Teams and ServiceNow Integration: 2-day Workshop

Habanero Consulting Group

The Teams Integration Assessment is a great way to understand the licensing implications, opportunities, and resources required to optimize employee experience in Teams with ServiceNow integrations.


Optimize your employee experience in Microsoft Teams with ServiceNow Virtual Agent app and module specific integrations. We take a human-centred approach to enabling ServiceNow in Teams and prioritize the impact of our work on employee experience. We can help you understand the licensing implications, configuration details, and resources required to get ServiceNow Teams app and integrations setup and operational.

What's included:

This 2-day workshop includes the following key activities:

Pre-work onboarding

  • Plan for the workshop activities
  • Identify sponsor and key business stakeholder
  • Confirm availability and target schedule
  • Conduct business orientation and introduce key stakeholders
  • Provide background details to create a shared context
  • Determine environment readiness

Day 1: Art of the possible workshop

  • Feature the many ways in which you can leverage ServiceNow Teams integrations to elevate employee experience.
  • Highlight opportunities to mobilize ServiceNow Teams integrations through a series of examples, demos and/or videos.
  • Detailed prioritization and scoping exercise led by Habanero

Day 2: Design and planning

  • Explore and design the implementation approach
  • Identify and document any integration, deployment, configuration or custom development required
  • Develop an approach for enabling and configuring ServiceNow Teams integrations that delivers an optimized employee experience in Microsoft Teams

Cost and duration

The cost for this engagement is $3500 USD; some organizations may qualify for Microsoft funding.

Key outcomes and deliverables:

  • ServiceNow Teams integration approach and recommendation
  • High-level implementation plan and estimate

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