What’s new, October 1-15: IT tools, industry-specific apps, and extensions for Dynamics 365

AppSource welcomed 102 apps between October 1 and October 15, 2018, many of them designed for IT administrators, retailers, and Dynamics 365 users.

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Industry-specific apps for retail, healthcare, professional services, financial services, education, and manufacturing

Altair Smart Ambulance. This smart fleet management and dispatching system enables emergency medical service organizations to immediately respond through an interactive call-taking screen and a sophisticated computer-aided dispatch module.
Blink Time. This app is designed to log time for contract cleaners and focuses on ease of use, multilingualism, and comfort features for employees. Time can be recorded by terminal or phone. Workers can simply scan the QR code when starting and stopping.
clearTREND Research. clearTREND identifies real-time market turns for more than 15,000 securities, leading to better investor outcomes, significantly reduced market risk, and higher net returns over time.
Edsby Analytics. For school districts, provinces/states, or even whole countries, Edsby Analytics consolidates K-12 data from multiple sources, including other learning management systems, almost in real time.
EduShare. EduShare enables the creation and management of e-learning and teaching resources. EduShare's power lies in its simple and flexible design that isn’t restricted or overly categorized.
Effie for FMCG Manufacturers. Effie's online analytics system enables manufacturers to perform assortment monitoring, pricing, shelf-life checks, and trade and marketing activities. Its business process designer allows you to flexibly plan your workday.
Effie for retail chains. Effie helps the retail chain front office monitor assortment shortages, product shelf life, marketing activities, and other tasks to increase profits.
Enroute (SaaS). EnRoute offers sales force automation and enables companies with different sales channels to see the information of their business partners and sales figures on a single system. EnRoute also makes it easy to manage mobile sales teams.
Etailer. This online retail system with web and mobile interfaces enables real-time sales and stock management, integrating omnichannel strategies and using smart recommendation engines and push notifications.
Gameye eSports Hosting. Gameye allows esports entities to easily manage and connect games to their platforms. Use a single API to integrate games such as "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive," "Team Fortress 2," and "Killing Floor 2."
Human Logic Integrated LMS-Moodle. Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an open-source e-learning platform. Moodle enables educators to build and share content, conduct assessments, and communicate with students.
inter-ATM/Optimizer. inter-ATM/Optimizer monitors the cash levels in ATMs, determines cash checkout behaviors through statistical forecast techniques and algorithms, and finds the optimal service level and cash replenishment schedule for each ATM.
inter-Face. Intertech's core banking solution, inter-Face, leverages your current capabilities while increasing service level and operational efficiency.
Merchandizr. Merchandizr collects data and tracks merchandising activities, keeping records of outlets, their locations, merchandisers, orders, competitor activities, stock count, and more.
MOSST Cash - payments with barcodes at cash desks. MOSST Cash enables retail outlets to accept payments (electronic bills) at cash registers using barcode technology. Electronic invoices are created by users in advance in web or mobile applications.
Perimatics-Intelligent AI Systems for Surgery. Perioperative medicine involves patient care before, during, and after surgery. Perimatics advances perioperative medicine through real-time, AI-driven data and technology solutions and domain expertise.
Segmentify. Segmentify is a personalization platform powered by machine learning that allows e-commerce businesses to track, recognize, and target website visitors and recommend products that are most likely to appeal to them based on their interests.
Synergy Practice Management. Synergy is business and project management software for architecture, engineering, and construction design professionals (AEC). Our goal is to give AEC people more time for design.
Tachyus: Optimizing Production for Oil & Gas. Tachyus’ technology combines reservoir physics and machine learning to integrate all relevant data sources in real time to explore millions of scenarios and identify the optimal injection, completion, and drilling plans.
ZyLAB ONE. ZyLAB’s eDiscovery is used in litigation and arbitration as well as for regulatory requests, internal investigations, public records requests, and more.

Translate, localize, and customize with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

