Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration: 14-Day Implementation

eStorm Australia

eStorm Australia can ensure an easy and seamless transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.

Many businesses are eager to migrate from Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) because Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) offers a more robust collaboration platform with enterprise-level security features. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 is scalable, flexible and user friendly, with a multitude of customisable add-ons that can support the expansion and growth of your organisation.

However, migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 is no easy task, and without the proper migration knowledge you could face the risk of losing important data, emails, or contacts.

Fortunately, eStorm Australia eliminates that risk!

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have assisted dozens of businesses with seamlessly migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, with minimal to no data loss. Our team will work closely beside yours to develop a migration plan that sets your business up for success by utilising the powerful tools Microsoft has to offer.


✔ Migration plan: We will review your Google Workspace environment and identify incompatibilities to develop a migration plan and strategy that ensures a seamless migration of your environment while eliminating as much data loss as possible

✔ Set up of Microsoft 365 licences: Microsoft has a multitude of business and enterprise licences, with several customisable add-ons – this means that while you have a lot of flexibility, it can be confusing to decide which plan is best for your business. eStorm will assess the current requirements of your organisation (e.g., the amount of users and storage) to select a licensing plan that works for you and your staff

✔ Email Migration: We will migrate your Gmail accounts to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. This includes syncing your: > Mailboxes > Emails > Contacts > Calendars > Calendar notifications

✔ Google Drives to Microsoft OneDrive: We will transfer your staff’s personal Google Drives to Microsoft OneDrive for easy access to data and documents from the Microsoft cloud

✔ Set-up Microsoft 365 apps: We will set up and install Microsoft apps (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) across your organisation’s devices (please note: some plans such as ‘Business Basic’ and ‘E1’ only provide access to mobile/online/web-based app versions)

✔ Security configurations: We will set up security settings and user accounts according to Microsoft’s ‘Zero Trust’ security model (e.g., user account settings/privileges, multi-factor authentication, and application control) via Active Directory or Azure

✔ Advanced threat protection: We will incorporate advanced threat protection such as anti-phishing, anti-malware, anti-spam, and application control/whitelisting to ensure your business is protected across your Microsoft 365 cloud, data and applications


✔ SharePoint site development: If you are inclined to transfer your shared or team Google Drives, we will set up and develop a SharePoint online site for optimal collaboration between your staff, teams, and employees.

✔ Microsoft Teams deployment: We can assist with setting up your Teams architecture and environment, with appropriate security and compliance settings.

PLEASE NOTE: Project cost and timeline will depend on number of users and scope of project. Minimum of 10 users.

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