Microsoft Teams Voice: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

Centric Consulting, LLC

Needs Assessment, scalable test case scenarios and ultimately an operating telephone solution within a Microsoft Teams Voice POC.

Remote work, hybrid work, the proliferation of personal devices…they all contribute to the new normal of how Microsoft 365 helps organizations remain operational while giving employees the freedom needed during difficult social times. Companies communicate using a variety of channels but voice remains the most effective and pervasive. A wide variety of solutions exist from basic analog to advanced telephony solutions. Microsoft Teams Voice can bring effective and efficient voice communications to all levels within your enterprise.

Advancing and evolving telephony within the organization requires confidence and accuracy to guarantee communication continuity. Microsoft Teams Voice brings a single pane of administration and operations to your telephony environment. The integration points that Microsoft Teams Voice presents to your organization provides seamless calling capabilities across your deployed tool suite, as well as inherent functionality within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem that many organizations already utilize. Testing new solutions in a production setting is the best way to gauge viability for modern communication tools and solutions.

At Centric Consulting, we understand the need to guarantee stable and productive communication is a priority. But with our Microsoft Teams Voice POC offering, it doesn’t have to be a risk. Our POC offering deploys a parallel and fully functioning environment for your organization without interrupting your current production telephony. By providing end to end success criteria, real world test cases, and a fully operational telephony environment, clients will be able to better understand, and plan for voice and telephony deployments within Microsoft 365.

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