Round Robin: 1-Day Implementation


Round Robin is the democratic automatic assignment of records, to the "next user on the list".

Many organizations struggle with the fair and equitable distribution of new Lead, Opportunity, Case or custom records. This can result in overloading some users, while others can feel left out. The Round Robin model, assigns incoming records to the next representative on your relevant team, in order.

At Forceworks we developed IP for Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Service, and Power Apps to handle Automated Round Robin Record Distribution.

Since every organization is different, we do not offer this IP without our Implementation Assistance. This one-day consulting service offer is for the basic implementation of our Round Robin Solution.

A Basic implementation would include: On creation of a new Lead, a workflow automatically assigns that Lead "Lead assignment" to the next eligible representative in rotation and alerts the representative.

We can also assist with much more complex implementations, including distinct teams for multiple product lines and territories. Our solution is not limited to Sales scenarios, we also utilize Round Robin for Service requirements, or custom scenarios. Any scenario that requires record assignment to the next eligible representative can be achieved.


What does this Basic Implementation Service include?

  • Phone call to review your Round Robin requirements.
  • Installation of our I.P. on your target organization.
  • Perform Configuration to meet agreed requirements.
  • Maximum of 8 Hours.


What is not included in this Basic Implementation Service?

  • ALM Related Processes.

Note: In addition to the implementation cost, there is a monthly cost, per organization for Forceworks’ Round Robin I.P. of $250 USD.

This Consulting Service is offered by Forceworks Global. Led by a Microsoft MVP, Forceworks is a recognized global leader for Microsoft's Power Platform.

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