TTEC Digital Solution for Appointment Assistant - 6-Wk Implementation

Avtex, a TTEC Digital Company

Avtex Appointment Assistant simplifies appointment confirmation and management

For businesses that serve customers on an appointment basis – such as medical providers or real estate agents – providing an easy way to track or reschedule appointments is critical to ongoing operations and customer satisfaction. Manual appointment reminders and management can tax even the most well-staffed organizations. For businesses with limited staff, the process can be all but impossible.

Avtex developed the Avtex Appointment Assistant to alleviate the challenges associated with customer appointment reminders and reschedules. The Avtex Appointment Assistant makes it easy to provide your customers with an exceptional experience, without devoting countless man hours.

Agenda & Services Provided*

Simplify appointment confirmation and management with automated

  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Simplified Appointment Rescheduling
  • Appointment Calendar Updates

Enhance your Customer Experience by helping your customers avoid unnecessary frustration associated with a missed appointment or a complex rescheduling process and build lasting relationships.

*Est. dependent on number/complexity of integrations and conversation branches

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