What’s new, October 16–31: apps to assist retailers, market to consumers, and expand Dynamics 365

AppSource welcomed 81 apps between October 16 and October 31, 2018, many of them designed for retail, marketing, or Dynamics 365.

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Industry-specific apps for retail, marketing, financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and government

AskSid AI Conversions Platform. This platform delivers accelerated conversions by simplifying the shopper journey. It enriches product catalogs by discovering new product questions, and it derives precise marketing insights from customer messages.
Auror - Crime Intelligence Platform. Auror helps retailers stop crime in their stores. Built on Microsoft Azure, the platform empowers store teams to report crimes in minutes, solve complex cases, and collaborate across the store and with law enforcement.
cEPS. cEPS is designed to support complex financial services products, integrating life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, ETFs, reverse mortgages, and other components to create a combination product that can be sold and administered.
Clue. Clue is widely used in policing and government to manage incidents, investigations, intelligence, cases, and outcomes. It offers automation, searching, reporting, and analytics across the application with real-time access anywhere on any device.
Cross-Platform Media Insights. Simmons Cross-Platform Media Insights is a consumer profiling and media planning tool that links more than 60,000 consumer elements to detailed insights on consumers’ use of 11 traditional and digital media platforms.
DC2Vue® - Digital Care Coordination Platform. DC2Vue is a digital care coordination platform built for healthcare service providers to streamline clinical, operational, and financial processes. Optimize and automate information-intensive business processes.
Delivering Business Outcomes with IIoT. Relayr’s end-to-end industrial IoT solution enables companies to unleash more data from existing machines and systems to improve business outcomes.
Everest. Everest delivers clear insight and efficiency, transforming the educational experience with benefits for teachers, students, parents, IT staff, and senior leadership teams.
Exabyte.io platform. Exabyte.io is a cloud-based platform for materials modeling. It combines physics-based techniques, such as density functional theory and molecular dynamics, with data infrastructure and high-performance computational resources.
FastFinder. FastFinder is a Software-as-a-Service platform for healthcare companies that uses artificial intelligence to automate the analysis and interpretation of quantitative polymerase chain reaction data in lab testing.
Intelligent Reach. Offsite product discovery, such as through online ads or social media, is a vital source of revenue. Intelligent Reach helps retailers and brands optimize the offsite product discovery journey, helping your ideal customers find your products and convert.
Local Consumer Insights. Simmons Local Consumer Insights reports on the robust geographic nuances of all of America's 209 media markets. Through a single powerful database, it drives consumer targeting, market evaluation, and media planning decisions.
National Consumer Insights. Simmons National Consumer Insights, powered by the Simmons National Consumer Study, brings consumer targets to life with vivid and complete profiles, including lifestyles, attitudes, brand preferences, and media use.
Online Retail Price Matching for Enterprise. Blackbee identifies the daily price changes of millions of products in any region or language. Using machine learning, Blackbee gathers information from online sources to compare against brands that clients sell.
OrderPoint. OrderPoint is a complete business solution for the food and beverage industry, with verticals for restaurants; bakeries and bread shops; cake shops and patisseries; coffee shops; pizza shops; food trucks; and pubs, taverns, and bars.
ProcMATE: Digital Lending Simplified By Compusoft. ProcMATE: Digital Lending Simplified empowers banking and financial institutions with business process management tools that can be used to modernize and automate the digital lending process.
Sebit VCloud. Sebit VCloud is a collaboration-based educational management system that unites academic applications and educational, managerial, and production processes.
TickSmith | Big Data Platform for Capital Markets. Built on open standards, TickVault, from TickSmith, streamlines data centralization to enable financial institutions to effectively leverage, sell, and distribute their data at scale.
TV Viewer Insights. Drawing on Nielsen data and more than 60,000 variables in the Simmons National Consumer Study, TV Viewer Insights allows advertisers, agencies, and media to go beyond demographics when profiling TV audiences.
Zafin Cloud. Zafin Cloud empowers banks to increase revenue and efficiency by modernizing legacy infrastructure, and it enables financial institutions to drive deposit and lending growth while improving customer experience.

Translate, localize, and customize with these with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Chinese (Traditional) Language Pack for Hong Kong. Tectura Hong Kong Limited brings Traditional Chinese to Dynamics 365 Business Central for all Hong Kong users.
DocuTie. Save all your unstructured content – PDFs, emails, PowerPoint presentations, movies – in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Drag and drop any file or document related to your business data and get user-friendly direct previews.
Late Payment Prediction. Effectively managing receivables is important to the financial health of a business. The Late Payment Prediction extension by Microsoft can help you reduce outstanding receivables by predicting whether sales invoices will be paid on time.
Localization for Serbia. This localization is made to adapt Dynamics 365 Business Central to the national legislative requirements of Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia.
Serbian Language for Serbia. Let your Serbian employees use Dynamics 365 Business Central in their native language. With this localization, you can easily switch between English and Serbian commands.
simpLEASE Accounting Connector. The simpLEASE Accounting Connector enables vendor information, general ledger accounts, dimensions, and journal entry information to be shared between Dynamics 365 Business Central and simpLEASE Accounting.
Warehouse Insight. Warehouse Insight provides warehouse and production employees with full access to Dynamics 365 Business Central via barcode scanners and handheld computers.

