CIpilot for Dynamics 365: 6-Wk Implementation

Hitachi Solutions

Accelerate your Customer Insights Journey

Use Customer Insights as a jumping off point to gain better insight into customer behaviors and identify opportunities to enrich information and automate actions. Customer Insights is a powerful, scalable and user-friendly tool to unify customer information in a centralized location. Use CIpilot as an accelerator your customer 360 journey - $55k for 6-weeks.

Key Features

  • Empowers your business to make critical insight into customer behavior
  • Powered with Microsoft Azure PaaS Technologies
  • Production pilot solution designed to help you realize the value of CI
  • Provides an entry point on which to build a robust data Customer Insights platform
  • Investment can be partially credited against CIe+


  • 6-week duration
  • Automated data ingestion of two data sources (one being CRM solution)
  • Establishes the Pilot for Customer Insights solution
  • Enrich your data with up to two ML models or external data augmentations
  • Up to two automated workflows (ex. automated mailing lists, updated segmentation, churn analysis, cohort analysis)

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