What’s new, September 1-15: apps to raise productivity, extend Dynamics, and more

AppSource welcomed 58 apps between September 1 and 15, 2018, many of them designed to increase workplace productivity, add features to Microsoft Dynamics 365, or manage IT assets.

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Industry-specific apps for retail, education, healthcare, government, science, professional services, telecommunications, marketing, and manufacturing

11Ants Retail Insights Cloud. 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud seamlessly fuses high-capacity cloud computing, data science, sophisticated customer analytics, predictive analytics, and customer-centric retail best practices.
eMada (Student Information System). eMada is an enterprise software solution for seamless management of higher education institutions. eMada is aligned with the credit-hour system of higher education organizations spanning the Middle East market.
Fortude Mortality Review Solution. Fortude MRS is licensed from the Mayo Clinic and looks at patient deaths, attempting to identify administrative issues in the care process. That information enables the implementation of better processes.
Getron Advisor. Getron Advisor is an AI-powered tool that uses predictive and prescriptive analytics in an aim to solve one of the most fundamental problems in retail: getting the right amount of a product to the right place at the right time, and with the right price.
Kogence HPC Platform. This privately hosted high-performance scientific cloud computing platform comes with more than 50 preconfigured scientific simulators and a library of 5,000-plus ready-to-execute models that can be forked and modified.
RAID.Cloud for Prepaid Fraud. Prepaid fraud can have a huge impact on telecom operators with a large prepaid subscriber base. RAID.Cloud identifies account abuses and submits the data for analysis.
Replicon Professional Services Automation. Optimize service delivery with visibility and insight into client project progress. Boost your billable hours and pipeline with oversight into resource allocations and availability. Forecast resource needs and plan for growth.
SimpleK12.com SSO by Infosource, Inc. SimpleK12.com SSO provides SAML single sign-on services for SimpleK12.com’s K-12 teacher learning community.
SimpliGov - Government Forms & Workflow Automation. Our government automation platform’s easy-to-learn design tools let you quickly automate any organizational process, whether it’s simple or complex. Reduce errors and increase efficiency in your organization.
Spott.ai - AI powered smart & shoppable content. Using machine learning, Spott.ai makes photos and videos enriched, interactive, and shoppable in a multi-screen environment. This functionality is applicable on any platform and any device.
SpringBoard for Industrial IoT Genset Management. SpringBoard is a customizable Azure IoT solution for industrial genset monitoring and control, providing enterprises with the agility required to deliver differentiated power-generation equipment and services.

Manage permissions, commissions, and more with these apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

CommissionApp. Are you worried about managing commissions for your sales reps? Commission App helps you determine the commissions structure. This extension supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Discontinued Master Data. For consistency, Business Central keeps track of all master records that have been previously used. This can cause your lists to become bloated. Discontinued Master Data allows you to "discontinue" old records, hiding them from view.
E-Bank Reconciliation. Is bank reconciliation something you don't look forward to? Our E-Bank Reconciliation app allows you to download the statement from the bank and automatically reconcile it against your book entries.
Field Level Security. This app will let you define user-based field-level permissions on the fly. Administrators can define what tables and fields are to be assigned permissions and then extend access to specific users.

Apply case management with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

ProCase. ProCase offers a legal case management system that can manage structured and unstructured information, automate workflows, and enable powerful reporting, search, and retrieval functions.

Customize, localize, and expand the possibilities of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Avanade External Production. Avanade External Production enables production managers to plan and manage outsourced production in a centralized resource, and it lets them centrally track processes, materials, products, and product components.
Avanade Production Tool Management. Avanade Production Tool Management allows production managers to define complex tools and assign them to purchasing, sales, and production processes and associate them with fixed assets.
EDI Integrated Suite for Finance and Operations. This multi-tenant, cloud-based, web services-enabled solution manages mapping, trading partners, testing, configuration, and more without the need for purchasing or installing patches or updates.
Integrated Chemical Management (iCM). iCM integrates functions critical to the chemical industry with Microsoft Dynamics 365. iCM offers extensive functionality in safety data sheet management, label management, and DEA management.
Israeli Localization. Israeli Localization adapts Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to the legislation of Israel and to local business processes, with the user interface translated to Hebrew.
Union Payroll. Customize your payroll processing experience with ease, accuracy, and monthly flexibility. CEM’s solution is designed to handle the growing payroll processes of your business.

Configure and adapt Dynamics 365 for Sales to meet your changing needs

Auto Create SharePoint Folder. Auto Create SharePoint Folder easily locates the CRM entity record folders that are created automatically in SharePoint whenever a corresponding entity record is created in the CRM system.
Colibrium Broker Forward. Colibrium's line of Forward apps are designed to customize Microsoft Dynamics for the health insurance industry. Broker Forward allows carriers to model and manage their relationships with brokers and agencies.
Colibrium Member Forward. Colibrium's line of Forward apps are designed to customize Microsoft Dynamics for the health insurance industry. Member Forward provides data models used for profiling a payer’s members and policies across market segments.
Colibrium Provider Forward. Colibrium's line of Forward apps are designed to customize Microsoft Dynamics for the health insurance industry. Provider Forward allows carriers to model and manage their relationships with their providers across networks.
Connections UI Solution for Dynamics 365 CRM. Our users wanted an easier way to establish relationships between different records. Connections UI delivers a simplified, configurable, intuitive interface for connections between Dynamics 365 entities.
Dynamics 365 Modern Email Interface. Dynamics 365 Modern Email Interface enables users to draft and manage all the sent and received email messages within a case, contact, or any other activity-enabled entity.
Email Attachment Manager. With Email Attachment Manager, CRM users gain functionality in downloading, transfers, and attachment removal. They can fetch email attachments and notes for a particular period with preset file extensions and data size.
KryptoTrak. KryptoTrak is cloud-based software built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, and it provides comprehensive tracking of analytical information around blockchain and cryptocurrency.
smart process integration solution. Smart 365 is a framework for easy enterprise application integration.
Tisski DataShield. DataShield helps you keep your organization GDPR-compliant by extending the functionality of security roles to allow the export of some data to Excel but to block the export of personal data.
Utilities CX For Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Utilities CX helps clients improve customer retention, increase workforce productivity, and automate processes with flexible deployment and fast implementation. It’s built for electricity, gas, and water suppliers.
Zap Copy Record. Duplicate records in Dynamics 365 CRM in a single click! Save time on data entry with the Zap Copy Record app.

