Workboard and Teams Bring Strategic Priorities into Everyday Conversations

Authored by the Microsoft Ecosystem Team

Workboard’s pioneering Active Strategy Management solution helps organizations set, measure, and execute strategic priorities with greater velocity. Now, in Microsoft Teams with Workboard, even large enterprises can operate at disruptive speed. The seamless integration enables executives and their teams to: 

  • Use WoBot, a smart chatbot, to get and update business objectives, results and KPIs, project boards, meeting agendas, and tasks anytime. Ask “How are we doing on the business plan?”, “What are Mary’s risks?”, or “What is the workstream status?” and get instant answers.
  • Drop objectives and key results (OKRs) and their KPIs on progress to plan into their chat with colleagues to make fact-based decisions without ever leaving the thread.
  • Access Workboard’s Running Business Reviews, business objectives and key results, and project Kanban boards within Teams, so it’s easier to focus on strategic outcomes than the status quo.
  • Host video calls and screen shares and meetings in Teams that include Workboard’s Smart Agendas. Strategic priorities, OKRs, KPIs, risks, and execution status are automatically on the agenda; actionable takeaways and decisions are captured for better follow through.

Workboard’s Active Strategy Management with Teams is ideal for enterprises that want to align, communicate, and achieve their strategy with lower friction and higher velocity.   

Most organizations struggle to align and achieve their strategic priorities. The challenge is compounded by accelerating market and technology change. As markets move faster, strategy must also evolve faster—continuous transformation is the new normal. Traditional waterfall processes to define and align on strategy using thousands of slide decks, meetings, and onerous reporting don’t enable agile, data-driven enterprises.  

What are the benefits of using Workboard?

Workboard’s Active Management Solution is a breakthrough in strategy execution, enabling organizations to intelligently iterate and activate their strategic priorities faster.

Workboard’s Active Strategy Management Solution serves as an organization’s “results network,” enabling everyone to understand, engage, and contribute to strategic outcomes.  Now, in Teams with Workboard, strategic priorities and KPIs naturally inform team conversations; everyone can access the strategic plan with the convenience of chat; dashboards sit right inside of Teams; and data for decisions enriches every meeting. It’s an essential solution for results-centric teams transforming their organization or their market!

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