What’s new, May 16-31: industry apps for distribution, manufacturing, retail, and more

AppSource welcomed 45 apps between May 16 and 31, 2018, many of them designed to tackle industry-specific challenges for distribution, manufacturing, and retail.

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Industry-specific apps for distribution, manufacturing, retail, and consumer goods

Dynamics TMS 365. This application is for companies that need easy access to carrier freight rates utilizing the next-generation logistics API technology to provide real-time Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight rate shopping and dispatching.
FPX CPQ for Sales Acceleration in Manufacturing. Leverage the core ingredients of your business – customer data, pricing data, and product data – into a single commercial definition enabling you to sell your portfolio of products and services across all channels.
Halosys. Halosys enables businesses to rapidly build, integrate, secure, manage, deploy, and analyze an enterprise-wide mobile application portfolio. The platform supports both mobile and web applications.
HMSWeb: Quality, Completions & Commissioning. Construction projects often face chaos, especially in the phases of mechanical completion, commissioning, startup, and handover. HMSWeb ensures a smooth handover of the unit from the builder to the operator.
Renewables Management System (RMS). CGI’s Renewables Management System (RMS) is a complete solution for the real-time monitoring, control, and maintenance of renewable energy production plants, plus analytics for the management of operational performance.
Rubicon_AT. Ace Turtle’s fulfillment platform powers omnichannel use cases for the retail sphere and provides a holistic approach to the customer experience. Rubicon is a technology-, device-, and channel-agnostic platform with seamless integration.
Sitecore Experience Platform. Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) empowers marketers with digital marketing tools, a holistic view of customer needs, and machine learning-generated insights — all of which deliver highly effective personalized experiences.

Customize and enhance Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and Dynamics 365 for Sales

GDPR Add-on Solution for Dynamics 365 CRM. This add-on delivers the following functionality and Data Subject requests: 1. Consent Management; 2. The Right to be Forgotten (anonymizing contacts' info); 3. Personal Identifiable Information Management.
Hearsay Dynamics 365 Connector. Seamlessly capture data that powers insights and financial services workflows. The Connector helps corporate sales and marketing teams acquire a deeper understanding of their advisor’s client engagement activities.
K2IT LLC Dynamics 365 Alumnus. This solution provides higher education institutions with data engagement, with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of working with student data.
Lease Management. The Lease Management module easily tracks lease records, including amendments to leases, lease invoice information, estimates, and the lease manager. Link properties directly to leases and generate lease payments.
Property-xRM. Property-xRM, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers a 360-degree view of real estate clients, helping real estate businesses make the most of their information.
Unbabel Translate. Remove language barriers and deliver an exceptional customer experience with Unbabel Translate for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Unbabel’s “Translation as a Service” allows customer service professionals to communicate across 28 languages.
Zap Attachment Viewer. View all attachments from emails, as well as notes, in a single place. The Zap Attachment Viewer app offers a consolidated view of all attachments. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, you can attach documents (or any other file) to notes.
Zap AutoNumber. Easily generate user-friendly reference IDs for your Dynamics 365 CRM records. Automatically generate sequential user-defined reference IDs that can contain static string text, random characters, random numbers, and more.
Zap Email Parser. Zap Email Parser extracts email data to create CRM records. The app parses the email subject and body based on the parsing rules that have been set up. Create leads, extract data from web forms, and simplify data entry.

Zap Helpdesk - Email to Case. The Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case App for Dynamics 365 CRM enhances and extends the out-of-box standard email-to-case functionality. Take your email-based support automation to next level!

Zap Lead Qualify Without Opportunity. The free Zap Lead Qualify Without Opportunity app for Dynamics 365 CRM allows users to qualify the lead to account and contact without creation of opportunity.
Zap Team Calendar. View tasks, phone calls, appointments, and emails from an easy-looking calendar rather than a plain CRM display. Our behavior is influenced by how easy or difficult we perceive an action to be. Achieve a positive, visceral reaction today.

Manage shipping, customer information, and more with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Avanade Flexible Calculation. Using Avanade Flexible Calculation, you begin overhead calculation with a sales order, production order, sales quotation, or released product. Results automatically transfer into sales orders, sales quotations, and product master data.

