What’s new, November 17-30: apps to modernize business processes, localize Dynamics 365, and increase productivity

AppSource welcomed 120 apps between November 17 and November 30, 2018, many of them designed to manage business processes, build on Dynamics 365, boost productivity, or solve industry-specific issues.

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Industry-specific apps for healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail, marketing, financial services, travel, telecommunications, nonprofits, and government

Accelitec Single Point. Accelitec builds and delivers cloud-based and mobile marketing solutions for grocery store retailers. SinglePoint Manager is a user interface that makes the creation, setup, and approval of SinglePoint coupons less time-consuming for merchants.
Allegro Cloud. Allegro Cloud offers advanced self-service solutions for hotels, with a hotel property management system and a keycard and payment system enabling a fully automatic check-in and check-out.
Almusnet - Campus on Cloud. Campus on Cloud manages the student lifecycle from admissions through graduation. It covers all major operational areas, including admissions, academics, and student financials in a single integrated solution.
Clobbi cloud ERP system. Clobbi ERP provides full transparency and manageability for your production plant. Business information is available in real time from anywhere in the world and on any device.
COINS Construction Cloud. COINS Construction Cloud is an end-to-end suite of cloud and mobile software solutions designed to help construction executives drive margin improvements across their business.
DealersCircle. DealersCircle is designed to streamline and simplify business between manufacturers and their dealer network, service centers, customers, and suppliers.
digital distribution network solution. N-Frnds' digital inclusion solution aims to bring all people in emerging markets into the digital world. It's been used by the government of Rwanda, as well as by Sequis insurance and BTPN bank.
DIGITRAIL Fundraising Analytics. With DIGITRAIL, an application built for nonprofits, track donor journeys, analyze performance, and automate campaigns using advanced analytics. Integrate with desired CRM and marketing apps to sync your data.
eNcounter with GlobalMed. GlobalMed's mobile and computer-accessible software platform, eNcounter, provides robust care management features and practice management tools for any form of virtual care at your location.
Hazmat T&T. IMEC’s HazMat T&T is a waste management system that reduces waste costs while producing the required documentation and aiding compliance efforts. It identifies, tracks, and manages waste within a location and between locations.
Mews. Mews is property management software that automates tedious hospitality tasks so your employees can focus on building long-lasting relationships with your guests.
myday. myday by COLLABCO is a customizable dashboard that collects, displays, and pushes information from disparate IT systems. Our customers include schools, colleges, and universities.
Oculys Performance. The core solution of the Oculys platform hosted on Microsoft Azure, Performance is a mobile decision-support tool that helps healthcare leaders manage operational efficiency and patient care and improve wait times.
Oculys prEDict. Oculys prEDict is a real-time communication tool designed to broadcast a hospital’s emergency department performance. Hospital leadership can use it to publicly post an unbiased, third-party report of expected patient wait times.
Oculys stayTrack. Designed to leverage the Oculys Performance solution, stayTrack replaces the manual whiteboard commonly used within nursing units and delivers improved visibility and real-time access.
PocketCampus. PocketCampus builds all-in-one and easy-to-use applications for higher education and large enterprises. Deployed at multiple universities and international corporations, PocketCampus apps have high adoption rates and highly satisfied users.
Q-Flow®Patient Journey Platform. The simple user interface of Q-nomy's Q-Flow Patient Journey Platform helps staff and patients overcome the technical barriers of medical processes, allowing them to focus on human interactions.
RAID.Cloud Fraud Management Suite. Detect telecommunications fraud with RAID.Cloud. The easy-to-use dashboard displays allow you to see results either as fraud types or fraud patterns.
Roivenue. Roivenue is a suite for marketing strategy. Using data-driven attribution models and customer lifetime value, it allows marketers to identify underperforming campaigns, address overinvested channels, and make decisions that maximize return on investment.
SNOWiQ. Based on an Uber-like concept, agencies can easily request snow removal support and scale their fleets up and down as needed. SNOWiQ delivers a real-time tracking, dispatching, and reporting solution.
Studio. Empower your retail business's marketing department with a quick and easy template designer for electronic shelf label display. Design and define promotions by events, by products, or by stock available.
Suade. Suade automates the process for banks to meet their reporting requirements, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Suade takes in granular data and outputs this data in a way that’s suitable for analytics, calculations, and regulatory reporting.
The Genoox Platform. The comprehensive Genoox platform enables healthcare organizations to run numerous genetic applications in the clinical and research domain by utilizing next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.
TxtSync. TxtSync reliably sends and receives SMS communications. Use our beautifully crafted web interface to easily set up and track SMS marketing campaigns.
Vicenna - HealthCloud. Vicenna HealthCloud is a patient-centric hospital management and electronic health record solution that improves the provisioning of healthcare and the business efficiency of hospitals.
xtract. Xtract is a software platform built for auto insurance claims handling. By aggregating data from the policyholder and/or the connected car, Xtract offers a visual depiction of events, enabling faster, more accurate decision-making on claims.