Address Freedom of Information Act requests with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Freedom!. At Tisski, we are determined to come up with innovative solutions to common problems. Freedom! is a vertical solution that helps you respond to and keep track of Freedom of Information Act requests.

Meet LATAM legal standards and recognize milestones with these apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 Localization for Perú. This Peruvian and Latin American localization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations fits the legal standards of Peru, including accounting and tax legislation.
Service Award Management. Recognize and reward your employees for their career milestones, dedication, and loyalty. Service Award Management by CEM Business Solutions provides everything you need to make employee service anniversaries special.

Expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator. The Higher Education Accelerator from Microsoft enables partners and customers to create solutions using new entities and attributes for higher education.
Dynamics 365 Modern Immigration Management System. The Dynamics 365 Immigration Management System (IMS) provides a solution for organizations managing and tracking immigration cases for their employees, and it integrates with HR initiation processes.
Engage 365. Engage 365 is a customer engagement solution built by Yegertek, the product division of Levtech, on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Engage 365 enables retailers to interact with their shoppers in a personalized, contextual manner.
Eventix Events. With our event creation wizard, you can quickly copy your template event and create as many new events as you need. This includes the main event, sub events, venue, agenda, schedule, checklists, attendee capacities, pricing, invitations, and more.
Eventix Meetings. Easily manage meeting requests, logistics, catering, and schedules with Eventix Meetings. Eventix also offers applications for complete event and attendee management, along with resource scheduling.
Eventix Payments. Using our payment wizard, you can enter payments received in a single process. Track payments, apply them to invoices, process credit cards, and track who owes you money.
Eventix Schedules. Eventix Schedules offers a simple way to schedule and track your staff, venues, equipment, and events.
MazikEd Student Success. MazikEd Student Success is built on Microsoft’s higher education Common Data Service, which can provide a 360-degree personalized student experience.
Storage & Attachment Management Solution. This solution by TechLabs London enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers to reduce costs by hosting files in Microsoft Azure Blob storage or on Microsoft SharePoint.

Manage your IT assets and systems

AzureDesk. AzureDesk is help desk software for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. It provides end-to-end solutions for customers through AzureDesk’s robust ticket management system.
Cloudamize. Cloudamize is a cloud computing analytics platform providing high-precision analytics and powerful automation to improve the ease, speed, and accuracy of moving to Microsoft Azure.
CloudBees Core. CloudBees Core is a suite of enterprise-level plug-ins that secures and optimizes the Jenkins automation server, eliminates downtime, and helps manage Jenkins more effectively.
DigiCert SSL/TLS Certificates. Protect users from downloading compromised software, prevent tampering, and provide the trusted assurance of authentication by using a digital signature.
EDI Files-Connector. This tool joins electronic data interchange (EDI) files to improve the efficiency of EDI imports and is designed for use on a Microsoft server.
GreatHorn Email Security. GreatHorn Email Security connects directly to your Office 365 or G Suite email environment, helping your organization stop phishing, credential theft, and malware attacks.
IntegrateCloud. IntegrateCloud connects your Zendesk instance with Microsoft Visual Studio Online. The integration allows Zendesk agents working on support tickets to collaborate with the development team working in Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services.
SAMSimple. SAMSimple from SoftwareONE is a managed service providing continuous visibility and control to optimize software licensing costs and mitigate against publisher audit risk.
SCIM Gateway for Azure AD. The SCIM Gateway for Azure AD from Aquera is a cloud-based service providing instant out-of-the-box connectivity between Azure Active Directory and all provisioning target applications, directories, databases, or devices.
Thor Foresight Enterprise. Thor Foresight Enterprise combats evolving threats, helping you close vulnerabilities, maintain compliance, and stop ransomware, APTs, financial fraud, data leaks, and exploits.
Virsae Service Management. Monitor, diagnose, and manage the health of your unified communications, contact center, and IT infrastructure with intelligent cloud-based service management.
Workspot Disaster Recovery Cloud: DR/VDI on Azure. Workspot’s cloud-native, enterprise-ready service provides stand-by cloud computers you can activate with one click when disaster strikes. Take the risk out of your disaster recovery plan.
ZAP Data Hub For Azure. ZAP Data Hub intelligently automates the acquisition of data from one or more sources – from ERP and CRM to SQL databases and Excel – and it delivers an Azure-based data warehouse for use with tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Track applicants, time off, and more with these apps for human resources

