Customer Insights: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

Binary Tree

We include the hard to reach, rich customer data, found in 3rd party industry applications through our connectors to demonstrate the true value of Microsoft Customer Insights.

A successful customer Insights engagement depends on getting to critical customer data which is often isolated in 3rd party applications that have no connectors. In our POV, BT will develop and integrate with one of these 3rd party systems via their API’s to develop a connector and unlock that data. Binary Tree will dedicate a team of specialist to work very closely with you and your teams in a collaborative deep engagement.

Analyze: Identify and interview departments and stakeholder to understand key challenges and frustrations around their siloed data. Understand processes and applications used today to get information needed. Document functionally needs and identify KPIs that are business critical.

Develop 3rd Party Connector: Develop one 3rd party business application connector to abstract critical customer data from industry standard application. Connector will be published as an OData end point that will be consumed by CI

Configure Customer Insights: Connect to sources and transform the data while unifying into a customer profile. Employ machine learning templates and audience segments with AI-driven recommendations.

Explore the possibilities: Connect your transformed customer data with Microsoft Power Platform to create Power BI to customize dashboards and reports, build custom apps Microsoft Power Apps or trigger workflows in response to customer signals by using Power Automate.

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