bcFood: 4-Hr Briefing

Beck Consulting

Learn how bcFood extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the food industry.

This 4-hour briefing is for food processers, manufacturers, and distributors who are looking to get more from their Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.


Assessment (2 Hours)

Working with you, we will perform a technology and business assessment of your current processes and the functionality of your current ERP system. We begin with obtaining an overview of your business, and then move into the ways ERP is helping and hindering your processes. We will ask you to share your critical pain points, from a business and technology perspective, as well as identify initiatives you would like to implement in the future.

Demonstration (2 Hours)

Following the technology assessment, we will demonstrate bcFood for Dynamics 365. The basic structure is a front-to-back walkthrough of inventory activity, but it will be adjusted based on the information we uncover during the assessment, ensuring that we illustrate exactly how bcFood can make your business more efficient.

The following is a sample presentation agenda highlighting the major business areas that are typically covered. Again, the specifics of your presentation will be tailored to you.

Purchasing and Grower Accounting

  • Approved vendor management
  • Grower, ranch, block, and field management


  • Commodity and warehouse receiving
  • Country of origin restrictions
  • Lot management
  • Inbound truck inspections
  • Document management

Warehouse Management

  • Mobile WMS
  • License plating
  • Quality testing
  • Hold tags


  • Recipe management
  • Nutritionals and labeling
  • Processing, batching, and packaging
  • Production scheduling
  • Planned/unplanned output and consumption


  • Freshness rules
  • Country of origin restrictions
  • Trade management
  • Contracts
  • Required documents
  • Bookings/container management


  • Route and shipment planning
  • Staging and picking
  • Shipment overview and loading


  • Item tracking
  • Lot tracing
  • Notifications

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