What’s new, September 16-30: apps to increase sales, analyze data, gain insights, and more

AppSource welcomed 105 apps between September 16 and 30, 2018, many of them designed to analyze data, expand Microsoft Dynamics 365, facilitate business development, educate employees, and manage IT resources.

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Industry-specific apps for retail, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, professional services, marketing, engineering, and hospitality

Alluvium Primer. Alluvium Primer is designed to turn massive streams of complex machine and operator data into simple, real-time insights. Alluvium Primer supports both front-line industrial operators and back-office data analysts.
Analytics@Replenishment. Replenishment is a smart inventory management system for retailers. To start, all you need to do is share historical business data, and the simulation algorithm can produce results immediately.
APAC Manufacturing / Distribution ERP - SystemEver. Manage inventory and more with this real-time activity-tracking enterprise resource planning software offered for a monthly fee. SystemEver supports multiple languages and offers worldwide mobility.
Bunsar Visual Search and Recommendation API. This is a fashion intelligence service for apparel retailers. It offers state-of-the-art visual search functionality as well as a sophisticated outfit recommendation service powered by Bunsar's AI algorithms.
Clinic to Cloud. Clinic to Cloud is a secure, scalable, cloud-based clinical and practice management platform that lets health professionals around the world be more efficient, more profitable, and more patient-centered.
Digital Logistics Platform. Digital Logistics Platform is a solution for retailers and logistics companies that need an effective parcel shipping solution. We connect carriers worldwide to optimize the supply chain for cost-effectiveness and a better customer experience.
Edsby. Edsby is a learning management and analytics platform built for K-12 education. Because it's hosted on Microsoft Azure, Edsby drives Azure consumption as well as school district-wide activations of Office 365, with which it tightly integrates.
Engage for Banking & Wealth Management. Engage for Banking offers relationship management for the banking industry, helping you track and understand connections with customers and prospects so you win more business and improve customer loyalty.
Engage for Credit Unions & Wealth Management. Engage for Credit Unions gives bankers and wealth managers a holistic, member-centered view of their business so they can build strong, long-lasting relationships with their members.
Gov2Go. Gov2Go is a digital platform that helps citizens identify the government services they need, track deadlines, and execute key tasks regardless of device. Nearly a dozen U.S. states have custom solutions on the platform.
MagiX Concierge. MagiX Concierge is an app for the hospitality sector. It aims to close the communication gap between hoteliers and their guests, enhancing business processes, engaging guests through social media, and creating outstanding customer experiences.
MagiX Event. MagiX Event is a cloud platform that enables event organizers to gather more and better information on visitor preferences, analyze the information, and use the findings to pursue future enhancements and revenue streams.
MagiX Mall. MagiX Mall is a cloud platform that enables shopping malls to gather more and better information on shopper preferences. It offers navigation and wayfinding, branding and industry themes, an advertising and promotions engine, and more.
MagiX Portal. MagiX Portal is a transitioning solution that requires users of a public-access network to interact with it before gaining access. MagiX Portal can be used by business centers, airports, hotel lobbies, and other venues that offer Wi-Fi hot spots.
Perzonalization - AI Powered Personalization. Perzonalization provides an omnichannel predictive personalization experience. You only need to insert a code snippet on your site. Perzonalization is hosted on Microsoft Azure and integrates with any e-commerce site.
Piano ESP (Newzmate). Piano ESP is a content marketing cloud that lets media companies personalize the audience experience and automate delivery. Through machine learning, Piano ESP turns knowledge about user interests into content recommendations.
ProfitStars CECL Analysis and Reporting. ProfitStars CECL Analysis and Reporting helps you meet Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) requirements and adds business value with data that supports your financial institution's strategic goals.
Repzone. Repzone is a next-generation mobile sales force automation solution enabling companies to manage field activities as well as in-store data collection (price check, stock control, shelf share check).
SFG20. SFG20 is an essential tool for facility managers, building owners, contractors, and consultants. It allows users to model the asset maintenance requirements of their facilities and maintain customized maintenance schedules.
SmartBOL Online Bill of Lading. SmartBOL's cloud-based bill of lading and shipping documentation system creates various shipping documents to print. The multi-user, multi-warehouse system can be accessed from any desktop computer or tablet.
SmartUse Collaboration Construction App. SmartUse is a collaborative construction app for marking up and sharing blueprints and documents in real time. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, it enables field teams to work simultaneously on the most current documents.
Specialty Pharma Analytics Platform. ProMetrics’ platform empowers manufacturers of specialty pharmaceuticals to remove hurdles that keep patients from getting products quickly. This improves the patient experience and a brand’s prescription efficiency.
Student Management System on Azure. This student management system helps educators optimize the student experience. It drives recruitment, advances digital and online strategies, and meets key operational and compliance requirements.
Ticketing.Events. For event organizers who sell tickets online, Ticketing.events provides a simple, modern, and affordable platform for creating events, collecting payment, issuing QR Code e-tickets, and managing attendees.
UMS in Azure. UMS Education Suite is an identity management system that automates integration and user creation from student management systems, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, and more.
Ventipix Asset & Inventory Manager. This app enables you to track fixed or portable assets and inventory. It comes with a smartphone app for scanning barcodes, including QR Codes, or tapping NFC Tags. Bluetooth and USB scanners are also supported.
VORTALnext>. The VORTALnext platform allows contracting authorities to manage the entire public procurement process in compliance with the national legislation of each country and the European Union directives published in 2014.
vResponder. vResponder is a citizen-centric digital platform designed to keep people safe and assist responders in dealing with workplace incidents and local or national security threats.
YouScan Social Media Listening and Image Insights. YouScan.io is a social media monitoring product that helps brands connect with their audiences, uncovers valuable consumer insights to improve products and services, and finds new sales leads.