Improve productivity, collaboration, and visibility

360 Degree Tiles. 360 Degree Tiles gives users a single 360-degree view of all relevant information associated with a given record in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
bpm'online studio. Bpm’online studio combines business processes management and case management technologies to enable businesses from various industries to create custom applications for their specific business needs.
Checkbook.io. Checkbook enables businesses and individuals to send digital checks. To send a check, all you need is the name and email of the recipient along with the amount you are sending. Recipients do not need to sign up, download any apps, or pay any fees.
Household Visualization. This tool gives users a visual understanding of how Contact records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are related to one another and allows users to quickly see the consolidated and individual wallet share of each household member.
InRule SaaS. InRule automates decisions and places rule management in the hands of the people who best understand the business. InRule also provides security and audit trails to ensure the rules are managed properly and in compliance with regulations.
Re:Call Mobile Call Recording. Re:Call provides a straightforward and reliable solution for businesses that need to record and replay mobile voice and SMS communications, whether it’s for regulatory compliance, for training, or for improving customer experience.
SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce. SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce enables employees to do all their daily tasks in a single-window environment right from their inbox without leaving their native communication environment.
TDox. TDox enhances data collection on the go. No more calls or paper forms in order to check assets and field operations! Data gathered from the app is available in real time in spreadsheets for elaboration.
Tenfold Next Generation CTI for Dynamics 365. Tenfold seamlessly integrates phone systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver a complete, real-time view of all customer data for sales, service, and support workloads.

Manage your IT assets and systems

CloudShell Colony. CloudShell Colony is a Software-as-a-Service cloud management platform for DevOps that provides environments on demand, all the way from development to production.
Codefresh. Codefresh is designed for teams deploying containers to production. Move fast and deploy with confidence thanks to Docker-optimized continuous integration, Kubernetes-optimized continuous deployment, quick setup, powerful pipelines, and more.
Comox. Comox is an online attribution intelligence platform built for cybersecurity professionals. Comox's investigative tools give threat intelligence teams a powerful way to identify malicious activity.
PHEMI Central. PHEMI Central is a privacy, security, and governance layer for Hadoop that helps mine complex data and unlock new and actionable insights.
RealmJoin - Companion to Intune. RealmJoin offers Azure Active Directory and BitLocker integration, deployment support for native Windows applications, legacy domain integration, and much more.
Smartface Cloud. Mobile transformation is crucial for enterprises' growth and productivity. Smartface Cloud offers enterprise mobility in the cloud with native mobile app development and lifecycle management.
Tricentis Tosca. Agile and DevOps have made continuous testing essential, yet software testing is still dominated by legacy tools and outdated processes. Tricentis Tosca transforms testing from a roadblock to a catalyst for innovation.

Track your business's growth, compliance, and supply chain

Altair Fleet Management Software (Altair FMS) 3.4. Altair FMS covers live tracking of vehicle movements, driver behavior, and compliance monitoring, as well as maintenance management and operations, business intelligence, and ERP integration.
Balanced Scorecard Software with Power BI. Corporater’s Balanced Scorecard provides everything for the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework, including perspectives, strategic objectives, KPIs, strategic initiatives, visualization tools, data integration, and workflow.
CloudMoyo Rail Crew Management. This cloud-native Software-as-a-Service product empowers railroads to manage crew process across boards, optimize crew deployment, track qualifications and compliance, and provide real-time visibility.
GDPR Audit and Compliance Checker. Use the GDPR Audit app to evaluate how compliant your business is with the General Data Protection Regulation. This app comes as part of a suite of three apps for ongoing tracking and action planning.
Hosted Orchard CMS - DotNest. Get Orchard CMS Software-as-a-Service integrated with Microsoft Azure. Don't worry about deployment, maintenance, or upgrades – your site just works. You can freely style your site and track it with Azure Application Insights.
PROS Guidance. PROS Guidance leverages patented machine learning capabilities to optimize pricing. Delivered exclusively on the Azure platform, PROS Guidance precisely prescribes winning negotiation recommendations tailored for every customer interaction.

Find your way with this IoT app

WayPlus. Way+ is a digital wayfinding and asset tracking solution that can enhance the efficiency of shopping malls, campuses, hospitals, airports, embassies, or other large facilities. The wayfinding component extends across multiple touchscreen kiosks.

Migrate legacy applications to the cloud

Tidal Migrations. Whether you are refactoring your applications to be cloud-native under a transformation initiative or rehosting to Azure in a lift-and-shift migration, Tidal Migrations provides the platform for you to manage that project with confidence.

Stay up to date

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