics 365 for Sales insights add-on (Preview). This add-on empowers sales professionals to stay on top of relationships and better prioritize customers, opportunities, and leads. It features relationship analytics.
Dynamics 365 Self Hosting Bots. These easy-to-configure bots provide end users with the latest information about their accounts, leads, and opportunities without needing to log in to Dynamics 365.
Quick Copy. Extend the copy utility of Dynamics CRM with easy configuration for custom entities and support for Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice, and Case entities. Create copies of records with the click of a button inside the CRM.
Silverbear Membership. Silverbear helps drive your digital strategy with our automated user-centric software to improve the engagement, retention, and growth of your membership base. The solution is focused on the needs of the not-for-profit sector.
VETYY for Veterinary professional. VETyy is a veterinary customer relationship management solution integrated with Dynamics 365 for Sales that utilizes the flexibility and scalability of Microsoft Azure.
XD Smart Farm Platform. This solution built on Dynamics 365 is designed for farmers, agronomists, and contractors. It includes a field-monitoring module that can connect to soil sensors to get soil temperature, moisture, and electrical conductivity data.

Apps utilizing artificial intelligence

Entytle Insyghts. Entytle's AI-powered aftermarket automation software helps B2B manufacturers drive engagement and growth from their installed base. The management platform, Insyghts, enables customers to assemble data and identify usage patterns.

IronTraps. Using a multilayered and automated approach, IRONSCALES combines human intelligence with machine learning to automatically prevent, detect, and respond to email phishing attacks before and after they land in the inbox.

Talview Online Assessments Platform. This highly configurable tool supports various test formats and offers automated cognitive remote proctoring. It does more than 18 checks, including face detection, background voice activity monitoring, and browser policing.
Wipro's Conversational Assistant. Transform the traditional manual and navigational interface into a conversational one with Wipro's Conversational Assistant, which uses Azure Bot Service, Office 365, and Azure Cognitive Services.

Analytics and marketing apps for retail

FirstHive. FirstHive is a customer data platform that builds unique customer identities by aggregating data from all sources of customer interactions and transactions, including ERP and CRM systems, websites, social media, points of sale, and mobile apps.

TransparenSEE. Online local listings are critical to any marketing initiative. Manage your listings via one convenient dashboard, thanks to TransparenSEE, which puts your business up on every major platform while giving you access to a multitude of business tools.
turbozest. TurboZest is a predictive analytics app for business reporting that uses SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library to generate insightful reports and Microsoft Power BI visualizations. Improve collaboration, alignment, and engagement across your business.

Improve collaboration with these apps

Aprimo Digital Asset Management. Built on Azure, Aprimo Digital Asset Management manages end-to-end content creation for all your marketing needs. Govern and grow your digital brand footprint by managing content from any source and in any format.

Autosync Microsoft Planner with GitHub by Unito. Quit wasting time copying and pasting tasks and holding endless status meetings – sync your teams with Unito! Sync any tasks between Microsoft Planner and GitHub in minutes, with no coding required.
e-Share Secure External Collaboration Trial. This offer is for a free 30-day trial of the e-Share platform, with your organization's branding and subdomain for all shared file URLs. Gain secure file storage and sharing via OneDrive, secure email via Outlook, and more.

Apps for IT and business administration

Catchpoint Synthetic+RUM Monitoring Platform. Drive your business’s success by monitoring performance and availability for every aspect of your customers’ experience: API monitoring, DNS monitoring, SaaS monitoring, and web monitoring.

On Demand Recovery for Azure Active Directory. Simplify cloud backups with On Demand Recovery for Azure Active Directory, which offers fast, secure, and scalable Software-as-a-Service-based recovery of users, attributes, groups, and group membership.
Softools Platform. Choose from more than 100 off-the-shelf apps or designs (some available here on AppSource), then configure and deploy your apps in just hours, without the need for programming.
Sysdig Monitor. As your container infrastructure changes, Sysdig automatically discovers your applications, microservices, and containers, providing a real-time topology of your containerized infrastructure – all the way down to process-level communication.

Budget, monetize, and report with these web apps

Limelight Software. Get real-time budgeting, forecasting, and reporting out of your enterprise resource planning. Limelight seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and other sources to centralize all data points for financial planning and analysis.

Opencell - Subscription and usage monetization. Monetize your business directly from Dynamics CRM. Opencell's quote-to-cash platform, built around a highly configurable billing engine, is designed for subscription-based or usage-based business models.
Project Tools. Project Tools was designed to address and improve all aspects of a project. It enables live status reporting, remote access to data from anywhere in the world, auto-generation of reports, and cloud-based backups of your data.

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