Localize and translate with these apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

AFON GST Localization for Singapore. Singapore's Goods and Services Tax requires companies to file returns and pay taxes quarterly. This localization from AFON Systems allows companies to generate GST reports from Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Bank Connector Localization for Singapore. Bank Connector lets you use FAST GIRO, PayNow, and many more payment types supported by Singapore banks.
BC Translate. BC Translate enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central developers to generate and maintain translation files in an efficient work environment.
BSH DATEV Connector. Export financial data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to the DATEV system or import DATEV data in Dynamics. Easily transfer data to the tax office or to the DATEV software.
eSign ePDF. Create digitally signed PDF documents using a valid digital certificate, then store the documents or send them to others. Additionally, eSign ePDF by Innova Advanced Consulting can use the Innova Online portal as a repository.
faveo contracts. With our structured master data, you can keep track of all contracting parties and recurring payments. A role center tile warns you before you miss a cancellation deadline so you never get trapped into auto-renewal contracts again.
GST Localization for Singapore. Arshu Consultancy's GST localization is compliant with the local laws and regulations of Singapore.
Localization for Singapore. Localization for Singapore by IBIZ Consulting is designed to meet Singapore's local tax and reporting requirements. Set up and automate GST-related calculations for sales, purchasing, and fixed assets.
NAVEKSA CadConnect 365. With NAVEKSA CadConnect 365, you get a solution with a single-screen overview and an easy way to create production data based on product design data. Calculate prices for given components, processes, and lot sizes.
NAVEKSA ShopFloor 365. NAVEKSA ShopFloor 365 is an efficient, reliable solution for production planners and operators in manufacturing companies. Introduce electronic communication between departments, collect job data, and report quality activities.
Quick Sums. Easily summarize your book entries with Quick Sums. Its functions allow you to display the totals of defined fields of a given table with ledger entries.
QuoPlus-IRPF. Do you often need to control the withholding of Spanish income taxes? QuoPlus-IRPF makes this task easy, automatizing the withholding of taxes on purchase invoices.
Tax Calculation Localization for Indonesia. If you buy and sell products that require Indonesian tax applied, we’ve made a solution for you. The automation features of Indonesian Tax by Wahana Ciptasinatria can improve accuracy and reduce audit risk.

Automate, negotiate, review, and print with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Awara Easy Credit Note. Awara Easy Credit Note allows financial professionals to reduce the time needed to cancel incorrect posted invoices for purchases and sales.
Customer Invoicing Portal & Pmt Processing (ePay). Offer your customers the convenience of an online automated bill presentment and payment portal. ePay allows your customers to self-provision an account, review their outstanding invoices, and pay.
DSI Print Envoy. With DSI Print Envoy, instantly print enterprise-grade labels directly from the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations interface.
E-Invoice & E-Archive. With the Turkey version of the E-Invoice & E-Archive solution, you can create electronic invoices in the legally required UBL-TR XML format and transfer them to recipients via an e-invoicing service provider.
Embedded Credit Card Processing. Get embedded credit card processing for sales, projects, service orders, and more with full PCI compliance. Improve cash flow without interrupting regular order processing or compromising security.
EnergyCONNECT Oilfield Rentals. From allowing you to better negotiate rental rates to providing feedback to vendors on equipment performance, this extension of Dynamics 365 helps you control the costs associated with renting industrial oil field equipment.
E-Reconciliation. E-Reconciliation, a system designed to ensure traceability, performs account settlements and BA/BS reconciliation electronically, ensuring that settlement transactions are performed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively in Dynamics 365.
Internal Stores Requisition by Decision Inc. Immix. Internal Stores Requisitions Management for Dynamics 365 allows you to review, edit, approve, or reject internal requisitions, improving communication by making issue status available to users.