DiCentral - Vietnam Localization Pack. Businesses operating in Vietnam must comply with the Vietnamese Accounting System (VAS). DiCentral delivers an instant solution in operating Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Vietnam while meeting local requirements.
dynamic commerce Shipping Cost. Manage shipping costs in Dynamics 365 Business Central with this extension, which enables the addition of shipping options to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Filter shipping options by weight, amount, and country/postal code.
Dynamics Shipping Connector. Developed as an add-on to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Dynamics Shipping Connector enables users to efficiently manage the end-to-end shipping process without the need of a third-party shipping provider platform.
MECOMS AnyInformation. Manage and store dates, strings, or lists of values on any entity. Store data for which there are no out-of-the-box fields, extend your data model without customizing your solution, and easily manage customer information.
Product Image Import App. Easily import pictures from suppliers or from your own marketing team into the enterprise edition product master for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Prodware - FAI First Article Inspection. With the First Article Inspection accelerator, trigger a warning or blocking message when a certification isn’t up to date.

Apps to help inspire your workers, empower your sales team, and migrate your content

cc|crm politics. Display a visual representation of political networks in your CRM. Let your salespeople know whom they're dealing with in the sales process, and make them active players in the political game instead of being only passive participants.

Cloud FastPath. Power content migrations to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Easy to set up and with no software to maintain, Cloud FastPath offers powerful pre-migration analytics, project management tools, and robust reporting.
Cobalt Quote of the Day. Add a dashboard to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement that displays a new inspirational quote every day. The app promotes user adoption of Dynamics 365 by providing motivation and positive reinforcement for working with it.
Employee Communication and Engagement Platform. Reach employees through mobile push notifications, alerts, and video to get high-priority content directly in front of them. Unite a dispersed workforce by ensuring strong, measurable communication.
Export To Excel Tracking. The Export to Excel app tracks who, what, and when for data exported from the CRM. The information is stored in a custom entity, “Export to Excel Tracking,” which comes along with the application package.
manual.to. Manual.to makes it easy for companies to create and share digital manuals using video. Using the web-based editor, companies rapidly build an effective knowledge base of how-to guides. Make content more accessible and improve understanding.
Nintex Workflow Cloud. This cloud-first workflow platform lets you connect your forms, applications, content, and systems of record with the people who make the decisions your business relies upon to succeed.
WhistleB. Prevent wrongdoings before they occur and receive early warnings of misconduct through the WhistleB whistleblowing system, with high standards for user-friendliness.

Manage your IT assets and systems with these apps

CloudOnMove. Manage your multi-cloud environment, migrate to the cloud, and secure your data for disaster recovery with CloudOnMove, an easy, cost-effective Software-as-a-Service. Manage private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

Contrast Assess. Deliver automated application security testing throughout the software development lifecycle. Contrast Assess seamlessly integrates into your existing DevOps processes and commonly used developer tools.
Contrast Protect. Contrast Protect automatically monitors and blocks production applications from cyberattacks. By focusing on actionable and timely application layer threat intelligence, Contrast Protect supports security and operation teams.
eperi Cloud Data Protection for O365. eperi CDP for Office 365 allows customers to hold their own encryption keys.
Multi-cloud Monitoring BindPlane for OMS (Preview). BindPlane is an integration cloud service for OMS that delivers deep metrics, configuration details, relationship metadata, and predefined dashboards for operational and performance insight across public clouds.
Nerdio for Azure. Start building and growing your Azure practice with Nerdio for Azure, an automation platform for pricing, provisioning, management, and optimization of IT environments. Manage all your clients in a unified admin portal without the complexity.
RoverGo. RoverGo brings back SQL Server Agent scheduling to Azure SQL DB. All of your information is encrypted when in use and at rest, and you are in control of what we can access. The complete task history is available for review in the RoverGo portal.

Harness the power of AI with these apps

Account Prioritization for Marketing and Sales. Built on Microsoft Azure, iDatalabs helps you quickly find the best accounts. iDatalabs Propensity Modeling allows you to build AI models in minutes that find the accounts that are most likely to become your customers.
Affinity. Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform built to expand and evolve the traditional CRM. Using AI and natural language processing, Affinity helps your team curate and grow its network by auto-populating your pipeline to increase sales velocity.
ContactEngine Conversation Platform. ContactEngine serves as “middleware” between Dynamics 365 and a business’s customers. Hosted on Azure, ContactEngine automates conversations using machine-learning technology to analyze customer behavior.
MindBridge Ai Auditor. This AI-powered auditing platform provides fast, risk-ranked analysis on all transactions, with zero scripting. With Ai Auditor, cumbersome CAAT tools are a thing of the past. Ai Auditor performs with completeness, granularity, and speed.

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