Extend tables, simplify expenses, and improve efficiency with apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Master Data Information. Master Data Information is a simple way to extend tables with new data fields for any master data registration need, such as measurements, colors, pictures, documents, or web shop data.
Metal Manager. Looking for a more efficient way to manage your metal manufacturing business? Metal Manager is an enterprise resource planning solution that improves manufacturing efficiency, reduces risks, and increases profit margins.
Zetadocs Expenses. Zetadocs Expenses releases you from the travel and entertainment paper chase, with simple management of business mileage, better management of corporate credit cards, fast reimbursements, and expert advice when you need it.

Manage data, risk, payroll, and more with apps for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Advanced payroll. This solution automatically calculates overtime or double time and creates calendars with shift schedules for easy organization. Calculate overtime and double time for your employees on a daily, weekly, monthly, and biweekly basis.
Anywhere for Logistics Advanced. Anywhere for Logistics Advanced is a mobile app that supports your daily warehouse activities, letting your workers use a mobile device with barcode scanners to perform their tasks with accuracy, speed, and consistency.
Anywhere for Logistics Production. Anywhere for Logistics Production is a mobile app that supports your daily warehouse activities, letting your workers use a mobile device with barcode scanners to perform their tasks with accuracy, speed, and consistency.
Anywhere for Logistics Standard. Anywhere for Logistics Standard is a mobile app that supports your daily warehouse activities, letting your workers use a mobile device with barcode scanners to perform their tasks with accuracy, speed, and consistency.
Avanade Intelligent Data Manager. Avanade Intelligent Data Manager removes ambiguity and risk from migrating data and replicating solution configurations across legal entities by streamlining and structuring these tasks.
Avanade Intelligent Test Automation. Avanade Intelligent Test Automation shortens the time-to-benefit for implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 by bringing speed and reliability to testing.
Loan Management. Import loans from external systems using Office 365 or integrate your current loan system with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Easily define loans, create amortization schedules, calculate bad debt, set up installment payments, and more.
NCS HR Accelerator. NCS HR Accelerator provides an open and flexible framework that has a rule-based configuration to meet localized specifications and an integrated platform that offers a single view of the employee.
Store opening management (SOM). SOM facilitates project management processes in architectural and construction departments.

Extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales 

Auto Number. This solution lets users automatically number any entity in Dynamics. Auto numbering is a common requirement for CRM implementations to generate a unique reference number for new records so they can easily be tracked.
Chamber of commerce membership solution. Vendere Group's all-in-one solution includes tools for membership acquisition and retention, events and activities management, and administrative management.
Description Template. Description Template is a smart add-on from MTC that allows users to build a huge collection of description templates, which can later be populated in any field (only string value allowed).
Directly. Directly’s gig economy and AI platform helps you transform customer service by systematically tapping highly skilled product experts from your customer and partner ecosystem.
ELCA CRM NetworkViewer. The ELCA CRM NetworkViewer uses a graphical representation to show all connections of a record of any connection-enabled entity in Dynamics 365.
FBO Connector. TechnoMile’s FBO Connector helps government contractors make the most of fbo.gov by pulling solicitations directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and displaying them in context with live opportunities.
Multi-File Uploader to SharePoint. This solution by MTC allows users to upload multiple files directly to SharePoint instead of having to upload files individually. It also gets around the standard 50-megabyte upload limit.
ProContract365. With ProContract 365, you can forget about renewing your contracts, their organization, and even the late fees. All you have to do is plan alerts and ProContract 365 handles the rest.
Sysfore GST 365. Sysfore GST 365 is a solution to provision GST taxation for Dynamics 365 for Sales. The data flow from CRM to ERP is a seamless process for invoice billing and payment tracking, which happens in traditional ERP systems in India.
TeleSign SMS for Dynamics Marketing. Add SMS text messaging to Dynamics 365 to reach, engage, and communicate with customers. Deliver differentiated and personalized customer experiences with TeleSign's SMS app.

Manage your IT assets and systems

Adaptive Security Platform (ASP). Illumio’s ASP prevents the spread of breaches inside datacenter and cloud environments. Enterprises such as Morgan Stanley, Salesforce, and Oracle NetSuite use Illumio to reduce cyber risk and achieve regulatory compliance.
BackupSimple. BackupSimple is a comprehensive and easy-to-use enterprise-level data backup and recovery solution designed to ensure you retain full control and ownership of your data, no matter how complex your data landscape becomes.
BindPlane Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring. Blue Medora’s BindPlane solution provides visibility into your datacenter IT infrastructure through real-time observation, and its power comes from the steady stream of dimensional data it generates.
BindPlane Virtualization & Container Monitoring. BindPlane provides visibility into the virtualization and/or orchestrated platform layers of your IT environments by integrating monitoring data from vSphere, Docker, Kubernetes, and other technologies.
Blue Medora Data Operations Monitoring. Blue Medora’s BindPlane translates and aggregates a wide range of metrics across clusters, nodes, spaces, tables, and queries to provide a 360-degree view of database and caching performance.
Cassandra Monitoring for Azure Monitor. Blue Medora’s BindPlane enables you to gain deeper insights into the performance and status of your Cassandra database environment by harnessing the power of Azure Monitor.
CoreToEdge – SAP as a Service on Azure. Get rapid deployment of a SAP HANA-based system setup with a pay-as-you-go model. The global infrastructure of Microsoft Azure gives you always-on SAP infrastructure.
Docker Monitoring for Azure Monitor. BindPlane collects and enhances deep metrics from across containers and their related hosts and streams insights to Azure Monitor for full-stack visibility within and outside of Azure.
Kubernetes Monitoring for Azure Monitor. BindPlane and Azure Monitor offer seamless data integration so you can easily observe the inter-operational behavior of your Kubernetes resources through a single pane of glass.
Microsoft IIS Monitoring for Azure Monitor. Observe and optimize your Microsoft IIS environment from within Azure Monitor. BindPlane collects and enhances deep metrics from servers, services, sessions, and hosts, and it streams insights to Azure Monitor.
Microsoft SQL Monitoring for Azure Monitor. BindPlane collects and enhances deep metrics from across Microsoft SQL Server clusters, database instances, tables, and queries, and it streams insights to Azure Monitor for full-stack visibility.
MyAdmin. MyAdmin provides a self-service portal for simplifying cloud licensing operations and improving security with an automated "Secure Score" assessment and gamification features for Microsoft cloud solution provider customers.
MySQL Monitoring for Azure Monitor. Optimize your MySQL environment from within Azure Monitor. Blue Medora’s proprietary universal data language makes this valuable dimensional data stream accessible for advanced analytics.
Oracle Monitoring for Azure Monitor. Blue Medora’s BindPlane collects and enhances deep metrics from across Oracle clusters, database instances, tables, and queries, and it streams insights to Azure Monitor for full-stack visibility.
PostgreSQL Monitoring for Azure Monitor. BindPlane provides continuous visibility with Azure Monitor into your PostgreSQL database environment.
SAP HANA Monitoring for Azure Monitor. BindPlane provides continuous visibility with Azure Monitor into your SAP HANA database environment, and it provides continuous operational insights for right-sizing and performance optimization.
SAP Monitoring for Azure Monitor. Blue Medora’s Monitoring Integration-as-a-Service (MIaaS) BindPlane solution enables you to gain deeper insights into the performance and status of your SAP database environment by harnessing the power of Azure Monitor.
Secure Code Warrior. Secure Code Warrior adds a powerful layer of cyber protection in a way that is simple, scalable, and positive. With a gamified approach, our tools have been designed and built by developers to be fun, competitive, and engaging.
Tomcat Monitoring for Azure Monitor. Beyond simply monitoring, BindPlane and Azure Monitor offer seamless data integration so you can easily observe the inter-operational behavior of your Tomcat resources through a single pane of glass.
Ziften for Windows Defender ATP. This integration enables a seamless experience for delivering macOS and Linux telemetry for threat detection, response, and remediation to the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection portal.

