Dynamics 365 CE Service: 2-Wk Implementation

Compusoft Advisors

*A profound engagement that leads to a robust implementation of Dynamics 365 CE Service module, enabling faster value realization*

Our rapid implementation package builds upon our vast implementation experience of Dynamics 365 CE Service module. We execute the entire implementation remotely from India. This plan includes rapid requirement analysis workshop, design and configuration, deployment, Express UAT and go-live in 2 weeks. This plan includes 80 hours of efforts. ($350 / day for any additional services). Basic functions of Service department of the organization to be covered with out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 deployment with below approach: **Configuring Dynamics 365** The configuration of Dynamics 365 for Small Business organization shall include the below mentioned following: * Creation of organization theme with logo * Defining system defaults for organization like fiscal year and currency * Define single level business unit * Defining Dynamics 365 users & up to 2 security roles * Single design per object (account, contact, case) * Maximum 12 field validation * 25 field creation or modification across entities * Knowledge management - out-of-the-box functionality (no modifications) **Customer (Account/Contact) Data Import** Import account and contacts in Microsoft Dynamics 365, provided the data is available in supported formats and in Dynamics 365 supported data import templates: Maximum 21,000 records will be imported including account, contact, and products. **Define Product** The out-of-the-box products will be configured into Dynamics 365. **Define Business Process with existing set of fields in case** Business processes will ensure that user enters data consistently and follow the same steps every time they work with a customer by creating a business process: * Qualify * Develop * Propose * Close **Define Alert** Workflows & alerts up to maximum of 3 will be created. **Reports and Dashboards** Pivotal default reports and default dashboards will be made available. **User Training** Train the trainer - to maximum of 3 users and one admin user.
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