ADP Workforce Now Outbound Integration. Make updating financial data easy by seamlessly passing payroll journal entries and employee data from ADP Workforce Now to your business management system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
ADS Local Tax (Starter) localization for Malaysia. This add-on equips Dynamics 365 Business Central to handle Malaysia's Sales and Service Tax (SST) in compliance with the Royal Malaysian Customs Department's list of requirements.
ADS Reporting (Starter) Localization for Malaysia. This add-on allows Dynamics 365 Business Central users to capture purchases and sales line by line with different Malaysia Sales and Service Tax (SST) codes.
Cash Basis Accounting. Our app allows you to calculate cash basis with one click. No more long hours preparing cash statements. Cash Basis Accounting also distributes revenue and expenses to all the relevant accounts in your income statement and balance sheet.
ePay Advantage Customer Payment Portal. ePay Advantage automatically displays invoices from Dynamics 365 Business Central and emails customers, notifying them of their new invoice. Customers can log in to the portal to view invoices and make payments.
eSign Facturae. eSign Facturae is an app for XML electronic signing that supports the Facturae and FACe standard formats. Afterward, users can send the signed invoices to the corresponding Spanish public entity.
Japanese Language for Japan. This Japanese translation for Dynamics 365 Business Central displays screens and interfaces, including menu bars and toolbars, in Japanese.
J-Pack - Japanese Localization. J-Pack has been developed based on the English version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is equipped with local functions, reports, and documents to support Japanese business practices.
OPplus 365. OPplus 365 extends the Payment Import and Payment Export functions of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Easily import bank statements and create payment proposals with accompanying documents.
Product Configurator. SimCrest's Product Configurator helps your employees build custom sales and production orders by using easy-to-follow guidance, ensuring orders are complete and validated once the configuration is finished.
SweBase. Simplify your daily work and reduce the need for customization. With SweBase, you can easily create both Swedish and foreign vendor payments.
TrinDocs for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Add TrinDocs document image search to Dynamics 365 Business Central in order to quickly retrieve documents. Simply navigate to the desired page, click on the "Search Image" page action, and the document is retrieved.

Solve issues faster with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

ScreenMeet Co-Browse and Remote Support. Decrease frustration and solve your customers’ issues faster. ScreenMeet is a cloud-native Software-as-a-Service built for call centers to quickly and easily resolve customer support issues.

Expand the functionality of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

AlfaPeople - Electronic Invoice Pack. This solution allows companies that have Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to be prepared to meet the Colombian requirement to issue invoices electronically.
AlfaPeople - Public Purchasing Plan Pack. AlfaPeople developed this Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations module taking into account the diversity of legal requirements for the management of information of public sector entities in Colombia.
BrokerSpace365 - Solution for Brokerage Firms. BrokerSpace365 allows brokerage firms to manage their sales, operations, and agent relationships. Yavica is focused on building solutions for the real estate market using Microsoft technologies.
EAM365|GMCS. EAM365|GMCS is a solution for maintenance and repair processes. It's built for asset-intensive industries, operations, and regulatory compliance.
Government Contracting. Government contractors require functionality and flexibility in their operations and must continually drive innovation. This solution helps government contractors adhere to regulations and meet business needs.
MAX Mobile. Track inventory and stock with this on-the-go mobility suite for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Print labels, count inventory, check prices, and quickly sell items with expiration dates.
Parcel for D365 Finance & Operations. Parcel is the result of a partnership between NMB Solutions and BluJay Solutions, and it combines the power of BluJay Parcel with the seamless shipping integration of NMB’s Packing Workbench for Dynamics 365.

Save time and gain insights with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Sales