Learn and grow with these human resources and staff development offerings

HITS DNA HCM. HITS DNA is a comprehensive human resources management system that helps you to efficiently manage, plan, and develop HR processes. It's also modular, so clients can choose what aspects their business needs.
InfoCaption. With InfoCaption, it's easy to create guides that can be shared with co-workers or customers. Build handbooks, courses, and process diagrams. The guides can be found on search pages, in courses, as links, or as embedded objects on a web page.
isEazy. isEazy is a cloud-based authoring tool that allows you to create and share e-learning courses that work on any device. With slide-based content and an intuitive layout, it allows you to achieve professional results without any technical knowledge.
LearningCurve. LearningCurve is a social learning platform that helps professionals develop their skills without losing the essence of peer interaction and teamwork.
LMS365. LMS365 is a learning management system that enables your organization to deliver training on the Microsoft 365 platform through SharePoint, Teams, and mobile devices, providing a familiar environment for your staff, partners, and customers.
MOOC Office 365 Business. This online Office 365 training platform helps end users get started with their new collaborative Microsoft tools.
MOOC Office 365 Custom. Build your own training platform to accelerate Office 365 adoption and stimulate greater usage. Enrich your platform by picking and choosing from hundreds of available training content options.
Sign & Go. Manage your corporate email signatures centrally anytime and anywhere, without user intervention. Email signatures can be distributed to each employee by department, username, or location.
Snap Schedule 365 Employee Scheduling Software. Built on Azure and available 24/7, Snap Schedule 365 takes the hassle out of employee scheduling. Generate optimal schedules, track attendance, and manage employees’ time off, overtime, and labor costs.
Sniperhire Recruitment Management and Onboarding. Through a careful mix of employer branding, expertise, and our Sniperhire enterprise recruitment software, we help companies streamline and automate their entire hiring process.

