What’s new, November 1–16: AI-powered apps, industry-specific apps, and apps built for Dynamics 365

AppSource welcomed 72 apps between November 1 and November 16, 2018, many of them designed to leverage artificial intelligence, foster business growth, expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365, or tackle industry-specific challenges.

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Industry-specific apps for financial services, education, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, travel, sports, and government

Artwork Management System from ManageArtworks. ManageArtworks helps pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods companies proofread packaging. It connects all stakeholders with proofing tools and provides process transparency.
Atidot. Atidot empowers the life insurance and annuity market to evaluate opportunities through Big Data and predictive technology. Atidot works with leading companies to discover under-insurance for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
Broadage Sports Data Solutions. You can easily integrate our sports data widgets into your digital platform without any development effort. All widgets work on Microsoft Azure. Just paste the script into the HTML body of a page.
Exaudi. Exaudi is a platform to collect and normalize heterogeneous data, generate audience profiles, build rule-based target segments, and export segments into external platforms to deliver marketing messages.
ExpertSender. Designed to improve the marketing effectiveness of fast-growing businesses across email, SMS, and web channels, ExpertSender allows customers to automate marketing communications across a customer’s journey.
IOL Enterprise. Illusions Enterprise is a back-office solution for destination management companies, tour operators, hotels, and airlines that can automate product management, customer relationship management, sales channels, documentation, logistics, and more.
Makers Empire 3D Design and Print Learning Program. Makers Empire helps elementary, primary, and middle school teachers harness the power of 3-D printing and design to transform classroom learning.
New Recycle Experience Solution Platform. GreenYng is a smart platform for recycling that offers a new motivational approach: Citizens get Greenings, points worth money for their efforts, that they can redeem for products and services from subscribed providers.
PROS Revenue Management. PROS Revenue Management enables airlines to boost revenue and profit through groundbreaking algorithmic forecasting and network optimization.
PureFacts Financial Solutions. PureFacts is a total solution for enhanced portfolio management for wealth managers. PureFacts provides best-in-class software powered by Microsoft Azure for billing, reporting, and digital experience.
Scaled Risk. Scaled Risk is a real-time self-service reporting platform for banks and asset managers. It offers flexible data integration, modern dashboards, smart data management, automatic updates, and integrated search.
SchoolWise Education Platform. SchoolWise is a platform for secondary schools that integrates with Office 365 tools. The four pillars of the platform are curriculum planning, classroom delivery, assessment and academic tracking, and reporting and compliance.
Video Hyper-Personalization & Search Solution. Video virtualization by Linius exposes and indexes the data inside video files, enabling you to search within a file to assemble only the required segments, as well as tag content before delivering it to the end user.
WorkHeld. This workforce management software is designed to increase the productivity of construction, service, and maintenance processes. It offers benefits for every employee, from coordinators and technicians to department heads and business managers.

Verify data, uncover insights, and accomplish more with these apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

360 Quick Link. Stop relying on memory, spreadsheets, and notes to provide insight into how your existing or former customers are linked. With 360 Quick Link, you can link and view related customers, their transaction history, and account balances.
Complaint Tracker. Complaint Tracker helps you automate your complaint process, keeping track of all updates and integrating with the service module of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Contact Data Verifier by NAVAX. Check, correct, and enrich personal and company-related data with NAVAX's Contact Data Verifier for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Created-by on Documents. Have you ever wanted to track who created an original sales order or purchase order? Use Abakion's Created-by on Documents, a simple and free extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Flow Text. Instead of entering text line by line, simply click one button and paste all of your text in a new window in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Flow Text will then take care of the rest and bring your text back to the comment page with clean line breaks.
NAVEKSA ItemPlanning 365. Provide your customers with accurate answers regarding availability, delivery time, and delivery quantities. ItemPlanning 365 gives you an improved overview of inventory now and later, with simple, user-friendly screens.
NAVEKSA MakeToOrder 365. Use NAVEKSA's MakeToOrder 365 to shift project production order dates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Payroll System for Taiwan. Provide salary and holiday calculations according to Taiwan regulations, and expand the functions of personnel attendance management and Taiwan labor and health insurance calculation.
Subscription Billing Suite. Subscription Billing Suite combines end-to-end billing and deferrals. Because it is embedded within Dynamics, Subscription Billing is easy to learn, set up, and use. Increase collection efficiency and financial clarity.