ASG Recurrent Opportunity. With ASG Recurrent Opportunity, you can create repeated opportunities based on a recurrence pattern. Your company and your sales team will gain important insights and save valuable time, with a more accurate pipeline.
GovWin Connector. TechnoMile’s GovWin IQ Connector injects more information directly from GovWin IQ into Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, increasing the speed of decision-making.
Loyalty Management Solution. Hitachi's solution helps businesses improve customer engagement through an end-to-end loyalty program management system that offers in-depth data insights and analytics.
Sales Management for Financial Services. This feature-rich sales management solution is built for the financial services industry. It covers both retail and corporate sales functions of banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, and non-bank financial companies.
Zap SSRS Report Scheduler. Zap SSRS Report Scheduler allows you to schedule Dynamics 365 CRM reports (out-of-box and custom) to be emailed on a periodic basis.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Archive Shuttle. Archive Shuttle is fast, intelligent, and highly automated. The solution uses Sync ‘n’ Switch technology to uncouple data from user migration, ensuring seamless access to archive data throughout the migration.
Cloud Commander. Our cloud-to-cloud solution enables you to manage complex migration, consolidation, or relocation projects quickly and intelligently, minimizing the disturbance to your end users and your business.
GDPR & PST Flight Deck. This solution helps you upgrade your PST files and achieve GDPR compliance. The tool finds PST files throughout your environment and securely moves their contents to Office 365 archives.
GDPR Radar Reporting. Radar Reporting for Office 365 delivers detailed reporting on Exchange Online and Teams, including groups, security, mobile device management, mail traffic, and spam and malware.
Hastlayer. Software is flexible; specialized hardware is extremely fast. So why not write software, then turn it into a computer chip? This is what Hastlayer does. It transforms .NET software into field-programmable gate array-implemented logic circuits.
Istech Cloud Monitoring and Management Tools. This solution tracks system resources, including CPU, RAM, and disk usage.
Mailbox & Archive Migration - Better Together. This archive migration solution speeds up your GDPR journey with tools for selecting, filtering, importing, and archiving content from a variety of legacy archiving systems.
Mailbox Shuttle. Mailbox Shuttle is an enterprise-grade solution for quickly and safely migrating live email systems to Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365. The solution provides maximum efficiency with minimum intervention.
MongoDB Atlas on Azure. Build on MongoDB Atlas with confidence, knowing you no longer need to worry about database management, setup, and configuration; software patching; monitoring; backups; or operating a reliable, distributed database cluster.
NonStopDB. Using the flexible, reliable, fast, and highly accessible infrastructure of Microsoft Azure, NonStopDB gives you disaster recovery, insured access, and data protection.
PST Flight Deck. The PST file format is outdated and insecure, which means it's susceptible to data leakage, hackers, malware, and corruption. PST Flight Deck identifies, migrates, and eliminates PST data from your environment.
SAPUpSystem. SAPUpSystem enables enterprise resource planning infrastructure to have a secure disaster recovery system with replication, data storage, VPN, and backup functionality.
SharePoint Vitals. SharePoint Vitals connects to Office 365 audit logs, ensuring that every click is recorded and analyzed to give you a full, in-depth picture of real-time user activity.
Spotlight Cloud. Spotlight Cloud for SQL Server is a cloud-powered performance monitoring solution that provides 24/7 monitoring, instant diagnostics, and powerful tuning to ensure high availability.
Testinium. Testinium is an automated test script execution platform designed for organizations that require a highly scalable, maintenance-free, and secure test automation solution.
TRANSCONNECT®. TRANSCONNECT links your Microsoft services or software running on Azure to your on-premises solutions so you can synchronize your data and automate your business processes.
Xapix Enterprise Developer Tool. Xapix is a fast, flexible, and user-friendly tool for data integration and more. Connect and combine data from different sources and create REST or SOAP services.
Youredi integration as a service. Youredi is a suite of cloud solutions enabling the development, execution, and governance of a wide range of integration scenarios, including data, application, system, cloud, SOA, process, IoT, API, and B2B.

Learn and engage with these apps for human resources and staff development

ALMS - Advancity Learning Management Suite. ALMS is learning management software that helps universities run online degree programs, lets enterprises form corporate academies, and reduces training costs by utilizing distance learning.
HR Focus as a Service. This configurable enterprise solution fits any business, and it offers payroll and recruitment capabilities and human resources management.
Origami Intranet. Unlock the value of your Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises investment with flexible and ready-to-run intranet by Origami. Build employee engagement, communication, and collaboration.

Improve collaboration and productivity in your organization

Activity Factory. Activity Factory is workflow automation software designed to help businesses orchestrate processes within their organization, enabling users to pass tasks, information, documents, and requests from one person to another.
Adaptive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Manager. This solution automates and accelerates the process of requesting, generating, reviewing, approving, and tracking NDA agreements with suppliers, customers, clients, and partners.
Autopilot. Running on the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric platform, Autopilot acts as a proxy to both the on-premises environment and the cloud environment. It allows for the collection of local organizational units (OUs) to be used with Office 365.
CloudBilling. CloudBilling is a flexible and scalable Software-as-a-Service and cloud solution provider billing platform that calculates what to invoice and provides you with insights into customer behavior and product performance.
Cloud Workspace for Azure Preview. CWA provisions, manages, and optimizes Windows workspaces in Azure with full integration to Office 365 subscriptions. Use your Office 365 email address and password to access a fully interactive desktop in Azure.
e-Share OneDrive for BusinesData Migration Service. This service accelerates and broadens the adoption of OneDrive by automating the migration to OneDrive of files from another cloud file storage provider or from a user's network-attached files.
Instant Intranet. Designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, Instant Intranet by Braintree helps you cut out the costly need for consultants and set up a professional intranet for your business in minutes.
LEADTOOLS Cloud Services. LEADTOOLS Cloud Services is a scalable web API that gives developers a hassle-free interface for integrating optical character recognition, barcodes, magnetic ink character recognition, and document conversion into any application.
M-Files SaaS. Unlike traditional enterprise content management systems or content services platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data, and content without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration.
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to Alation. Information Asset has developed a solution that imports representations of objects from Microsoft Azure Blob storage into Alation. All file types are supported, but some provisos apply.
Microsoft Power BI to Alation. Information Asset has developed a solution that imports report metadata from Microsoft Power BI to Alation. The integration shows dashboards and reports in Alation.
MS SQL Server Integration Services to Alation. Information Asset’s solution synchronizes package lineage from Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to Alation. The customer can use the graphical tools to create solutions without writing a line of code.
MyWorkDrive. MyWorkDrive is a software-only solution for secure remote access to in-house file servers from anywhere for any device.
Powtoon. Powtoon Enterprise is a collaborative business productivity tool for creating breakthrough video assets for all audiences. Easily make professional and engaging videos and communication materials that your colleagues and clients will love!
Teamgage. Teamgage is culture improvement software that engages employees to own and drive the process. Employees provide feedback on metrics important to the organization, generating real-time results that guide leaders in taking action.
Udocx for Office 365. Udocx is a cloud-native enterprise capture solution for the automated filing of any document into Office. Udocx is optimized to efficiently process large volumes of documents.
Ultra File Opener - CPP Free Test Drive. Ultra File Opener (UFO) supports more than 500 file types. It opens popular image, text, and archive files, and you can edit, convert, and print them from your computer.

