IT Security and Vulnerability: 4-Wk Assessment

Calsoft Systems

Using the NIST framework, Calsoft provides a comprehensive list of hidden IT security issues and summarizes critical takeaways about your AD environment, SQL, Exchange Server and Windows clients.

As a CIO/IT manager, you may be asking: “Are there security and vulnerability issues in our company?” With cybersecurity attacks being more sophisticated, IT security is a top priority for businesses. If your company is compromised without a remediation plan, your customers may lose trust in your business. How can you be sure that your company is compliant? That your Windows Servers are secure? Who has what kind of user permissions to access folders, etc?

With so many variables, it's difficult to address the weakness in your company without some type of visibility. Perhaps you asked an IT vendor for an assessment but ended up overwhelmed with lengthy reports you can’t understand or don’t know what steps to take to address the issues.


  • Calsoft performs IT security and vulnerability scans for your Windows Servers such as Active Directory, Exchange Server, and SQL.

  • Calsoft provides a comprehensive list of hidden issues and summarize critical takeaways about your AD environment, SQL, Exchange Server and Windows clients

  • We use the NIST framework as our security guidelines.

  • We also performs dark web scans and pen testing to notify you if your personal information such as usernames, passwords, social security numbers, or credit card numbers is found.


Our assessment generates over 45 reports using tools that only Microsoft partners have access to. Our competitors hand over these lengthy original reports to you, making them practically unusable. Calsoft synthesizes the data in a clear, coherent document, including:

  • List of alerts and issues prioritized by severity

  • A risk report of each vulnerable issue, quantified in dollar amount

  • Recommended solutions that are incremental and practical

  • Detailed report of Active Directory environment

Assessment price is based on user headcount.

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