Monitor, create, and replicate with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

Account Planner by DemandFarm. Account Planner is a visual representation of everything you need to know to make strategic decisions. Grow your accounts by creating a landscape, identifying buying centers, and mapping them with the right solutions.
Alliance By Protech. Alliance by Protech is an association management system for nonprofit organizations. It will serve the diverse needs of your staff, members, and leadership with a database and e-commerce and business intelligence applications.
Artis Note Manager For Dynamics 365. Artis Note Manager provides a simple workflow step that allows for the replication or movement of a note from one record to another, based on any of the trigger criteria of the out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 workflows.
EDURME. EDURME is an educational relationship management engine, helping higher education institutions connect and interact with students. EDURME automates the lead nurturing and lead scoring processes.
LIS365 Customer Engagement. LIS365 Customer Engagement keeps track of lab sales activities through predictive analysis and includes an interactive dashboard that allows users to view laboratory performance metrics.
RED365. RED365 covers the full lifecycle of the real estate and property management business. Create contracts, manage marketing programs, and follow up with sales and leasing officers.
SportsRM for Clubs. SportsRM allows sports organizations and venues to consolidate information from stakeholders and improve customer service while managing corporate hospitality, sponsorship, events, memberships, ticketing, and more.
WDX ONE. The WDX ONE client lifecycle management solution is comprised of five key modules – Acquire, Onboard, Comply, Manage, and Service – which support wealth managers throughout the entire client journey.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian for Azure. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian for Azure is a Software-as-a-Service solution that helps organizations stay secure while building applications in the public cloud and moving workloads there.
KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager. Quest’s KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager simplifies mobile endpoint management so you can protect your organization’s investment while simplifying device configuration and deployment.
PASSGATE. Passgate is a self-service Active Directory password reset solution triggered via SMS. Employees who want to reset their password can send a text message with a keyword you specify and receive a response containing a new password within seconds.
Raya DC Migration. Connect on-premises servers to Azure with the Raya DC Migration by Raya Network Services. Subscribe to access a massive pool of computing resources provided by Microsoft.
Redhat on Azure. Efficiently orchestrate your container workload with Red Hat on Azure. Comparex Turkey deploys Red Hat OpenShift, an open-source container application platform, to Azure.
TransVault InFlight. With artificial intelligence, anomaly detection, and workflow at its core, TransVault’s InFlight platform will revolutionize the way you manage your Office 365 and hybrid environment.
TransVault Migrator. TransVault Migrator migrates enterprise email archives, no matter the complexity, volume, or source. TransVault Migrator supports virtually all proprietary archive platforms, services, and appliances, both on-premises and in the cloud.
TransVault OnBoard. You establish the strategy and workflow for your business and TransVault OnBoard eliminates the heavy lifting by intelligently automating each step and keeping you and other stakeholders informed of progress.
TransVault PST Insight. Discover, manage, and migrate your PST files to any location. TransVault PST Insight delivers high scalability, granular control, single-instancing, automation, and real-time progress visibility.
TransVault WpA-Sync. Extend the reach of Microsoft Workplace Analytics to hybrid environments with TransVault WpA-Sync. Assess the impact of moving to Office 365 with a holistic view of behavioral metrics and "before" and "after" migration trends.
VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure. Simplify virtual desktop and application delivery on Azure with VMware's Horizon Cloud, featuring automated service updates and an intuitive management interface.

Streamline human resources and strengthen team engagement

HR Request. Centralize all HR-related requests in your organization with FourVision's web app HR Request. FourVision web apps are designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.
PaySpace Payroll Software & Services for Africa. PaySpace Payroll Software & Services for Africa offers streamlined payroll and HR management solutions designed to increase your data accuracy and processing efficiency.
Tap My Back - Team recognition and 360º Feedback. Build more engaged teams by increasing the quantity and quality of feedback while empowering direct leadership to become smarter at managing its teams.
Zoho Recruit. Zoho Recruit for Microsoft Office 365 is a productivity enhancement plug-in that makes it easier for in-house recruiters and staffing agencies to collaborate seamlessly in a centralized place.