Improve the customer experience with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Customer Service for Assurance. By giving agents, brokers, and service reps a 360-degree view of customer information plus real-time analytics and process automation, Pragm Assurance helps insurance companies build relationships with customers.
IoT Nexus™. IoT Nexus™ is an enterprise contextual proximity management suite that offers a plug-and-play integration solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for location-based sales, marketing, project, and field service capabilities.

Automate and localize with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

CC | Chilean Localization. This localization by Cosmo Consult enables the configuration required by the Chilean tax authority, SII, in legal entities and master entities.
Gulf Payroll. CEM Business Solutions provides HR and payroll software designed for the Persian Gulf countries. Gulf Payroll encompasses master data management, timesheets, expenditure recoveries, payroll reconciliation, customized reports, and more.
PMAx 365 Effective property management. PMAx by Advania brings you a comprehensive overview of your property portfolio, along with process automation features, accounting capabilities, and an advanced contract administration tool.
Scalable Data Systems - Advanced Credit Management. Scalable’s Advanced Credit Management builds on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations accounts receivable module to automate the credit control rules and authorizations.
Sycor.BankImport. Reduce manual work in financial accounting with Sycor.BankImport, a module for the automated import of bank statements. Optimize your company's workflow, find important transactions quickly, save time, and lower your costs.

Expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales

AEC360. AEC360 is an application layer built on top of Dynamics 365 that provides business development, marketing, experience management, and relationship intelligence tools for the architectural, engineering, and construction industries.
Change Tracking Solution. The Change Tracking solution helps in tracking down the details of changes, such as who updated an entity, JavaScript, assemblies, or processes, along with the time of the update.
CountryChoice. CountryChoice helps standardize country names in Dynamics 365 based on the data provided by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom, with autocompletion for all country fields and autocorrection for imported records.
Dynamics Association Blueprint. Dynamics Association Blueprint can help associations reduce the amount of time and effort needed to deal with administrative tasks, allowing them to manage and maintain their members' needs in an automated fashion.
Mediafly for Dynamics. Sell more effectively by giving customers a personalized, interactive, and data-driven experience. Mediafly’s implementation process is quick, and the intuitive customer interface acts as an extension of your marketing department.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator. The Nonprofit Accelerator enables partners and customers to create new integrated use cases and workflows across the funding-to-outcomes cycle.
Peppermint Legal CRM. Peppermint Legal CRM introduces new functionality in Dynamics 365, providing law firms with a CRM system that integrates with existing practice and case management solutions.
Smartify 365. This comprehensive customer engagement solution is designed to help distribution and manufacturing businesses quickly manage department operations from the central application, clearly defining the various users and roles.
Time & Attendance for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics Industries' Time & Attendance tracks and manages time entries, attendance, overtime, vacation, and sick leave within Dynamics 365.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Agility CMS - Developer Test Drive. Built for developers by developers, Agility is a hybrid CMS with APIs for everything. While we maintain your CMS instance, your website is separate and can be hosted anywhere.
CloudReady. Monitor, manage, and optimize the user experience for your entire Office 365 deployment. With CloudReady from Exoprise Systems, you can ensure uptime and availability for all your mission-critical applications, no matter where they’re deployed.
MySQL Hosting on Azure Cloud: Dedicated Clusters. Optimize your MySQL hosting on Azure with a fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS).
TransVault Sprint. TransVault Sprint is designed to eliminate the cost, time, and complexity associated with enterprise-level migrations. With the drag-and-drop interface, it's easy to jump-start your migration.
VMware NSX Cloud. VMware's NSX Cloud is a networking and security solution that enables enterprises to apply standard network services and security policies to applications running natively in Azure and other public clouds.

Provide training and efficiency with these apps for human resources and staff development

Implex HCM (Human Capital Management System). Implex HCM is a comprehensive human capital management software solution that automates vital HR functions for hiring, tracking, and managing employees.
Lanteria HR Software. Lanteria HR seamlessly integrates with SharePoint 2013 and 2016, as well as Office 365, leveraging your organizational technology investment and the power of these collaborative platforms.
Userlane. Userlane transforms software adoption by guiding users in real time through any browser-based process. Instead of traditional manuals, videos, and on-site training, receive in-software guidance and support.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

