Microsoft Asset Leasing 4 Week Implementation

Crowe LLP

A complete implementation for Microsoft Asset Leasing using best practices for ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

Crowe's Microsoft Asset Leasing Standard Implementation is based on our best practices and extensive experience with moving clients forward with the new lease accounting standards all integrated with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Our team will remotely assist your team in understanding the capabilities of the module and getting started with your implementation.

Key steps will include:

  • Leasing questionnaire review
  • Review lease portfolio
  • Review existing lease accounting policies
  • Discuss options for lease groups, books and posting parameters
  • Configure lease module for up to 5 legal entities
  • Review data migration options and process
  • Provide data migration template
  • Review data migration setup
  • User training for lease setup, monthly processing, lease modification, reporting and more
  • Assist client with go-live steps
  • Review initial posting and reports
  • Provide up to eight hours of post project support

The team will serve an advisory role in the implementation process and be available for additional support and services as needed.

**Price is based on scope of work

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