Apps utilizing AI, blockchain, or IoT

AUTOPAPER. Autopaper uses optical character recognition to quickly separate documents according to their types, and it uses machine learning algorithms for classification, categorization, and extraction, reducing operational costs.
Cerebri Values: the new AI-powered science of CX. Through AI and machine learning, the Cerebri Values system quantifies brand commitment for millions of customers, measuring and managing customer experience and turning it into a KPI catalyst.
Edward.ai - AI powered assistant for Dynamics 365. Edward.ai works as a mobile assistant, integrating seamlessly into existing processes to help manage customers and the sales pipeline in Dynamics 365.
Emma - AI Powered Employee Help-desk Agent. Emma is an AI-powered employee support agent designed to improve your employees’ experience and reduce cost by resolving simple and repetitive queries.
LogSentinel. LogSentinel is a secure digital forensics solution that ensures the integrity of logs. Once a business or system event is logged, it is stored in a private blockchain so that any modification can be immediately detected and acted on.
Portnox CLEAR. CLEAR is a cloud-delivered service for automated network visibility and access control management. CLEAR provides visibility and control of all your IoT, managed, and unmanaged devices.
RevTwo Autonomous Support. RevTwo is an autonomous support platform designed to solve complex customer issues. It uses AI and live product data to diagnose problems and enable customers to solve them.
SCMS ConnectED. SCMS ConnectED is an IoT management platform that empowers cities, utilities, and commercial facilities to improve their infrastructure and services by remotely accessing, managing, and leveraging their assets and connected devices.

Track your business’s growth, development, and supply chain

Acoach. Acoach delivers accelerated skill development through its global sales coaching system. The Acoach team will ensure you have the correct KPIs to monitor coaching outcomes and progress toward your corporate goals.
CLEAR Media ERP. CLEAR automates the content supply chain, helping media and entertainment companies drive creative enablement, realize monetization opportunities, and reduce the total cost of operations for production, broadcast, and distribution.
FOREKAST. Forekast is an easy-to-use forecasting API with high accuracy and flexible customization. Boost your business by uploading your historical sales data.
MarginPoint Mobile Inventory Solution. MarginPoint is a leading provider of cloud-based inventory control and automated supply replenishment for professional services contractors and other organizations. Optimize business processes and drive revenue.
Rocketseed -Professional email signature generator. Transform every email your business sends into a marketing channel via professional email signatures, interactive email banner campaigns, and compliant legal disclaimers.
SmartTurn - Dicentral's On-Demand WMS. SmartTurn, a warehouse management system, integrates inventory and warehouse processes, giving businesses real-time visibility and greater control across different locations.
Stokbar (Saas). Stokbar is a warehouse and production management solution with a flexible, web-based structure that will solve your monitoring problems and improve your control mechanisms.

Increase security and enable surveillance

Equinix SmartKey™. Equinix SmartKey is a global, Software-as-a-Service-based secure key management and cryptography service that provides internet scalability, encryption, and tokenization services.
IBM Intelligent Video Analytics. IBM's Intelligent Video Analytics delivers cognitive analytics to help public safety agencies and security organizations analyze, catalog, and index video captured from fixed cameras or cameras in motion.
Radware Azure Native Cloud WAF Service. This adaptive web application provides automated and zero-day attack protection based on state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and can consistently map your apps to analyze potential vulnerabilities.
Vurix. Innodep Inc.'s video surveillance solution provides a CCTV-integrated platform and cloud-based services using IoT technologies, including artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Stay up to date

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