Enhance productivity and collaboration in your organization

Anywhere365 Web Agent. Anywhere365 Web Agent is a cloud contact center client designed for the Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework. It's able to receive and make calls, conduct webchats, and handle email inside the Dynamics 365 interface.
AvidXchange. AvidXchange’s purchase-to-pay automation for Dynamics GP generates savings on every invoice, payment, contract, requisition, purchase order, and expense report.
CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE powered by Microsoft Azure. CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, powered by Microsoft Azure, is a purpose-built data and document capture solution for Office 365 SharePoint, Hyland OnBase, and other content service platforms.
Connective eSignatures. With Connective eSignatures, you'll easily transform any paper-based customer journey into a digital user experience. Efficiently mange consumer purchases, business-to-business transactions, governmental administration, and more.
GanttPRO - Online project management solution. GanttPRO is based on Gantt charts. Project managers, product managers, team leaders, CEOs, and others trust it to keep their planning simple, their team members engaged, and their clients and partners in the loop.
Genpact Cora SeQuence. Genpact Cora SeQuence transforms the customer experience for clients by offering a visual drag-and-drop interface for business and IT stakeholders to collaborate on automating business processes.
Icy365. icy365 is a project-based collaboration app that boosts team efficiency and productivity. The ready-to-use solution integrates many different Microsoft tools and lets you see each update and change in real time in the activity feed.
P2ware Portfolio Management. Get full-featured portfolio management in the cloud. P2ware's solution can be adapted to any type of project, improving productivity by integrating workflows and aiming for zero redundancy.
StaffCircle - Internal Communications Software. StaffCircle is for organizations needing to deliver remote management and communications to digitally disconnected employees. StaffCircle integrates into third-party software, such as CRM systems, using our API.
Streamline For Invoices. Optimize supplier relationships with accounts payable automation. ITESOFT's high-performance solution for invoice processing will increase productivity by leveraging cloud benefits and its highly customizable platform.
Sunrise. Get your product off the drawing board and into your customer’s shopping basket quicker with Sunrise's customizable digital asset management, approval, and workflow management. Ensure that teams always have the most up-to-date content.
time cockpit. Time Cockpit is a Software-as-a-Service time-tracking solution for service professionals. Be more productive by tracking your time in a graphical calendar. Build dashboards and reports with Time Cockpit's Microsoft Power BI integration.

Apps utilizing AI, machine learning, or IoT

Chattigo. Chattigo is a Software-as-a-Service chat platform to improve the quality of bot responses. Chattigo works with email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more, and it integrates with Dynamics 365, Zendesk, and more.
Collaborative AI Workflows. Southpigalle's platform is based on microservices. Develop bespoke collaborative workflows, deploy collective intelligence and social learning solutions, and create sales personal assistants with human-friendly intuitive interfaces.
Hivemind IOT Platform. Hivemind IoT Platform provides all the key middleware capabilities needed to build sophisticated end-to-end IoT application ecosystems.
Kanverse - AI for Enterprise. The Kanverse AI platform maximizes business efficiencies by leveraging an intelligent self-service digital assistant. The platform comes prebuilt with enterprise connectors to Office 365 and other products.
Knowledge management. WittyParrot's cognitive micro-content management platform is designed for chatbot conversations powered by AI and machine learning. Access relevant knowledge with embedded widgets in Outlook, Word, Excel, Dynamics CRM, and more.
Speech Recognition. Zoom Media's cloud-based speech-to-text service handles seven languages: English (U.S.), Finnish, Flemish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Dutch. Our machine learning approach has generated high accuracy levels for many use cases.
TIM - Automatic Model Building - Machine Learning. TIM, a breakthrough automatic model generation technology, transforms time series data into reliable insights. What took data scientists weeks or months of effort can be generated by TIM in just seconds.
Valohai Deep Learning Management Platform. Build, train, and manage deep learning models the right way with Valohai. Valohai allows data scientists to train models on hundreds of GPUs simultaneously with zero setup time, scaling to meet their needs.

Work with consulting teams, and track your business’s growth, risk factors, and compliance