AppsAnywhere. We bring together all the software delivery tools an organization might use into one place, including Microsoft’s SCCM and App-V, Citrix’s XenApp and XenDesktop, VMware’s Horizon, Parallels’ RAS, and Numecent’s Cloudpaging.
Engage for Equipment Dealers. Modernize large equipment dealer systems and processes and gain real-time visibility and access to sales and service data. Cloud-based, the solution centralizes and simplifies sales, equipment, and service management.
Hugo. With Hugo's connected notes, insights and decisions generated in meetings are now shareable and actionable across your business.
Mesh Intranet. Mesh is a ready-to-use intranet that can be deployed on SharePoint Online. Empower your organization with Mesh's communication, collaboration, social, and authoring tools.
Rapid Application Development Platform. Develop apps easily by dragging and dropping without the hassle of coding. Copilot allows you to create safe, fast-responding data applications that meet your needs using only your browser.
Triggre. Triggre is a visual software builder for complex business-to-business web applications. You don't need any technical knowledge to use Triggre. With Triggre, you can build CRM, supply chain management, and logistics solutions.

Apps utilizing AI, machine learning, or IoT

Axonize Energy Management and Orchestration. Save on your energy bill with Axonize's IoT energy management and orchestration platform, which is integrated with Azure IoT services. Customization is easy, and everything in Axonize is configurable and extensible.
Comfort Energy Optimizer. The Comfort Energy Optimizer is an overlay for building management systems. It's a fully automatic, self-learning machine that works independently, not a dashboard that requires you to make improvements.
Hyper Anna. Hyper Anna is an AI-powered data analyst that streamlines and accelerates the journey from raw data to actionable insights. Anna will do all the tedious and technical work of writing code, analyzing data, and producing charts and insights.
IntOp Engine. Through AI capabilities, the IntOp solution enables organizations to structure large volumes of unstructured data by sorting it in patterns called contexts. The data is then presented in intuitive filters for end users, managers, and analysts.
Kapiche. Kapiche, an AI-powered text analytics solution hosted on Azure, is designed to uncover the actionable insights in customer and employee feedback from your structured and unstructured data, enabling you to make sound strategic decisions.
Labiba Chatbot Platform. Labiba leverages the power of AI and natural language processing in an easy-to-use visual builder, along with tools and integrations to create smart bots that can answer queries and perform other actions.
Smart Buildings by ICONICS. ICONICS' smart buildings solutions integrate information from a broad range of equipment and systems. Our fault detection and diagnostics technology can pinpoint equipment malfunction.
Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce. Thoughtonomy brings together robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing in a Software-as-a-Service platform designed to automate the execution of business processes.
Voicera. EVA by Voicera is an AI-powered virtual meeting assistant that makes meetings searchable, actionable, and more productive. Voicera harnesses the power of voice in the workplace to connect what happens in meetings to the rest of the collaboration workflow.

Track your business’s growth, development, spending, and compliance

CAS, a customs compliance solution. The Customs Accounting System (CAS) is a comprehensive platform for companies that aim to centralize, manage, and automate customs and trade compliance processes.
Fraxion Spend Management. Fraxion's Spend Management suite helps medium to large organizations across diverse industries gain complete operating expense control, process efficiency, policy compliance, risk management, and spending visibility.
Gateway. Gateway is an intelligent software system leveraging location data to provide analysis of economic growth forecasts, road maturity, zonal valuation of land types, poverty indices, and other indicators to predict the best locations for your business.
Reporting And Dashboard Tool. This powerful, flexible, and fully customizable business intelligence tool from Copilot embeds analysis capability into your application, allowing you to create rich and informative dashboards.
SAP CPQ for Dynamics 365. SAP CPQ simplifies complexity, providing pricing behavior intelligence to determine pricing trends. It can be the single, unified system to support your global sales teams, partners and channels, commerce, and IoT transactions.
Seismic Sales Enablement Automation Platform. From healthcare to financial services and everything in between, Seismic’s platform has helped organizations enhance their approach to sales. It equips sales teams with the right content for every interaction.
ShookIOT Internal Advocacy Services. In this two-day seminar, ShookIOT will work with your team to develop an internal advocacy platform for your current and future business initiatives.
ShookIOT Project Engineering Services. In this three-week program, ShookIOT engineers will work with your team and your existing infrastructure solutions to address and help you overcome the pressing project challenges you're facing.
ShookIOT Project Management Services. In this one-week program, ShookIOT project managers will work with your team to create an actionable plan for the project you wish to execute.
VisualERP. VisualERP helps business owners automate business processes with minimal effort, cost, and time.

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