Applicant Portal. Applicant Portal by CEM Business Solutions connects HR recruitment managers to prospective employees through smart email notifications, résumé filtering, simplified workflow processes, and more.
Application Tracking System. Application Tracking System by CEM Business Solutions provides employers with automated job board posting, résumé submission, and prescreening.
Hitachi Solutions Payroll Accelerator. This is a Middle East-specific payroll solution that delivers better organizational insight through automation. It features in-depth payroll, HRMS capability, employee lifecycle management, performance tracking, and more.
Leave Calendar. Leave Calendar by CEM Business Solutions lets supervisors view their subordinates' leave schedules. Leave Calendar ties into the PTO/Leave module and is accessible as a .NET add-on.
OnBoarding. Onboarding is a website portal that informs newly hired employees about the workplace and makes training easy for HR recruiters.
TimeClock 365 – Time Tracking, Tasks & Projects. This platform lets organizations see employee locations, driving data, and route history. Managers and employees can add projects and tasks through the app.
Xamos. Xamos is a complete solution for mobile time/performance recording. Its standardized XML interface allows for high flexibility and usability.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

Binokula - Power BI report sharing made easy. Binokula is a cloud-based service designed to simplify the secure distribution of Microsoft Power BI reports beyond your company firewall.
Fabrik. Fabrik allows you to leverage the learned behavior of digital tools and workflows, accelerating your workplace transition with a quickened pace of human activity, focus, and intimacy.
Indic content conversion engagement & communication. Reverie’s platform and voice suite provide comprehensive language solutions, including content conversion, engagement through text or voice-based Indic input, and multilingual search.
Karbon. Increase your team’s output with a centralized workstream platform deeply integrated with Office 365. Karbon gives context to all work and communication, ensuring visibility across teams, departments, and locations.
Office 365 ProPlus Employee Registration Portal. This product provides an Office 365 ProPlus registration portal for your employees without requiring IT or authentication support.
Omnicontext™. OmniContext helps organizations use IT operational data for business purposes. Everyone can view average productivity and performance metrics for the company or business unit and compare them with their own personal data.
Wipster. Wipster is a complete video review, approval, collaboration, publishing, and analytics platform that enables modern content teams to create and deliver better video faster.
Workspot App Cloud: Virtual Apps (VDI) on Azure. Modernize your app delivery with Workspot's turnkey, enterprise-ready cloud service that deploys Windows 10 virtual desktops on Microsoft Azure.
Workspot Desktop Cloud: VDI on Azure. It’s time to move your PCs to Microsoft Azure. Workspot’s cloud-native, enterprise-ready turnkey service deploys in as little as one day so you can increase your business agility.
Xylos. Unlock the full potential of Office 365 and drive adoption with the knowledge and support platform OASE by Xylos.

Apps utilizing AI, machine learning, or IoT

HITS IoT Multi Identification Solution. HITS IoT Multi Identification Solution encompasses the latest cloud-based technologies, such as face recognition, to monitor and identify employees, students, and more.
HITS IoT Smart Surveillance Solution. HITS IoT Smart Surveillance Solution connects smart surveillance cameras passively or over the cloud so they can identify and track people and objects, improving public safety and reducing security risks.
HITS Smart IoT people tracking. HITS Smart IoT People Tracking can be used for tracking employees, kids, doctors, and more.
Lisa. Lisa leverages AI and speech analytics to improve call center regulatory compliance. Lisa listens to all conversations every minute of every day, flagging compliance risks in real time.
Raptor Smart Advisor. Raptor Smart Advisor is a personalization engine based on machine learning algorithms that analyze browsing and buying behavior, empowering more than 800 clients to deliver relevant content in the right context.

Monitor your business’s growth, development, and supply chain

DriveDollar. Easily track your driving expenses for business and tax purposes. Connect the DriveDollar dongle to your car's onboard diagnostics port and easily integrate your data with ConnectWise, AutoTask, QuickBooks, and Office 365 calendars.
Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. Create advanced reports in seconds and track the customer journey. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is designed for data-sensitive industries and for compliance with international privacy laws, including GDPR and HIPAA.
ProcMATE-Process Automation Simplified. ProcMATE empowers customer-facing organizations with business process management tools that can be used to modernize and automate customer acquisitions and service processes.
Rave. Expand your business internationally by accepting payments from customers all over the world. Integrate with Rave's easy-to-use libraries, plug-ins, or SDKs and start collecting payments from more than 150 supported countries.
SAP Commissions for Dynamics 365. SAP Commissions streamlines incentive compensation management, distribution, approval, and workflow, reducing overhead and maximizing plan effectiveness.
Unit4 Prevero. Unit4 Prevero delivers integrated corporate performance management solutions that provide key insights to take forecasting, planning, budgeting, and reporting to a higher level.

Ensure GDPR compliance

myDPRights. myDPRights is a secure web platform that enables companies and organizations to collect all personal data requests from their customers and bring themselves into line with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Stay up to date

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