Improve productivity and collaboration in your organization

BRANCH AUDIT & QUALITY APP. Speed up your audit activities and provide operational efficiency with this solution from PEAKUP. Track and respond to all quality issues from one location.
Cloudtivi. Cloudtivi is a cloud-based video hosting and publishing platform that provides content management services, digital rights management, video storage, content delivery network services, device management, video portal template services, and more.
Earlyone flow management system. With our predictive analysis tools, businesses can optimize their staffing and minimize operating costs. Customers can book their place remotely through Earlyone's mobile app and get their service without waiting in line.
Igloo Software. Igloo enables organizations to move beyond a traditional intranet to a digital destination that brings people, process, information, and technology together into meaningful, purpose-built solutions.
PageProof. Say goodbye to chaotic email feedback, phone calls, and illegible scribbles on printouts. PageProof brings efficiency, clarity, and accountability to organizations in all industries.
Powell 365. This out-of-the-box intranet solution provides a set of preconfigured templates and features that cover the most common intranet portal needs of an organization.
Quest (saas). Quest offers mobile data collection and field team management with an adaptable and easy-to-use web-based structure.
Slicki - The Wiki For Slack. Slicki is a wiki app for Slack. Create and maintain wiki pages linked to Slack channels. Use it as an intranet, as a place to maintain product documentation, or as a place to store things you shouldn't forget.
Teleopti WFM (Azure Workforce Management). Teleopti WFM enables contact centers to forecast, optimize, and monitor customer service operations. Managers can improve the efficiency of resource usage, deliver better work practices, and drive customer satisfaction.
VALO by XCentral Intranet in a box solution. VALO by XCentral offers ready-to-go intranet on Office 365 and SharePoint to suit all styles of businesses, from 50 users to 15,000 users.

Apps utilizing AI, analytics, or blockchain 

Alterna CX. Alterna CX's deep learning algorithms explore conversation topics, analyze emotions, and detect intent in text-based customer feedback, including social media, complaint systems, and surveys. AI-based models predict customer satisfaction.
Chatbot Author Advanced / Business Plus. Chatbot Author is a tool to create, share, measure, and evolve chatbots for knowledge-driven tasks. Chatbot Author generates microservice software that is integrated with the client’s Azure bot framework.
Cipher. Cipher is Avanza’s blockchain enablement platform, which organizations, government entities, regulators, and industry consortiums use to implement complex business and e-governance solutions.
H-Cube. HCube is an end-to-end data analytics tool that allows you to create machine learning models and predictive models for business-critical situations.
Incorta Analytics Platform. With Incorta’s direct data-mapping engine, you get real-time aggregation of large, complex business data without needing a data warehouse. Ingest source schema into the platform and bypass the need for traditional data model design.
Symanto Psychographic Text Analytics. By combining our deep learning technology with natural language processing and psycholinguistic profiling, we reveal underlying motivations and personality traits of consumers, generating strategic insights.
SynerScope Iximeer. SynerScope's Iximeer provides you with an overview of all your data, both structured and unstructured, in one interface. Real-time on-demand analytics allow the creation of easily understandable visual representations of the data.
SynerScope Ixiwa. SynerScope Ixiwa, previously known as SynerScope Legato, provides business users with the capability to quickly navigate, search, link, and improve structured and unstructured data in a data lake.

Track your business’s growth, development, and supply chain

Esgyn Strato. Esgyn Strato can manage structured data, semi-structured data, and unstructured data within one instance at scale and in real time. Esgyn Strato is the fully managed cloud-based version of EsgynDB and is optimized for business applications.
Intelligent Fleet Management Solution. Lynx uses state-of-the-art telematics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to schedule, dispatch, track, and optimize fleets for a wide range of industries and organizations.
LogoOnAzure. Logo on Azure provides you with a secure, all-inclusive ERP solution and application infrastructure. Scale your services as needed, access the system from anywhere, and monitor and manage costs and backups.
Magic Orange Profitability and Costing. Magic Orange is a cloud-based service designed to drive transparency and simplicity in your profitability and cost processes using powerful models. Perform analysis to simulate the effect of different business scenarios.
PROS Control. PROS Control centralizes all pricing data into a single source of pricing truth for comprehensive price management and governance. Easily manage and enforce pricing policies and quickly change pricing strategies.
Reply. Reply is a sales acceleration platform that automates one-to-many communication and scales cold outreach capability while keeping communication personal. Use Reply for outbound sales, inbound sales, recruiting, business development, and more.

Stay up to date

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