e-factura Saas, Electronic Invoicing. e-factura SaaS generates electronic invoices, helping small and medium-size companies comply with Mexico's invoicing requirements, which require an official electronic signature from the SAT tax agency.
FTX BIZ - Business Analytics Accelerators. FTX BIZ dashboards provide actionable insights from proven industry measures and key performance indicators across finance and sales, with upcoming areas including supply chain, distribution, inventory, and market analytics.
Opteva. The Opteva analytic and integrated solution allows your organization to improve its financial and operational performance management.
Q-Flow® Customer Journey Platform. Optimize customer experiences, business office process efficiency, appointment scheduling, and more with the solutions in Q-nomy's Q-Flow platform.
Quotedge. Quotedge is a sales quoting tool that manages the complexities of modern pricing and builds compelling quotes. Enable your sales organization to make data-driven pricing decisions that maximize value for your customers.
Risk Matrix. Use Stratsys AB's Risk Matrix to survey the risks facing your organization, take action, and monitor trends over time through changes in the risk values and comments.
ShookIOT - IIOT Analytics Strategy Services. ShookIOT’s consultants conduct analytic platform design; tool and application selection; opportunity investigation and assessment; and analytic project structure definition to make recommendations on IIoT solutions.
ShookIOT - IIOT Automation Services. ShookIOT’s principal consultants can help with automation projects at any scale. In this three-week program, ShookIOT will work with your team to implement your automation processes.
ShookIOT - IIoT Reliability Services. Much of the value for industrial IoT is realized through improved equipment reliability. ShookIOT can improve reliability by setting up a reliability program, automating monitoring, or implementing prescriptive maintenance.
ShookIOT - Operational Analytics and Data Science. In this three-week program, ShookIOT will work with your team to take a deep look at your data and transform it into actionable information. You will be able to make better decisions faster.
ShookIOT Architecture Design Services. In this one-week program, ShookIOT will work with your team to develop a new system architecture for your IT assets and infrastructure. After that, ShookIOT will be available for the duration of your project to ensure success.
ShookIOT Custom Application Development. In this six-week program, ShookIOT will work with your team to identify the business requirements for your custom application, we will create the application, and we will help you install and use it.
ShookIOT Data Acquisition and Ingestion Services. In this two-week program, ShookIOT will work with your team to bring your data into a repository where you can extract more value from it. ShookIOT can help you transform your raw data into actionable information.
ShookIOT IIoT Program Services. In this three-week program, ShookIOT engineers will work with your team to plan and execute your industrial IoT cloud transformation strategy.
ShookIOT Operational Applications Services. In this three-week program, ShookIOT will work with your team to address current project challenges. We will provide recommendations for tools as well as training and guidance.
ShookIOT Operational Improvement Program. In this two-week program, ShookIOT will work with your team to identify business opportunities enabled by new technology and design architecture necessary to facilitate your digital transformation.
ShookIOT Operational Technology Services. In this three-week program, ShookIOT will work with you to address the current challenges your operational technology team faces.
ShookIOT Strategic Services. In this two-day seminar, ShookIOT will work with your team to create a strategic plan for your industrial IoT cloud transformation.
Skiplino. Skiplino is an intelligent cloud-based line management system developed to eliminate customer waiting time. It includes remote booking, in-location web booking, and in-location booking using the branch tablet app.
TMX - Sales & Distribution. TMX-SD is a cloud-based solution that applies the power of mobility to streamline secondary sales and distribution operations. A mobile app lets sales agents in the field communicate with back-office systems in real time.

Improve safety and security in your organization

Better Mobile - Mobile Threat Defense. Better Mobile Threat Defense provides risk-based conditional access for Office 365 and Azure by verifying the security posture of devices. It protects against device, app, and network threats.
EHS Management System. Manage, track, and report on environment, health, and safety (EHS) data. Intelex Technologies Inc.'s solution helps your organization meet regulatory standards, decrease incident rates, and improve the health and safety of your workforce.
EHSQ Management System. With the full Intelex EHSQ platform, your organization can streamline air, water, and waste emissions management and reduce incidents by easily monitoring, managing, and drawing insights from your safety data.
Incident. IMEC’s software helps companies manage incidents, reducing workplace injuries, loss of business, damage to corporate image, and claims. A mobile app engages employees to report events quickly, and appropriate managers are alerted.
Incident Management System. Investigate and report on incidents with Intelex Technologies Inc.'s user-friendly mobile application and desktop software. Streamline inspection tasks, increase visibility, manage compliance, and track corrective actions.
Inspector. IMEC’s Inspector software streamlines an organization's inspection process, reducing costs and aiding compliance. A mobile app allows employees to perform inspections anywhere and anytime.
Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention. Namogoo blocks unauthorized ad injections and improves e-commerce KPIs. Protect your business from online journey hijacking, a growing problem that cuts into companies’ bottom lines.
Quality Management System. With Intelex Technologies Inc.'s scalable online platform, you can implement consistent company-wide workflow processes and drive continuous improvement in environmental, health, safety, and quality issues.
Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense - for Azure. Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense works in real time to proactively protect mobile devices against malware, network-based risks, and operating system and app vulnerability risks.

Manage your video content

VodFlow by satoripop. VodFlow is a customizable, end-to-end VOD and live-streaming video management platform built on Azure Media Services. Its intuitive user interface simplifies the way you publish your content, and it can handle millions of viewers.

Stay up to date

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